The Inner Alchemy Podcast with Becca Clegg: Empowering You to Create Your Dream Life Using the Magic Within

Becca Clegg

Author, speaker, empowerment coach, and psychotherapist Becca Clegg explores how we can reclaim balance in this grind culture world that is anything but balanced. Experiences of burnout, exhaustion, and perfectionism are at an all time high, and people need to create the life they want. Each episode introduces you to some of Becca's favorite healers and helpers through conversations about emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Using the magic you already have within you, we will seek to restore balance together.

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At the end of every episode, I ask my guests the same question: "What is one piece of advice or wisdom that you would give your 14 year old self?" Without fail, the answers to this question have revealed some of the most touching, insightful bits of advice, and I can think of no better way to conclude Season One of the Inner Alchemy Podcast than with a compilation of all of Season One's guests' answers. I hope you find as much self-compassion and magic in these answers as I did in the interviews. Thank you for tuning into Season One of the Inner Alchemy Podcast, and we'll see you soon for Season Two! 

Jun 17

23 min 48 sec

My jaw was dropped for most of this week's episode with Francie White where we talk about exercise resistance and the valuable inquiry into our own consciousness, and you'll quickly be able to tell why. Francie joins us on the Inner Alchemy Podcast to discuss what's really going on in our psyche when our lack of motivation to exercise falls by the wayside. We discuss the danger of results-based motivation, the she-wolf archetype that lies inside each and every one of us, and the a-ha moments that can help us heal our relationships with our bodies. We even take a trip down memory lane to chat about the effect that the high school pull-up and fitness awards had on today's exercise and wellness culture.

Jun 10

31 min 47 sec

Amy Harman joins us on this week's episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast to discuss the toxic cycle of perfection and how normalized it has become in today's perfection-chasing culture. Amy is a licensed marriage and family therapist, as well as the author of Perfectly Imperfect: Compassionate Strategies to Cultivate a Positive Body Image, and she has made it her life's work to defeat the notion that in order to be our best we have to be the best. Join us as we chat about the freedom that comes with imperfect action, Stardust, and Amy's favorite class in high

Jun 3

23 min 3 sec

Unless you're an artist in a professional capacity, odds are good that you stopped drawing and doodling somewhere around middle school. Lauren Fabrizio joins me on this episode to talk about bringing that tool back as a way to process emotions and experiences when there are no words. Tune in to hear about your innate ability to create, the best pump-up anthems on Lauren's playlists, and the simple power of a pen. 

May 27

28 min 48 sec

We are joined on this week's episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast by fitness guru, hip hop enthusiast, and yogi, Shauna Harrison. Shauna joins us to chat about how the cultural relationship with movement has become distorted and  motivated by self-loathing, and Shauna shares her own thoughts on how to get back to a place of joyful movement. We learn about Shauna's personal path to healing her relationship with movement, what it's been like to teach free online courses during COVID, and the art to a carefully curated workout playlist.

May 20

26 min 59 sec

Our welcomed guest, Mary Lofgren, brings a healthy dose of 'real talk' to this week's episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Mary and I take a deep dive into the shame surrounding sensuality and eroticism and what it means to fully embrace your own sensuality. We discuss becoming more present in your body so that you can become more present in your daily life, giving some predictability to our own self-expression, and the steps to sensuality that come before upgrading your lingerie collection. Join us for a half hour of eye-opening insights and some good laughs, too: including notes on the sexiness of penny loafers and why the graham cracker was really created.

May 13

24 min 2 sec

I am pleased to welcome Paula Scataloni and Rachel Lewis of the Embodied Recovery Institute to the Inner Alchemy Podcast. The body is such an inherent tool to healing, but we often ignore it for the cognitive instead. Rachel and Paula’s purpose work is to show others how to get back in touch with this healing resource, especially as treatment for eating disorders.

May 6

35 min 11 sec

It goes without saying that there are a number of BS stigmas surrounding motherhood. Whether it be perinatal mood disorders, postpartum depression, or even how freaking difficult it is to keep the kitchen clean after having a child, the lifespan of motherhood is hard enough without the high expectations we humans have of moms everywhere. I am joined by Kate Ferguson to discuss reproductive mental health, the United States' mentality around motherhood, and what NOT to do at Disneyland. 

