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Tim Schmoyer

Learn with Tim Schmoyer and other full-time YouTuber creators about how to grow a business around your online video audience. These entrepreneurs discuss topics related to their own personal YouTube channel growth and the business that surrounds the audience they've built. Listen as they discuss advanced strategies and tactics they implement to earn a full-time income from their YouTube subscribers and social media audience.

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We have several great questions from you all, our podience, about attracting the right viewers to your YouTube channel, if and when you should have multiple topics per video, how to tell a story in a video that has nothing to do with a story, and much more. If you want to submit a question for us to tackle in a future Q&A episode go to CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Check out Adam Vandergrift's channel here: YOUTUBE CONSULTING We'd love to dive into your channel with you for a one-on-one session and give you the next steps you need to go to the next level. Book a session with us here:

Nov 22

40 min 34 sec

We have several interesting moves from YouTube this past year in regards to a podcasting update on the platform. They're making moves that indicate that podcasting will become a focus of the platform, which is very interesting for us as creators for many different reasons. What does all this mean for us as creators? If we have a podcast, what should be our next moves? Is it time to start a podcast? Is it time to move existing podcasts to YouTube? Same channel? Different channel? Should they be audio-only or video? The answers to these questions have significant implications for how YouTube crafts its product in the future, which will impact our own content strategy, as well. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Check out Morgan Gold's channel here: YOUTUBE CONSULTING Schedule your one-on-one YouTube channel consultation with us here: YOUTUBE'S AUDIO PODCAST, "THE UPLOAD." YOUR VOICE QUESTIONS Submit your questions about podcasting and YouTube here:

Nov 15

44 min 36 sec

Brad owns the channel, Fix This Build That, which has over 1 million subscribers and supports a successful business selling PDFs of his building plans. In this episode, he shares the behind-the-scenes principles that took him from a soul-sucking corporate job to doing what he loves: building in his garage. There are some big takeaways here, especially for creators who struggle to gain traction with a tutorial or educational-based channel. Brad's channel would be a tutorial channel by default, too, but he does some things that make it easier for people to come back and watch more, even if it's not a tutorial they feel like they need. You'll learn all about that as a part of Brad's story in this episode.   Check out Brad here: YouTube: Website: Sign up to get notified about Business Labs by registering for, "Product to Profit," here:

Nov 8

56 min 9 sec

Today we're talking with several YouTube creators about not only their best tips for growing a channel on YouTube, but we're also taking time to answer your questions so you can grow, too. CHECK OUT THESE CREATORS HERE - Adam Visnic, P.I.: - New Ed Tech Classroom: - Sam Gavis-Hughson: - Margaret Martin, Physical Therapist:   REGISTER FOR THE NEXT SESSION OF VIDEO LABS:

Nov 1

54 min 20 sec

You undoubtedly hear gurus telling you to fill up your video descriptions on YouTube. They say to give Google as much information about your video as you can and to use your keywords in there and other variants of your keywords. They encourage people to put a lot of links in there, too, because you never know which link someone will want to click on. But then you see that most of the top creators on the platform either have little or nothing in their description boxes. At the very least, some use some default text that’s the same for every video on their channel. So is there an opportunity here for more views or is it just a meaningless description box? That’s what we want to help you understand here today.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Check out Kids Toys Play on YouTube here   YOUTUBE CONSULTING: If you'd like to put together a growth plan for your videos and your channel, we'd love to get into a private consultation with you, too! Go to   POWER TIP: YouTube recently introduced the ability to use automatic video chapters for your videos. Video chapters allow viewers to jump forward to a specific section of a video. You can now allow or opt-out of automatic chapters in bulk on existing videos in YouTube Studio. More info about that here:   LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE: Have comments, reactions, questions, a YouTube tip to share, or just want to say hi? Leave a voice message for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Oct 25

45 min 34 sec

We see a lot of clients lose up to 50% of their viewers in the first 20 seconds of a video. Obviously, this is detrimental in getting YouTube to surface your content to a new audience, not to mention keeping your existing audience feeling like they're getting something fresh video after video.  But what's the difference between videos that feel like "nothing" is happening, but you're still intrigued, and those where the trolls are lurking in the comments saying, "Shut up and get to the point?"  Let’s answer that question in this episode. By the end of it, we hope you’ll be equipped with several new ideas of how to improve the opening seconds of your video to better grip that viewer’s attention for more watch time and thus better performing videos.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Check out Dr. Lane on YouTube here   30 DAYS TO A BETTER YOUTUBE CHANNEL: This 30-day process will help you optimize your YouTube channel and your videos to better convert new viewers into subscribers. It’s the process Dr. Lane used to get to almost 900 subscribers from his very first few videos. Check it out here:   Much of our discussion today is based on this article:   LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE: Have comments, reactions, questions, a YouTube tip to share, or just want to say hi? Leave a voice message for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Oct 18

