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Join Jeremy & Dave as they explore what it means to Iive, work, and solve business challenges as a cloud-native organization. Focusing on transformation, leadership, ways of working, and emerging technology they explore how the cloud is underpinning a step-change in human experience. The Cloudbusting Podcast is brought to you by Cloudreach.

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This week's episode, "The Developer-Led Landscape," features Tyler Jewell, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital, who shares his top trends in DevOps and views on how DevOps and DevOps landscapes differ. Jewell also sheds light on causes for the growing tech talent shortage and the increasing imbalance of demand for solutions in the API economy. 

Nov 23

41 min 32 sec

This week, the Cloudbusting team is joined by Mike Pfeiffer, Founder and CEO of CloudSkills. Mike educates and advises individuals and teams on their Cloud and DevOps engineering journey using blended learning experiences. Listen in for career inspiration about cloud-native technologies and “Get in the Game!”

Nov 16

36 min 52 sec

As a partner at McKinsey, James Kaplan helps major institutions in financial services, health care and manufacturing transform their technology capabilities. In this week's episode, Kaplan joins Jez and Dave for an insightful conversation about "How to Get Value from the Cloud." 

Nov 9

45 min 22 sec

Maggie Fox, Board Director Consultant, (former COO), Global CMO and Digital Marketer shares her Five-Part Process for successful digital transformation. Whether it's your work or your customers, change is hard and you only get one shot at it. Maggie's five simple tips can help you get on the right path to digital transformation - and stay there.


Nov 2

35 min 15 sec

This week's show explores challenges organizations face when recruiting tech talent, diversity and inclusion concerns within the tech industry and what some organizations are doing about it.  Featured Guest: Michael Aghataher - Principal Partner Development Mgr - AWS  Poonam Flammarion -  Head of Talent Academy - Cloudreach

Oct 27

44 min 15 sec

John Culkin, Solutions Architect, joins Jez and Dave to discuss utilization of AWS Solutions. Culkin talks about the genesis of AWS Solutions and how they were born out of a need to accelerate innovation opportunities through rapid prototyping and turning to the cloud as a mission critical resource. 

Oct 18

31 min 19 sec

The team’s healthcare journey continues with Diana Kennedy, Chief Technology Officer at Bupa, as they advance the conversation in "Modernization the Healthcare Sector pt 2: BUPA’s Transformation” Listen in as they discuss technology adoption, digitizing at scale, the framework for transformation and the core pillars which underpinned their multi-faceted journey and a shift to a hyper-personalization platform.   Transitioning an industry disruption into an exemplary case study, this episode reflects the competitive resilience of forward thinking enterprises and the promise of digital transformation. 

Oct 12

45 min

This week's episode centers around cloud adoption in the SE Asian market. Our guest, Bernd Nordhausen, a 30-year resident of Singapore, offers on-the-ground observations including data residency requirements, cloud unicorns and what's driving change in the expansively growing region. 

Oct 5

36 min 34 sec

This week's show explores challenges organizations face when recruiting tech talent, diversity and inclusion concerns within the tech industry and what some organizations are doing about it.  Featured Guest: Michael Aghataher - Principal Partner Development Mgr - AWS  Poonam Flammarion -  Head of Talent Academy - Cloudreach

Sep 28

44 min 15 sec

This week we are once again joined by Nikki Baird, VP Retail Innovation at Aptos. Nikki builds on her observations about the future of consumer retail experiences, from contactless shopping to a new “blended” digital purchase journey. Join Jez and Dave as they explore some of the driving forces of omnichannel retail and technology challenges therein. 

Sep 21

36 min 50 sec

The new season of @Cloudbusting is out, featuring an “Ask the Expert” panel. Enjoy this episode’s lively discussion about Google Cloud, Building Digital B2B Products and more.  Our Guest Include: • John Abel - Technical Director - Office of the CTO at Google • Nelson Wootton - CEO SaaScada • Dharmesh Ghedia - Senior Solutions Architect - Cloudreach

Sep 14

53 min 16 sec

This week we are joined by Jo Peterson, VP of Cloud & Security at Clarify 360, and Maribel Lopez, Founder of Lopez Research for a deep dive into edge computing. We discuss the business opportunities and innovations that are being driven by edge and speculate over the breakthroughs that will be made possible by layering edge with other technologies like Ai and 5G.    

Jun 17

38 min 56 sec

This week, the team is joined by Diana Kennedy, Group CTO at BUPA. They discuss the impact of digital technology on healthcare organizations and how traditional organizations are starting to embrace change. They also consider how modernization in this sector is impacting patient experience, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Jun 15

39 min 14 sec

This week we are joined by Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK. Over the past year, enterprises have been finding new ways to leverage their data and overcome disruption by creating new, innovative products and experiences. Robin tells us about some of the great work that Microsoft customers have been doing to harness the value of their data.

