Propaganda Report

By Monica Perez & Brad Binkley

Political talk-show host, Monica Perez, and her propaganda-obsessed sidekick, Brad Binkley, analyze media propaganda and news events, providing clarity from the chaos. As an anarcho-capitalist (i.e., extreme libertarian), Monica is an uncompromising defender of personal liberty. As a humorist with a fetish for propaganda analysis, Brad just likes exposing the lies of the elites.

  1. 1.
    The Latest On The GA Ballot Inspections With Garland Favorito of VoterGA
  2. 2.
    Conversation w/Author Wayne Rohde
  3. 3.
    Booster's Authorized, But At What Cost? New Yorkers Told To Mask Up On The City's Filth-Ridden Public Transit, & The Continuing Saga of Prolific Artist, Hunter Biden (DNB)
  4. 4.
    The Broader Narrative Being Served By The Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie Story, Illicit KFC & Government Induced Instability at Home & Abroad (DNB)
  5. 5.
    Newspeak Of The Year, New Investigation Finds Covid Death Count Greatly Exaggerated, & What Vax Mandates Really Are (DNB)
  6. 6.
    4 Words The Media Is Now Demonizing and Why It Matters, How Biden's Botched Drone Strike Can Be Spun Into A Domestic Terror Narrative, & Are Vax Child Trials Using DIfferent Standards (DNB)
  7. 7.
    Update with Garland! Saturday September 18 4pmET
  8. 8.
    The Curious Case of Gabby Petito, Insurance Fraud by Way of Hitman, The Unnaccountabiliy of Drone Strikes, and Constitution Day (DNB)
  1. 9.
    THE UNION OF THE UNWANTED : 34 : 9/11 The Awakening
  2. 10.
    Nasser's Sexual Abuse Back in the News, Vaccine Inequality, Indian Bar Sues WHO Scientist, Pfizer's Baby Play, and AOC's Dumb Dress (DNB)
  3. 11.
    RIP Norm MacDonald, Jim Breuer Takes a Stand, Disagreement Between the Biden Administration and the FDA, Chipman Shot Down, and Facebook's Secret Elite (DNB)
  4. 12.
    Slaps on the Wrist for Capitol Police, How 1/6 Was Allegedly Worse Than 9/11, Dubya Claims Dissenting Patriots Are the Same as Al Qaeda, and More COVID Fearmongering (DNB)
  5. 13.
    Breaking Down Biden's Mandate, The Response of a Majority of States, France's American Ban, and a Touch of 9/11 (DNB)
  6. 14.
    Biden's Federal Vaccine Mandate, Suing Texas Over Abortion, The Articles of Confederation, & Deathbed TikToks (DNB)
  7. 15.
    Hijacking "Pro-Life", A Corporate Warning To El Salvador, & The Taliban name Ex-Guantanamo Detainees To New Caretaker Government (DNB)
  8. 16.
    You Might Be Domestic Terrorist If...,Next Generation Bio Threat,& More Q's About FDA Approval (DNB)
  9. 17.
    BUCKLE THE f#@& UP! Brad & Monica Talk To Filmmaker John Paul Rice
  10. 18.
    Is Joe Rogan Video A Setup? Australia's Shocking New Online Surveillance Bill, & Here Comes The "Trump Supporters Are The Taliban" Narrative (DNB)
  11. 19.
    Church of The Electron Microscope, Biden Leaks, & What Did A Former CIA Chief In Kabul Suggest For The Afghan Region? (DNB)
  12. 20.
    COVID Restrictions Test The Boundaries of Public Acceptance, Con Men Reign Supreme In Times of Crisis, & The Astrazeneca Effect (DNB)
  13. 21.
    Judge Tells Woman To Ignore Her Doctor and Get The Jab, Conflating International Terror With Domestic Terror, & Hope In The Process (DNB)
  14. 22.
    A Conversation w/Lawyer Brian Festa about Exemptions
  15. 23.
    The Role of Predictive Programming In The Afghanistan Crisis & More Evidence That Operation Mandate The Nation Is Failing (DNB)
  16. 24.
    Students Who Requested Vax Exemption Doxxed In Cali, Inside the Recall Ballot, & FDA Approval Questions (DNB)
  17. 25.
    Here Comes Pfizer Vax Off-Label!, Pfizer Jab Gets Renamed. Here's The Impact. & Fauci Is A Tiny Mobster (DNB)