44 min 1 sec

Patreon can be a great way for YouTube creators to monetize their videos and grow a fan base of people who want to financially support the channel. However, many creators have attempted to launch a Patreon campaign to their subscribers and only get crickets. In this interview, we talk with an employee of Patreon about how to best set up your Patreon account and introduce it to your audience so it actually resonates with them. We also discuss what perks and rewards would be good for your audience, mistakes that make Patreon unprofitable, ideas for reducing churn and turnover in your patrons, and when to consider YouTube Memberships or other platforms instead.   30 DAYS TO A BETTER YOUTUBE CHANNEL: If you want to follow a step-by-step process for optimizing your YouTube channel for growth, our online course will walk you through exactly what you need to do to start getting more views and more subscribers on YouTube. Check it out here:   LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE: Have comments, reactions, questions, a YouTube tip to share, or just want to say hi? Leave a voice message for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Oct 11

43 min 57 sec

Many creators are taking advantage of an opportunity to repurpose their existing YouTube videos into other content on other platforms. They simply take their YouTube video, reformat it to fit the aspect ratios of other platforms, add a headline, burn-in some captions, and boom! Now your YouTube video is ready for Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and other platforms. However, it's not quite as simple as just reformatting your videos to a different aspect ratio. There are some important things to consider about each platform and how you position the content there in order to actually see the content grow and perform well. In this interview I sit down with Erich Lochner, VP of Creator Partnerships at Jellysmack, to talk about how they optimize repurposed content for multiple platforms. We talk about how they test the content before they publish it, some of the nuanced implications for how you optimize content for different platforms, how much more of an audience you can reach off of YouTube, and more.   NOTE: This episode is NOT sponsored by Jellysmack.   You can reach out to Erich Lochner, VP of Creator Partnerships at Jellysmack, at   30 DAYS TO A BETTER YOUTUBE CHANNEL: If you want to follow a step-by-step process for optimizing your YouTube channel for growth, our online course will walk you through exactly what you need to do to start getting more views and more subscribers on YouTube. Check it out here:   LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE: Have comments, reactions, questions, a YouTube tip to share, or just want to say hi? Leave a voice message for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Oct 4

35 min 38 sec

There's a lot of conspiracy theories out there about YouTube. Everything from how the CEO keeps her job to why YouTube suppresses smaller channels to what you have to do to be picked up by the algorithm. Today's episode is a bit more fun where we kick back and get into some of the conspiracy theories about YouTube that you all submitted to us. We answer some of them, but others are just so far out there, sheesh, we don't really know what to say. Haha, This is a fun one! CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Ryan Bos has grown to over 100k subscribers because he's already doing some things well. He's here to share what some of those things are but also shares what he's working on next to go to the next level with his channel. Check out The Funny Carpenter here: YOUTUBE CONSULTING: If you want to jump into a one-on-one consultation with us to review your channel and get some actionable next steps for moving forward, we're about to open up a lot of availability. Book your session at LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE: Have comments, reactions, questions, a YouTube tip to share, or just want to say hi? Leave a voice message for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Sep 27

44 min 40 sec

You don't have to look long to find some bad advice online about how the YouTube algorithm works, how to rank your videos, how to "SEO" your channel, rank number 1, and get more views. Most of it is rooted in an antiquated understanding of how YouTube works despite being promoted still today as "best practices." I went to a few blog posts on sites that are considered authoritative on Google SEO and pulled out some of the bad advice and most common myths I hear. I'm going to share each one with Lennon and D'Laina, two of the other YouTube Strategists on our team here at Video Creators, and get them to react. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Leslie took a break for several years from his channel and now wants to grow it again. So we hopped into a consultation to discuss his next steps for infusing growth into his inactive channel. He shares more about one of the tactics he'll be using on his channel to do just that.   Check out Leslie's channel here:   YOUTUBE CONSULTING: If you'd like to put together a growth plan for your videos and your channel, we'd love to get into a private consultation with you, too! Go to   LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE: Have comments, reactions, questions, a YouTube tip to share, or just want to say hi? Leave a voice message for us and we may use it in an upcoming podcast episode.

Sep 20

44 min 47 sec

Stories can feel REALLY intimidating for creators. In this episode, we want to break down the simple ingredients of a story, how to put them in the right order, and how to find stories in your everyday life that you can use in your content.  Check out the book Stories that Stick Kevin's Channel - relax and learn guitar. Sign up for video labs! How to use clips on YouTube.

