Rebels Deconstructed

Rebels Deconstructed

What lies beneath finally breaking the rules and doing things your own way? Listen to people in tech sharing their journey through criticism, failure, and staying true to their vision to making an impact.

Pour yourself a drink and get inspired.

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Whether it’s fintech, medtech, proptech or any other industry,  building digital products that real users love is crucial for the success of your business. The goal is to create a product that blends into the users' life, solving their real problems. We need to start by understanding the day-to-day challenges they face because often, this is something that gets overlooked.

Apr 15

46 min 43 sec

In this episode, we will find out from Andreea what are the steps on how to become a Marketing and Sales specialist. We will go through how to connect the dots, how to find opportunities when there is seems to be none, what are the challenges on being a marketing and sale specialist in tech fields and what are the take aways after some years spent in this industry.

Feb 22

32 min 51 sec