Jun 8

37 min 33 sec

This week we are joined by Cloudreach's Head of R&D, Chris Williams, to discuss what the future holds for application modernization in the cloud. The team discusses the complexity and paradoxes of choice that enterprises face when they move and attempt to modernize in the cloud. Chris suggests how relying on software and automation will help organizations clearly identify modernization opportunities within their estate and continuously execute at the speed of innovation.

Jun 1

43 min 18 sec

Duena Blomstrom returns to the show to speak about her new book: People Before Tech which focuses on the importance of psychological safety and teamwork in the digital age. Duena discusses the concept of 'human debt' and the impact it is having on digital businesses. She also explains why psychological safety is essential for high-performing, agile teams.

May 25

43 min 55 sec

Paul Crichard returns to the show to address some of the cybersecurity issues surrounding the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. The team discusses how and why these attacks occur and suggest how organizations can be more cyber-aware and better protect themselves from malicious actors.

May 18

41 min 33 sec

This week we are joined by Richard Robinson, Partner Migration Program Lead UKI at AWS. The team looks at some of the key challenges and business drivers that enterprises are currently facing when approaching cloud migrations. They also discuss how these organizations can create a foundation for innovation and modernization by taking a 'smarter' approach to migration that leverages powerful assessment software, automation, and analysis of historical data. 


May 11

43 min 18 sec

This week we are delighted to welcome author, podcast host, and cloud computing pioneer, David Linthicum, to the show. For most enterprises tackling cloud transformation, one of the biggest challenges is bridging the technical skills gaps that emerge.  After a year of disruption, where demand for cloud talent has only accelerated, we explore how tech leaders can attract and retain the best people for their organization.

May 4

45 min 9 sec

This week we are joined by Eric Lam and Pathik Sharma from Google Cloud to discuss cloud cost optimization best practices. First, the team covers the importance of understanding how IT costs are managed in the cloud next to costs organizations face on-premises. They then discuss several ways organizations can optimize their cloud spend before recommending FinOps adoption as a way to create a culture of financial accountability.

Apr 27

34 min 12 sec

This week we are joined by Amanda Brock, CEO at Open UK, for a discussion around the growing prominence of Open technologies in both corporate and governmental digital strategies. We cover common misconceptions about Open Source and dig into how tech leaders should frame the use of Open when building their digital strategies.

Apr 20

38 min 26 sec

In our final Trends 2021 episode, we are delighted to welcome Jake Burns, Enterprise Strategist at AWS and host of the Conversations With Leaders Podcast, to the show. Our final trend focuses on the acceleration of digital transformation in a post-COVID world. The team debate whether enterprises in 2021 and beyond will be migrating to the cloud with a clearer idea of how and when they should modernize - rather than just virtualizing their infrastructure. 

Apr 13

38 min 46 sec

It has been over a year since COVID-19 forced the majority of us to work from home and significantly shift how we define the barriers between our personal and professional lives.  Duena Blomstrom (CEO of PeopleNotTech) joins us this week to discuss some of the key lessons she has learned over the past 12 months and suggest how leaders can best support and enable their teams in the new normal of hybrid working.

Apr 7

50 min 15 sec

Stewart Fry, SVP of Digital Enterprise & Operations at bp joins us this week to discuss our fifth trend: Adaptable Organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to adapt, challenging them to rethink and restructure their organization to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. This looks set to continue through 2021 and beyond. But what does adaptability actually look like from an organizational perspective? Stewart pulls some fascinating insights from bp's organizational transformation that demonstrate how even the largest, most complex organizations can adapt at scale.

Mar 30

49 min 18 sec

Ben Shepherd, Chief Strategy Officer at London Stock Exchange Group joins us this week to explore the changing role of technology within a business and the growing influence of IT leaders.  The fourth episode in our trend series considers how vital IT became to business continuity when COVID-19 hit and whether it will cement its perception as a strategic business enabler - rather than a cost center.

Mar 23

33 min 40 sec

This week Nikki Baird from Aptos Retail join us to cover our third trend: Next Level Robustness. During the pandemic, consumer digital has become essential, especially in the retail & groceries sector, where social distancing measures made online grocery shopping a lifeline for vulnerable people. If consumer digital can be seen as critical infrastructure, we discuss how important it is for businesses to ensure they have robust, scalable digital platforms that can withstand future disruption.    

