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George Kao shares a unique message for business: Create without resistance. Connect without guile. Succeed without stress. Find his best articles here: .

Topics include Authentic Marketing, Joyful Productivity, and Healthy Money. New episode every Monday and Thursday.

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You don't need a marketing funnel to succeed in business. To comment on this and/or to read the blog post: ( ** Business Planning Live Course coming up... info here: (

Nov 29

29 min 2 sec

1. Better design of our life/calendar structure... are we getting enough self-care, enough family time, enough admin time, enough time for the important things? Are we putting those activities at optimal times? This is an ongoing re-design issue as you learn more about your energy flow and your life's patterns. 2. Your motivational methods in the moment... what works for you? This is a Q&A segment from the TLC program: ( Watch the video or leave your comments here: ( ** Business Planning Live Course coming up... info here: (

Nov 25

11 min 41 sec

Pick a platform (such as Twitter) where you barely get any engagement... Reframe that fact as an opportunity -- you are liberated to test your content in relative obscurity! By having a daily practice of creating and sharing ideas, even if it's as brief as a tweet, you'll reach a new level of optimism and confidence in your business. Watch the video or leave your comments here: ( ** Business Planning Live Course coming up... info here: (

Nov 22

17 min 39 sec

I start with a bit about Sales Funnels, but most of this episode focuses on the common (dishonest) strategy of "free" webinars that are actually bait-and-switch sales pitches that are carefully designed to move the unsuspecting participant through a series of emotions and understandings into the buying mode. 1/3rd build credibility with rags-to-riches storytelling and testimonials, 1/3rd myth busting to create "aha!" moments that sets up for the final third: the pressurized sale. Yes, a bit of cussing is involved. I'm passionate about this stuff ;-) Add your comments below this video: ( ** Business Planning Live Course coming up... info here: (


Nov 18

5 min 28 sec

A few notes from the Live Chat: From Mira Rao: They are also paying you attention in the beginning before they pay you money From Jason Schneider Read an interesting article on ‘the attention economy' So you have your market = has paid you… next ring is your potential market = they follow you… and then a wider potential market = people who could be in your audience with similar interests? I don’t have the actual article but its an entire field with books etc..,only%20so%20much%20of%20it.%22 (Here's the wikipedia). This is a Q&A segment from the CORE program: ( Watch video or add comment here: ( ** Business Planning Live Course coming up... info here: (

Nov 15

12 min 6 sec

Big thanks to (Katie Raver) for the permission to share this audio with you. Episode notes: the just launch or letting it go practice God / x deserves 30 seconds mindset: "I'm wondering if this will resonate with you" when it doesn't work: I didn't understand my audience wait an hour or 24 hours after putting it out there there's always a pattern so track the data (to relax about the just launch practice) just launch is: a dance, an inquiry, turning the corner, going to the park, asking "will this work out?", living from "it's gonna be ok"  To learn more about Katie Raver and her work, visit: (

Nov 11

25 min 45 sec

This is a segment from the Social Media Mindset Webinar: (

Nov 8

18 min 32 sec

So many marketing/business coaches use "free webinars" and "masterclasses" to sell their paid programs, often higher-end offerings. I used to be very good at it. Then I changed my mind. Also see this video -- ("the sham of "Free Masterclasses") that are actually sales pitches, and what to do instead..." This snippet is from a MasterHeart Group conversation: ( Watch video or add comment here: (

Nov 4

6 min 2 sec

Oftentimes, we let relatively minor circumstances, like being a little tired or feeling like watching videos, get in the way of keeping our commitments to ourselves, i.e. doing the right thing. This is how people become victims of life: doing the right things only when we feel good or when conditions are perfect… Watch the video or add your comments here: (

Nov 1

20 min 9 sec

There are good people in my circles -- those I would love to stay in connection with -- who are tempted (or have decided) to deactivate their Facebook accounts… or even leave social media altogether. This makes it harder to stay in touch, and far less likely for them to be top of mind for me. I’m also concerned for the viability of their business, if they lose the long-term marketing benefits of using social media effectively... Read the blog post here: ( Watch the video or add a comment to this episode here: (

Oct 29

31 min 51 sec

For more on my thoughts on getting new clients: 1. Here's my category of blog posts about it: ( 2. Here's my course specifically about getting more clients: ( Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 28

