The Butterfly Forecast

Melody Ehsani and Julie Burns Walker

Where life is explored through the insights of the butterfly effect, and how the smallest changes made by an individual can change the outcome for the collective. Hosted by designer Melody Ehsani and medical intuitive Julie Burns Walker.

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What a dreamy time we had with our incredibly talented friend Travis Van Winkle—actor, activist, builder—where we talked about developing ourselves, as we invest in others.

Nov 30

53 min 46 sec

In an era where so many people identify as multi-hyphenates, Claudia is an inspiring model of how she's stitched together all the seemingly contrasting aspects of herself in life and work into one beautiful patchwork quilt.

Nov 23

54 min 15 sec

Today, Lauren London and Jada Pinkett Smith join us to talk about the unusual powers of one true friend.

Nov 16

46 min 17 sec

Smooshie and I return to the never ending reality of death, but this time from the unexpected gifts it brings.

Nov 9

40 min 32 sec

How does one trust their intuition and follow their instincts while navigating all the complexities of life? We talk to Anthony about how he stays in himself and true to his design, even when it’s hard.

Nov 2

43 min 29 sec

Today: Join the Smooshies for an exploration into the differences between living life, and living survival.

Oct 26

45 min 57 sec

Today, we're joined today by our dear friend and extraordinary poet Ruth Forman—where we discuss the recalibrating, transformative power of words.

Oct 19

53 min 25 sec

Today, Melody and Julie unpack the role of mentors in our lives.

Oct 12

47 min 17 sec

Jocy and Trae share their Native American roots and culture—reclaiming what was tried to be erased by colonization and living the fruits of the true legacy they inherited.

Oct 5

43 min 23 sec

What hidden mythologies are you living with? Join us and find out.

Sep 28

53 min 18 sec

Join Melody and Julie in this episode where they explore the roots of freedom, and how to establish it within individuals - as well as for us as a species.

Sep 21

32 min 16 sec

On the Butterfly Forecast today, we are joined with the beautiful, extraordinarily gifted artist, quilter, and educator Bisa Butler.

Sep 14

53 min 46 sec

Today, the Smooshies crack the door open (just a little bit) to explore how we approach our own evolution—and its opposite.

Sep 7

41 min 44 sec

Today, the Smooshies take a look at the possibility of humans being designed as mirrors for the infinite.

Aug 31

43 min 7 sec

What an incredible conversation we had, when Melody traveled to North Dakota and joined hoop dancer, healer, singer, and artist Jackie Bird at the Earth Lodge. Together, we discuss the importance of staying connected to the great spirit, ancestors, and our gifts.

Aug 24

39 min 42 sec

This week, singer and songwriter Andy Grammer returns! We discuss his songwriting process, creating in the pandemic, and the work it takes to find oneself.

Aug 17

56 min 58 sec

Today, Melody and Julie sit with singer, songwriter, and long-time friend Andy Grammer. He unpacks early influences in film and sports, the evolution of his performing career, and how money and spirituality affect his creative process.

Aug 10

32 min 41 sec

Today we're joined by poet, activist, and founder of The Nap Ministry, Tricia Hersey. We discuss sleep deprivation as a racial and social justice issue, rest as a form of resistance to white supremacy and capitalism, and napping as the portal to our greater reality.

Aug 3

1 hr 18 min

Centered around the subject of truthfulness, Melody and Julie discuss what we can learn from a 2nd grade classroom, an inspiring passage from Nelson Mandela, and how we must hold onto honesty in the face of projections and deception.

Jul 27

48 min 6 sec

We're joined by long-time friend Justin Baldoni—actor, writer, director, producer, and author of the book Man Enough—to try to unpack just a little bit of what's behind his incredible energy.

Jul 20

50 min 49 sec

Our guests this week are Aloe Blacc and Maya Jupiter. They talk about building a new world informed by multiple cultures — birthed from one family.

Jul 13

1 hr 2 min

Brendon Babenzien (Founder, Noah NY) generously shares about the fruits that come with counter culture, how being on the outside has its benefits, and his charge for elevating consciousness.

Jul 6

52 min 23 sec

Nabil went into the deeps with us, sharing the process of how he ended up making his first feature film “Gully”.