Apr 29

31 min 56 sec

We are so thrilled to be joined by Career Coach and Chief Joy Officer (what a great purpose work title, right?!), Maureen Sweatman, on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Maureen educates us on the significant differences between Career with a capital ‘C’ and purpose work, as well as a few tips to assessing if the career you’re in is truly in alignment with what you want out of your life. Her valuable insight about the decisions we make at eighteen versus how we grow into ourselves over time is sure to have you thinking about your own career and happiness choices.

Apr 22

25 min 35 sec

You know that phrase "I feel seen right now"? Well, it's safe to say that I felt super seen during this interview with confidence expert and leadership coach, Barbara Churchill, on the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Imposter syndrome is a mindset that many of us have ascribed to, making us believe that we are unworthy and we constantly have to be striving for perfection and accomplishment. Barbara imparts incredible wisdom about overcoming imposter syndrome, the fun of failure, and Glennon Doyle's cheetah quote. If you have perfectionist tendencies, identify as a workaholic, or feel like you're always chasing, you're going to want to tune into this one.

Apr 15

25 min 51 sec

In last week's episode, I talked about pandemic burnout and the effects that this time has had on our nervous systems. We're following up this week with Jamie Singleteary, Regional Outreach Manager at Monte Nido and Affiliates, to give you tangible tips on how to work through that pandemic wall. Jamie is well-versed in the art of navigating the mental health system, and as we experience a therapy shortage in post-COVID America, Jamie enlightens us on how to find the support you need. Tune in to hear about Jamie's Michael Jackson spotlight moment, assuming too much responsibility in our youth, and more.

Apr 8

28 min 46 sec

As we start to make strides towards a post-COVID world, but it still remains a very real thing that presents very real challenges, I wanted to chat a little bit about pandemic burnout. As humans, we are really skilled at adapting mentally, but our nervous systems are still feeling the effects of a pretty traumatic year. In this episode, we'll talk about self-judgment, finding support, and adopting a new mantra: "It's not you, it's the pandemic."

Apr 1

19 min 37 sec

This episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast highlights the healing power of couples’ counseling with relationship coach and therapist, Mika Ross. Mika talks about the cultural disparity between the expectations of moms and dads, as well as the misconception that couples have to wait until the relationship is too far gone to seek help. She also shares her recipe for the perfect morning coffee, as well as the secret behind getting rid of your to-go cups.

Mar 25

37 min 26 sec

I have been anxiously awaiting my interview with iconoclast and poet, Katie Vie, and it’s finally here! Katie joins me on the Inner Alchemy Podcast to discuss something I have always found so fascinating– archetypes. Archetypes are symbols that, whether you know it or not, have become engrained in your own life and ways of communication. Katie dives into just how powerful archetypes can be as a gateway to self-understanding, as well as how aligning to nature can allow us to rest the many facets of ourselves. You won’t want to miss this one. 

Mar 18

24 min 59 sec

Amy Jaynes joins us on the Inner Alchemy Podcast to discuss the unique approach of emotionally focused therapy to the healing process. Emotionally focused therapy, or EFT as you might hear it referred to, has become the “gold standard” of therapy, and it’s easy to tell why after hearing Amy’s insight into the process. By establishing both a cognitive understanding and a felt sense of our interaction in relationships, we can learn to better communicate with both ourselves and others. Tune in to hear us talk all things couples’ counseling and early 2000’s hip hop.

Mar 11

31 min 24 sec

Our culture has created a damning narrative around how we feel about our bodies, and we are so grateful to Inner Alchemy Podcast guest, Heidi Lynn Andersen, for joining us on this episode to tell us more about reclaiming the true definition of beauty. Our bodies hold such a wealth of wisdom, but we are conditioned to ignore it entirely. This episode explores the burning question: What can we learn from our bodies, and what can we do with that information once we know it? Join us as we chat heart wisdom, cleaning the house, and more.

