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Do you struggle to get customers? Does your team struggle to stay bought in with the mission?

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You don't know everything... and that's ok! As a former athlete, Cory Camp knows that coaches are essential to success. After competitively swimming his way through college, something was suddenly missing from his life and he decided to start Forever Athlete where he is now helping others find their purpose while at the same time fulfilling his!  Watch this week's episode to see the true power of a good coach in any area of life.

Jul 26

25 min 43 sec

Is there a problem you've seen that just drives you crazy? Rick noticed a big issue that was being ignored so he decided to go after it. He has started a non-profit called The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs that is based on the book he wrote, Ageless Startup. He has made it his mission to help people with job opportunities specifically for late life employment. Watch this week's episode to see how he's tackling this problem in a big way! Book - Ageless Startup:

Jul 19

22 min 18 sec

Do you remember what class you were most excited about in school? Stephanie Ryan is a chemist and an educator who has taken her love of science and is sharing it with the world. With a recent viral TikTok, she is making it her mission to help others see the world through her eyes and helping equip parents with simple steps to learn with their little ones at home. Watch this week’s episode to learn how she’s turned her passion into a life long career and get ready to feel excited about science like you did when you were a kid!

Jul 12

23 min 29 sec

Sean Glaze, founder of Great Results Team Building, learned a lot through his failures early on in his career as a team coach. When he realized putting the culture first paid off in more ways than one, he decided to make it his mission to help other leaders cultivate a strong team culture and transform employees into winning teammates. He is inspiring and impacting teams all over and has a toolbox of valuable resources he's willing to share with you!

Jun 28

27 min 7 sec

Are you one of the few lucky people who wake up excited to go to work? Alex McElroy was able to discover his purpose and has made it his career! Everyday he's working to help others discover their own purpose and live it out daily. Watch this week's episode to get encouraged and feel challenged to live out your calling.

Jun 21

30 min 31 sec

Have you ever felt “hangry”? Jonathan Flores certainly has, but for a different reason than you would think. He’s taking the word hangry and using it to help spread awareness and get people angry about the fact that there are people in the community living hungry and without food. Watch this episode to learn more about this incredible organization and what get’s Jonathan fired up to run his race! Store:

Jun 14

27 min 6 sec

We’re kicking off Season 3 with one of our favorite people! Mark Reidland, President of Hope Local, is here to talk about some of the challenges he runs into while working to help vulnerable children find their forever families. Watch now to get inspired and see if his website passes the Grunt Test!

Jun 7

22 min 24 sec

Do you know what to look for when hiring a business coach?  Find out what questions to ask and what to avoid as we wrap up our Growth Plan for Season 2 of Clarity Purpose.   One on One Coaching: Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose):

May 24

9 min

Are you tired of getting average results?   We know what it’s like to bounce from partner to partner without getting the end result you expect.   Choosing the right partners will take you places that you can’t go on your own. Learn how to choose the right team to help you scale your business on this week’s episode.   Are you ready to partner with our team?   Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose):

May 17

7 min 57 sec

The first clear and compelling message to the customer wins! You only have one shot... Is your message clear?   Watch this week’s episode and discover the secret to step 6 of the Quirk Growth Plan about Communication.    Group Coaching: Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose): Hero on A Mission:

May 10

9 min 1 sec

Most business owners spend way too much money on marketing collateral that doesn’t work.  Don't let this happen to you! We have a solution...   A sales funnel.   Watch this week’s episode with some easy tips to be on your way to more leads and sales.   Group Coaching: Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose):   Want us to build you a sales funnel? You got it! Let's chat:

May 3

7 min 27 sec

Can someone go to your website and understand what you offer in 5 seconds??   If not, you are losing sales! We have 3 things you can do today that can help you. Watch this week’s episode where we dive into step number 4 in Quirk's Growth Plan all about Websites.   Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose):

Apr 26

8 min 37 sec

People buy products only after they read words that make them want to buy those products. Is your message communicating clearly to your customers?   Watch this week’s episode for tips on creating a powerful message.   Group Coaching: One on One Coaching: Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose):

