More Talent Untapped

Anna-Karina Tabuñar

They’ve mastered change and uncertainty. They’re disruptors and innovators by necessity. During these challenging COVID times, they can teach us a lot about living and leading better. People with disabilities are talent that we don't regularly see or hear from — Anna-Karina Tabuñar brings us their stories.

A podcast about strength in difference, diversity and inclusion, More Talent Untapped is made possible by our sponsors RBC and EARN - the Employment Accessibility Resource Network, an initiative of United Way East Ontario.

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Hello, I’m Anna-Karina Tabunar. A few years ago, I made a documentary called Talent Untapped. I met fascinating and inspiring people whose lives and careers were dramatically impacted by disability. I met Ahmed Abbukar who was struggling to get employers to see past his white cane. I spoke with Jan Wong – a provocative writer whose work triggered a clinical depression. I also shared my own experience with neurological illness. Well, a lot has happened – and changed – since I made Talent Untapped in 2016. We’re now at a fascinating intersection of a global pandemic, physical distancing and isolation, Black Lives Matter and racial justice. So now – in a new podcast – I’m catching up with Ahmed, Jan and the rest of the cast to find out how they’re managing. I think their stories can help us build stronger, more inclusive communities and workplaces. Join me for “More Talent Untapped”. More Talent Untapped is made possible by our sponsors RBC and EARN - the Employment Accessibility Resource Network, an initiative of United Way East Ontario.

Sep 2020

1 min 11 sec

Welcome to More Talent Untapped. We kick off this special series with a young job seeker, a seasoned professional, an executive leader, and a frontline worker. What do they have in common? Disability. Their stories are woven in this abridged audio version of the documentary film Talent Untapped. The full documentary is available for private screenings. Visit: Download the transcript: Original film music by Erin Saoirse Adair: Anna-Karina Tabuñar is an award-winning storyteller, communications strategist and community advocate. She focuses her expertise to help organizations build more inclusive workplaces.

Sep 2020

32 min 18 sec

Ahmed Abukar faced a heap of rejections before landing his dream job at Canada’s largest bank. Ahmed happens to be blind, Black and Muslim – and he hopes to be the new face and attitude of banking. In this episode, we talk about micro-aggressions, disability and getting around as a blind person during a global pandemic. Download the transcript:

Oct 2020

18 min 19 sec

She’s discovered the secret sauce to high-performing teams. Sharon Singh has built a career out of fostering intentional inclusion. She shares some of the real office challenges and rewards of hiring someone with a disability.   Download the transcript: ACCES Employment (  Ascend Canada ( Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals ( Black Professionals in Tech Network (

Oct 2020

21 min 20 sec

How do you deal with work and low-grade depression, like a lot of us are feeling right now with COVID-19, isolation and uncertainty? How can simple acts of kindness change your outlook? Canadian writer and mental health advocate Jan Wong shares her daily practice. She also talks about racism from an Asian perspective. Download the transcript:

Nov 2020

20 min 1 sec

When award-winning videographer Paul Wing received a life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, he was forced to stop doing the work he loved. He dove into new hobbies and distractions, channeling his passion through a different lens. Because of his symptoms, he can’t plan ahead, so he makes the most out every able moment. He and his wife Cathy embrace the uncertainty and find ways to face the challenges of disability together.  Download the transcript:

Nov 2020

14 min 55 sec

We met some of the cast from Talent Untapped. Now we hear from one of the crew members. Howard Sonnenberg was the sound engineer for the film. He had a bout of fame (or infamy) after two very public mental health breakdowns – his adventures as he calls them. Howard opens up about job seeking, disclosure and his tools for maintaining his mental health.   Download the transcript:

Nov 2020

19 min 36 sec