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At First Methodist Houston our vision is to have an empowered, diverse faith family built on the foundation of God’s Word, sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ throughout Houston and the world.

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Today’s scripture is a common Advent passage - a passage about a time when God called Israel to follow the path he laid out for them. That path is still before us. Andy asks us to take it. “Put aside the things that divide us, and take a good look at the road Jesus has for us.” Isaiah 40:3-5 “Put aside the things that divide us”

Nov 29

26 min 47 sec

Luke 14 15-21

Nov 22

20 min 39 sec

Amanda grew up with an open table - Thanksgiving was a time for all people, no matter how tangentially connected, to have a place. It reminds her of the covenant God invited us to: to love each other as ourselves, and invite them to the table. 2 Samuel 1:9-10

Nov 15

28 min 42 sec

Andy discusses the importance of making an invitation to others by pointing out the way Jesus did just that: he ate with every kind of person. His table was always open. What’s a way that you could do the same? Luke 22:7-20

Nov 8

26 min 46 sec

Does anyone really believe we can have world peace? Kristen sums up our Missions series by exploring the many meanings of the word “shalom” in our world, and showing us what true peace on earth would really look like. Isaiah 9:6

Nov 1

19 min 6 sec

When William Shatner went to space, it left Andy thinking about what it’s like to get a true overview of the world, and what God is doing in it. Those things need action behind them. Andy talks about the ways God is calling us to take His hand and walk forward with Him in faith. John 17:20-23

Oct 25

26 min 36 sec

As we kick off this year’s missions series, Amanda emphasizes God’s requirement for us to take action in order to bring justice to the world. We are to invite the world in to experience what we are experiencing, to discover grace and mercy.

Oct 11

22 min 8 sec

As we spend one more week closely looking at the Lord’s Prayer, Jordan talks about the way the prayer continues to look different to us each time we look at it. Prayer is an act of faith, but it is also work - good, faithful work. God needs us to be Kingdom-bringers. And the holiest work we can do is ask for God to bring His Kingdom down.

Oct 5

21 min 6 sec

On a recent trip to a prayer labyrinth, Amanda couldn’t find the answers she was looking for. And so she had to surrender and hand everything over to God - and God met her there. When Amanda looks at the Lord’s Prayer, she is reminded of the how we often ask God to sprinkle blessings on top of what we’re doing, instead of seeking God’s kingdom.

Sep 20

23 min 55 sec

The greatest thing we can do to access the divine in our lives is pray. At the start of A Year of Prayer and Discernment, Andy focuses on what an incredible gift prayer is. We have a God who created us who wants to both hear us and speak to us. “Just beyond what we can see and know is a God who wants to move in us.”

Sep 13

26 min 52 sec

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Sep 6

29 min 36 sec

1 Peter 4:12-17 Jordan looks at 1 Peter 4 and is reminded of "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." Why? Because, as she point out, "the world is just icky sometimes." But Peter reminds us why we are called by God to form relationships - so that we can struggle through these things together. No matter what the pain you go through, don't go it alone.

Aug 29

18 min 43 sec

1 Peter 3:8-12 In Chapter 3, Peter echoes the lessons of the Sermon on the Mount to remind us of how Jesus Christ talked about living a life of forgiveness rather than retribution. Andy wants us to find ways to be a peacemaker. “Our days can’t be filled with conflict. We have to move on.”

Aug 23

25 min 44 sec

This week, Andy dives into chapter 2 of 1st Peter. He points out that our church is a diverse church - in the same way, the book of 1 Peter is the sort of story written to a diverse collection of churches. What Peter is writing about needs to be a model for us. “Each of us needs to be loved, each of us needs to be forgiven, and the church needs to be a place where we celebrate these things.”

Aug 16

28 min 3 sec

This week, Amanda Davis covers 1 Peter 1:13-16 Where did you see God at work today?

Aug 9

23 min 54 sec

Micah 6:7-8 Andy remembers a story of a woman who came into a church he worked at in need of food, and how the church responded - and whether their actions were truly just. “The church has to be a safe place to have a dangerous conversation.”

Aug 2

22 min 50 sec

When Andy gives, he realizes that the relationships he’s formed matter. Giving and relationship are intertwined. Whenever we make the decision to give and invest, we see God move in every other area of our lives.

Jul 26

26 min 34 sec

For Amanda's first sermon, she dives into the importance of service, and what a life lived with that purpose looks like.

Jul 19

19 min 55 sec

As we talk about loving others as we love ourselves, we have a lot of things to overcome - mostly, ourselves. Paul viewed himself fully as a servant of Jesus Christ - to him, that was his identity. If we did the same, we could avoid falling into all sorts of traps. COVID has separated us from people and from having a mission. Andy talks about finding a way back.

