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DSG is a Group of Full-Service Nationwide Dental Laboratories. This is a collection of their stories and experiences in dentistry. Hear it straight from dental practitioners, technical experts, and other industry experts.

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Powerhouse publisher and entrepreneur Valerie Berger, Group Publisher- Inside Brands AEGIS Dental Network, Co-Founder IDT Magazine, and WID Rise; shares her career journey, the value of mentorship, connection, and the future of publishing.   Connect  – vberger@aegiscomm.com 224-632-0770 Aegis Dental Network WID Rise – Instagram WID Breakfast 2020 WID Breakfast 2019 WID Breakfast 2018

May 25

12 min 48 sec

Dr. Dixon takes a deeper on how to make dentures fun again by leveraging digital technologies. Craftsmanship powered by technology at its finest. Excited that today’s technology allows her to “wow” her patients by digitizing their denture chairside for case planning, providing duplicate dentures, overdentures, printing dentures in-office and so much more. Connect – Dixon Dentistry Learn more about Dr. Camille Dixon Connect with Dr. Dixon on Instagram drcamilledixon@gmail.com

May 18

16 min 43 sec

Dr. Camille Dixon knew she wanted to be a dentist from an early age. After spending ten years providing dental services to residences in nursing homes, Dr. Dixon found herself drawn to removables. She organically shifted her focus to edentulous patients restoring smiles and function to a population she truly enjoys working with. Dr. Dixon shares how technology is enhancing digital denture workflows and how this has increased her passion for making dentures fun again. Connect  – Dixon Dentistry Learn more about Dr. Camille Dixon Connect with Dr. Dixon on Instagram drcamilledixon@gmail.com

May 11

13 min 45 sec

Rocksand Grogan, CDT and Rebecca Wade, CDT share their journeys of becoming industry leading cosmetic technicians committed to lifelong learning who continually elevate their craft. Inspired by those who have gone before them, energized by creating exceptional restorations with their teams, and dedicated to providing the best to their clinicians and patients.  Connect – Dental Service Group  Rocksand Grogan, CDT DSG LK Dental Studio Connect with Rocksand on Linkedin rgrogan@dentalservices.net 866-550-3522   Rebecca Wade, CDT DSG Clearwater Connect with Rebecca on Linkedin rwade@dentalservices.net 800-237-1723  

May 4

20 min 39 sec

Dr. Christina Blacher the Queen of Invisalign shares how scanning each patient in hygiene transformed her practice. In addition, talks about how elevating your brand and leveraging social media will grow your practice. Connect  – Learn more about Dr. Christina Blacher P.A. Dental Arts Follow Dr. Blacher on Instragram @queenofinvisalign

Apr 27

21 min 52 sec

Dr. Kyle Benton and Chris Bolam take an in depth look at the advantages of implementing intraoral scanner technologies and creating successful outcomes for clinicians, patients, and laboratories. In addition, they share the benefits of having open communication between clinicians and technicians.  Connect  – Learn more about Dr. Kyle Benton Benton Family Dental benton.kyle@gmail.com 870-692-8434   Dental Services Group DXC – Digital Experience Center

Apr 20

27 min 9 sec

Dr. Lillis shares his path to implementing digital workflows into his practice, how to overcome challenges, the must haves for every digital practice and the joy of doing what you love. Connect  – Learn more about Dr. Patrick Lillis, DDS Overland Park Dental Design 913-231-9422

Apr 13

37 min 48 sec

As one of the world’s leaders in dental technology Axel Klarmeyer, CEO, Bego Dental shares how Bego Dental has been at the forefront of 3D printing for the past 20 years; and continues to propel dentistry forward through innovations such as VarseoSmile Crown plus the world’s first FDA cleared 3d printing hybrid material for permanent restorations.   Connect – Axel Klarmeyer | Linkedin Bego Dental Dental Services Group  

Apr 6

23 min 35 sec

Dr. Robert Finkel shares how being passionate, having mentors, joining dental sleep associations, and being connected to your local community are all keys to successfully implementing sleep solutions into your practice. Connect – Learn more about Dr. Robert Finkel Sugarloaf Signature Dentistry info@ssdsmile.com   Resource Recommendations – American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine American Sleep and Breathing Academy Finding Connor Deegan

Mar 30

19 min 48 sec

Dr. Elliott shares how her love for sleep medicine started with personal journey to provide a solution for a loved one. Since that time, her passion has grown into her practice of helping many patients sleep better and live better. In addition, she helps fellow clinicians get started on the journey of providing sleep solutions through their practice. She shares an encouraging message, yes there will be challenges but don’t give up. Connect with Dr. Erin Elliott, DDS Learn more about Dr. Erin Elliott, DDS erinelliottdds.com postfallsfamilydental Queen of Good Air Air Air Baby   Connect with Dr. Patrick Lillis, DDS Learn more about Dr. Patrick Lillis, DDS Overland Park Dental Design 913-231-9422 Let DSG help your patients get more ZZZ’s!

Mar 23

26 min 33 sec

Lisa’s passion for dental sleep medicine and education started after being diagnosed with sleep apnea at the age of 27. Sharing solutions and hope through her publication “Dental Sleep Practice” and The ZZZ Pack Podcast, Lisa Moler lives up to her title of the “Sleep Apnea Slayer”.  Connect – MedMark Media Lisa Moler The ZZZ Pack – Dental Sleep Podcast DocTalk Dental Podcast Let DSG help your patients get more ZZZ’s!

Mar 16

16 min 9 sec

Dr. John Viviano shares how he went from zero interest in sleep solutions to “all in”, in just a week’s time. Listen in to hear how implementing sleep solutions to your practice can further add to your patient’s overall health.  Connect with Dr. Viviano –   https://www.sddacademy.com/  john@drviviano.com  Let DSG help your patients get more ZZZ’s!  

