Moving Art

By National Library Board, Singapore

Welcome to Moving Art, Public Libraries Singapore's new podcast on topics related to the performing arts. Helmed by librarians from Singapore's only library for the performing arts library@esplanade, each episode sheds light on aspects of the four artforms ranging from Film, Music, Theatre and Dance. Moving Art: Film Talk is a four-part mini-series on TV, movies and filmmaking. Each episode focuses on the following topics: the rise of modern documentaries, how horror films work, animation for adults, and the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Join Film Librarian Melissa Kawasoe as she takes you a narrative journey into the history and development of motion pictures. About National Library Board, Singapore: The National Library Board (NLB) nurtures Readers for Life, Learning Communities and a Knowledgeable Nation by promoting reading, learning and history through its network of 27 public libraries, the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore. NLB also forges strategic partnerships that encourage awareness, appreciation and greater discovery of Singapore's history through its rich collections on Singapore and the region. About library@esplanade: library@esplanade is Singapore's first and only public library dedicated to the performing arts. Located within the Esplanade performing arts complex, the library's collection focuses on four main categories of performing arts: Music, Film, Theatre and Dance and includes books, play scripts and movie screenplays, music scores, music albums, and film, dance and theatre video recordings. Subscribe to our podcast channel wherever you listen. We would love to hear what you think about our podcast. Leave us a rating or review. You can also write to us with your feedback at

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