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Jill Renee Feeler: Visionary Intuitive, MBA, Whistleblower, Soulful Philosopher and Spiritual Pioneer

Humanity has left behind its supernatural access, which is needed for evolution.

Jill Renee Feeler invites us into another spectrum of our humanity. She is boldly setting the stage for 21st century spirituality, ushering in a way for being divine while also being wholly human. Jill has wisdom & unconditional love that turn present day spiritual teachings on their heads.

JRF Members Message #14
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In this clarifying, enlightening message, a completely new perspective towards humanity, its soulful layers and our ability to upgrade this reality, now and across all timelines, backwards, forwards and present.  Open mind is required for this, and all, our messages, courses, books, travel, sessions and coaching programs ~ as we offer updated structures for being your light, infinitely and here | now. Offered with love, Jill Offering 21st century enlightenment, spiritual theorist and psychic intuitive Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.      Sacred travel opportunities (Egypt 2022!) and workshops are at https://jillreneefeeler.com/person-events/    Free 15 minute call with me to discuss your enlightenment goals and personal growth at  https://www.advancedspiritualconnection.com/coaching    Private Sessions are at https://jillreneefeeler.com/book-now/    Online classes are at https://jillreneefeeler.com/classes/

Nov 1

28 min 31 sec

What's going on? Would you believe a message that one, overarching thing is going on?  Would it make you feel wise, calmed, settled to have such a knowing?  In an often confusing world, with tremendous personal uncertainty, it can feel intoxicating to have a sense of an overarching theme, of  what is going on. https://jillreneefeeler.com/jrfpodcast245 This brief message may just the antidote you need for authentic empowerment, empowered wisdom and a truer sense of self and this reality.  You may also create further discernment on disempowering messages that trick and beguile the senses. Do you want to actually be empowered, with the true nature of this reality? Or do you want to pretend to be empowered, with oversimplified, well packaged story lines, that do not explain what is actually going on? 

Oct 12

16 min 8 sec

The notion that humanity, or at least "higher vibrational" beings, were coming closer and closer together in a synchronized energy frequency offers a narrow set of expectations of what source energy is.  It is in my view/our* view   suppressive and not in alignment with source creator energy patterns. (it agrees, is narrow and limiting in choices).  Convergence theory was an attempt by religious, spiritual and/or consciousness theorists (who often don't acknowledge their role as theorists) to explain how humanity would evolve, ascend and improve itself.  Convergence requires agreement, on what is "right", what is progressive and what is "the way" forward. Convergence does not account for a key tenet of source creator energy: curiosity. Curiosity is what led creator source (Creator of Origin) to create spacetime... a sphere of contained (but expansive and retractive) energy in which all of space and all of time resides.  What is beyond spacetime? What is beyond spacetime is the range of energy that resides beyond the structures of space (where, here, there, up, down) and beyond the structures of time (when, before, after).  That one can get be a mind bender if your human processing hasn't yet connected that wiring.  Watch for teachings whose ideas include making certain places ("there's") seem better/higher frequency/more evolved than (here) for their concept of evolution and ascension is very much an outward journey and experience. It naturally points the human further outside itself, which is fine for curiosity and exploring, but unhelpful and distracting if one is authentically interested in further realizing, living and connecting as their source energy/Creator of Origin frequency range.  Similarly watch for teachings that convey certain times, cycles and eras as purer than others. My own theories were in that limiting bubble until recently ~ the liberation has felt amazing and is evident in my work since ~2019 when I more clearly concluding that that too is suppressive, lacks reason, and hinders one's connection to their Creator of Origin layers, which are within, not dependent on time, nor one's vaccination status.  Ascension is an individual's rising up of one's source energy layers from within, to the surface of one's human awareness, consciousness and access. It is not on a clock, a cycle nor calendar. It is independent of one's: knowledge,  training,  amount of lifetimes,  outcome of lifetimes,  species, income/wealth, vaccination status, daily routines, political preferences, commitment to a certain faith/belief/theory demonstrated goodness nor readiness. All beings, of all forms of life are perpetually ascended. It need not re-ascend and it cannot descend. One cannot not be ascended. But you are operating at a range of self that is only within spacetime.  And spacetime allows one to feel and sense that this isn't true. Most and possibly all religion, spirituality and consciousness teachings are actually theoretical pursuits to rejoin one's sense of ascended nature... which can only be done individually and by "going" within, transcending one's spacetime layers which can be likened to the visible and invisible spectrum of light, part of which is beyond visible/beyond spacetime. Still there but doesn't seem to be. More on the nature of this reality is available, reach me if you'd like to know more. Most of our consciousness teachings are available via online courses.  Wishing everyone well in their exploring their consciousness and source creator energy  from within this often disorienting and regularly confusing  but still quite beautiful  realm of spacetime, on Earth, within the human bodysuit. Love,  Jill *the use of we instead me is considered at https://jillreneefeeler.com/whatismyteam/