10 min 8 sec

Thanks to Pamela Slim for giving a great overview of her new book: "The Widest Net: Unlock Untapped Markets and Discover New Customers Right in Front of You" Get the book in Kindle, Audible, or Hardcover: ( Pam Slim's website: ( Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 25

31 min 1 sec

I don't think it's a good idea to try to figure out your niche at the beginning of your business. You don't have enough experimentations to understand that valuable intersection between your interests and your market's wants. ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 21

5 min 11 sec

Is there a recommended amount of time we "should" spend on social media to grow our business? Some experts recommend hours per day. Here's what I think about it. ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 18

8 min 38 sec

A common thought-pattern that prevents a lot of people from making progress in their business: Before I... [take the next real step in my business] …I need to first do [some preparatory action that takes a lot of time] …so that I'll feel more ready/confident to move forward. This is a dangerous train of thought because "preparation" always sounds logical... until you wake up to the fact that you have already been preparing for months (maybe years!)… and you can be in preparation mode for the rest of your life. ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 14

28 min 24 sec

Marketing experts differ on this question of whether one should publicly publish the prices of their services / programs / packages or whether to keep the mystery and make the prospective client contact you. I discuss my viewpoint on this. ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 11

7 min 3 sec

This is a segment from the Social Media Mindset Webinar: ( ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 7

20 min 14 sec

454 signups -- 7x one of my average paid classes 75% attendance! Usually free webinars get around 25% attendance from signups. 77% of attendees filled out the feedback form to receive the free recording. 6% conversion (from total signups) to the paid version of the webinar, though I didn't know what to expect / wasn't counting on the sales. If you're interested in buying the webinar, it's available at: ( This snippet is from a MasterHeart Group conversation: ( ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Oct 4

23 min 9 sec

People often bring up the story of how Steve Jobs launched the iPod as an innovative product that the world didn't know it couldn't live without, as "evidence" that we should just launch things we *believe* the market would love. Or they use the quote from Henry Ford, and I paraphrase here: "If I had asked what people wanted, they would've told me 'faster horses' instead of 'car' which they didn't know anything about." ...but in the reality of entrepreneurship, it mostly doesn't work like this. Market research makes it more likely that a product/service/program will do better when it launches. Why? Because you're partnering with the market to create something they really want. This is a Q&A segment from my course on market research: ( ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Sep 30

5 min 37 sec

As I prepare to update my Authentic Course Launches training, I’d like to clear up a major myth, as well as share the 5 pieces to think about if you’re interested in launching your own courses. Read the blog post here: ( As mentioned, my blog post about business model: (

Sep 28

16 min

Perhaps the truest meaning of this moment is not whether you get “good” results… or whether you’ll have it easy… or whether you’ll look good. What the deeper meaning is, will depend on your life philosophy. There are multiple good answers. How would you respond to this question: “What is the higher meaning of each moment, that is more important than what’s apparent on the surface?” ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Sep 27

24 min 27 sec

Manon is a community builder and entrepreneur, and leads a global community for Co-Active coaches (and other coaches.) She believes the only way to grow yourself and your business is to Simply Start and the only thing you need to know is the next step. She brings together coaches in her community so that they can grow together in business and coaching and learn from each and from inspiring experts and mentors. In this interview, we discuss… * The importance of knowing you should not wait to be confident enough to start but confidence will grow as you do it. You DO NOT need to have all figured out, that is simply impossible. * When you create something new you will run into a lot of things that you don't know how to do yet. Learn to comfort yourself by saying: I will cross that bridge when I get there. * Don't go at it alone. Building a business can be a lonely endeavor. Find a group of trusted colleagues on a similar journey but that also inspire you to keep going and see your biggest self and gifts when you sometimes forget. * If you do not know exactly who you want to help or serve you won't find the answer in your head. You can do a 100 niche exercises but the only way you'll find out is by getting out there, doing it and get clarity by the doing. * If you are thinking of building your own community: do it. Do not underestimate the power and importance for people of being brought together with other people with whom they feel safe. People want to be connected and if you have the gift of being a connector: use it. I see it over and over again, in my own community but also with other coaches for instance when they do group coaching. Create a space that allows people to show up as their authentic selves. That's worth so much! ** If you are a coach and you want to be part of a community of coaches in which you can not only learn together and from inspiring mentors but also be real and show up authentically, check out Manon's "Simply Start" Community: ( If you want some 1-on-1 support to get simply started you can connect with Manon: ( ** Watch video or add comment here: (

