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What’s So Great About Being Normal?

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Fleeting images that Liz sees whenever she kisses Max lead the couple to a radio tower where they discover an otherworldly metallic orb.

Sep 2020

42 min 25 sec

After his foster father becomes physically abusive Michael decides the time has come for him to leave Roswell.

Jun 2020

59 min 16 sec

Liz wins a radio contest for a romantic blind date leading Max and Kyle to get drunk and try to win her back. Isabel and Michael leave a sign for Nacedo. Alex and Maria perform for the first time.

Mar 2020

1 hr 18 min

The annual UFO convention has Michael looking for answers while Max’s life is in danger from an old friend of Valenti’s. Max and Michael struggle with their feelings for Maria and Liz, while Isabel asks for space from Alex.

Jan 2020

1 hr 12 min

The gang uses the Father’s Weekend camping trip to search for clues about a recent “sighting”.

Dec 2019

1 hr 2 min

Max uses his powers to put out a fire in his mother’s kitchen, triggering her memory of how he healed a wounded pigeon when he was a child.

Oct 2019

1 hr 21 min

Michael becomes very ill after an encounter with River Dog. Max and Liz have their first date. Alex questions Isabel about their alien side.

Sep 2019

1 hr 6 min

Hormones run high when Roswell is hit with an unusual heat wave. Maria and Michael advance their relationship, Isabel notices Alex, and Liz and Max consider starting a relationship. After a night in jail, Liz must decide whether to tell Alex the truth or risk him going to Valenti.

Aug 2019

1 hr 16 min

Alex, who knows nothing about the aliens, is shocked and suspicious when Liz and Isabel say they need a sample of his blood.

Aug 2019

1 hr

Isabel finds a pendant which a Native American named River Dog claims an alien gave to the author of “Among Us” back in 1959.

Jun 2019

1 hr 1 min

A book entitled “Among Us” leads the gang to a geodesic dome where they discover information that may reveal Max, Isabel and Michael’s origins.

Jun 2019

1 hr 6 min

Liz panics when her journal, which contains details of how Max used his alien powers to save her life, comes up missing.

Apr 2019

52 min 58 sec

Although Max has decided he must stay away from Liz, he helps her say a final farewell to her comatose grandmother.

Apr 2019

55 min 49 sec

Isabel uses her powers to visit Maria in her dreams after she, Max and Michael begin to fear Maria will not be able to keep their secret.

Apr 2019

44 min 28 sec

Liz suspects the new substitute teacher, Ms. Topolsky, is an alien hunter after spying her with Michael's file. Michael steals a key from the Sheriff.

Apr 2019

51 min 29 sec

Liz Parker is an average teenager, until one day she is shot during an altercation at the Crashdown café, where she works. A fellow classmate named Max Evans rushes to her side and miraculously saves her from death. Liz later learns that Max, along with his sister Isabel and their friend Michael Guerin, are not […]

Apr 2019

1 hr 15 min