Talk The Taboo podcast

Emma-Jane Taylor and Jamie Dewson

Talk The Taboo gives people a voice. Emma Jane and Jamie Dewson use this platform to encourage individuals and those of all genders and walks of life to speak up and feel confident. They raise subjects that many want to talk about and subjects that many don't talk about and openly discusses difficult conversations to raise awareness and give opportunities to those feeling held back by their life and anxieties.

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Emma chats to Jenetta Barry. Jenetta founded The Epiphany Process which helps parents to overcome communication blocks with their teens. Following the tragic suicide of her own daughter Jenny, Jenetta created "World Jennies day" which incidentally coincides with World Mental Health Day on 10th October every year.  

Oct 8

21 min 49 sec

Emma talks to Author, Podcaster and Motivator Chip Baker. Chip is a number one best selling author of "The Impact of Influence Volume one" and a Volume Two is due to be released soon.

Sep 27

19 min 31 sec

Emma chats to motivational speaker, compere and comedienne Toni Kent about her inspirational rags to riches story. 

Aug 7

39 min 40 sec

Emma talks to Maggie Oliver who is best known as the Detective-turned- whistleblower who resigned from Greater Manchester Police in late 2012 in order to expose the now infamous Rochdale Grooming Scandal. Maggie discusses the inspiration behind the work she does at the Maggie Oliver Foundation helping survivors of sexual abuse turn pain into power. Her grit and determination to expose the truth eventually led to her becoming Programme Consultant on the multi award-winning dramatisation of the case entitled Three Girls on BBC One. 

Jul 9

34 min 32 sec

Emma talks to Regeline Gigi Sabbat about her childhood trauma, how she overcame her difficulties using the power of her relationship with god and how she has helped others battling similar situations. Gigi is a motivational keynote speaker, two times best selling author, life and confidence coach, podcast host of "Walk with me" and the CEO and founder of Life service centre of America. 

May 21

26 min 41 sec

Jamie is joined by George Berry who discusses the struggles men face with their mental health. George discusses his story with the intention to break down the stigma surrounding it. 

May 1

40 min 20 sec

Today on Talk The Taboo with young voices, Jamie talks to Natasha Oliver-Cork. Natasha  discusses her journey with mental health and being Neurodivergent. Find out more about Natasha’s work on her website or on Instagram @tishsings.

Apr 3

34 min 6 sec

Emma talks to Martin Gillespie, director of GEM Wellness Warriors from Sydney in Australia about mens mental health. 

Mar 18

39 min 31 sec

Jamie talks to young carer Tia. They discuss the role of a young carer, the daily struggles they are faced with, the positives of being one and how being a young carer can affect mental health. 

Mar 5

30 min 20 sec

Emma joins Joanna Gibbs, Hilary Armour and Alessandra Bester to discuss the challenging and difficult conversations surrounding Autism. 

Jan 25

53 min 40 sec

Dec 2020

45 min 50 sec

Emma is joined by Charity Director Justine Currell discussing the difficult conversations surrounding Modern Day Slavery and the various forms it comes in. 

Nov 2020

43 min 52 sec

Emma discusses narcissism with coach and author Mariette Jansen and Caron Kipping. Throughout the podcast they both discuss how narcissism has impacted their lives and the relationships they have become involved in. 

Nov 2020

45 min 50 sec

Emma is joined by Vanessa Carter who continues to discuss her inspirational story about her battle with cancer. And also joining Emma is therapist Louise Baker. 

Nov 2020

32 min 12 sec

Emma is joined by Vanessa Carter continuing her inspirational story about her battle with cancer. In this episode she focuses particularly on the detox and diet transformation she undertook. 

Nov 2020

29 min 4 sec

Emma is joined by Vanessa Carter continuing to discuss her inspirational story about her battle with cancer. As well as Mind Body Spirit Breakthrough Coach Haseema Patel. 

Nov 2020

29 min 38 sec

Bulimia and Eating Disorders with Carol and Tara 

Oct 2020

43 min 52 sec

Vanessa Carter one year to live – Holistic treatment with Tayyaba Jordan 

Oct 2020

31 min 9 sec

Vanessa Carter one year to live – Nutrition with Laura de le Harpe 

Oct 2020

29 min 58 sec

Vanessa Carter one year to live – Who am I 

Oct 2020

29 min 36 sec

Talk the Taboo Question time with Alicia Drummond Part 3

Aug 2020

17 min 20 sec

Talk the Taboo Question time with Alicia Drummond Part 2 

Aug 2020

16 min 6 sec

Talk the Taboo Question Time with Alicia Drummond Part 1

Aug 2020

15 min 28 sec

Talk the Taboo Living in the moment with Chloe, Jamie and EJ.

Aug 2020

26 min 14 sec

Talk the Taboo with Livia, Michelle and EJ talking about the Menopause

Jul 2020

56 min 34 sec

Talk the Taboo Podcast - Judith, Marvin and Emma-Jane discuss Prison Life

Jul 2020

55 min 27 sec

Mufaro Muza, Jamie and EJ talk about social media and mental health

Jul 2020

38 min 18 sec

Ellie Lee - Mental Health and Performing Arts

Jul 2020

31 min 43 sec

The Odd One Out with Jamie, EJ and Alina

Jul 2020

33 min 5 sec

Jamie discusses the difficult subjects affecting young people with guests Georgie and Chelsea

Jul 2020

39 min 33 sec

Self Harming with EJ and Jamie

Jun 2020

25 min 16 sec

Talk the Taboo: Peer Pressure with Megan, Jamie & EJ

Jun 2020

27 min 2 sec

Black Lives Matter with Selah, Mary, Ella and Jamie

Jun 2020

41 min 40 sec

Black Lives Matter with Serena, Marilyn, Lottie and EJ.

Jun 2020

1 hr

Emma-Jane and Alicia talk about mental health in teens.

Jun 2020

34 min 46 sec

LGBTQ+ community with Jamie Dewson, Emma-Jane Taylor and Lorna McArdle from Support U

Jun 2020

32 min 15 sec

Domestic Abuse with Jamie Dewson, Emma-Jane Taylor, Leanne Duffield and Loulou Smith.

Jun 2020

26 min

Episode 1

May 2020

26 min

Homeschooling is not all bad, if you focus on the positive activities around, that will develop your child's natural abilities. Join me and Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Green Party, Zoe Hatch. 

Apr 2020

31 min 51 sec

Listen to Adam's exclusive podcast where he talks openly about mental health and the pressure he has felt over the years. From his days studying to be a golf pro to performing on the Voice!

Mar 2020

37 min 15 sec

Lorraine Milligan, Kev Waite and Chris Bramley join Emma-Jane to openly discuss a subject that is still a difficult box for many. 

Feb 2020

32 min 40 sec

Listen to Jamie's honest podcast interview. He stands tall for the LGBTQ+ community, raising awareness for the many suffering in silence. 

Feb 2020

22 min 18 sec

Episode 4: Lou Lou Smith on Domestic Abuse

Jan 2020

19 min 50 sec

Listen to Karina's exclusive podcast interview where she openly talks about her Father's suicide, her depression/self harming and how she survived. 

Jan 2020

28 min 22 sec

United Vibe talk openly to Emma-Jane about why they released their single, Sticks & Stones. Raising awareness for bullying and giving strength to those suffering really unites us all. 

Dec 2019

26 min 30 sec

Emma Jane chats to Chris Gray and Kev Waite. 

Nov 2019

21 min 37 sec