Sep 23

25 min 59 sec

Here’s an attempt to simply explain my whole marketing strategy….  There are 3 stages for every authentic business: 1. Audience 2. Offers 3. Expansion I explain in this episode. Watch the video or add your comments here: (

Sep 20

26 min 52 sec

Should you use a tool that automates your social media, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, etc? I’ve tried Buffer and Hootsuite, and have seen them used by some clients and colleagues. I use none of them now, and caution my clients away from such tools, especially when posting to Facebook. This episode describes why. Watch the video or add your comments here: (

Sep 16

12 min 44 sec

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Sep 13

25 min 14 sec

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Sep 9

15 min 56 sec

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Sep 6

26 min 6 sec

Instead of possibly re-traumatizing our clients by selling to their "pain points" what if we emphasize their joy points, their gratitude points, their relief points? Watch the video or add your comments here: (

Sep 2

5 min 40 sec

Not only should you not be afraid to repeat yourself, you should consider doing it regularly. Have a consistent rhythm of reposting your popular articles, videos, or podcast episodes. Feel free to repeat the same ideas you’ve said before, whether in the same way or in a different way. This may give you some relief that you don’t have to constantly create new content forever (although, it is good for your creativity/mental fitness to do so!) You can sometimes simply work on improving and reposting your previous stuff. Read the blog post here: (

Aug 30

22 min 33 sec

Your life is actually working perfectly. And your business? It’s exactly where it’s supposed to be. It’s not that you love all the results. However, anything and everything occurring in your life has a system behind it. There’s cause and effect. You experience the effects… and you have more choice in the cause than you realize. Read the blog post here: (

Aug 26

26 min 31 sec

One of the common pieces of advice in selling and copywriting is that you need to “overcome the objections” of your prospective client. To ensure that their every concern and “what about….?” are answered so that they have zero doubt that your product/service is right for them. Let’s take a step back and consider this first: what kind of person would you rather sell to -- someone who has doubts and needs to be persuaded, or someone who is eager to see what you’re offering? Read the blog post here: (

Aug 23

24 min 46 sec

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Aug 19

21 min 21 sec

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Aug 16

13 min 56 sec

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Aug 12

14 min 2 sec

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Aug 9

19 min 59 sec

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Aug 5

8 min 29 sec

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Aug 2

27 min 12 sec

Listen to the master at work as he coaches some of my own clients into greater clarity with their niche! Watch video or add comment here: (Tad Hargrave Niche Coaching)

Jul 29

1 hr 31 min

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Jul 26

23 min 6 sec

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Jul 22

6 min 47 sec

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Jul 19

13 min 39 sec

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Jul 15

6 min 50 sec

Authentic social posting content from your own truth, regardless of whether people will like it or not. Watch video or add comment here: (

Jul 12

7 min 24 sec

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Jul 8

14 min 49 sec

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Jul 5

23 min 56 sec

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Jul 1

25 min 48 sec

I’ve seen so many people get stuck about how to come up with the perfect professional title or succinct description of their work. Here’s the secret: It’s mostly a vanity exercise, unless you come up with a brilliant brand name, but that can take a lot of time. You can simply let it surface organically. If you keep waiting for that perfect name before you start your marketing, you might just go out of business. You don’t need a perfect title or short description to start getting clients... Read the blog post here: (

Jun 28

28 min 12 sec

How do you feel about the word “competition”? For us self-employed people, that word can create anxiety and resistance. Being “competitive” tends to make human beings less cooperative. Instead, I recommend using the term “niche mates” — other worthy human beings who occupy the same industry niche as us. The world is starving for genuine, win-win collaborations. Read the blog post here: (

Jun 24

16 min 17 sec

In this short video I briefly describe the 8 Practices that I do consistently and recommend to my clients (and to you!) for growing an authentic business: 1) Joyful Productivity 2) Healthy Money Habits 3) Authentic Content 4) Paid Content Distribution 5) Collaborations 6) Audience Research 7) Rhythm of Gentle Launches 8) Mastery of Your Craft To read more about each of these, check out this blog post:

Jun 21

6 min 56 sec

The secret to joyful productivity is learning how to find enjoyment in any activity — especially tasks that move your goals forward but isn’t naturally “fun” to do — being able to do what is important, no matter what it is, with a consistency of joy. This blog post offer some ways to learn this valuable meta-skill: (

Jun 17

18 min 2 sec