  18. 26.
    Pfizer Vax Gets Approval...Now Comes The War On Exemptions & The Afghanistan Narrative Fits A Major Global Theme (DNB)
  19. 27.
    No Coordination On Jan 6 Incident, Parallel Systems Rising, & The Protests Are Working (DNB)
  20. 28.
    Biden's Domestic Terror Ruse, Propaganda War Over Legitimacy, & The Media Is Afraid (DNB)
  21. 29.
    Mandate Intolerance Is Spreading & New Study Identifies A Primary Cause of Political Polarization (DNB)
  22. 30.
    Media Compares Trump Supporters To Taliban As Biden's War On Terror Focuses In On Americans & CNN Interviews Another Fake Victim (DNB)
  23. 31.
    Was The Afghan Pull Out Botched? Or Did It Go As Planned? Our Episode Got Banned & The Effect Lockdowns & Masks Have Had On Babies Cognitive Development (DNB)
  24. 32.
    THE UNION OF THE UNWANTED: 031: Doctors Roundtable With Special Guest Dr. Robert Malone
  25. 33.
    The Purpose of The Hunter Biden Psyop, Anti-Mandate Protests Spread Across America, & The Media Begs For More Afghan War (DNB)
  26. 34.
    CDC Admits To Over Reporting Covid Cases In FL, Is Rand A Canary In The Coal Mine, & CNN Promotes Yet Another Go Fund Me Scammer (DNB)
  27. 35.
    Andrew Cuomo Empowers Women, Son of Pro Vax Celeb Says No To Vax, & Crypto In The Crosshairs? (DNB)
  28. 36.
    Top Down Rule From The Bottom Up, Show Me Your Papers, & Exploiting The Constitution (DNB)
  29. 37.
    Stories of Pushback Emerging Across America, A Libertarian Solution For Caregivers, & What A New Study Found About People Who Just "Follow The Science" (DNB)
  30. 38.
    The Confusing Messages Coming From Health Officials Are Intentional. Here's Why. Biden's Vaccine Mandate Trick, Compliments of The Great Reset. & What's Coming In September? (DNB)
  31. 39.
    Biden Promises To Pay Those Who Use Aggressive Efforts To Vax The Unvaxxed, The Strange Tale of The First Two Transgender Olympians, & The Consulting Firm That Runs Democrats As Republicans (DNB)
  32. 40.
    The Media and The Little Figure That Is Not There, Corporate Vaccine Mandates...Just What The Great Reset Ordered, & Operation Flashpoint Is Biden's Domestic Reset Of Reality (DNB)
  33. 41.
    The White House Orders The Media To "Reset" Covid Reporting, The WEF Celebrates It's Pandemic Accomplishments, & What To Make of The Expiring Eviction Moratorium (DNB)
  34. 42.
    How Many Contradictions Until People Stop Believing? Who Do Vax Incentives (Bribes) Work On? Media Misleads On Mike Lindell/Fox Story (DNB)
  35. 43.
    Bipartisan Infrastructure Is An Oxymoron & Tuskegee Was Bad...The U.S. Led Guatemala Syphilis Study Was Much Worse (DNB)
  36. 44.
    St. Louis County Shows How To Fight Mask Mandates Locally, This Is A Full On Psychological Experiment, & What's Really Going On With The Supply Chain Issues (DNB)
  37. 45.
    Propaganda In The Olympics, The Flimsy Legal "Precedent" On Vaccine Mandates & Pelosi's House Select Committee On Rewriting History (DNB)
  38. 46.
    Kamala Is Being Positioned As America's Mother, Protest Sweep Europe Over New Vaccine Rules, & The Real Game of Sports Is The Culture War (DNB)
  39. 47.
    Union of The Unwanted: Cuba, COVID, & Conspiracies
  40. 48.
    Conversation w/Tho Bishop: Libertarian Solutions Within The System
  41. 49.
    The Vax Atrocity Propaganda Has Arrived, Elon Musk Identifies The Biggest Corporation Of All, & CIA Deception Maxim #7 (DNB) 
  42. 50.
    Biden's Censorship Marching Orders, What's The Point of The Fauci/Rand Paul Monthly Fight? & Republicans Duped By Controversy Marketing (DNB)

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