Mar 16

42 min 1 sec

Gordon Davey from SoftwareONE joins the team to discuss a poly cloud approach to cloud adoption and how it differs from prevailing ideas of multi-cloud. Previously, the use of multiple cloud providers within an organization was framed as a way to avoid vendor lock-in and to achieve risk management and compliance goals. A poly cloud approach focuses on the targeted use of multiple cloud platforms, exploiting specific strengths for the functional benefit of particular use cases.

Mar 9

37 min 31 sec

This week we are joined by Steffan Haas, Head of Infrastructure Steering at DB Schenker. Continuing our Trends 2021 series, we discuss how many of the business continuity-led digital transformation initiatives triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19 last year will continue to accelerate over the next 12 months. Steffan shares his insights from helping DB Schenker overcome the technical challenges of the pandemic and accelerating their cloud journey.

Mar 2

36 min

Richard Robinson (Partner Migration Program Lead UKI, AWS) joins us this week for another episode exploring the business value of diverse organizations. Drawing from his academic studies as well as the work he is doing in his current role helping organizations adopt cloud, Richard discusses the three dimensions of diversity - inherent, acquired and neurodiversity. He suggests that rather than just recruiting diversity, we should work on creating an inclusive and environment that provides equity and allows diverse mindsets, personalities and backgrounds to develop and flourish.

Feb 23

39 min 18 sec

Over the past 10 years, we have noticed several eras of cloud distinguished by key adoption drivers, sponsors, and challenges. Cloudreach CEO, Brooks Borcherding, brings his wealth of experience in the cloud space to the team to chat through these eras and discuss if COVID-19 has proven to be the catalyst that will accelerate us into the Enterprise Modernization Era.    

Feb 16

38 min 31 sec

We are delighted to welcome Gene Kim as our guest on the 100th episode of the Cloudbusting Podcast. Gene’s books have sold over 1 million copies — he is the author of the WSJ bestselling book “The Unicorn Project”, and was co-author of “The Phoenix Project,” “The DevOps Handbook”, and the Shingo Publication Award-winning “Accelerate”. Gene tells us about his early career in IT, shares his fascination with high-performing IT organizations and outlines the 5 Ideals of DevOps.

Feb 9

1 hr 3 min

Iouri Chapochnikov, VP Global Head of Data and Analytics at Accor, joins the team this week to discuss what makes a successful enterprise data & analytics strategy. Iouri draws from his experiences leading teams at Accor and Criteo, identifying how different enterprises, with different objectives, approach their data & analytics strategy. He also considers the challenges faced when building these strategies and the lessons he has learned along the way.  

Jan 6

34 min 13 sec

In this episode, we delve into the history, benefits, and use cases of Kubernetes. Who better to deliver K8 101 than Craig Box, co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast from Google. Craig describes the origins of Kubernetes, stemming from Google's Borg system, and how the technology was made widely available for the wider developer community. He also outlines the benefits that the system can provide enterprises in the cloud.  

Dec 2020

38 min 20 sec

Senior Cloud Architect, Dwayne Monroe joins the team this week to provide a no-hype guide to enterprise AI. Often sold as 'snake oil', to businesses hoping to garner valuable insights from their data, AI and machine learning solutions very rarely provide the game-changing results that are expected of them. Among other insights, Dwayne suggests that organizations focus more on defining the problem space, and less on the sexy AI solution.

Dec 2020

42 min 57 sec

This week the team is joined by Duncan Epping, Senior Director & Chief Technologist at VMware. After a brief history lesson on VMware, Duncan discusses VMware's cloud strategy and how they are helping customers work effectively using hybrid and multi-cloud models. He also discusses the steps the company is making to support customers who plan to adopt a cloud native approach.

Dec 2020

39 min 38 sec

We are joined by Nicolas Chaillan, Chief Software Officer for the US Air Force who helps us answer the question: What is DevSecOps? Over the last couple of years, Nick and his team have been leading some exciting work helping scale DevSecOps within the complex world of the US Department of Defence. Here he shares some of his key insights and observations and suggests why DevSecOps will be critical for enterprises going forward.

Dec 2020

43 min 1 sec

This week we are joined by Faye Ellis, Senior Technical Instructor at training provider, A Cloud Guru. Throughout her 20-year career in IT, Faye has embraced the challenge of upskilling as keeping up to date with the latest technologies had always led to the most interesting work. In this episode, she shares the benefits of her own experiences as an engineer and architect but also discusses why it is important for organizations to understand their role in training their people to operate in the cloud effectively and securely.

