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Psych Hub's Ask the Expert with Columbia University Department of Psychiatry features world-renowned leaders in mental health. We'll answer the most common real-life questions patients ask, covering LGBTQ community mental health, ADHD, nutrition and brain health, childhood anxiety, medication, addiction, and more!

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Psych Hub interviews Dr. Sidney Hankerson, co-director of the Columbia University Wellness Center, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and a Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Hankerson is a nationally recognized expert on faith-based mental health services, and his work has been presented at the White House, United Nations, and the National Institute of Mental Health. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will discuss spirituality and mental health.

11 de mai.

23min 13s

Psych Hub interviews Dr. Zachary Blumkin, a licensed psychologist and the clinical director of the Columbia Day Program and Accelerated DBT Program at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). Dr. Blumkin specializes in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and adults. He has experience navigating all levels of the education system, addressing family issues, and teaching parenting skills. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will discuss parenting during a pandemic as well as general parenting advice. We'll hear tips on if time-out is harmful and strategies parents shouldn’t use.

4 de mai.


Psych Hub interviews Dr. Erin Engle, a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Director at Columbia Psychiatry. Dr. Engle is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover what mindfulness is and how it affects our physical and mental health. We'll hear tips on how to begin practicing mindfulness and how it can help reduce stress.

27 de abr.

23min 28s

Psych Hub interviews Dr. Andrew Chen, Chief Medical Officer for United States Nordic Sport and team physician for the United States Olympic Team. Dr. Chen specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover what it takes to achieve peak performance. We'll hear tips from Dr. Chen on what it takes day-in and day-out to lead a high-performance life.

20 de abr.

25min 49s

Psych Hub interviews Dr Deborah Glasofer, who has devoted her career to researching eating behavior and treatment for anorexia and bulimia. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover body image and eating disorders.

13 de abr.

31min 46s

Psych Hub interviews Diana Samuel, MD, the go-to expert for depression, anxiety and women's health. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover antidepressants, treatment options, and how to support someone with suicidal thoughts.

6 de abr.

17min 34s

As someone who has ADHD and dyslexia himself, Ned Hallowell, MD, (psychiatrist and world authority on ADHD) will share from first-hand experience how to manage symptoms.

13 de jan.

4min 14s

Psych Hub interviews Ned Hallowell, MD, the world authority on ADHD. Dr. Hallowell doesn't treat disability—he unwraps gifts and believes that ADHD has many benefits that can be used to your advantage.  In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover what is ADHD, the #1 most common symptom, treatment options, and how to live a happy and productive life with ADHD.

12 de jan.

14min 32s

Psych Hub interviews Drew Ramsey, MD, nutritional psychiatrist, farmer, and author of 50 Shades of Kale and Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety.  He is one of psychiatry's leading proponents of improving your mental health through dietary changes. In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover the link between food and mood, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, what is the ANDI score, and more! 

5 de jan.

21min 10s

Psych Hub interviews Ron Winchel, MD, who specializes in psychopharmacology: the use of medication to treat mood disorders, like depression and anxiety.  In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover answers to your questions on antidepressants, anxiety medication, and insomnia medication. 

dez. de 2020

23min 2s

Psych Hub interviews Dr. Anne Marie Albano, Director of Columbia University's Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders.  Dr. Albano wrote the parenting guides on the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders, social phobia, and school refusal behavior.  In this episode of Ask the Expert, she will cover answers to your questions such as what is childhood anxiety?, how does anxiety happen?, how do I help my child cope with social anxiety?, what is self-soothing?, and more!

dez. de 2020

43min 30s

Psych Hub interviews Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, Columbia Psychiatry clinical psychologist and a go-to expert on therapies which balance change with acceptance.  In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover a wide variety of topics, including how to cope with things you have no control over, toxic positivity, and exercises to do at home for problem solving, how to change how you're feeling, and acceptance. 

dez. de 2020

26min 8s

Psych Hub interviews Lloyd Sederer, MD, psychiatrist, public health doctor, and medical journalist, on addiction and recovery.  In this episode of Ask the Expert, we will cover all of your questions on substance use: what is the opioid crisis? what drugs are the most addictive? how do people recover from addiction? how do I help my family member get help? and more! 

dez. de 2020

32min 55s

Psych Hub interviews Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, chairman of Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, on the 'why' behind the Ask the Expert podcast.  Dr. Lieberman explains the importance, now more than ever with our nation's mental health crisis, of providing practical advice to help navigate challenging situations.

dez. de 2020

12min 55s