Mar 4

28 min 34 sec

On this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast, Diane Hilleary and I dial in on self-compassion, which is a little something we could all use a lot more of. Diane is a psychotherapist and mindfulness therapist, and she shares with us a number of insights and mantras that can reframe how we interact with ourselves on a daily basis. We have to spend a lot of time with ourselves; we might as well be just as kind to ourselves as we would to other people.

Feb 25

31 min 30 sec

Mazi Robinson joins us on this episode of The Inner Alchemy Podcast to talk about shame and vulnerability and just how powerful both of these things can be in our lives. We talk about the small steps and big leaps to becoming more unabashedly vulnerable,  the "no shame" behind Mazi still using hot rollers, and saying "no" if you just really don't want to go to Chili's.

Feb 18

39 min 38 sec

This episode couldn’t come at a better time. In a time of uncertainty and anxiety, we, as humans, are getting a crash course in surrendering. Crystal Bowlby joins us on The Inner Alchemy Podcast to discuss how transformative it can be to choose surrender, rather than use it as a last resort when we don’t know what else to do. While there are certainly choices to be made throughout life, Crystal shares her insights on the power of simply being with our fear and ourselves, inviting the universe to take over. We talk Kirk Cameron, Days of Our Lives, and #itgetsbetter, too.

Feb 11

33 min 13 sec

We are joined by Jennifer Hnat, registered dietitian nutritionist, on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Jennifer shares with us her “funky food story,” as well as how to reject the BS that our culture tells us about food. Tune in to hear how changing your mindset is everything when it comes to changing your relationship with food. 

Feb 4

30 min 41 sec

We are joined by nutrition expert, Robyn Goldberg, on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast to talk about how crucial it is to prioritize a healthy relationship with food. Whether baking cornbread or cycling across a foreign country, Robyn’s dedication to a scheduled lunch break is only a small portion of the wisdom she offers us in this episode. 

Jan 28

28 min 6 sec

I am thrilled to welcome Pranic Energy Worker and good friend, Lisa Thex, on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Lisa shares her eye-opening perspective on how obstructed we, as humans, are from our own intuition. We are taught to listen to everything but ourselves when making decisions or reevaluating goals, but Lisa invites us to question why this is and how to get back to our own inner wisdom. We also talk Twitch, Prince, and other favorites of Lisa's that keep good energy flowing.

Jan 21

27 min 9 sec

Carrie VanWinkle is a social responsive investment advisor, and we are so pleased to have her on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Not only does Carrie have some incredible insights about her 14 year old self, but her understanding of the prominence of money in our world is unparalleled. She shares the four pillars of her approach to investing, as well as how imperative it is to comprehensively heal how we think about it. 

Jan 14

31 min 52 sec

In this episode, I am joined by Human Spirit Guide and good friend, Jennifer Blumenthal, to talk about the healing power of oracle cards. Jennifer shares with us her own transformative journey to her field of work by stepping outside of her comfort zone and trusting her intuition, as well as how she has witnessed oracle cards reveal the magic within herself and her clients. 


Jan 8

35 min 28 sec

I am positively thrilled to welcome Rachel Elise Sellers to the Inner Alchemy Podcast to talk about the power of owning your own story. Our culture ascribes shame to vulnerability, but there is power in saying “no more!” to pretending. As the adage goes: “It’s okay not to be okay,” and it’s even more okay to pursue your healing wholeheartedly. Join us as we chat about Rachel Elise’s journey, The Wizard of Oz, and more!

Jan 8

30 min 29 sec

In this episode, Dr. Anita Johnston, Ph.D. and I talk about the power that metaphor and storytelling can have in the healing process. Think about the number of times that you hear something framed in a way you’ve never thought of before, likening something entirely different to your situation. With any luck, a lightbulb flips on, and all of a sudden, you have a new perspective! This is Dr. Anita’s awe-inspiring work: finding the exact combination of metaphors and stories that will help you reframe how you think about your healing, your relationships, and the world you live in.

Jan 8

26 min 15 sec

Welcome to the Inner Alchemy Podcast, where we pursue balance and healing using the magic within each and every one of us! Becca tells a little bit about what the podcast is all about and how it can equip you to transform your life. 

Dec 2020

1 min 54 sec