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The Dawn Publishers was established in 2019 and is led by the expert team behind the internationally recognised The Dawn Journal. This podcast is part of The Dawn Lectures (TDL) initiative. If you have the love and passion to learn English, then this podcast is meant for you. You will find this suitable for learners at all levels. TDP looks forward to your strong commitment to stay active on all our episodes. Happy learning !

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This session offers candidates an opportunity to understand the nuances of effective IELTS essay writing. The tips shared in this session can be applicable to any type of essay question as the pattern largely remains the same. If you find this session to be useful, please subscribe to our channel and feel free to share your views in the comments. If you are interested in enrolling in our exclusive online IELTS training, reach us on WhatsApp +91 7010736132. For complete information on our online courses check here:

May 16

16 min 23 sec

Self-Introduction matters a lot. This episode will help you learn how to design, structure and deliver an effective self-intro.

Nov 2020

9 min 46 sec

TDP Vocab Mastery aims to help you learn and master vocabulary in just under a minute. You will not only learn the meaning of the words, but also understand where and how to use them appropriately.

Oct 2020

11 min 10 sec