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The Retail Retold Podcast highlights community retailer stories from across the country and gives a behind-the-scenes perspective from business leaders in both retail and real estate industries. The show’s episodes contain valuable insights that help solve the needs of entrepreneurs and real estate pros.

Each week our guests share stories of what worked, what didn’t, the ups and downs – giving the audience a critical set of tools needed for business success. Join host Chris Ressa and new guests weekly for amazing insights and thought-provoking stories. Brought to you by DLC Management Corp.

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... & WE'RE LIVE! This week we have a LIVE recording of Karly Iacono and Chris Ressa from their monthly morning show 'What's In Store?'. In this episode, they discuss predictions for The Top 5 Retail Real Estate Trends in 2022. Do you think they're right? Listen Now!

Dec 3

1 hr 2 min

Have you ever made a deal with a changing economic landscape? Chris shares a unique story about navigating a deal pre and post-pandemic and discusses the importance of keeping an open dialogue. Listen in to this week's episode to find out what made this AutoZone deal unique! 

Nov 25

16 min 48 sec

Daniel McCarthy is the Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University & the Director & Co-founder of Theta. Daniel shares his 3 DTC business model trends plus extra insider knowledge on DTC brands. Listen now! 

Nov 16

39 min 28 sec

David Cobb is the owner and founder of Archon Commercial Advisors, author and entrepreneur. He loves to connect people, collaborate and get creative! In this episode, David shares how he helped open Huey Magoo’s first drive-thru concept, and gives us a peak into his new book, Tactical LinkedIn Secrets.    David and Chris discuss the power of collaboration, the importance of learning from others, and how LinkedIn can further your business development.  

Nov 11

44 min 58 sec

“How can I marry my purpose and the profits with my passion...COVID was my opportunity to find a space to make my passion of helping others through running a reality.”   Matt shares what lead him to open a specialty walk-run store in Sparta, NJ. Hear his inspiring journey to better mental health through the act of running. And hear how he activated his community with grassroots marketing to promote his local business in rural NJ.   

Nov 4

32 min 22 sec

Here are two of the Top 5 Things a DTC Brand should know before opening a brick and mortar location... People matter more than location. Don't succumb to the myth of "Pop to Perm". Rebekah shares 3 more tips, plus some extra insider knowledge on the DTC businesses making the move to physical stores. Listen in now to hear why a physical retail presence is crucial for these up and coming online brands.

Oct 28

40 min 1 sec

Paul Yousef is the Principal Dealer at Millenium Wireless Technology, Inc (MWT), an authorized AT&T dealer with 28 locations in the Midwest. In today’s episode, Paul shares a truly fascinating story about buying 7 struggling locations in Wisconsin and how he turned it into 10 profitable stores! Chris and Paul discuss the power of building strong relationships, taking a leap of faith and the importance of brand awareness.  

Oct 20

38 min 24 sec

Opening 21 locations in 2021 and, they are just getting started! Today, Chris is joined by Dannon Shiff, the SVP of Real Estate for Dave’s Hot Chicken, a fast-casual, Nashville-style hot chicken tender restaurant. Dannon is a self-proclaimed restaurant retail leasing junkie. He shares how he scouted Dave’s Hot Chicken to open in a center he was leasing in Lakewood, CA. Dannon and Chris discuss the rocky road in making a deal during a pandemic, scaling a business with franchise models, and the importance of brand experience. Hear how Dannon went from working with Dave’s Hot Chicken to working for Dave’s Hot Chicken. Giving him the unique experience of dealmaking from beginning to end from all sides. Listen Now!

Oct 14

28 min 13 sec

It’s time for some real talk!  Join Tim Milazzo, founder and CEO of StackSource, and Chris as they talk about commercial real estate financing and transparency. StackSource is an innovative online platform that gives commercial real estate investors a menu of financing options to find better financing quickly and more easily than they otherwise would. Listen in to hear how Tim’s company is re-inventing the stagnant mortgage brokerage model with their tech-enabled marketplace. 

Oct 8

37 min 15 sec

It’s time for another Real Talk!   Anne Mezzenga is the co-founder of Omni Talk and the Former Director of the Target Store of the Future Marketing & Partnerships for Target. In this special episode, Anne and Chris share their top 3 things they are scared they are wrong about in Retail! Listen Now.

Sep 30

40 min 15 sec

In this special episode, Chris speaks with Dean Salakas, Co-owner and resident Chief Party Dude at The Party People in Drummoyne, NSW, Australia.  Dean shares how he built his family's party supply business into the country's largest party supply store and how he built an e-commerce website from scratch when he was still in high school!    Listen in to hear his fascinating story! 

