Charles Lane

Southampton, New York, tried once before to evict a group of immigrants. It failed. But then they tried again. Everytown: The Hamptons tells the story of a shadowy group of mostly white Hamptonites who pressured the town to close the places where the workers for the rich and famous lived. The campaign went all the way to the White House. The story is as complex as immigration itself, and defies the traditional clichés of xenophobia or breaking-the-law. Instead, the story is a microcosm of immigration as it's playing out in our country today. Hosted and reported by Charles Lane.

Chapter 0: Eviction, A Preview
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A posh town in the Hamptons tried to evict a group of immigrants once before. Their second effort is bigger. Join us for a 7-part journey into how and why workers for the rich and famous are targeted. The answer gets to the heart of our country's divide over immigration.

jun. de 2020

4 min 13 s

They were doing just fine until the town came along.

jul. de 2020

27 min 54 s

White homeowners want to kick out their immigrant neighbors. They say it's not xenophobia. So what is it?

ago. de 2020

37 min 10 s

The first attempt to close the BelAire failed. So they tried again.

ago. de 2020

38 min 6 s

If the courts won't close the BelAire, maybe a million dollars will.

ago. de 2020

33 min 23 s

Lost work, court dates, and a "blessing". This is what help looks like.

ago. de 2020

20 min 15 s

There's no hot water. The electricity may go out. Welcome to court.

ago. de 2020

35 min 45 s

Down the street from the BelAire they are celebrating immigrants.

sep. de 2020

31 min 12 s