Jul 18

19 min 42 sec

In Jordan's first sermon at our church, she dives into the parable of the talents, and what happens when you fail to live out the mission that God has given you.

Jul 16

19 min 18 sec

Keeping the Sabbath holy is a physical and specific act - we have to go out of our way to set it aside in order to worship the Lord. As we enter a new series about the tenets that make up our church, Andy lays out three ways to make the most of your Sabbath.

Jul 4

22 min 32 sec

Andy points out that Elijah is much harsher to the prophets of Baal than we like to admit - the things Elijah said are so alarming that scholars later dialed it down, thinking surely Elijah could not have said something like this. But Elijah knew that God was with him. Plus, Andy returns to baseball metaphors - twice! - because the Astros won 11 in a row. And, of course, he jinxes them immediately.

Jun 28

23 min 7 sec

Some of us are uncomfortable with the word “prophet.” But prophets are not people who have power, but people who rely on the message of God. We need to be able to rely on that message the same way. Our call is to be a place of refuge from the brokenness of this world. God has given us gifts to share in community together. Because it is not a place that is the presence of God, it is in a community together in which we see God.

Jun 27

19 min 52 sec

The pandemic has taken a lot of things from us, and one of those things has been the ability to gather together and worship. The story we listen to today shows how Solomon built a tangible place for God to be worshiped - but though that temple was grand, it was, like everything else, temporary. In the same way, we must use the symbols around us to point us to God - and not to make them too important as they are. Andy shows us how to hold on to what we’ve inherited from the past, but also see the new thing that God is calling us to do.

Jun 20

20 min 24 sec

For his sermon, Andy needed an example of crossing lines - and on Sunday morning, he got one. As the world begins to open up; Andy finds himself incredibly excited for this moment. We have stepped into a new blessing. It is a time to lead. And Andy wants to help you make it happen.

Jun 14

23 min 5 sec

As we exit the pandemic, there are many of us who are ready just to forget what happened and move on. But this is a powerful moment we should not let pass by: how do we step forward well and allow God to take the lead? In Joshua, the people of Israel are leaving the wilderness and entering a new land. As God pulled back the waters of the Jordan to allow them to cross, Joshua had the people get stones to build an altar to remember that crossing. Joshua is calling on them, in that moment of transition, to rely on God’s power, on God’s faithfulness.

Jun 13

15 min 13 sec

Jesus takes a passage in Deuteronomy and flips it in a new way, so that it teaches us how to follow him - that we need to love God, and love our neighbor. But there’s one more step we need to do. ——

Jun 6

15 min 47 sec

Andy’s determined not to keep telling stories about baseball now that the Astros have started losing, but he’ll tell one more. And that’s of a player whose gifts were considered unworthy. When Paul is writing to the Corinthian church, he’s writing to a church that is allowing spiritual gifts to rip them apart. It was his challenge to teach them that each of these gifts were equally worthy. What are you good at? Where do you see your gifts? And are you putting those gifts into service? If you’d like to take a spiritual gifts assessment to learn more about where God has gifted you, you can find one online at this week.

May 30

20 min 54 sec

It is Donyale’s last podcast, and the group talks about the year of ministry that followed George Floyd’s death – the way their approach to ministry changed, and the need to be a church calling for justice. It’s a reconsideration of faith in politics, and call for faith in politics. The Ask Me Anything Podcast will be on a brief hiatus, but will return with new co-hosts later this summer! In the meantime, send us new questions at

May 27

36 min 12 sec

On Confirmation Sunday, Andy wonders what the church will look like in 60, 70 years. Does it invest in mercy and love and kindness? Because that’s what the church should be. Andy has learned a lot about baseball during the Pandemic, and he’s found a metaphor in some of the changes the game has made.

May 24

18 min 3 sec

Ken gets glasses to deal with eye strain and, as glasses do, they give him a little clarity. When Paul writes the Book of Romans, he's writing about the clarity he’s found. Paul is all about the Spirit. He believed that the central pursuit of the Christian life was living from the Spirit of God. Just knowing the law is not enough, we must commune with God.

May 23

20 min 47 sec

On a very loose podcast, the group tries to answer what to do when you feel you need your faith back, and how you're doing better than you think you are. This podcast sounds undedited, but trust me, it is very edited. Ask us a question!

May 20

20 min 20 sec

The Gospel of John, from its opening chapter, challenges us. Rather than begin with the story of the Nativity, it first rewrites Genesis from a Jesus-centric point of view. John tells us to listen, to hear, that God is speaking to us. This should not strike us as unusual, since God has been in the speaking business for a long time. And if we just want to hear ourselves speak, we miss out our chance to hear God speak. Plus, a trick for making sure you always hear what others have to say.

May 16

19 min 6 sec

A follow-up question about the New Jim Crow podcast series asks if the conversation about black imprisonment is perhaps too one-sided. The group… does not agree! Ask us a question!