Sep 25

25 min 31 sec

The concept of raising your vibration is such a fundamental goal of spiritual seekers and those awakening to divine consciousness. Learning what is high vibe in the world, in others and in self. Trying to evolve out of what is low vibe in the world, in others and in self. Healing one's shadows. Doing one's work. These are all common themes. I've noticed that the high and low vibe metric causes problems for those devoted to be an enlightened, conscious, transcendent version of themselves. In my work we've switched our language and our sense of range from high-low vibration to expanded vs. contracted in one's energy field. It addresses a lot of the problems that naturally arise from trying to be high vibe and this new method also allows you to get better, faster results from your consciousness endeavors.  I hope this is helpful.  More smart, effective, fresh spiritual strategies are available at https://jillreneefeeler.com/ With love, Jill Offering 21st century enlightenment, spiritual theorist and psychic intuitive Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.   

Sep 14

14 min 11 sec

I get it, some of us clean the house before a housecleaner comes to do their work. Similarly, I hear from individuals that they want to have everything straightened out and orderly in their life before they have a session. Are you waiting to have a session, until you don't need a session? I know that intuitive readings can be intimidating. "What will she see?" "What if I really am a bad person?" "What if I have a ton of stuff I need to work on?" "What if I am making huge mistakes in my life?" Oh the games some intuitives have done on their clients! Not here. With me you are safe and if your are anything like all my other clients, you will love the experience, find it incredibly insightful, reassuring and even game changing. I am not here to criticize you, or come up with some list of supposed soulful tasks you need to get done in this lifetime. That isn't my approach (because I think all of that is b.s.). I am here to help you get more connected to the soulful energies that you are, right now and always. And that makes life more interesting, more enjoyable. My work helps you discover the updated choices of who and what you can be in every moment of your life, including where life is harder, where relationships are prickly, and where you feel like you can't win. Ok? Check out the testimonials and see for yourself. I am not you standard reader. I disagree with most spiritual theories and am very clear about a very different way to be your soulful layers, your most amazing you, in this life, with access to it every day. Book your session Testimonials Looking for a healer, energy clearing, breakthrough assistance, health and wellness coaching, grief or even PTSD? I have heartfully chosen 4 incredibly talented beings (from whom I receive support!) that are also available via my site here With love, Jill Offering 21st century enlightenment, spiritual theorist and psychic intuitive Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

Sep 10

3 min 17 sec

Did you know there are entirely new, more effective transcendence and enlightenment paths that provide immediate benefits? It is brand new ~ and my clients are regularly leaving behind the (now) outdated approaches. More details in this message with recommended resources we offer at https://jillreneefeeler.com/

Sep 9

24 min 30 sec

JRF Podcast #240 offers a new approach in which Jill shares an audio version of her recent social media posts covering a wide variety of consciousness topics and current events.

Sep 4

32 min 55 sec

A unique experience to witness Jill's world renowned readings, messages and connection to the other side. A handful of audience members will receive a mini-reading or have their question answered. A truly inspirational group experience with intuitive, channel and medium Jill Renee Feeler. All participants are expected to receive great benefit and personal fulfillment. Price includes event recording, sent after event by email. Max participants is 50. Zoom access is necessary for each participant.

Aug 23

1 hr 33 min

Covid Vaccine | Room to Choose video at https://jillreneefeeler.com/covid-vaccine-room-to-choose/ I came across some ridiculous reasons for not getting the vaccine which is suppressing people's right to intelligently make their own choice about getting vaccinated or not. Want to offer another perspective in this short ~5 minute message in video and audio formats. The idea that getting the vaccine will cause you to somehow be susceptible to solar flares is ridiculous in my perception.  The idea that getting the vaccine will block your connection to God | Source energy shows a complete lack of understanding of what God | Source energy is.  Why listen to such nonsense?  Did such silly people also tell you that Donald Trump was some white hat here to end corruption and play a key, heroic role in bringing about the enlightenment age?  I can't keep track of such unreasonable theories and don't want to become a debunker. On this day, I felt led to share my piece, to debunk some covid vaccine conspiracies I came across from clients in private sessions today.  I offer my perspectives, hoping it helps you be, know and share the amazing divine energy you are, right now. Other leaders, teachers and spiritual gurus seem intent on suppressing your light, your sovereignty and self-actualization. They promote and even create divisiveness, chaos and fear.  This should bother you.  You may have become addicted to fear, pretending it is wisdom, knowledge and expanded consciousness.  It is keeping you from the divine layers of yourself, that are present now, and actually omnipresent. I don't want you to wait to live and be and share your light, love, wisdom and compassion. Because there will always be manipulation, risks, uncertainty, unconsciousness. I view it as we came here to be our ones, our light. But, what you believe, what you call true, creates your personal operating system for living. Choose carefully, with discernment, healthy skepticism, using your own brain for logic and reasoning. No one is closer to God than you. Even channelers. Think for yourself. Links to related resources including a reading of Trump, debunking Q Anon, my decision on the vaccine, more at https://jillreneefeeler.com/covid-vaccine-room-to-choose/ #conspiracy #q #solarflares #cmes #nwo #newworldorder #agenda21 #spirituality #enlightenment #thinking #agency #selfactualization #thinkforyourself #trump #whitehats #awakening #spiritualawakening

