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Going There with Jen Vertanen

By Jen Vertanen

Intimately honest yet often hilarious conversations with people who've had the emotional crap kicked out of them and come back swinging each and every time. Together, we dive deep into how we navigate the fears, loneliness, challenges, triumphs, and most importantly, find the silver linings. Because when we’re able to tell our story about the places that hurt, we start to heal. And I don't know about you but healing is pretty f'ing amazing.

  1. 1.
    030: The Journey of Self-Healing Since the Womb, Learning to Create a Safe Space, a Home, Within Yourself, and the Godawful Messiness of Healing (HINT: It’s Not Unicorns and Chariots and Sparkly Shit) with Tanya Markul of Thug Unicorn16 May 2018
  2. 2.
    029: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, Bathroom Floor Moments, and the Facade(s) of Perfection with Veronica Grant9 May 2018
  3. 3.
    028: How Tight Pants Became a Personal Growth Message, Doing All the Right Things in Life and Still Getting Sick, and the Shadow Side of Responsibility in Relationships with Kate Courageous2 May 2018
  4. 4.
    027: The Good and Not-So-Good of Being an Altruistic Overachiever, Taming the Downright Vicious Inner Critic and Healing Through Chinese Elements with Brodie Welch25 April 2018
  5. 5.
    026: When Not Good Enough is the Theme of Your Life, Beating Yourself Up to Be Perfect Masks as Success, and the Shame of Questioning if You Love Your Child (and of course you do) with Kelly Covert18 April 2018
  6. 6.
    025: Why It's Not About the Weight, Feeling Emotionally Safe in the World, and the Freedom of Realizing Your Childhood Trauma Was NOT Your Fault with Joanna Kessling11 April 2018
  7. 7.
    024: Sexual Abuse Advocacy, Forgiving The Abuser (Who Was Also Abused), and Her Point of No Return with Keira Poulsen6 April 2018
  8. 8.
    023: Growing Up Divorced, Surviving By Putting Relationships into Boxes (Like the Difficult One With Your Mom), and Owning Your Expectations with Melanie Scroggins28 March 2018
  1. 9.
    022: Miscarriage, Messy Roads to Motherhood, Being a Fertile Myrtle, and Diminishing Our Own Pain with Sarah Aschkenas21 March 2018
  2. 10.
    021: Fat Activism, Dancing the Tango Until Someone Said a Shitty Comment, and the Importance of Sharing Our Stories Like the Horrors of Breastfeeding with Tiana Dodson14 March 2018
  3. 11.
    020: Healing from Sexual Abuse, Finding Love, and Intimacy with Tasha Tilley7 March 2018
  4. 12.
    018: White Ladies Finding Themselves, Evolving our Language, and Death Doula’ing with Rachael Rice21 February 2018
  5. 13.
    017: They/Them Pronouns, Self-Harming, and Working With People To Be Less Accidental Assholes with Mason Aid14 February 2018
  6. 14.
    016: It's Season 2 Time and Dyana Valentine Turns The Tables on Me...GAH!8 February 2018
  7. 15.
    Jen Unfiltered 001: My Case of The Dumps25 January 2018
  8. 16.
    015: One-star Yelp Reviews, Being the Most Calmest Anxious Person Ever, and Writing Super Hot Erotica with Alex Franzen20 December 2017
  9. 17.
    014: Writing a Book to Validate Her Existence, Finding Her Way Back to Comedy By Way of the Government, and What You Should and Should Not Google with Susan Stewart13 December 2017
  10. 18.
    013: Having Her Car Repo'd, Finally Feeling Safe Enough to Break Down, and Not Knowing If It's Ok to be Funny Right Now with Laura Egland6 December 2017
  11. 19.
    012: Disrupting Shame Around Our Imperfections, Sexting, and Having Her Bottom Teeth Pulled at a Men’s Shelter with Ashley Beaudin29 November 2017
  12. 20.
    011: Dreaming for a Living, Unrelenting Grief, and Defining Relationships on Your Own Terms with Dyana Valentine22 November 2017
  13. 21.
    010: Healing from Binge Eating, the Worthiness Wound, and Defining the Word “Broken” with Thais Sky15 November 2017
  14. 22.
    009: Feeling Extremes, Losing Her Dad, and Feeling Abandoned with Sally Hope8 November 2017
  15. 23.
    008: Radical Inconvenience, Hating Being a Mother, and Shitting the Bed with Emelia Symington Fedy1 November 2017
  16. 24.
    007: Me Riffing on Loneliness and My Podcast Journey Thus Far25 October 2017
  17. 25.
    006: Growing Up with a Borderline Personality Parent and Finding Healing Through the Meisner Technique with Marie Poulin18 October 2017
  18. 26.
    005: How Her Family Celebrated Her Mother - KNOWING She was Going to Die Soon and the Pearls Jesse Received with Jesse Kahat11 October 2017
  19. 27.
    004: Weight, How Much She Didn't Know She Needed Her Mother's Apology, and Putting The Diet Industry Out Of Business with Rita Chand3 October 2017
  20. 28.
    003: Her Mother's Addiction, Death, and Influences on Her Art with Shelley Rezai26 September 2017
  21. 29.
    002: Her Father's Suicide, Intimacy, and Feeling Unlovable with Natalie Vartanian26 September 2017
  22. 30.
    001: Isolating, Not Having Children, and the Sadness Behind the Smile with Kerrie Blazek26 September 2017
  23. 31.
    I'm Going There...With Myself First26 September 2017
  24. 32.
    Season 1 WELCOME!!!10 September 2017

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