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Born to Design takes you inside the most fascinating stories coming out of the design and manufacturing world. The surprising backstories of amazing creators. Harrowing near-failures that became overnight successes. Uplifting examples of the many ways our community is changing the world for the better. Presented by SOLIDWORKS, Born to Design is a podcast for dreamers, designers, and creators of all kinds.

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Interview with Gabe Corbett, who started his career in machining, but is now a consultant and the top SOLIDWORKS trainer on LinkedIn. He has had an interesting and diverse career with positions that include machine shop owner, product designer, teacher, user group leader, and design consultant. Gabe has some great insights on how best to design a product from concept all the way through to fabrication.

Oct 17

36 min 47 sec

Interview with Ben Nuebel, who is a high school Engineering Technologies Teacher and Fab Lab Instructor, responsible for teaching many SOLIDWORKS student experts. Ben discusses the importance of finding an alternative to the traditional classroom environment, one with more hands-on skills training. Listen to find out what Ben has learned from teaching and growing his technology programs at Cherry Creek Schools

Sep 21

28 min 7 sec

Interview with Jason Bontrager and Rob Miles, who both come from the camping industry. These two fascinating innovators created a revolutionary new camping solution from scratch, one that might change the way people commune with nature. Join us as they explain how they came up with their “skinny-guy” concept, which is very unique. Listen to learn what is takes to go from a corporate environment to a start-up with a new design.

Jul 19

31 min 43 sec

Interview with Melissa Ahmed and Greg Beddoe, two bright design engineers who happen to also be SOLIDWORKS Champions. They share a passion for STEM and spend HALF of their time promoting it to schools in the UK by teaching it though hands-on learning opportunities with STEM Activity Days. Listen as we discuss the future of design and engineering, and how to grow interest in STEM for young students.

Jun 21

23 min 31 sec

Interview with MetalQuest CEO, Scott Harms, and COO, Scott Volk. We talk about innovation in manufacturing, and the many misconceptions around what manufacturing is today. Manufacturing is one of the largest growing high-tech industries with many opportunities and great careers.

May 17

28 min 36 sec

Interview with Jason Pohl, who you may know as the product designer for the popular television show, “American Chopper.” Jason is a very outgoing and passionate advocate for Product Design, and he shares a lot about his experience, mentorship and building the product design community. Listen as Jason discusses what’s next for him and his desire to grow the design community to help others succeed in this industry.

Jan 18

36 min 35 sec

Interview with Lucas Crupi, who became the youngest Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, when he passed his exam at only 15 years old. Lucas a mentor and ambassador for STEM, with a lot of wisdom for a 16 year old.

Aug 2020

13 min 40 sec

Eric Haddad is a designer, but also a part-time hobbyist who started his own venture…3DAeroventures (the hobby) along with his own design business, Dimensional Fidelity. Listen as Eric shares some advice about chasing your dreams and doing what you love, and how to turn this dream into your job, or your own business.

Jul 2020

20 min 30 sec

Marc McCauley & Jesse Hahne, are the founders of the Center for Advanced Design, who share some insights into how to start and run a successful design business. They also discuss their relationship with Mike Schultz, a pareathlete who they worked with on the design of a high-end prosthetic leg that allows Mike to compete and win many X-Games competitions.

Jun 2020

26 min 22 sec

Dr. Matt Carney received a PhD in Biometrics Engineering from MIT, and is a designer and entrepreneur as well. Listen in as Matt discusses the technology and exciting advancements in designing the next level robotics. He is dedicated to creating superior bionic legs that perform better than anyone could imagine.

May 2020

27 min 46 sec

Learn the Keys to Kick-Start your business with Charles Adler, Founder of Kickstarter, designer and entrepreneur. Charles discusses the keys to taking a great idea to market, including tips for effectively communicating new ideas.

Apr 2020

39 min 1 sec

Sam Rogers, additive design lead at Gravity Industries, known for making the five-turbo, jet engine-powered jet suit. Listen as Sam discusses the exciting beginnings of designing a Jet suit, his first time flying it, new technology and how additive design technologies allowed them to design quicker, and his keys for designing a successful product.

