The Musician's Guide To Grit

Charyn Harris

Charyn Harris shares her secrets in growing a storied career in music that has spanned over 35 years as a touring musician, nonprofit arts educator, and music industry professional. Check out info and advice that you never learned in school.

This is real life as a musician/creative and real advice.

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Charyn interviews drummer & educator, Sean Skeete about his experiences as a musician and educator. Sean is the Chari of the Ensemble Department of Berklee College of Music whose credits include: Oleta Adams, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Teodross Avery, Freda Battle, Walter Beasley, Blue Man Group, Boston Pops, Boston Symphony, Will Downing, Stephen Hurd, Rueben Rogers, Stomp, Vinx, and Marvin Winans and others.

Nov 8

47 min 23 sec

Need to build an audience? Here are some great pointers as well as info to consider to make sure you are building something sustainable. Make sure you Charyn Harris for more info. Additionally, here are 13 simple hacks: Here are some hacks that you can do: 1) Post live footage performing to invite people to your show - whether virtual or in-person; 2) Ask your friends and family to do the same; 3)Create a sense of urgency so it’s clear that people do not want to miss this and they will have an amazing time; 4)Get reviews from fans and post; 5) List your performance in a publication that highlights events; 6)You can create an event invitation on Facebook, Eventbrite or a similar platform; 7) Got access to a popular personality? See if they can join in for a jam session; 8) Host a band jam or become the host of performance night; 9)Connect with local radio and TV; 10)Secure a residency one night per week at a local venue; 11) Play local festivals, farmer's markets, night markets,etc.; 12) Create a challenge or a contest with your fanbase 13) Give away merch

Aug 2

13 min 56 sec

Are you really resilient? Do you even know what it means? Charyn takes you through understanding resilience and gives you 5 simple tips to keep you on track.

Jul 26

18 min 28 sec