Aug 14

4 min 51 sec

Support for you to be your best self, in this lifetime and never reincarnate again, unless you authentically want to come back here.  Website at https://jillreneefeeler.com/


Jul 27

14 min 34 sec

The last video in my free 6-part video series is live, available for the early bird waitlist here.  I think it covers all the questions I have received. Some common ones were: ‘Will the Updating Humanity Workshop be suitable for beginners or only advanced enlightenment, spirituality or philosophy devotees?’ ‘Is it different from my other courses and workshop content?" ‘How much is the workshop going to cost?’ I am sooooo excited to announce that registration for the online ‘Updating Humanity Workshop’ will open in the next few days.   So, if you’ve signed up for the early-bird waitlist you’re lucky because your chances of getting a spot are a lot higher.  Again I'll only be taking a limited number of participants and working with them side by side to masterfully access their light within.  If you’re not signed up to the early-access waitlist, you still have a little bit of time to sign up here. But on a more important note Here's how to make sure you get a spot…. Make sure you're on the early-bird waiting list here Open your inbox on Sunday, 30th of May at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/18:00 London  Refresh your inbox until you receive the early-bird registration email Open the email, click on the link and secure your spot asap If you follow these exact instructions you should have no problems getting into the workshop. But really make sure you sign up on 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/18:00 London.  It might be a good idea to set up a reminder on your phone so you don't miss the early registration opening. I do expect a rush to the registration page on Sunday, so make sure you're one of the first to visit the signup page and lock in your spot.  Hopefully, you can make it into the workshop! With love, Jill

May 27

7 min 57 sec

Message #5 in my free 6-part series.  I sense you are going to love it, it’s very touching, real and the ultimate test of my method!  Do you want to see exactly how we produce accessible enlightenment, even if life gets hard? Then you'll love this message.  I’ll show you what it looks like once you’re up and running with 21st century enlightenment. And the thing is….It’s a beautiful, inspiring, intellectually honest preview of what we have in store for you in the Updating Humanity Workshop. So, With that being said I am brimming with energy and super excited because this is going to be the best spiritual enlightenment teaching available. But I’m also a bit brimming over.  Because the truth is I can’t accept everyone. I’ll be giving dedicated support and attention to every single participant and therefore can only work with a limited number of people.So if you’re serious about your spiritual connection and actually living your light, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my next email. Because I'll be sharing some very important instructions on how you can secure your spot. Let’s do this!With love, JillP.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in my free 6-part video series, you can access them via the early bird waitlist at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup P.P.S On a side note I am utterly amazed at how many of you want to take it to the top with me. The early-access waitlist now has over 330 signed up. A big thank you to each and every one of you!Just a reminder that spots are on a first-come, first-served basis. At this rate, I won’t be able to accept everyone in the upcoming workshop because we prefer to work on an intimate basis. But with that being said, if you’re on the early access list, you'll have access first. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still jump on the early access waitlist here.

May 25

15 min 53 sec

The fourth message in my free 6-part series. 

You know that old saying? Good things take time?... 

Well, this has been over 10 years in the making. 

And I am so pleased with how easily I can now see, explain and guide you through this whole process.  

In this message, I reveal the exact steps you need to take to access your light within ~ truly accessible enlightenment ~ finally.

It’s time to say goodbye to questioning and doubting your spiritual connection, and your life’s meaning. 

And say hello to confidently living, being, offering the light you are, from your most expanded soulful layers  That are within, not outside. Up into the surface of your humanness. With grace, ease and purpose. 

You don’t want to miss this. 


 With love, Jill

 P.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in my free 6-part video series, you can watch a replay of the first three videos by signing up for the early bird waitlist at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup. 
P.P.S I cannot believe how many people have signed up already for the early-access waitlist. 

It’s amazing to see how many of you are ready to step things up!

I can feel how excited we are to finally create and live these new levels of conscious enlightenment, graduated from “spiritual school,” truly living our light from within these amazing human bodysuits, not needing to wait for anyone else to wake up.   