Mar 2020

22 min 9 sec

Interview with Michael Mendonca, founder of the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, an organization that has given away over 50,000 prosthetic hands, but its goal is to reach 1 million of the 18 million in need around the world. I’m also talking with David Randle, a co-worker, who has been working on a way to help Michael reach his goal through the 3DEXPERIENCE for Good program. This is an incredible story and adventure that shows what can happen when you get some passionate designers together, and I’m sure their story will inspire you.

Feb 2020

25 min 29 sec

Aidan Aird, a young entrepreneur, business owner, college student, and Guinness World Record holder. Aidan started an organization called STEM Kids Rock focused on igniting the passions of youth. Aidan is not only a creative designer and inventor, but a very passionate individual who has some great thoughts on the future of design.

Jan 2020

29 min 26 sec

Interview with Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, and several of his students about the future of design. Dr. Gershenfeld is a professor and Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms where he is researching many incredible things, such as cell-by-cell development, nanotechnology, and community self-sufficiency, among other things. He is also the Chairman of the Fab Foundation, which has done incredible work to change lives around the world through innovation and education.

Dec 2019

20 min 7 sec

Eric Spurgeon is an inventor and entrepreneur who owns his own business. Perhaps above all he is a problem solver with some interesting ideas on best practices for solving a design problem, and how to solve a design problem quicker, which I believe you will enjoy hearing...

Nov 2019

17 min 40 sec

We often hear that high-tech companies are always worried about having enough engineers and that not enough young people today are interested in pursuing careers in technology.  Not to worry, as there is one person working very hard to teach our next generation of engineers and creators.  Danielle Boyer works to inspire the youth in her area in STEAM and technology, and came up with several great ideas to do this, including her own program “Every Kid Gets a Robot” (EKGAR), for which she created and built her own Robotics start kit that she gives away.  She has also developed STEAM-focused coloring books, and spends a lot of time teaching children on STEAM and technology and helping many student Robotics teams.  But what’s most amazing is that she is only 18 years old.

Oct 2019

23 min 14 sec

Jonathan Schultz is an entrepreneur and the Team leader for the BattleBots team HUGE. Jonathan made a name for himself in 2018 when he created a revolutionary new fighting robot. Listen in to hear his advice for any designer who wants to step away from the norm.

Sep 2019

35 min 1 sec

What's the most important part of a start-up? Meet Josh Aviv, the CEO of SparkCharge. Josh took his idea, which he started in college, and turned it into a quickly growing business. Josh has some great advice for any young entrepreneur, and it might surprise you what his keys to success are.

Aug 2019

14 min 50 sec

Interview with Marie Planchard, which is a familiar name in our industry, as Marie spearheads the Education programs here at SOLIDWORKS, however, you may not know how involved she is in this growing community. Let’s listen in to Marie’s story to learn more about how this growing community has benefited so many...

Jul 2019

26 min 9 sec

Interview with Jeremy Fielding, who turned his interest for engineering into the creation of a successful YouTube Channel, which evolved into actual engineering jobs. He has a passion for teaching technology to his large YouTube channel audience as well as his own children. He has a lot of great advice for any budding engineer or inventor.

Jun 2019

19 min 53 sec

Interview with Leland Melvin at SOLIDWORKS World 2019. Leland shares his incredible story from playing football in the NFL, to becoming a NASA astronaut and experiencing space travel. It’s an amazing journey, and Leland shares where his success came from.

Jun 2019

12 min 48 sec

Braden Reiber is an inventor who stumbled upon an idea, which in turn turned into a better idea that then eventually evolved into a business: RemUV, a company that develops small devices that can clean water using the power of the sun. Braden shares his story of how he came up with his innovative idea and turned it into a product that could help those around the world easily clean their water supplies.

May 2019

19 min 18 sec

Cesar Gutierrez is a teacher who is literally changing the futures of his students lives every day. Cesar is changing the mindset in his community by showing underprivileged students a future they could not have imagined is possible. It’s almost unbelievable what Cesar has done in his community in just seven years.

Apr 2019

20 min 42 sec

Show notes and Transcription: Marc DeVidts is the Co-Founder and CTO of Double Robotics, who turned his passion for building robots into a career. Marc, as a teenager, loved designing and building fighting robots, and eventually created IceWave for BattleBots. Marc has a true start-up story with plenty of lessons learned for those looking to build their own business from scratch.