Sep 13

1 hr 3 min

Whether it's the process of creating content that just isn't enjoyable anymore, or whether you're not getting the results that you want from the content you're creating -- or maybe even both! Let's talk about 3 ways to light your fire again, as well as to get YouTube to show that fire content to more people. Audrey Crawford's channel: Sign up for our next Video Labs class here: POWER TIP Resource:

Sep 6

42 min 29 sec

When a creator is struggling to see growth on their YouTube channel, they commonly start trying some other tactics to get more views and subscribers showing up on their videos. Today we tackle several of them to help you know if they're worth your time or not, including backlinks, stealing another creator's audience, sharing videos to your email list vs. letting the video grow organically first, tapping into a competitor's audience, growing your audience with advertising, balancing videos intended for growth vs. those intended for building community, and more. We also tackle some topics around YouTube Shorts, such as how many shorts you should be publishing each week, whether or not you should use thumbnails on Shorts, notifications for Shorts, and much more. Our final Video Labs session for the year starts in only a few weeks! To join a small group of creators and work through our YouTube growth process for us for 8 weeks, register here:

Aug 30

59 min 33 sec

On YouTube, you only get a few seconds to quickly hook someone's attention and get them to feel something that holds their attention throughout the video. Storytelling is one of the best ways to do that, but how? How do you use storytelling to connect with your audience and build a relationship with them? Which stories should you pitch with your titles and thumbnails? How should you open your stories to quickly grab someone's attention? How do you use stories when you're an educator? Should you just teach or tell the story or a combination of both? What if your video doesn't naturally have stakes involved or conflict? Today we talk with Matthew Dicks, a world-renown storyteller and the author of Storyworthy. He guides us through all these questions and more. Check out, "Storyworthy," by Matthew Dicks: (affiliate) Some story examples on Matthew Dicks' YouTube channel: We only have 1 more session of Video Labs this year! Register today to reserve your spot in our small group coaching program to better master storytelling and channel growth strategy:

Aug 23

1 hr 10 min

Let's be real - running a YouTube channel is HARD. Sometimes so hard that we question whether or not we should keep going. But what if we're just on the brink of having our first breakout video? What can we do to get out of this funk and prevent this kind of feeling from happening? That's what we'll be talking about in today’s podcast!    Sign up for Video Labs - Check out Spencer's channel - Check out more about "Super Thanks!"

Aug 16

41 min 3 sec

These creators have been trying a few things on their channel and learning along the way. Today they share some of their top growth tips and ideas for how you can continue to grow your channel, too. We also answer some questions from the live audience to help you move forward. CHECK OUT THE CREATORS HERE: - Caroline Beck of, "Spain Eats:" - Luke Weeks of, "Classic Man:" - Neily of, "Neily on Nutrition:"  - Lisa Chaves of, "Lisa Chaves:" VIDEO LABS is our 8 week, group coaching experience where you learn how the YouTube algorithm works, how to rank for home page, suggested, and search traffic, how to hold viewers' attention with storytelling, how to use your analytics to spot opportunities for growth, and much more. Register for the next Video Labs session here:

Aug 9

58 min 30 sec

We get a lot of questions about YouTube Shorts and we've been hesitant to really jump into the conversation with definitive answers because it's a pretty new thing on YouTube. Earlier this week I was in an all-day meeting with Google hearing about updates and changes coming to YouTube. There's a lot coming, most of which I can't yet discuss, but I can talk generally about some of it, especially around what's happening with Shorts. During this meeting, I had a mental shift about YouTube Shorts as I heard more about where the product is going. In my head, it was mostly a reaction to TikTok, which I still think it obviously is. But it's a lot more than that, too. This isn't just another feature YouTube is adding. If you're not using Shorts, are you missing out on something? Should you use it? And if you do, should it be on the same channel or a different channel? Hopefully, all those questions and more will be answered by the end of this episode.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Check out, "This Is My Alaska," on YouTube here:   CONSULTING We'd love to jump into a 1-hour private consultation with you to discuss your next steps for growing your channel! Book a session with us here:

Aug 2

50 min 42 sec

Life can get crazy sometimes. How do you fit YouTube into your already busy schedule? How do you handle all that craziness in a way that allows you to get back into working on what matters most to you? One of the best solutions is to hire someone. Now hear us out. I know most of us are like, "No way. I can't afford to hire someone." Or, "I don't want to have to manage someone else's work in addition to my own." Don't worry. We'll discuss the fears that come up with hiring, how to get past them, and a step-by-step process to get your first hire working to the best of their ability.  CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Check out Sam Montoya's channel here: The next session of Video Labs starts in a few weeks! Register here to go through our 8-week advanced YouTube training that gives you the system to infuse growth into your channel:

Jul 26

51 min 21 sec

Chad and Steve have over 24 years of combined experience on YouTube, growing their channels to almost 2 million subscribers each. Over the past decade, they've each seen YouTube go through a lot of changes, they've grown their businesses, and they've reached a lot of people. Today Tim interviews them about what they learned about growing an audience, building a business, and keeping their mental health intact all at the same time. This is their top advice for us. Check out, "Chad and Steve Have a Podcast!" Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Steve's channel, "Woodworking for Mere Mortals." Chad's channel, "Clean My Space."

Jul 19

49 min 4 sec

It's easy to feel stuck on YouTube. Whether you're just getting started on YouTube, or are looking to take your channel to the next level, these 3 most common mistakes that YouTube creators make are probably what's holding your growth back. Book a consultation with us: CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Make or Break Shop: POWER TIP: YouTube giving comments back to Kids Channels:

Jul 12

31 min 22 sec

If you're an expert in your space or an educator of some kind on YouTube, this is a common question. You want to provide helpful information to people online with your videos, but you can't give it all away. You need something left to sell. So how do you show your expertise without giving everything away for free? Today we share how we approach it with our business and what seems to work for other creators in a similar situation. By the end of this episode, you should know exactly what to do share freely and what to sell. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Check out Matt Roberts of, "Nerdzoic" here: VIDEO LABS: Our next in-depth YouTube training session starts on July 22 with Lennon! Go to to register. It's only available to the first 20 creators. TIM'S PERSONAL PODCAST: Check out Tim's new personal podcast called, "Business, Family, Marriage." iTunes: Spotify: Anchor:

Jul 5

44 min 5 sec

In this episode, we take a look at some of the channels we've worked with that experienced massive, breakout growth and evaluate what each of them did that created that kind of growth on their channel. Fortunately, each of the principles they implemented is one that we can all implement, too. By the end of our conversation, you'll have several, practical ideas for how you can grow your own channel more quickly.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Check out Tom Rees of, "Eat, Sleep, Dream English" here   YOUTUBE CONSULTING: If you feel stuck with your channel want to get to the next level on your channel, sometimes it takes the perspective of someone who's outside your channel and can look at it with a fresh perspective to see the things you can't see. We'd love to help you break out of your current growth trajectory. Go to and book a private, one-hour session with us!   TIM'S PERSONAL PODCAST: Check out Tim's new personal podcast called, "Business, Family, Marriage." iTunes: Spotify: Anchor:

Jun 28

41 min 57 sec

Whether you're a full-time YouTube creator, full-time business owner, or just started working at home for the first time over this past year, then you know that being productive while being at home presents a whole new set of challenges. It seems that there's always something that we can be working on, but how do we decide what's the most valuable way to spend our time, so that we can ensure that our time spent is actually going to move the needle on our channel, our business, and our personal lives? That's why we want to share what we've learned about staying productive as creators and business owners.  Today we'll discuss a few concepts that will help you solve that so you stand out and grow. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Erin - Well Plated: REGISTER FOR THE NEXT VIDEO LABS: Rory Vaden's Ted Talk: Power Tip Info:

Jun 21

37 min 56 sec

This episode is for those creators who are starting to feel like some of the life has gone away from their channel. Maybe you're not enjoying it as much as you used to. It's starting to feel like a chore instead of something you really enjoy. In this one, we'll be talking about some reasons why that might be happening and how you can breathe new life and excitement into your YouTube vision! Sign up for VideoLabs at Check out Steve Gow - How to change your profile picture and your channel name -

Jun 14

43 min 16 sec

You want to stand out and get people to notice your videos. You want them to stick around, for it to grow into an amazing community, and grow your business. But it seems like there are already so many people doing something similar to you. If you can't find a way to stand out from the crowd, your content becomes too skimmable. A new viewer will get the information they need and then click away, never coming back to watch more. So you make another video hoping this next one will actually contribute to your channel's growth, but it likely doesn't. Today we'll discuss a few concepts that will help you stand out and grow.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Johnny Harris -   REGISTER FOR THE NEXT VIDEO LABS IN JUNE:

Jun 7

34 min 5 sec

We talk a LOT about how to best utilize YouTube analytics in order to grow your reach. Because, with YouTube analytics, you can learn so much about how your audience is or is NOT interacting with your content, and thus, you can know what you need to work on in order to get your viewers (or potential viewers) to engage more with your content, which gets your videos in front of more people on YouTube. But, what if I told you that using YouTube analytics is actually crippling your growth? We see this in creators more often than not, and so that's what we want to talk about today. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Christ Butler of Project Finance: SCHEDULE A ONE-ON-ONE YOUTUBE CONSULTATION WITH US:

May 31

42 min 50 sec

Most creators shoot on a nice camera, edit on a big screen, listen to their videos through nice speakers, and publish from the desktop. Mobile considerations don't often enter the picture, but that's a huge mistake because a massive amount of viewership on YouTube takes place on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. In 2021, we have to consider mobile viewers when it comes to how we craft and optimize our videos. But what does that look like? How do we do that? And how does the viewing environment change the expectation people have for our videos? We're going to talk about that today and help you out with some ideas so your videos perform better with the massive mobile audience on YouTube. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Bernd Geropp: VIDEO LABS: Join us for 8 weeks inside our advanced YouTube training experience called, "Video Labs." We'll take you through our YouTube growth process that almost 1,000 other creators have followed to infuse growth into their channel. The next session starts in a week, so register here before the limited 20 spots are sold out.

May 24

50 min 53 sec

You're likely doing keyword research all wrong on YouTube. In fact, when we start working with a YouTube creator and they tell us how they're doing keyword research, all I usually have to do to make my point is ask, "That sounds great. How's that working for you so far?" and typically they chuckle and say that it's not. It's not surprising because the whole idea of keyword research is based on an outdated understanding of how YouTube's search and discovery systems work. The idea is that if I can find keywords that have a lot of search volume with low competition, then there's a greater chance that I could rank for that keyword and thus get a lot of that traffic. But just because there's high competition and high search volume doesn't mean you can't outrank everything that's there. It happens all the time! Maybe you've experienced it yourself with a video that performed well for years, but now suddenly isn't. Someone else's video took over. Furthermore, there's no such thing as ranking number one for anything anymore. Search results are so personalized based on each viewer's history, viewing habits, the type of content they gravitate towards, even the channels they're subscribed to. It also makes a difference what kind of device you're searching from, your geographic location, and what age YouTube thinks is making the search query. Keyword research assumes that YouTube's search and discovery systems are positioning videos based on the keywords in the title, description, and the tags. However, YouTube announced they were switching away from this keyword matching system on August 10, 2012. Almost 10 years ago! Instead, they favor viewer signals to learn which videos to position, where to position them, when to position them, and for whom. So, here at Video Creators, we don't actually talk about keyword research. Instead, we talk about "topic research," which is a different approach and produces different results. Today, Lennon, D'Laina, and I are going to talk about how the two differ, and hopefully, by the end of this episode, you'll be equipped with a better process for researching your video ideas. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: His and Her Money - REGISTER FOR VIDEO LABS: Test an image to see what Google's AI thinks of it: Free trial of the VidIQ Chrome Extension:

May 17

54 min 3 sec

These creators just finished 8 weeks in our advanced YouTube growth course called Video Labs. It's been fun to see how much their channels have grown and changed over the past two months. Today they'll share with you some of their best YouTube growth advice as well as answer some of your YouTube growth questions from our live stream audience. We answer questions like: How to grow views and subscribers faster on YouTube. Ideas for increasing the likelihood of increasing traffic from YouTube's homepage and suggested videos. Why one channel grows slowly, but other similar channels grow quickly. How to stand out from other competitors on YouTube. And much more. CHECK OUT THE CREATORS HERE: Jet Cowan - Imperfect Paintings - Bernd Geropp - Jake Frei - REGISTER FOR THE NEXT VIDEO LABS SESSION HERE:

May 10

1 hr 5 min

It's easy to feel stuck in a content creation hamster wheel, questioning whether you're just running in circles with your channel, or just simply not moving forward. If you're not generating the results that you want, it's probably because your focus is in the wrong place. And these 5 YouTube analytics features can tell you exactly where your focus needs to be. JOIN OUR NEXT VIDEO LABS SESSION - CHECK OUT BLAKE'S CHANNEL HERE -

May 3

1 hr 3 min

Want to be recognized as a thought leader in your industry, but feel stuck on where to start? Feel like people are watching but not sticking around? Not getting the engagement or attention you want? In this episode, we're going to talk about how to become known for something by defining what you're against. BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH US HERE - CHECK OUT TOM'S CHANNEL HERE! HERE'S THE TITLE GENERATOR!