Sep 23

50 min 54 sec

Have you ever experienced tricky contingencies? You're not alone. Listen in to this week's episode about Five Below in Cheektowaga, NY to find out what made this deal unique!

Sep 17

17 min 27 sec

It’s time for some real talk!  Join Georgina Nelson, Founder and CEO of TruRating, and Chris as they talk about retail technology and business solutions. TruRating is the world’s largest platform of validated in-store and online consumer ratings. Listen in to see how Georgina’s company provides real-time, trusted, and statistically significant insight into their retail and hospitality partners so they can provide better experiences for their customers – whatever the channel. 

Sep 10

36 min 35 sec

Peter Mohr, the owner of Shoetopia & Simplifying Entrepreneurship, is a tour de force! In today's episode, Pete shares the entrepreneurial journey that led him to purchase a local shoe store! He walks us through his many years of experience as a business owner and business broker.   Hear how he brought his brand reps together to help scale his local business and scout out a new store location! 

Sep 2

43 min 59 sec

In this episode, our host Chris Ressa goes solo, offering his predictions on future retail trends and later tells an amazing story of bringing HomeGoods, Harbor Freight Tools and Sierra Trading Co. to Riverside Plaza in Keene, NH.

Aug 28

19 min 36 sec

Today’s guest is Brittany Driscoll, Co-Founder & CEO of Squeeze, a massage concept with revolutionary app-based booking.    Brittany is in the business of happiness! As the former Vice President of Marketing for Drybar, she helped scale the concept from 30 million in revenue to 100 million. It is hard to ignore Brittany's passion for building feel-good experiences for her team and their clients! In this episode, she shares her story about opening the first Squeeze in Studio City, CA. Brittany and Chris discuss what it takes to create a concept from the ground up, the value in customer experience, employee initiatives, and retail technology. Listen now! 

Aug 20

32 min 23 sec

Alex & Caileen Ostenson share their entrepreneurial journey with us and walk us through the process of opening a membership-based, on-demand grocery store in Evansville, MN, a population of 600 residents. This duo brings convenience and innovation to their small-town community, and they are just getting started.  Listen in to hear their fascinating story! 

Aug 12

32 min 15 sec

It’s time for some Real Talk with Ricardo Belmar!  Long time retail tech and industry expert, Ricardo Belmar joins us today to share his 5 Tech Trends in Retail! Ricardo consults retail with retail tech solutions through his advisory group, Retail Razor and most recently joining Microsoft as Senior Partner Marketing Advisor.   Listen in to hear Ricardo’s Retail Tech Trends!

Aug 10

30 min 11 sec

How did that office end up in your neighborhood?  In this special episode Chris speaks with Nicole Campbell, Office Leasing Specialist for Divaris Real Estate. Nicole shares insights on the suburban office market changes and challenges from her perspective as an office broker in Hampton Roads, the eastern side of Virginia metropolitan. Listen in to hear how she got Anderson Integrative Medicine open in Chesapeake, VA! 

Aug 5

38 min 33 sec

It is time for some Real Talk with Liza Amlani!  Liza is a retail insider with over 20 years of experience in fashion retail and merchandizing and is the Principal and Founder of Retail Strategy Group, a firm dedicated to up lifting the entire retail process.  Listen in as she shares how her firm helps retailers dramatically improve profitability, efficiencies, and merchandizing optimizations across omni-channels. Liza also discusses the importance of sustainability in the retail world, and the monetary and environmental benefits of retail transparency! 

Aug 3

42 min 36 sec

Caroline Harrelson, Retail Recruitment Consultant Specialist for The Retail Coach, shares what it is like to work for local municipalities to bring retail to their communities. Listen in to hear how she helped connect Grant’s Kitchen & Grill, a casual restaurant with one location, to a new market, and an investor to partner with! Giving a small business owner the opportunity to scale up and work out a deal leading to his dream of franchising realized!

Jul 29

43 min 39 sec

7-billion-dollar donut industry and growing! We have a double header in today’s episode! Andy Kmiec, Vice President of Development at Duck Donuts, shares his story about opening an unconventional Auntie Anne’s location in Orlando, and Duck Donut’s new endeavor into the drive-thru business model in Harrisburg, PA. Listen in now to hear how he got the deals done with perseverance, brand awareness, and creativity, turning a 200 sq. foot kiosk into a top selling location!