May 13

39 min 11 sec

Chapter Five brings us to a fitting bookend for our series, as the whole book has called us to a life of action. The verses remind Donyale of a Twitter hashtag: #nomorethoughtsandprayers - a call to people to bring about concrete action, not vague feelings. James was also bringing a similar mindset against those who said “go in peace,” yet did nothing to stop the problems of the day. But James also calls on those same people to pray - in fact, call the community together to pray, underscoring it is our collective responsibility to care and alleviate suffering. When we pray, we are responding to God’s urging. We are responding to God’s invitation to get a glimpse of God’s understanding of others and the world. We can understand the hashtag, but let us not give up our prayers.

May 9

22 min 28 sec

As we wrap up our discussion on Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow” with Trinity United Methodist Church, Kenneth Jackson returns to the conversation to address the problems of trying to address a system built to consistently, repetitively keep people down. It leads to a discussion about what the church – and what we, as individuals – are required to do by our love of Jesus and willingness to follow his direction. The discussion will continue in the coming weeks, depending on what you ask us about! Reach out to us with a question:

May 6

33 min 38 sec

A strange experience on Houston light rail reminded Andy how we need to show grace and love in this time of recovery. “This is a great time for the church to be a pastor to one another." We are mist, James says. So why do our actions matter? Because time IS short. We need to make the most of these moments. “Yes you are mist. But you’re here now. And that MATTERS.”

May 3

22 min 44 sec

In the middle chapters of “The New Jim Crow,” Michelle Alexander breaks down racism baked into the justice system, and the group talks about being raised with different expectations, and passing those lessons along to their children. Plus, the exhaustion that comes with constantly being teachers, but the responsibilities we have to educate the people that we talk to. Got a question or a response? Reach us at!

Apr 29

39 min 18 sec

Andy’s mom warned him early that his tongue could get him into a lot of trouble - and boy, has it. The third chapter has a very profound idea about how small things can take us drastic directions. A person who proclaims the gospel is someone who must have their words under control. The way we can bring heaven upon this earth can be just as simple as paying attention to the words that we are saying.

Apr 25

20 min 6 sec

On our first podcast discussing “The New Jim Crow,” Andy and Donyale are joined by Trinity United Methodist’s Deirdre Barrett. The group discusses what stands out in the early chapters of Michelle Alexander’s book, including her statement that “colorblindness is not the answer, it’s the problem.” The discussion fans out into the call each member felt like the book put on them, including learning to find beauty in diversity without being threatened by it, and trying to find an equal amount of justice and forgiveness. The discussion will continue for two more weeks! Got a question? Visit us at

Apr 22

33 min 26 sec

While studying the life of Ernest Hemingway via the new Ken Burns documentary, Andy is inspired about the importance of action, and urges the congregation to concentrate on positive, God-honoring actions and see where that leads them. "In our actions, in what we’re doing... let’s see what God can do."

Apr 18

18 min 15 sec

A pretty straightforward question leads to a surprisingly fun and revealing conversation as the group each talks about their favorite sections of the Bible. Got a question? Ask us at!

Apr 15

26 min 5 sec

Andy digs into the first chapter of James as we start our walk through the book.

Apr 11

21 min 35 sec

The group considers the people God chose to destroy in the story of Noah’s ark, and point out the flaws inherent in comparing ourselves to people in the past, both for good and for bad. Ask us a question! This podcast is powered by

Apr 8

21 min 20 sec

It has been a very hard year, and there has been much to be afraid of. But we cannot let fear, death, and oppression write our story. It's on us to write another one.

Apr 4

23 min 6 sec

During a very tough recording session, the group fights through to talk about metaphor and reality in the Bible, how to approach the gospels, and dealing with matters of faith and the heart. Ask us a question!

Apr 1

22 min 39 sec

Genesis 15:9-12; 17-18 Andy explores the passage where Abram makes a covenant with God. We may wander, we may sin, but God always brings us home. No matter how far we may stray, our Lord embraces us when we repent and return to Him. Where do you spiritually feel at home? It's not the structure that brings significance, but the realization of the holiness and goodness of the Lord.

Mar 28

22 min 49 sec

Today’s question covers a wide span – starting with John Wesley’s abolitionist stance, to the division of the United Methodist church in the run up to the Civil War, to its history within Houston and the Civil Rights movement. Plus, a long look at the ways Scripture has been used to maintain white supremacy in America, and an acknowledgement that this conversation can only be had when we recognize our failures – and learn from them. Books referenced in today’s show: Jamar Tisby, “The Color of Compromise” ( M. Shawn Copeland, “Enfleshing Freedom” ( Our podcast with Trinity UMC regarding “The New Jim Crow” begins next month! Ask us a question: This podcast is powered by

Mar 25

30 min 43 sec