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Charlie Morris

SALMONFOLK RADIO is a mixture of contemporary interviews and travelogue tales of how a microbudget film maker from NC (USA) stumbled into the story of where the open net farmed salmon most of us eat comes from and how that truth is stranger than fiction and more dangerous than a lie. This is the world's first podcast dedicated to amplifying the indigenous, activist and scientific voices around the globe regarding the dangers of industrial open net salmon farming. "Salmonfolk" is a community coming into being where we value the connection with wild salmon, get the fish farms out of the world's waters, and cease thinking of salmon as "biomass".

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This is the PILOT episode that launched Salmonfolk Radio, on June 12th, 2021.  In "The Chef Speaks!", you get to hear an unflinching account of why a  5-Star Michelin chef refuses to bring open net farmed salmon into his kitchen. In this colorful and vibrant discussion a story unfolds of how this East End of London born chef, now living in Denmark, has embraced the option of using Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) salmon and why. It's an episode to share with every restaurant and chef you know. If you happen to live in Denmark and are wanting to sample the Chef's artisan RAS smoked salmon that he has put so much time and energy into...https://www.royalnyborgsmokehouse.comThis PILOT episode is the first of many. Successive episodes of Salmonfolk Radio will be added but not without the gracious support of friendly listeners.  Salmonfolk Radio is seeking sponsors and individuals to help cover the costs of the all important sound mastering and design to ensure that all future episodes are a pleasure to listen to.  I am working with the talented Jay Siebold for my sound design needs. Check him out!Here is the GoFundMe: more info on the Salmonfolk multimedia project:


Jun 12

30 min 32 sec

What was happening in 2017 that made me want to travel from the east coast of the USA to Vancouver Island? Why was Chief Ernest Alfred of the Namgis First Nation living on an open net salmon fish farming platform? You'll want to hear what it's all about in "Origins and Introductions". Sound design and editing by Jay Siebold. Additional music selections by Torgeir Vassvik. Chief Ernest Alfred segment audio originally recorded by Tamo Campos.Special thanks to Co-Executive producers: Teala Spitzbarth, Carolyn Weeramantry, Rheann Ernest, John Taylor, Chandra Souza and "Anon"....for helping this episode reach full funding and sound quality! If you would like to help with future episodes here is the GoFundMe: more info on the Salmonfolk multimedia project:

Jun 22

46 min 31 sec

In this episode we hear from long time marine naturalist and author Barry Swanson. He wrote  The Lost Frequency. That interview dives into what happened to Tahlequah, also known as "J35". She is an orca who lives in the Salish Sea. As soon as I landed I discovered something shocking. At that same time I was headed to Salt Spring Island, BC in the traditional territory of the Saanich, Cowichan, and Chemainus First Nations., to meet with Rama DelaRosa who was doing a  Swim for the Salish Sea. Rachael Merrett from the Georgia Strait Alliance also makes an appearance in explaining what's going on with the orcas living in the Salish Sea.

Aug 24

33 min 4 sec

My second day on the island  involved a lot of driving and lots of time to think. In this episode the author of "Being Salmon, Being Human: Encountering the Wild in Us and Us in the Wild" reads directly from his book. What is Hoquat and what does it have to do with open net farmed salmon? You do not want to miss this one!  Episode sponsored by Chelsea Green Publishing.

Aug 31

35 min 56 sec

Argentina banned open net salmon farming in 2021. Find out how in this exclusive interview with Martina Sasso and Maia Gutierrez of Sin Azul No Hay Verde, a project of Rewilding Argentina. To see the documentary mentioned in this interview here is the direct link to "Contracorriente Espanol".

Sep 7

1 hr 2 min

This is the episode where it gets personal. Find out what's been going behind the scenes in the life of the host for Salmonfolk Radio. Also a good take on what the future holds for the podcast in 2022. It's been a long road but the light at the end of the tunnel has been spotted.

Nov 7

26 min 15 sec