If you haven’t signed up yet, the good news is that it’s not too late... yet. But it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze. 

So sign up here if you haven’t done so at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup. 
 P.P.P.S I’ve got something really exciting set up for you in the next video, keep your eyes peeled. 

HINT (because I can’t help myself): my method in FULL action.

May 23

7 min 23 sec

This is message three in my free 6-part video series just went live. In thins one I break down a simple tip with you that you can use right now to spiritually connect, immediately, and stay connected. It’s a game-changer.And something most innovators of human consciousness aren’t doing (yet)! Have fun! With love, Jill P.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in my free 6-part video series, you can watch a replay of the first two videos on this special page at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/free6partseries. Watch a replay of the first two videos. We’ve covered a lot of groundwork already so you won’t want to miss those. P.P.S. Over 290 people have signed up for the early-access waitlist. And hundreds have already watched my video series. I am honored, truly. To be honest, I won’t be able to accept everyone in the upcoming workshop because I prefer working with people in a small and intimate setup. But as long as you’re on the early-access waitlist you should be good. If you haven’t done it yet, sign up now at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup

May 21

9 min 33 sec

This is the second message in a free 6-part video series on my breakthrough method for spiritual connection and existential philosophy, 21st century enlightenment. You can watch the video version here. In this message, I’m going to show you how to get started with the 21st Century Enlightenment method and dramatically improve your spiritual connection experience. And it all starts with how you set up your connection to Source energy from the get-go. If you don’t do this, your spiritual connection pathway will always feel unstable. Do you regularly feel like your higher self has critical instructions for you, that you might be missing? Have you noticed that your sense of connection to Source | Spirit isn’t as consistent as you want it to be? And are you living a bit of a roller coaster of spiritual highs and then lows, possibly chasing your next high ~ spiritual fix?   Here’s the first step to fixing that: Watch the second video in my free 6-part video series Enjoy! With love, Jill P.S. If you missed the previous video, make sure you click on the link below and watch the replay of the first training in my free 6-part video series. Link to 1st video P.P.S. my early-access waitlist is growing fast. I’ve got over 280 expanders of consciousness lined up for the Updating Humanity Workshop already. And I have ~10 new people joining us every single day.  I am so grateful for the interest!  I didn’t expect so many people to sign up in just a week, so in case you haven’t placed your name on the early-access waitlist yet, it’s even more important now.  Unfortunately, there won’t be enough space in the workshop for everyone.  I want to keep it manageable and be able to provide assistance to the group.  But if your name is on the early-access waitlist, you’ll get a link to join the workshop one day before the public, on Sunday, the 30th of May 2021.  That should increase your odds of getting a spot.

May 19

9 min 57 sec

The first message in my free 6-part series about the 21st Century Enlightenment method and about my upcoming workshop just went live. You can watch it in video form here. In this message I explain the number one problem that those dedicated to spiritual enlightenment are facing. And it has nothing to do with lack of effort or abilities. It’s a much deeper rooted problem. Plus, I walk you through the spiritual connection workflow I have been developing and using in my own tangible connection to Source | God. I call it 21st Century Enlightenment. Why? Because it’s literally the most effective, completely innovative way to connect to and live as your most expanded, light-based soulful layers.  You see, most of the enlightenment, consciousness and self-help communities are facing the same problems: They have an abundance of resources and knowledge, and tremendous motivation to live in a spiritually connected manner. But at the same time, they have been told they are responsible for clearing and healing any of their pains and traumas before they can fully realize their divine light.  Some have even been told that is their job to clear collective pain and trauma, for all of humanity! For many utilizing those outdated methods, they have some amazing highs, but they also experience consistent lows, regularly doubting their connection to Source | Spirit, often questioning whether they are where they are “supposed to be” in their life and in their spiritual progress. It seems like people are regularly feeling stuck, craving more and more spiritual growth and feelings of being high/connected to the light and connection of Source | Spirit. They learn some new skills, participate in online spiritual events.  Get that high. And then plateau.  There’s a couple of things that are not set up right in that conventional approach to spiritual enlightenment and connection, and that’s exactly what we talk about in the first video in the free 6-part video series. Watch the first video here Enjoy! With love, Jill P.S. In the next video, I’ll explain exactly how to start implementing the 21st Century Enlightenment method. And I will walk you through a simple strategy that will help speed up your spiritual connection experience to be a more complete expression of your soulful layers throughout your life. Also, in case you haven’t placed your name on the early-access waitlist for the online “Updating Humanity Workshop”, you can do that here. I’ve been receiving a lot of interest in the workshop.  In order to make sure I can help everyone personally, I’ve decided to keep the workshop size manageable and only accept a limited amount of new participants for the time being. I feel like that’s better for everyone. So unless you’re on the early-access waitlist, I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a spot.

