Moontalk Podcast

By Virtual Sonic Reality

Music credit : Yo Eli @somedangkid Welcome to season 2 of Moontalk! We are back and better than ever! We’re all in this together. Onboard the ship, HURTLING through space, on a mission to the moon. It’s a rough ride. Sometimes you completely fuck up your bank account on a sell or get edgy from your old altcoin shooting up without you. So why are you listening? For real? I’m sure there’s a better way to invest, but there definitely isn’t a more entertaining way to figure out your Bitcoin woes. This is just us telling you what WE think is good for our own investments. BUT we don’t take the usual approach. We follow many paths to Crypto’s moon. Traveling through the supernatural, the spiritual planes, and even logical thinking. You know, all the stuff that isn’t useful for predicting where Cryptos will go. Mostly, if you’re new to Crypto, haven’t a clue what any of this means, and just want people to help explain WHATEVERthefak a Bitcoin is, tune in. We’ll get you to your own personal moon, and we’ll give you some laughs. If you want to keep up with us you can follow us on twitter @Moontalkpodcast #checkyourblockfolio DISCLAIMER: We lose $ all the time off this stuff. If you follow our advice… best of luck, cause we’re just in it for the free T-shirts.

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