Mar 2019

19 min 59 sec

We sat down with Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway, the AutoSyringe and founder of FIRST Robotics, and get his thoughts on what it takes to inspire today’s youth. Currently, Dean is actively involved with his global initiative FIRST Inspires, which he feels is crucial for students everywhere to be inspired and motivated by technology, so THEY can solve the world’s problems. I’m excited to share his inspiration with you.

Mar 2019

22 min 41 sec

Interview with Shelly Gruenig (the mentor) and Derek Sanchez (the student, now mentor). Shelly started teaching her children robotics at home to prepare them for their future, but ended up mentoring thousands of students (like Derek) on not just robotics, but many skills needed to manage challenges they will face once leaving home. Shelly has an incredibly positive attitude and great advice on mentoring our youth that you need to hear.

Feb 2019

31 min 46 sec

I am talking to Rick Becker and Dennis Dohogne who started a movement on the SOLIDWORKS Forum that changed SOLIDWORKS applications. The Movement was simply called: One and Two, which came from the top two enhancement requests from users on the SolidWorks forum.

Jan 2019

19 min 25 sec

Interview with Easton LaChappelle, who as a young man had a vision of designing state-of-the-art prosthetic arms for children, which he started designing in his bedroom with a basic 3D printer as a teenager. You would not believe where this idea has taken him and who he has met along the way. It’s an amazing journey in a short amount of time.

Jan 2019

29 min 33 sec

Interview with Grant Delgatty who is the inventor of the URB-E, an educator, and designer. Grant has a very interesting background and some great advice for designers and entrepreneurs for any point in their career.

Dec 2018

21 min 10 sec

We are speaking with US Navy Veteran Hernán (Air-non) Luis y Prado. After returning home Hernan realized that many of his fellow veterans were not getting proper opportunities in the workforce. Given the skills gap in American manufacturing, Hernan saw a chance to address both needs. Hernan shares his very passionate story about how he risked his own career to help veterans gain the skills they needed. Transcript and Shownotes:

Nov 2018

28 min 20 sec

I have an inspiring story that combines design, innovation, a few SolidWorks employees, a monster truck rally, and one incredible young boy named Jonah. They all teamed up with an incredible organization called Magic Wheelchair. I’ll be speaking with Chin-Loo Lama, a SolidWorks employee, and also the team leader on the project with Magic Wheelchair. Transcript and Shownotes:

Oct 2018

20 min 16 sec

I will be speaking with Paul Ventimiglia, who is the BattleBot team leader for team Bite Force. Paul has been building robots since he was 14, and is now a 3 time BattleBots champion. He also works building robots in the high tech industry. Paul will be talking about his experience building robots and share some insight from the BattleBots events.

Oct 2018

26 min 41 sec

SOLIDWORKS Born to Design podcast, a Podcast of inspiring stories about those who create, build, invent and engineer new ideas into actual new products. I will be talking to Dara Dotz at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, who is an industrial designer and co-founder of Field Ready, which designs and manufactures parts in crisis-zones. I’m sure you will be amazed at what Dara and her team can do to help others who are in great need after natural disasters or political catastrophes by developing very practical solutions on-site. Shownotes and transcript:

Sep 2018

20 min 13 sec

SOLIDWORKS Born to Design Podcast, a Podcast of inspiring stories about those who create, build, invent and engineer new ideas into actual new products. Interview with Betty Baker at SOLIDWORKS World, who has a very inspirational story about her journey from working on the assembly line to becoming the first female mechanical engineer at her company. She is a SOLIDWORKS User Group leader, and Champion for Women in STEM. Transcript and Shownotes:

Aug 2018

15 min 50 sec

SOLIDWORKS Born to Design podcast, a Podcast of inspiring stories about those who create, build, invent and engineer new ideas into actual new products. Interview with Christian Bagg, of Icon Wheelchairs, who is an outdoorsman, who had an injury that left him unable to explore the outdoors as he had before. He’s has had an amazing journey since then getting back outside. Transcript and Shownotes:

Jul 2018

21 min 38 sec