Apr 26

41 min 54 sec

These creators just finished 8 weeks in our advanced YouTube growth course called, Video Labs. It's been fun to see how much their channels have grown and changed over the past two months. Today they'll share with you some of their best YouTube growth advice as well as answer some of your YouTube growth questions LIVE! CHECK THEM OUT HERE: Alla Shapiro - Rokas Leonavičius -  Norm & Kim Doyle -  Fifi Patel -  Martin Johnson -  Blake Rudis -  REGISTER FOR THE NEXT VIDEO LABS SESSION HERE: 

Apr 19

1 hr 6 min

After working with thousands of YouTube creators, we've seen a few patterns in what creates success when growing a business around that audience. Today we share with you our top 9 rules for success if you're growing a business on YouTube.  LINKS MENTIONED Check out Larry Gibbons' channel here: Register for Video Labs, our advanced level YouTube growth process for creators who are ready to take their channel growth seriously and infuse growth into their channel:

Apr 12

48 min 18 sec

If you're considering paid ads on YouTube as a strategy for growing your channel, you're making some assumptions about your content as well as about how YouTube works. Today we'll address those assumptions and discuss whether or not using paid ads is a good method for growing your YouTube channel or not. LINKS MENTIONED Schedule a one-on-one YouTube channel consultation with us here: New audience metrics in YouTube Analytics:

Apr 5

39 min 14 sec

The normal approach for most creators making educational content on YouTube is to just straight up teach the content. Provide the cold, hard facts and wrap up the video. After all, years of experience in the modern educational system have taught us to deliver information void of emotion, feelings, and sometimes even context. While there is still certainly a place on YouTube for tutorials and educational content that delivers information in that way, there's another approach to education that, when done well, many people don't even notice that it's actually education. That's because the education is wrapped up in a story that captures the viewer's attention, holds their attention, and actually makes them feel something. It gets the viewer's heart involved and, before long, causes them to even build a perceived relationship with the educator. Those are the channels that often find the most success on social media platforms like YouTube. Justin Rhodes is a great example of this. As a homesteading channel, if his videos were strictly about how to raise chickens and plant a garden, he'd have some success, but he'd be at a much higher risk of blending in with literally thousands of other videos that essentially say the same thing as his videos. Instead, Justin has quickly risen above the competition by wrapping engaging and heart-felt stories around the education he provides and, as a result, has grown a successful business that now supports his family and a small team. In this episode, Justin will share his process for how he takes what most people would turn into a normal tutorial or educational video and instead wraps a story around it that captures not only your attention, but your heart, too, which more quickly converts viewers into subscribers, subscribers into fans, and fans into customers. Check out Justin's channel here:

Mar 29

45 min 55 sec

It’s one thing to have a channel with a big subscriber number, but it’s another to have a thriving community of people surrounding the channel. People that, if you didn’t show up to post would be DM’ing you to see if you’re okay. People that comment on every video and defend you to the haters. People that even PAY you.  The problem is that we see community as something we build. Something that if we post consistently and ask people to comment, that’s all it takes. But, community is not built - it’s earned. We’re not here to lay the right tactical bricks so people sit in our house, it’s our job to foster a culture that allows them to lay the bricks alongside us.  Today we’re going deep into how you can start to build a thriving community that serves your channel, your business, and each other. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Mike and Erin of, "Our Wyoming Life," are a perfect example of what a strong, online, earned community looks like. Check out their channel here: SCHEDULE A PRIVATE YOUTUBE CONSULTATION WITH US:

Mar 22

48 min 7 sec

Many creators feel frustrated when they don't understand why some videos take off and others fall flat. Or why one thing on their channel is working well, but everything else isn't. Or when the thing that used to work no longer is. Is it possible that there's a process, or even a formula, that any creator can follow and get predictable results? There is. Derral Eves has been actively growing YouTube channels for years. In fact, he's behind over 70 billion views on YouTube. He recently wrote a book called, "The YouTube Formula," where he breaks down everything he's learned about growing channels and millions of views and subscribers. In this episode, he introduces us to the YouTube Formula and provides insights into the mistakes that often hold creators back as well as the things they should be doing, but often aren't. Take this information, implement it, and watch your channel grow! GET DERRAL'S BOOK HERE: CHECK OUT DERRAL'S CHANNEL HERE:

Mar 15

59 min 42 sec

When creators get started on YouTube, it can be very exciting at first -- you have fresh expectations and are looking forward to the potential. However, it doesn't take very long before you start to feel like the YouTube creator life is really not all it's cracked out to be -- especially if you are working a full-time job, have kids, or are a business owner. How are we supposed to work a full-time job AND have a family AND eat healthy AND workout AND implement new YouTube strategies AND get our videos out on time? We're going to talk about the 5 time management mistakes that most creators make AND how to fix them. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Check out Oscar's channel, "Inside The Score," here DOWNLOAD "PRODUCT TO PROFIT" HERE:

Mar 8

53 min 48 sec

When the things you always used to do to grow your channel no longer produce the same results, it's time for another approach. Today we discuss three questions you should wrestle with when trying to figure out how to move forward. These aren't easy questions to answer but should provide clarity, focus, and direction that will help you ultimately spark new growth on your YouTube channel and the business that surrounds it. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Check out Brad's channel, Fix This Build That, right here: REGISTER FOR VIDEO LABS: Join us in our 8-week channel growth process that shows you how the algorithm works, how to rank on home, suggested, and search traffic, and how to create videos that utilize storytelling skills to capture and hold your audience's attention. It's limited to only 20 creators per session, so register today at POWER TIP: Click here to learn more about setting up Studio Permissions for brand accounts on YouTube:

Mar 1

45 min 39 sec

We often work with YouTube creators who are frustrated with their channel because they can't seem to predict what's going to help them grow and want's not. Why do some videos perform well while others fall flat? Why do their views seemed to be capped no matter what they try? Today we'll give you 7 ideas for how you can stabilize your channel growth so it's more consistent as you move forward with your content strategy.  CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Check out Scott Mansell of Driver61 here: CONSULTING: Book a private YouTube consultation with our team here: LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Check out, "Primal Branding." 5 ways to use stakes in your stories to grip your audience's attention: Blur faces or a custom area of a video:

Feb 22

54 min 51 sec

Today we focus our conversation on how to launch an online course to your YouTube audience. We've done it here several times at Video Creators, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. About a year ago we started working with Wade Alters who specializes in course publishing for YouTube creators. He and his team have a process that they use with YouTube creators that have led to millions of dollars in course sales. His process certainly worked for us! And today he's going to share with you what the process looks like so you can experience similar results with your next online course launch. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Bulk Reef Supply was stuck at about a half-million views per month, but after working through our YouTube growth process, they quickly saw that grow to almost 1.5 million views per month. Today they share some of the main tactics they implemented that resulted in tripling their views. Check out their channel here: SCHEDULE A ONE-ON-ONE YOUTUBE CONSULTATION: We'd love to dive into your channel with you for an hour and give you the insights you need that will unlock your growth potential. Schedule a consultation with us here: WORK WITH WADE: Learn more about how Wade can help you create and launch your next online course here:

Feb 15

52 min 27 sec

Google is always tweaking its search algorithms. In fact, they're making changes to it every single day. But last month they rolled out a big core update that was clearly noticeable, which they tend to do several times a year. December's core update impacted a lot of websites and, while we won't get into all the details of what that looks like on the website, it paints a picture for us of where YouTube's search and discovery systems are headed in 2021. Today we want to dive into what that is, what we can learn from it, and what we need to focus on as creators in 2021 if we want YouTube's improving algorithms to continually surface our videos to the right viewer at the right time. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Check out Annie Long's YouTube channel at SCHEDULE A ONE-ON-ONE YOUTUBE CONSULTATION: We'd love to dive into your channel with you for an hour and give you the insights you need that will unlock your growth potential. Schedule a consultation with us here: In this episode, we mentioned Google's insights into what you should consider when creating quality content that ranks well across their platform. Here's the link to their full post:

Feb 8

42 min 11 sec

A lot has happened on YouTube this past year! The platform is constantly changing, updating, adding new features, taking old ones away, tweaking algorithms, not to mention all the different trends that are being created! Today we summarize the biggest changes that happened this year on YouTube and talk about how those changes impact our channel growth strategies next year. REGISTER FOR VIDEO LABS: Let's dive into your channel together for 8 weeks in Video Labs and work through a process that hundreds of creators have used to unlock growth on their channel. Register here: CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Scott Mansell grew from almost a new channel to 350k subscribers and 6 million views per month in 1 year. He shares what he did to accomplish that.