May 17

10 min 37 sec

Some sweet ducklings... and calling out some spiritual bullshit More of my spiritual rants on my website, some only in written form at https://jillreneefeeler.com/category/cult-ideology/ ---- and one in particular here https://jillreneefeeler.com/spiritualrantapril14/


May 14

6 min 55 sec

Jill's Show - a show just for readings ~ Whether you enjoy readings, provide readings, are exploring transcendence or even just curious about psychic intuition, and personally experience 21st Century Enlightenment. Join Live: Go to http://bit.ly/jills_show, purchase ticket for upcoming event Or, check out previous shows and reviews at https://jillreneefeeler.com/jills_show/ Enlightenment It literally means light, wisdom, well-being within So why all the unusual language so readily found in enlightenment communities? Why the focus on a "higher self" that's... outside of you? What is the need for the fictional "galactic sun" to re-connect your human's light body? Throughout humanity's experiencing Earth there have been methods for feeling connected to God, Source, pure love. Many methods have now been created, allowing everyone to have various approaches to try out. And, new methods are created. Souls that incarnate for the purpose of inserting new methods for connecting to God's pure love, light. Why a new method? Because the soul as part of Source recognizes there are improvements that can be made, for humanity to more readily know, feel and access God's love, compassion, restoration. ~ 21st Century Enlightenment is Easy and Immediate ~ an entirely inside job, no galactic participation required, no need for you to be anything other than exactly what you are. The light of Source made real, brought to life, from the inside out of you. Would love to see you at an upcoming show With love, Jill Jill's Show - a show just for readings -to experience firsthand how 21st Century Enlightenment works with clients ⚡️☀️ http://bit.ly/jills_show

May 10

1 hr 40 min

Some potentially uncomfortable insights on progress, evolution, and enlightenment. More on 21st Century Enlightenment, insights, strategies and free tools - sign up now at https://www.updatinghumanity.com/signup

May 9

6 min 54 sec

A message for mother's and children for improved relationships and a soulful perspective of self in the very unique relationship of parent and child. Insights for healthy relationships and improved relationships with parents and with children. More tips and strategies here

May 9

9 min 19 sec

http://bit.ly/jills_show A wonderful support for the light that you are ~ readings for 5-6 individuals who raise their hands in a large group entertainment style online setting ~ the love, wisdom, support and compassion shared with all. Jill's show demonstrates how we see, support and inspire one’s perpetual light, without separating them from it, without spiritual levels and without spiritual quests/seeking/mission distractions. For fellow spiritual practitioners and for anyone new to our work the show is also a great way to observe our work, how we do it, what is so dramatically different about it.  You can even raise your hand and possibly be chosen for a reading, hearing what we have to offer from your team or to answer a specific question you are pondering. We do things very differently, all for the purpose of helping you connect to, feel, know, trust and live the light you are. Living your light is easier than you thought. Tickets at http://bit.ly/jills_show ~ the upgrades to liberate the light you are

Apr 28

1 hr 54 min

This show was shared live on Equinox March 20 2021. Tickets for upcoming shows, a one of a kind experience you will never forget, are available at http://bit.ly/jills_show When we take part in someone sharing their transcendental gifts, it provides an energetic lift to all involved. Additionally, it helps the subconscious layers of our psyche feel more confident and stable in our light-based layers. Maybe then we can be less concerned about who else believes... and more focused on living the light we are. You may find the show thrilling, inspiring, validating and even comforting. Taking part in the love, the guidance, the compassion that we want to see more of in this world. Tickets available right up until show time at http://bit.ly/jills_show More details at link, to help you decide if this feels like a fit to you. Hope to see you at the show! With love, Jill A psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here. chat with registrants during live show: 00:29:04 Tom.: So important to be aware of what you just said., Jill. 00:29:34 Mary: I agree! 01:03:23 Karen: I was really nervous thank you everyone! 01:28:15 Tom: Yes, very important question. Thanks for asking, Miriam. There's troublesome evidence that the new experimental vaccine will inhibit one's ability to relate spiritually to their soul awareness. 01:30:49 Anne.: i am vaccinated as well… 01:34:47 Rose: medical aspect is my concern - my doctor advised against it due to my autoimmune disease. prayerful that the vaccine works successfully for all that can. 01:35:47 Tom: Many doctors do not advise us to takeit, based on their research, which is being censored. 01:35:54 Mary: Great questions and conversation. Traditionally I’m not big on vaccines and I’ve addressed some fears I’ve had surrounded with it. When the vaccine was offered to me something shifted. In that moment, I was fully present and aware and was guided by my own Knowing with a yes. I received the Moderna, both doses and I have not experienced any side effects. My connections to my inner Knowing, the Light that I am, have deepened. I respect everyone’s decision and honor that we all have choice. 01:43:07 Nathalie: Thank you very much Jill! 01:43:09 Beverly: I Luv & respect You & Thank You! 01:43:12 Mary: Thank you