Nov 2020

36 min 49 sec

This week, the team is joined by Peter Fretty, Technology Editor at Industry Week. Peter outlines the impact that COVID-19 has had on manufacturing and the role technology is playing in helping businesses in this space adapt. He explains how cloud and other technologies like AI, analytics, IoT, and robotics are increasingly being used to optimize workloads and increase yields. He also asserts that technology won't replace human workers, but will support them collaboratively.


Nov 2020

34 min 41 sec

This week we are joined by Krys Burnette who describes her typical, day-to-day experience as a Director for Digital Change and Culture at a high-profile sporting brand. Throughout her career, Krys has worked for many complex enterprise organizations, leading the cultural shifts required to realize their digital transformations. She shares some of her key insights on how to engage people and manage the mindset and behavior changes, providing some tips for leaders who are facing their own transformations.

Nov 2020

42 min 7 sec

Minter Dial joins the team this week to discuss what it means to be 'futureproof' and how to ensure your organization is prepared to change, adapt, and pass the test of time. Throughout this episode, we cover Minter's 3 key mindsets: Meaningfulness, Responsibility & Collaboration. The author, filmmaker, speaker, and digital leader has sported a variety of hats during his career journey, all of which have contributed to these mindsets as well as his insights on leadership, strategy, and connecting with people.


Nov 2020

39 min 58 sec

Marcia Villalba, Developer Advocate at AWS, joins the team to discuss everything serverless. Bringing her rich experience and technical expertise on the topic, Marcia, helps us understand the distinctions and promises of a serverless approach. She suggests some enterprise use cases and also explains why serverless is considered by many as Cloud 2.0.

Oct 2020

41 min

Mark Smith, General Manager of Microsoft Solutions joins us to discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on digital transformation. Whether through embracing remote working and learning or adopting critical cloud infrastructure, businesses have had to adapt to stay operational. Mark shares some of his observations from the past six months and reflects on the changing role that technology will play in businesses going forward.

Oct 2020

46 min 23 sec

John Abel, Technical Director at Google Cloud, joins the team to chat about the different ways organizations are approaching  Hybrid Cloud. Previously considered by many as a transitional cloud state, advances in technology over the past few years have potentially repositioned hybrid as an enduring strategic model for enterprises.

Oct 2020

38 min 29 sec

Change Architect Laura Copas joins the Cloudbusting team to discuss how transformational change works within organisations. Rather than viewing organisations as human cogs in a predictable machine, Laura suggests we should view them as organic, socially constructed systems.  She says this starts by encouraging commitment through a shared purpose and common goal, rather than by demanding compliance.

Sep 2020

48 min 46 sec

We are joined by Dante Gabrielli, the CTO at Key2Act - an innovator in the building intelligence, field service and construction management market. Dante explains how Key2Act is leveraging the cloud and IOT to develop and scale new solutions for its customers.

Aug 2020

45 min 7 sec

Diversity is a crucial topic when considering modern organizational cultures and equal opportunities within the workplace. Nancy Speidel (from iSAW) joins Jeremy & Dave to share her observations on this subject from over 20 years of experience working within the IT industry. She suggests that we need to change the way we approach conversations about diversity by focusing on the business value that diverse voices, mindsets, and backgrounds can bring to organizations.

Aug 2020

33 min 57 sec

Leadership coach, Alastair Kidd returns to Cloudbusting to discuss change leadership and how, more often than not, organisational transformations require the leaders driving the change to transform as well. The team discusses examples of when they have had to deliver enterprise-wide transformation projects, what they have learned from those experiences, and the potential consequences if you don't change alongside your org.


Jul 2020

37 min 7 sec

Oliver Johnston-Watt (Blockchain Technology Partners) & Dan O’Prey (Digital Asset) join the team to discuss blockchain technology. They cover use cases and the growing impact the tech is having on how applications are developed and operated. 

Jul 2020

35 min 20 sec

In this episode, the team is joined by Haydn Shaughnessy & Fin Goulding from Flow Academy to reveal how enterprises can solve big technology transformation problems quickly. They discuss the IT/Business divide and how this can be bridged by using lighthouse thinking and bringing agility into the business. They also cover how transformation sprints can be used as part of a generative approach to remodelling a firm. Subscribe to the Cloudbusting newsletter here:  

Jul 2020

37 min 2 sec

In this episode, we welcome Glen Robinson, National Technology Officer at Microsoft UK, to discuss the growing focus on low-code/no-code development platforms.  Glen identifies the potential benefits of using visual software development environments, where citizen developers can simply drag and drop components to build apps. He also discusses the impact this can have on enterprise transformation, and what can be achieved when innovation is enabled at the edges of an organization. Subscribe to the Cloudbusting newsletter here:  

Jul 2020

33 min 44 sec