Reframing Ministries Interviews

By Colleen Swindoll Thompson

You’ve dealt with painful and unexpected things too, right? Whether it’s a diagnosis, a hard death, a dreadful divorce, a disability, a series of difficult trials, you name it, we can all cast our two cents into the jar of suffering. This transaction can lead us to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and depression, and often result in questioning our core beliefs about life and God. Colleen Swindoll-Thompson, daughter of well-loved pastor Chuck Swindoll and director of Insight for Living’s Reframing Ministries, helps us navigate these life-changing experiences with healing, hope, and humor. During each monthly podcast, Colleen unearths the unexpected experiences and legitimate advice of authors, leaders, and world influencers who share their raw and real stories of hitting the bottom of life’s bedrock. Join us and learn how to reframe your circumstances and renew life’s purpose while walking through challenges that are painful and unexpected.

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