Jul 22

42 min 27 sec

Opening a new location in 45 days, just in time for Christmas! Eli Gurock, co-owner of Magic Beans, a baby gear and toy retailer, and Youtuber with over 22M views joins us on today’s podcast. Eli shares his story about opening a new location in Cambridge MA filling the space previously occupied by a specialty toy store just weeks before the Christmas shopping season. Listen to his episode now to find out how he navigates customer acquisition costs, and his innovative solution to staffing!

Jul 15

42 min 57 sec

It’s time for some more real talk with Maria Toliopoulos! Maria, Vice President of Real Estate Strategy at Ulta Beauty, brings her Real Estate and leadership strategy to today’s talk. Chris and Maria discuss the convergence of the physical retail space and online retail, and how Amazon’s move to brick-and-mortar locations and, the pandemic provided two pivotal moments for retailers to bring change and innovation to their real estate strategies. Maria also shares where she finds her passion for retail real estate and what excites her about being a leader. Listen now!

Jul 8

46 min 26 sec

It’s time for some REAL TALK with Rick Helfenbein! Rick is a Retail & Fashion Industry Consultant, and former Chairman, President and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association. With over 20 years of experience in fashion retail and manufacturing, Rick shares his take on the fashion industry today, and where it’s going tomorrow! Listen in as he shares industry trade trends, and the surprising opportunities inflation can bring to fashion retailers.

Jul 6

31 min 57 sec

Today’s guest is Kris Smith, Vice President of Real Estate Development for Hand & Stone Massage Franchise Corporation Kris’ enthusiasm and dedication to his franchisees is hard to ignore! In this episode, Kris shares his own unique experience as a former franchisee and how it impacts his role as a VP. Chris and Kris discuss the value in multi-unit operators, building the franchisee-franchisor relationship, and the benefits of a member-based business.

Jul 1

34 min 51 sec

Today’s guest is Mike Todryk, CEO and founder of Armor Coffee Co. Mike and Chris discuss the importance of customer loyalty, choosing faith over fear during uncertain times, and what success really looks like. Mike also shares his powerhouse, three pillar business strategy with us. Listen now!

Jun 24

38 min 12 sec

Rick Kueber, the CEO of Sun Tan City, and a franchisee of Buff City Soap and Planet Fitness joins our host Chris Ressa to discuss the importance of a good track record and knowing your trade area. Rick shares a story about a Buff City Soap deal in Charleston, WV, giving us a textbook example of the saying “there’s no deal until there’s a deal.”

Jun 17

36 min 14 sec

"You can make a major impact on the retail landscape if you have a working formula” Our guest today is Alan Barocas, former Sr. EVP of Leasing at GGP and former SVP of Retail at Gap Inc. Listen to the compelling way Alan brings retail knowledge to leasing strategies, and what he has to say about co-tenancy and improving work culture!

Jun 10

54 min 25 sec

Today's guest is Jennifer Rude, Franchise Developer at Dairy Queen. She jumps on the podcast to discuss the future of DQ Franchises and shares an inspirational story about a Dairy Queen in Brainerd, MN that shows how "paying it forward" can catch on like wildfire, even during a pandemic. Listen now!

Jun 3

25 min 35 sec

Getting a lease resolved in 30 days, a brand new prototype & a new beginning for Five Below... Zach Minteer, VP of Real Estate at Five Below, joins us on today's podcast. Zach shares a story about opening a new prototype for Five Below in Downingtown, PA where timing is EVERYTHING! Listen to his episode now to find out how he navigated risks and challenges that appeared while making this deal.

May 27

55 min 17 sec

What's one thing most people agree with that you do not?  Listen in now to hear Brad Williamson's fun answer to this question along with everything there is to know about the current operations of HTeaO. 

May 21

32 min 30 sec

Wondering what's going on in the world of office real estate today? Check out this new episode with Ken Ashley, Executive Director of Cushman & Wakefield.

May 14

36 min 53 sec

Dave Lasus, the current CEO at Heart + Paw, joins our host, Chris Ressa to take a deep dive into the future of Heart + Paw and shares a story from his past about an Insomnia cookie deal at Temple University.  Listen now!

May 6

44 min 39 sec

Today's guest is Drew Schaul, VP of CBRE.  Listen in as he shares the story of opening a new Psycho Bunny at Tysons Corner in Tysons, VA. 

Apr 30

34 min 23 sec

Today's Real Talk Series guest is Ryan Dempsey, Managing Partner at East End Group. Listen in as Chris and Ryan go over the Top 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Facilities Maintenance Company.  