Mar 9

32 min 40 sec

Panthera has done it again! Advancing sleep solutions with the exciting launch of their X3 appliance. Andreas Klie, RDT, Regional Sales Director, Ontario and Kim Solomon, Senior Vice-President Sales, U.S.A, share the exciting news highlighting the X3’s features and benefits. Connect – Learn more about Andreas Klie Learn more about Kim Solomon PANTHERA DENTAL Let DSG help your patients get more ZZZ’s!

Mar 2

24 min 31 sec

A well-informed patient who is confident in your team is essential for patient acceptance and a positive restorative journey. Dr. Rader has been practicing in the San Francisco, Bay Area for 20 plus years, where he continues to hone his craft. Listen in as Dr. Alex Rader shares tried and true workflows and techniques for setting patient expectations and achieving successful restorative outcomes for implant cases. Connect – Learn more about Dr. Rader, DDS alexraderdds.com araderdds@gmail.com 925-932-1855

Feb 23

30 min 36 sec

What does “Real World Dentistry” look like… mentorship, transparency, barber shop days, and operating with ethics. Listen in as Dr. Lillis and Dr. Margeas share their passion for dentistry, how to be profitable with daily bread-and-butter dentistry. Connect – Dr. Patrick Lillis Overland Park Dental Design 913-231-9422  Dr. Robert Margeas Iowa Dental Group 515-249-1184

Feb 16

43 min 39 sec

Dr. Heimke shares how presenting comprehensive treatment plans help you work more efficiently and increase case acceptance. Listen in as he shares how asking patients what their goals are sets in motion the treatment plan to achieve the best esthetic result and inevitably sets patients at ease. Connect with Dr. Heimke  – https://www.everyonelovesmysmile.com/ jheimkedmd@gmail.com C – 216-496-8132 Resource Recommendations – -Blue Ocean Strategy By – Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim

Feb 9

20 min 39 sec

Dr. Martin Mendelson is a Spear Resident Faculty member, Spear’s Executive Vice President of Practice Growth and Founder of Metamorphosis Coaching. He is passionate about growth and self-development. In that spirit he developed a passion project as a give back to the dental community his new YouTube channel and podcast “Conversations with Doc Martin”. As you will soon hear Dr. Mendelson is all about growing together. In this episode he teaches how to identify limiting beliefs and shares practical applications for overcoming them in your life and dental practice to propel you forward. Connect with Dr. Mendelson speareducation.com martinmendelson.com Conversations with Doc Martin – YouTube Conversations with Doc Martin – Spotify Conversations with Doc Martin – Stitcher    

Feb 2

36 min 44 sec

Dr. Mark Hyman, clinician, and international speaker, reflects on his journey of buying a bankrupt practice, subsequently making it worse, than growing it into a top one percent enterprise. He shares practical tips like hiring a coach, investing in your team, products to increase success and so much more.   Connect with Dr. Hyman –   https://drmarkspeaks.com/  https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en  https://jmsn.com/

Jan 26

20 min 44 sec

Dr. Maroon has been serving his community by providing exceptional dental healthcare for 35 years. He is also the Director of Laboratory Services for Smile Source. Serving in multiple capacities in dentistry throughout the years has provided him with a unique perspective and wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon.  In this episode he reflects on 2020, what matters most family, his team, and dentistry. He also shares practical advice to navigate the day to day, the importance of your laboratory relationship and value of community.  Connect with Dr. Maroon – drmikemaroon@gmail.com https://smilesource.com/  

Jan 19

32 min 54 sec

 Tracy Anderson Butler, CEO of Creative Ventures, shares how to scale up and level up by leading from the circle instead of the center and empowering your team by embracing their value roles. In addition, she explains the importance of enhancing your patients experience by evaluating touch points, leveraging technology, and seizing opportunities to connect with patients.  Connect with Tracy Anderson Butler –  creativeventures4growth.com/dsg  Instagram – @DJYOURWHY  Tracy’s Resource Recommendations –  horstschulze.com  Johnmaxwell.com  gallup.com  The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands by Eric Topal  Topgrading by Bradford D. Smart, Ph. D.  

Jan 12

26 min 6 sec

Lou Azzara, CEO of Dental Services Group, reflects on 2020 and shares his encouraging perspective on the future of dentistry. Expressing the importance of connection, partnership in a post COVID world and leveraging technology to enhance the client experience.  Connect with Dental Services Group – https://www.dentalservices.net/ ceo@dentalservices.net podcast@dentalservices.net

Jan 5

27 min 16 sec

Dr. Mongrain is the Director of Clinical Advocacy and Clinical Digital Technology Scanners & Labs for Heartland Dental. He has a targeted focus to grow digital dentistry over all facets and platforms by providing solutions for gaps and friction points. Dr. Mongrain practices dentistry part time which provides clinical focus as he supports fellow clinicians.    In this episode Dr. Mongrain shares his thoughts on the value on digital dentistry and how leveraging its power and relationships helped deliver a better patient experience through COVID. As well as looking to the future, embracing technology including AI for more efficient workflows.   Connect with Dr. Mongrain –    https://www.heartland.com/   https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-mongrain-a3436b18    

Dec 2020

13 min 56 sec

Dr. Leila Jahangiri, Ira E. Klein Professor and Chair Department of Prosthodontics at NYU. Joins in and enriches the conversation on the third installment of our collection of talks Industry Experts: a Glimpse into the Future. Sharing her perspectives on the value of partnerships, the need to work more efficiently post COVID, and creating innovative healthcare echo systems for the future.    Connect with Dr. Jahangiri:   lj14@nyu.edu 

Dec 2020

31 min 1 sec