Book Spectrum

By Chris Cordani

We delve into the minds of the writers of new books on an array of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. We talk with seasoned and new authors; longtime writers and those of different professions with an intriguing story to tell. Enjoy the show here on Spreaker, other digital outlets and our website:

  1. 1.
    S2 E09 - Julie Willis: Conceal Reveal
  2. 2.
    S2 E08 -Leena Patel and Raising Your Innovation IQ
  3. 3.
    S2 E07: Scott Andew, The Rugged Entrepreneur
  4. 4.
    S2 E06 - Jared Knott: Tiny Blunders, Big Disasters: Thirty-Nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the World Forever
  5. 5.
    S2 E05 - Kevin Schewe is back with Bad Love Beyond
  6. 6.
    S2 E04 - Cross Winds: The Business and High-Flying Adventures of SM&A Founder Steven Myers
  7. 7.
    S2 E03 -Meditations to Get Through The COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdowns
  8. 8.
    S2, E02: Art Rios Says, :"Let's Talk"

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