Apr 27

26 min 1 sec

"The regional retailers are expanding we just don’t get the headlines…” Our guest today is Joseph Kallen, CEO at Busy Beaver Building Centers, Inc. Listen to the unique way Joseph is handling the inventory at Building Beavers Building Centers and what he has to say about thriving regional retail brands!  

Apr 23

43 min 3 sec

Want to learn more about solar energy? This is the perfect episode for you! Chris sits down with Bluesky Utility to discuss the 5 things that people don't know about solar. 

Apr 20

44 min 20 sec

43 Walmarts in 36 months…  Karren Hutton proves the impossible is possible in today’s story about opening up the last of the 43 Walmarts. Listen in now to hear her incredible story and how she got it all done just in time for opening day!

Apr 16

41 min 56 sec

It's time for some more REAL TALK, with Gautham Vadakkepatt, Founding Director of The Center For Retail Transformation. Learn all about how he's influencing his students to push the boundaries of retail.

Apr 14

27 min 4 sec

Today's guest is Shawn Saraga, VP of Business Development for BarBurrito Restaurants. Shawn shares insights on BarBurrito expanding down into the US after finding continued success in Canada. Learn how they plan to set themselves apart from the Chipotles and other fast-casual Mexican food brands in the United States as well as what it took to move into one of their first locations in the states, in Howell, MI.

Apr 8

38 min 12 sec

It's time for some Real Talk with Andre Harris! Andre is a culture transformation leader and game-changer with over 25 years of experience in creating customer-centric cultures where customers are loyal and employees are engaged. Listen in as she goes over 5 Tips for Landlords to Improve the Customer Experience for Their Tenants.

Apr 6

32 min 51 sec

Today's guest is Larry Haber, Managing Partner of CRE at AGMB, LLP. Larry represents both tenants and landlords, focusing primarily on (commercial lease negotiations), restructurings, reviews and audits in addition to real estate acquisitions, dispositions, construction contracts and due diligence advisory services.  Larry and Chris discuss MYKITA opening in NYC as well as the Top 3 Commercial Real Estate Trends from an attorney's perspective. Listen now!

Apr 2

42 min 51 sec

Real Talk Series #30 with Neely Tamminga, CEO of DISTILL Advisory. Learn about the Top 4 Economic Influences On Today’s Consumer!

Mar 30

38 min 1 sec

Today's guest is Ahmad Ashkar, Falafel Inc. Founder. Ahmad has also served as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of the Hult Prize Foundation, graduating more than 2.1M impact entrepreneurs from 121 countries and directly deploying $100M in capital with indirect funding of $1B+. Listen in to hear Ahmad's entrepreneurial perspective on the food and beverage industry, why he created Falafel Inc. and to learn about the unique impact his company has on the lives of refugees.

Mar 26

41 min

Today's guest is Sandford (Sandy) Stein, Forbes Contributor & Founder of RETAIL SPEAK on LinkedIn. In 2014, Sanford launched RETAIL SPEAK™, a LinkedIn platform for sharing ideas on all things retailing. This is on the heels of the introduction of his book RETAIL SCHMETAIL™ ONE Hundred Years, TWO Immigrants, THREE Generations, FOUR Hundred Projects. The combination textbook/memoir was awarded an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in 2015. "In the age of Amazon, Sandy Stein reminds us why retail is far from dead."

Mar 19

48 min 36 sec

Today's guest is Ron Thurston, Best Selling Author of RETAIL PRIDE, Vice President of Stores at INTERMIX and Board of Directors at GOODWILL. Are you still stuck in the mindset of location, location, location? Ron may change your mind in this week's episode!

Mar 12

35 min 37 sec

Real Talk Series #29 : Retail Supply Chain Today's guest is Andrew Cox, Senior Retail Analyst at FreightWave. Chris and Andrew take a deep dive into the world of freight and logistics as they discuss The Top Trends in The Retail Supply Chain.  1. Divergence in Delivery Strategies 2. Supply Chain Strategies (BOPIS, Curbside PickUp) 3. Low Inventory Levels 

Mar 9

30 min 2 sec

Mike Morris, Principal at Cana Development, joins our host Chris Ressa to discuss all things related to food halls and food hall development. Wondering about the current state of food halls, how they differ from food courts, or how The Local Oyster landed its location in Baltimore, MD? Listen now!

Mar 5

54 min 34 sec

We're taking a virtual trip all the way to Nigeria in this latest episode of Retail Retold!  Nike Majekodunmi shares her bootstrapping, entrepreneurial journey with us as well as walking us through the process of setting up her Nuts About Cakes location in Lagos, Nigeria. Listen now to hear Nike's fascinating story!

Feb 26

36 min 52 sec