Mar 20

1 hr 32 min

The guest on Jill's Show offered the perfect question to clarify ascension, and provide a completely different sense of unity and consciousness. Book your spot today here

Mar 18

13 min 23 sec

Your soulful layers are right there, within you, and always have been! One of my favorite things about my work is helping you feel, acknowledge and more consciously live from those layers. It makes life more satisfying, while increasing your confidence in your original layers of self. Jill's Show is an easy, approachable, fun format, whether you just want to feel amazing, get some inspiration or want to explore what the heck we do for you (it's pretty amazing!). "I was left feeling so encompassed in the loving support of this intimate group. The messages for each person resonated for most, and all of us could see facets of ourselves reflected in one another. It was such a strong and gentle experience to feel truly uplifted by Jill’s clear and tenderly proffered information. So looking forward to doing it again!" - Kim "Jill’s messages are transcendent with a down to earth practical approach. Her analogies are light hearted and clear. She lights up the room and her love radiates to all participants. I can relate to other participants messages as I feel the message is for me also. When I listen to the replays I always sense a new awareness and reminded about the beautiful light that I am." - Donna "Time spent with Jill is a blessing. She brings the perfect combination of soulful mastery and deep loving connection to her work. You will be buoyed by love, insight and sense of freedom to be your true self in a safe space." - Mary Spiritual growth devotees: we have a very unique take on spiritual topics and approaches for connecting to your team, understanding this world and how it works, and life strategies. Since I came into my gifts without having been a part of the enlightenment community, my team is able to explain and offer perspectives to even the most expanded esoteric topics with answers and tools that are regularly contradictory to the most popular teachings... Why? Because we deserve better, clearer, more successful approaches to connecting with Source, God, the light within. See for yourself. Being light is easier here. We surprise devoted spiritual experiencers and seekers everyday, with amazing insights, clearer answers and successful approaches... for being light here. We'd love to surprise you, with how much easier it can be to be the light you Are. Secure your seat at http://bit.ly/jills_show With love, Jill

Mar 14

11 min 52 sec

http://bit.ly/jills_show Psychic Intuition for Single Mother Working on Her PhD, finding love and receiving love and support in her life, even when she is single, not only through romantic relationships. Spiritual growth devotees: you may love our Jill's Show Experience (this video is an excerpt from a recent show). We do have a very unique take on spiritual topics and approaches for connecting to your team, understanding this world and how it works, and life strategies.

Feb 28

6 min 25 sec

Advice for parenting teens, being a you that you like and even love even when your child's hormones seem to be bringing out the worst in you.

Feb 25

9 min 54 sec

A flashback podcast, possibly even more relevant today. Original descriptor: Update from the Guardian Council of the Golden and Platinum Rays, especially relevant to a mass shootings, the psyops related to these shootings and a strategy for us to co-habit amidst such lunacy.

Feb 23

1 hr 19 min

Tips and Insights for Connection, Spiritual Awakening and Healthful Energy Utilization.  Related resources at https://jillreneefeeler.com/feb_2021_message/

Feb 13

23 min 48 sec

A brief 17 minute connection experience, meditation for personally feeling and sensing Source Creator

Jan 28

17 min 33 sec

This public sharing is the after show component of a 1 hr ~10 min message from Metatron and the team to assist us in creating the inner harmony, joyful resiliance and divine Creator structures needed for a well deserved fresh start to 2021. , sharing our reflections and insights from the core message. If you like this after show content, and want to feel what the subscribers received, I highly recommend becoming a subscriber at https://jillreneefeeler.com/2021energyattunement/

Jan 1

12 min 6 sec

https://jillreneefeeler.com/christmas-star-2020 In a recent session (Dec 11 2020), Paul asked about the upcoming December Solstice and the unique Saturn and Jupiter positioning happening with the Solstice. In this recordings is our answer and the answer to another question Paul had about the symbolism of the cross. Shared with his permission. Our Solstice event details are at https://jillreneefeeler.com/decsolstice2020 Making sense of life, living and this realm.  Beyond religion, science, even spirituality. An updated ideology to base one's sense of self within this reality, and beyond it.