Dec 2020

41 min 25 sec

This year we worked with over 650 YouTube creators as clients, helping them with their YouTube strategy. From everything we learned this year by working with these creators, today we share the top lessons we've learned about YouTube growth, strategy, and tactics that you will take forward into 2021 with you for your own successful YouTube channel strategy. REGISTER FOR VIDEO LABS: Let's dive into your channel together for 8 weeks in Video Labs and work through a process that hundreds of creators have used to unlock growth on their channel. Register here: PRIMAL BRANDING: (affiliate) CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Brad surpassed 1 million subscribers with his woodworking tutorials that combine storytelling elements in them. He shares what he does to capture and hold a viewer's attention today. Check out his channel, Fix This Build That, here:

Dec 2020

53 min 3 sec

Successful thumbnail designs tend to go in trends. Every few years the trend of what's working and what's not seems to change. Of course, it's important to identify what's currently working and where the trends are going in order to craft thumbnails that entice people to click and keep watching. So today we look at some of the top thumbnail design trends we currently see and identify what you need to do going into 2021 to ensure that people click your videos and watch them. REGISTER FOR VIDEO LABS: Let's dive into your channel together for 8 weeks in Video Labs and work through a process that hundreds of creators have used to unlock growth on their channel. Register here:

Dec 2020

56 min 51 sec

YouTube's algorithm can feel really complicated sometimes. We spend hours and hours and hours drafting, filming, editing, and posting our videos only for us to upload it and then... crickets. We immediately slip into thinking that maybe there's something wrong with YouTube? Maybe it glitched (again)? But maybe, just maybe, it's not the algorithm. Maybe it's your content. Today we talk about a few reasons why YouTube might not be surfacing your videos to more viewers and what you can do about it.   LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Spend 8 weeks in a small group with Tim and his team in Video Labs to grow your channel this January. Learn how the algorithm works and how to craft videos that people love, watch, and keep watching.

Dec 2020

39 min 34 sec

Creating an emotional connection with your viewers is one of the best ways to get them to watch more, boost watch time, get them to watch more videos, subscribe, and keep coming back for more. Crafting your videos around a story is one of the best ways to do that, but it's a difficult skill to learn. Many people think they are telling a story, but no one really ends up caring about it because there's no stakes. There's not a reason to care about the character nor what they want nor if they even end up getting what they want.   In today's episode we talk about 5 ways that you can raise the stakes in your story to make your videos more interesting and better engage your audience.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Paula doesn't have a huge channel, but you don't need a large channel to grow a successful business. People think that a bigger audience equals more money, but that's not necessarily true. She'll tell you a bit about her story here with Lennon. Check out her channel here:   JOIN VIDEO LABS: Video Labs is a step-by-step program specifically designed to help you build a highly engaged YouTube channel in 8 short weeks. Our next session starts in January, so register here to work with us through our proven YouTube growth process:

Dec 2020

53 min 16 sec

Having a YouTube channel is a ton of fun, but a TON of hard work, critical thinking, and creativity. And especially if you're in a place of trying to implement new strategies, it can all become very daunting and kick your motivation and energy right in the butt.   LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Spend 8 weeks in a small group with Tim and his team in Video Labs to grow your channel this January: Learn more about finding your "why."

Nov 2020

32 min 30 sec

Black Friday is coming up soon! If you create and sell your own products on your channel, this can be a great time to increase sales as well as get new customers for future promotions. Today we'll talk through some ideas of how to incorporate your YouTube channel into that sales process next week, how to structure a sales video, follow-up, and more so you can better monetize and serve the audience you've built on YouTube.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Craig Palsson of Market Power shows us that you can still definitely grow a channel in a very small, specific niche. Not every market on YouTube has the same amount of potential audience, but there is an audience for every channel if you follow the advice that Craig shares in today's podcast. Check out his channel here:   LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Download our free guide, "Product to Profit:" The 5 Sales Tactics I Used to Earn over $1 Million on YouTube [Ep. #229]: Sell on YouTube Without Being Sleazy (and other business questions) [Ep. #228] QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." -- Reid Hoffman

Nov 2020

57 min 30 sec

Being a YouTube creator can get, well, really messy really fast, especially if you’re here learning about all the new strategies that you should be incorporating into your content. It feels like there's so much to do, so many things to remember, and so many tips you have to get right if you really want to get views on your videos. If one of the tips falls through the cracks, then your video doesn't perform as well as it could've.   Because our brains can only remember so much, today we'll discuss some tools, systems, and tips that you can set you up to succeed with every video you plan and publish.   CREATOR SPOTLIGHT Jamesons Travels: He’s a former US Marine and he talks about military history, sharing his perspective and opinion on it, often adding commentary to other military documentaries, assumptions, and facts.   Today he shares the main things he did on his channel to grow from 100,00 to 14 million views per month in only 5 months.   Register for, "30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel," and start optimizing your channel for growth today!   LINKS MENTIONED ClickUp: Their free tool is great! You can upgrade to their unlimited plan for $5/month. Storytelling tips for YouTube creators:

Nov 2020

1 hr 4 min