Jun 29

48 min 24 sec

How we choose the direction we take with life’s unknowns. A conversation with Edward Norton.

Jun 22

40 min 40 sec

Evolution! Transformation! How do we get there? Come join our conversation!

Jun 15

44 min 19 sec

Join us in an inspiring conversation about what resources really are, with musician, filmmaker and producer Sol Guy.

Jun 8

43 min 42 sec

What is beyond love? Join us for a deep dive into what nurtures all kinds of love, with Elaine Welteroth and Jonathan Singletary.

Jun 1

58 min 24 sec

The Smooshies explore the major quest of pursuing life, as well as its flaws.

May 25

41 min 26 sec

On this special episode of The Butterly Forecast, Melody interviews Julie about her work as a medical intuitive and how she defines health in 2021.

May 18

44 min 16 sec

This week Maurice Harris, founder of (Bloom and Plume), brings us the inspiration as he shares how he became an extraordinary creative in life – in full bloom!

May 11

59 min 10 sec

This week Melody & Julie unpack the concept of friendship– what a true friend is and what inspires being one!

May 4

42 min

Katonya Breaux (founder of Unsun Cosmetics) joins us in conversation this week as we talk about the unforeseen pain of loss and how pain also has the power to transform us forever.

Apr 27

42 min 17 sec

In this special episode with Lauren London we examine how personal loss has impacted each of us. We also discuss the ways we can stay connected to those who've transitioned and the spiritual growth that follows.

Apr 20

51 min 5 sec

In a world with seemingly everything at our disposal, why do we keep trying to create something new? This week, we explore creativity and how comparison creates competition.

Apr 13

45 min 7 sec

Julie flies to L.A. to surprise Melody for her birthday! Then, they are joined by Sam Fragoso (host of Talk Easy) to explore the connection between the origin of service, birthdays, and death. 

Apr 6

46 min 1 sec

This week we sit with filmmaker and producer, Oge Egbuonu! We explore the mysterious nature of change, and how telling our own stories can break the cycle of life’s perceptions of us.

Mar 30

47 min 47 sec

This week we explore mistakes and process. If we have the freedom to question things, it gives us the opportunity to discover them. There’s no learning if there’s no questioning, which leads us to figuring out if it’s really about the outcome or the process? 

Mar 23

42 min 50 sec

For this week's episode we go back to the beginning of us, unpacking our design, mutuality and stumbling. And how Julie’s near death experiences became her work.

Mar 16

45 min 26 sec

This week, Melody and Julie sit with Los Angeles artist Lauren Halsey! Inspired by Afrofuturism and funk, her work focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, and community engagement. In our talk, we discuss the need to invest in people with love, the sanctity of her creative process, redesigning business, leading with grace, and how Lauren's work aims to remap South Central, where she grew up.

Mar 9

43 min 28 sec

In this episode, Melody and Julie explore the phenomenon that we each are potential gifts to those we encounter. And at times, even without knowing, carry the mysterious potential of changing someone’s life.

Mar 2

41 min 23 sec

Before the conversation with our guest this week, Julie and Melody reflect on the ineffable beauty of the creative process and the need to listen and trust yourself. Then, we sit with Flea (30:24), the bassist for The Red Hot Chili Peppers! We dive into how he uses his body as a vehicle, his mission to channel energy and live in the moment, who (and what) has influenced his course, and how we all process ego.

Feb 23

1 hr 10 min

Welcome to the Butterfly Forecast! For the pilot, we share why we’re doing this—turning our personal conversations into public ones. We talk about the concept of the butterfly effect and how the smallest evolution of each individual can affect the collective. Sharing stories from our past, we also explore how WHAT we are is more important than WHO we are. Then, finally, a question for you and I both: what is in my design that I bring for the betterment of people, in this moment?

Feb 16

47 min 46 sec

Welcome to “The Butterfly Forecast”, where life is explored through the insights of the butterfly effect, and how the smallest changes made by an individual can change the outcome for the collective. Hosted by designer Melody Ehsani and medical intuitive Julie Burns Walker!

Feb 9

1 min 16 sec