Dec 2020

20 min 27 sec

https://jillreneefeeler.com/ama19/ First ten minutes of a ~1 hr 35 minute experience. Subscription provides full access. Subscribe at https://jillreneefeeler.com/ama19/ Jill is a world renowned psychic, intuitive and channeler, a true visionary in cosmology, consciousness and transcendence. Her incredible intuition, pioneering spirit along with her MBA and zero tolerance for bullshit allow her to be the game changing speaker, consultant and companion in life that she is to top performers and personal best devotees across the globe. Website at https://jillreneefeeler.com and premium content is on Roku, Amazon Fire under Jill Renee Feeler and through membership on website at https://jillreneefeeler.com/monthly-members-only/

Dec 2020

10 min 59 sec

Not exactly a topic I love talking about but, constipation and digestion are a problem for many people and it was for me until I learned what worked for me. If this can help someone, it'll be worth sharing this quick message. I'm not a doc or medical expert but these solutions have fixed the problem for me and I hope they help for you. Not a paid endorsement. Just want to help those who suffer from IBS, irregular digestion and/or constipation. (These would be recommendations in addition to the more obvious things to try (drink more water, healthy food choices, baseline of daily activity, etc.).) Products I recommend, that work for me: Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops by Trace Minerals, as directed on label Magnesium Citrate supplements, as directed on label Traditional Medicinals tea, Smooth Move, as directed on label. Cheers to your health, wellness and sense of wholeness.

Dec 2020

4 min 13 sec

Energy Update, the Team's input on 2020, its meaning and purpose, plus channeled message from Mary Magdalene

Nov 2020

1 hr 32 min

Scientists disinterest in what is beyond this reality, what is beyond spacetime is akin to marvel fans being disinterested in Stan Lee, or even worse, pretending there is no Stan Lee. There is a Creator of Origin. And there is an Origin Story. That will never show up in the fossil record. Those are just the remains. Scientists could benefit greatly from an increased degree of humility. They are not closer to truth than non-scientists, just as religious leaders are not closer to God. This isn't about God, or religion. This is about truth. Truth is the ultimate intersection between science and religion. But how much can we actually know, from within the reality (the simulation)? More than we imagine, but not from looking at our perception of the "past." And Science isn't getting any closer to truth than Religion... possibly by design. So much pretending Happens Note: My apologies that when I got to the podcast I thought the referenced remains discussed in JRE #1561 with Kermit Pattison were Rudy, when they were calling the remains Artie. Sorry for that error on my part.

Nov 2020

34 min 58 sec

Helping you feel centered, your agency and authority for being the you that you want to be, no matter what is happening in the world, and no matter who wins what election.

Nov 2020

23 min 13 sec

An impromptu podcast with an update from the team, clarifying why bringers of light incarnate, and why they don't incarnate as well as other updated perspectives to help us be the light that we are here, now, always.

Oct 2020

44 min 45 sec

Many topics here – hoping you find at least a couple things that inspire, inform, expand and help you feel connected to your own transcendental layers. Full message at https://jillreneefeeler.com/groupcoaching5/ or on the Jill Renee Feeler channel on Roku and on Amazon Fire.

Sep 2020

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First 15 minutes of 2 hour experience. Welcoming you to become a member, further supporting your most expansive, timeless, transcendental layers that are the essence of all life. If you think my work is important and would like to continue to be a part of helping it continue, please sign up. Thank you for your support and letting me know this matters. With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill https://jillreneefeeler.com/ama15/ Supporting individuals and organizations that desire deeper understanding and clarity of themselves and this world.

Aug 2020

16 min 16 sec

An expansive, thought provoking message about disruptive events within this reality, what prompts them and how we can/can't respond to them.

Jul 2020

43 min 56 sec

Amidst the global pandemic, we have seen the best of ourselves and sometimes the worst of ourselves. In this podcast we offer support and insights for more of those instances of being your best, even if it just for yourself and your own ability to like, who and what you are.  It is easy to like one's self when everything is going as planned, or well. This coronavirus has been triggering, on many levels.  For anyone who likes to know what is going on, that is not possible. Even the experts, trained in epidemiology, do not know what is going on or exactly how this virus spreads, should be treated, long term effects or evolves.  For those who prefer to feel in control of their lives, this is a heightened state of knowing just how uncontrollable one's life can be.  But, we can always control who and what we are...  That is a great focus of attention.  Be there, in your one, for your loved ones, for your colleagues, for your customers/patients/clients ~ be there for your self.  Trying as best we can to make a horrible situation livable. Much is included in this podcast.  I hope you enjoy it.  It is offered with only positive intentions, for all of humanity, Jill https://jillreneefeeler.com/podcast235