Apr 19

10 min 53 sec

Do you want to talk to your customers in a way they will understand?    This week we’re excited to move on to the second step of the Quirk Growth Plan, Position.   Watch the entire episode to learn about how you should be positioning your own business in the marketplace to better connect with customers and gain solid leads.    Group Coaching: One on One Coaching: Growth Plan Course (Discount Code clarityandpurpose):

Apr 12

10 min 3 sec

Today kicks off Season 2 of our Clarity & Purpose podcast! We are really pumped to be covering all 8 steps of Quirk’s Growth Plan in the next 8 weeks.    This information is from our actual course that we take our clients through. This course also has helpful resources and a workbook to use and we want to make sure you have everything you need to get the most out of these episodes so we’re offering you the whole course for $1 by using the code clarityandpurpose   Get the course here:    This week we are talking all about Purpose! Watch now to for tips on how to stop wandering aimlessly and become crystal clear on your mission and vision.

Apr 5

10 min 10 sec

Do you like growing and learning? Our guest today has taken her love of learning and has built a very successful company that works remotely across the US and Canada. Anne Stefanyk, CEO of Kanopi Studios, has done an incredible job keeping her remote team engaged while always putting people and positive impact first! Watch this week’s episode to hear more about how Anne is staying ahead by constantly pushing herself to learn and share that knowledge with her team. - - - - - - -

Mar 15

34 min 45 sec

Why do we avoid sales training when it is one of the best skills to grow our business? Our guest today, John Hill, says it's because you are approaching the WHOLE thing wrong. Learn about a more refreshing way to talk about business today on Clarity & Purpose. 817-345-7449

Mar 8

24 min 28 sec

Is it ok to be bored at work and still love what you do?   Our guest, John Carpenter, has a little something to say about that. Tune in to hear how he found a common thread in retail and recruiting to get better.

Mar 1

20 min 21 sec

This past week was rough with record breaking cold temperatures and power outages so we’ve decided to do something a little bit different for this Clarity & Purpose episode. Instead of an interview this week we are talking about 10 Characteristics Every Business Owner Should Have. These are things that we continue to work towards and implement daily in our business and personal lives.   We appreciate you listening and know you will find value in this episode. Tune in to learn what could be costing you and your business greatly!   How healthy is your business? Take the Quiz here:

Feb 22

16 min 43 sec

When you know your purpose can you then find your dominion? If you know your "why" then you can know how it applies to what you do. Check out this week's show with TC Hughes.

Feb 15

25 min 46 sec

When you are teetering on the razor's edge of chaos, what keeps you going? Our guest today, Shane McWatters believes that flexibility and a good attitude are the answer. Find out how Sweetheart City Racing in Loveland Colorado opened back up and grew despite the pandemic.

Feb 1

31 min 53 sec

How can we create stretching goals for our life that are easy to define and achieve? It might have something to do with your fulfillment in your purpose. Check out this week's interview with Zach Gryder!

Jan 25

39 min 1 sec

Do you consider yourself a philanthropist? We think you are!  Most of us are giving of our time, money or resources everyday. Our guest today, Brian Ford, wants to help you use what you are already doing to help more people. Check out the full episode here.

Jan 18

25 min 16 sec

Do you believe it's important to help others that have less than you? Our guest today wanted to make it easier for everyone to be more charitable. Listen to today's episode and hear about how Jonathan Beck wants you to have an app that gives you a menu for giving at your fingertips.

Jan 11

30 min 6 sec

We’ve interviewed some really incredible people this year!  We wanted to close it out with a recap and bring on some past guests to highlight just a few of our favorite moments and key takeaways from our Clarity & Purpose interviews. We will take a break the last two weeks of the year, but will be back with some new and exciting guests the week of January 11, 2021. We are hopeful and excited about what is to come for our business and yours! Thank you for closing the year out with us.  Quirk Growth Plan:

Dec 2020

19 min 28 sec

Do you find yourself trying to find the right words sometimes? Lucky for you our guest today knows how to help you find them. Check out the episode today with StoryBrand guide and Marketing Copywriter Chris Bourland.   Quirk Growth Plan:

Dec 2020

26 min 56 sec

Have you ever worked for a company that you know wants you to be happy? Zestful thinks this is a big key to having growth and satisfaction at companies. Check out today's episode with the Head of Growth & Marketing at Zestful. Quirk Growth Plan Course:

Dec 2020

24 min 51 sec

How do you make service the main part of your business and still be successful? The Turners have seemed to figure out the answer with multiple thriving businesses in 2020. Check out our episode this week for some inspiration and puppies! Quirk Growth Plan:

Nov 2020

25 min 55 sec

Do you wish there was an easier way to create training? Our guest today Tim Salau believes that every company has repressed creators just waiting to help you onboard employees, train teams and make your organization more genuine and warm. Plus he has a great story of success and pivots in his life that makes Covid just another year. Quirk Growth Plan:

Nov 2020

21 min 31 sec

Do you think that failing is fun? Our guest on this week's podcast thinks that it can. When you are doing things you love then failing is just another step towards the ultimate outcome. Check out the whole episode! Quirk Growth Plan course:

Nov 2020

39 min 48 sec

Are you in recovery? We are all in recovery from something in our past, but not all of us have dealt with it. In today's episode we talk with Staffing agency founder Cheri Garcia. She offers employment opportunities to people coming out of prison or recovery. Tune in to hear her amazing recovery story and how she is changing the community around her one person at a time. Quirk Growth Plan Course:

Oct 2020

25 min 26 sec

Do you struggle to go to work somedays? Do you wish you had a really clear path to follow so you would be fulfilled at work? Listen to our episode with founder of Follower of One, Mike Henry Sr., to hear about 5 things he does every day that keeps him on task and growing. Get Grow Again Guide:

Oct 2020

21 min 31 sec

Did you discover how to grow your business as a result of the pandemic madness? Are you more clear about the direction you are heading? James and the Quirk team share how fear and confusion can turn you into a fierce and focused team if you take a few simple steps. Watch the episode today to find out how to get on a clear path to growth. Get Grow Again Guide:

Oct 2020

16 min 50 sec

Can you be all things to all people? Even if you could, would you want to be? Listen to our interview with Pastor Jeff Klingenberg from HighRidge Church to see how clarity can help you bring more impact this year. Get Grow Again Guide:

Sep 2020

29 min 29 sec

Are you proving yourself right by failing? Do you know what your purpose is? What if I could give you three simple steps to discover your purpose and encourage you to keep going and take action all in one episode? That’s where we go in this interview with Nika Maples. Watch or listen now to gain back momentum in your life! Get Grow Again Guide:

Sep 2020

33 min 36 sec

Where should I start if I want to get more business right away?  Wes Gay says to setup shop and answer questions like Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon strip!  Listen to this weeks episode of Clarity & Purpose to get the plan!  Get Grow Again Guide:

Sep 2020

21 min 10 sec

How do you bring people together no matter what the occasion? Juan shares what he believes is the greatest way to gather people together. Dead broke, crying on the stairs and no way out. Listen to Juan's amazing story. Get Grow Again Guide:

Aug 2020

20 min 44 sec

Why do we shrink or run away in times of great challenge? It often ties into how tied to our big purpose things are. Listen as Bill Leckie gives us 3 ways people respond in crisis and how to come out on top. Get Grow Again Guide:

Aug 2020

22 min 24 sec

Do you have what it takes to adapt your communication in times of stress? Our guest today says you just need to start with a 'Positive Adaptive Tone'. Say what?? Find out what business communications coach Drew Jackson does to apply this to growing during challenging times. Get Grow Again Guide: Influence Trainer: Business Communication for Greater Influence: Movement Mortgage: Free resource: Influence Quotient -   DREW@DREWTJACKSON.COM

Aug 2020

25 min 24 sec

Can you accurately describe why you are doing the thing you are doing today, and how the outcome of that is going to play out years from now? This is what we talk about on today’s interview with Chris Graebe. Hint: there is a story that you want to be told about yourself and it’s bigger than you think. Find out how to grow at Instagram: quirkgrowth Facebook: quirkgrowth The Millionaire Mindset -

Aug 2020

40 min 40 sec