Jul 2020

47 min 33 sec

https://jillreneefeeler.com/join-me-and-john-burgos-on-beyond-the-ordinary/ I joined John Burgos again on his online summit Beyond the Ordinary where thought leaders, metaphysical practitioners, healers and cosmic philosophers share their latest teachings, wisdom, insights and reassurance. Given the state of world affairs, the timing for our conversation felt divinely timed. Interview Title: Energy Update and Forecast for Bringer’s of Light Topics include: What is going on, planetarily Recommendations for Those who Bring the Light to Earth Strategies for Feeling Sustained and Present, Unshakably in the Light we Are How Yoga studios and Spiritual Abilities Training are Similar, but shouldn’t be New Approaches Contrasted with More Conventional Approaches Why the New Approaches Work So Much Better A Special Re-Set of Infinite Light Activation as also provided. The Special offer invite is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/infinite-light-activation-platinum/ With love and cosmic hugs, Jill

Jun 2020

1 hr 30 min

JRF Ask Me Anything #12 Intro

May 2020

25 min 37 sec

Support amidst a growing divide, stemming from differing views of the threat of the covid-19 virus and the tensions over quarantine policies.


May 2020

43 min 56 sec

Another view of the coronavirus, focused on data and actions, no surmising of intentions. Covid-19 has killed 56,749 Americans as of Tuesday April 28. The 2017-2018 horrible flu killed 80,000+ Americans, with a vaccine available. What a tragedy this all is across the planet, on levels many aren't yet seeing. ~ If you enjoy this video thank you for considering sharing it where you enjoy receiving information, hit thumbs up, subscribe and click on notifications, make a comment to be heard. Thank you! ~ Did you notice I don't use ads? My only interest is sharing what I see and what I sense will be helpful for humanity and then earning some money from that work, not from ads. I don't have ads on my website nor youtube videos, either - not my model. Offered with love, Jill

May 2020

31 min 29 sec

Amidst times of uncertainty, stress, anxiety we can lose ourselves, making a hard time, even harder. This podcast is offered to 1) assist you in reconnecting with yourself, 2) remind you there are many choices in who and what you are, even during a crisis, 3) there is a bigger perspective to consider, 4) are you getting caught up in it and then losing yourself in the process. Life is filled with challenges. We each experience them differently. Claim yourself, your life, your well being, as long as we each can do so. Offered with love, Jill

Apr 2020

40 min 53 sec

In this sample content of a 2 hour experience, we offer a connection/meditation experience and the beginning of the great questions members asked. I hope you enjoy it!  And if you do, I encourage you to jump into the membership invite and savor the full 2 hours... Amazing materials. I often hear from people statements just like this "Yes! This is what I've been looking for!  Your consciousness work makes me feel connected to God, to truth, as myself.  No more seeking. Just finding. Thank you!" Full experience is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/ama11/

Apr 2020

22 min 44 sec

On April 4th I hosted a Q&A call with participants in the JRF’s Transcending Time Activation Professional's Series and what came through felt like a gift we wanted to share with everyOne so here you go! The full series experience is here, including the bonus Before and After pdf we discussed.  In our work we offer a completely new, different and even counter cultural approach to what this reality is, what is happening here, what we are, what Source is... I find that especially for those that have been in spirituality longer than 2 years, they are slightly shocked, and then soulfully relieved at what we now know and offer. It's liberating the light of Source. And it is highly disruptive to so many other spiritual teachings on the planet.  I'm ok with that ~ not to piss people off ~ but to set God's light and love and wisdom free to be in this reality as it was meant to be. Light is not something you spend lifetime's accessing, studying, "trying" to be...  Know better. Know Source love. Put down the devoted, studious habits and ~ be it.  I hope you enjoy this gifted conversation and I hope it helps unblock the light of God that you are, right now, and have always been and will always be. Let's feel that, ok? Offered With Love, Jill A visionary in cosmology, consciousness and spirituality, Jill’s game changing lectures shatter outdated paradigms, with wisdom, humor, compassion and courage. Website at https://jillreneefeeler.com

Apr 2020

1 hr 32 min

Offering this online message for us to discuss predictive modeling, how it works, its nuances, how models are used and how results can be wildly different than predicted.  My intention and expectation is that this experience and this information will help you create a more sustainable space of inner presence and calm ~ especially if you haven't been feeling those peaceful layers amidst the intense chaos and uncertainty with this new coronavirus/covid-19 global crisis.  

Mar 2020

1 hr 32 min

A quick message to check in with you guys on being in our heart during this coronavirus/covid-19 challenge. Nice little connection experience is offered! So many differing beliefs of how severe it is, personal responses. Encouraging you to be respectful of those with differing beliefs, to be kind during stressful times like this and inviting you to hang out with others who are also wanting to be their best, no matter what is going on in the world. ~ Keep in heart that everyOne is doing the best they can with what they know ~ Offered with love, Jill

Mar 2020

15 min 49 sec