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The Justin Brady Show amplifies the best ideas, companies, entrepreneurs, and people on earth. Justin is an emerging tech PR communications guy that works in SEO, content strategy, PR and comms. When he's not amplifying his clients, he's amplifying ideas, companies, entrepreneurs, and people in the larger community.

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Is Meta and the metaverse the newest addiction you need to protect your family and employees from? Not really... Nir Eyal knows the tactics social media companies use to keep you hooked, and he explains how little power these companies actually have over you.   The New York Times best selling author of Hooked and Indistractable explains the word "addiction" is so easily tossed around, but the real problem is bad habits and our desire for distractions. His advice gets to the root cause of these tools, how to "hack back" against them, and why simply removing them from your life might not actually lessen your dependence on distractions.   Check out and buy the book here.   Check out the clickable chapters and show notes page at   Indistractable bonus content is here:   The schedule maker tool Eyal mentioned is here:    

Nov 3

34 min 28 sec

Life changes both positive and negative can be a lot to handle. If you're a new parent, or if you lost a loved one, speaking to others who are going through something similar is healing, especially when done in a safe space with licensed therapists. But finding these groups is hard, and Irad Eichler, founder of Circles created the solution. Eichler got the idea during his mother's fight with cancer. Even though he was supportive, he noticed the most bright moments for her, came from her discussions with people on the same path. He wanted to give that relief to people all around the world.

Oct 20

32 min 32 sec

In this special episode, Jay Ly, Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Chief, US Navy, has jumped from planes, taken enemy fire, and diffused bombs in Afghanistan. As the US exits the country, I ask him the good that we accomplished, and what the media got right, and what they got wrong. Ly's positive attitude, and encouraging words are what we all need to hear these days. Sit back and listen intently, this one is a doozy!

Sep 15

50 min 50 sec

Dan Simon founded Qwoted as a matchmaking service for journalists and expert sources. He explains how broken the relationship is between PR people and journalists is, and how he's trying to change it with technology. We also discuss how many PR agencies operate and how it's highly offensive for most journalists. To learn about the FART Method, go to To download the free PDF guide to get more press, go to To try out Qwoted, go to  

Sep 8

34 min 41 sec

80-hour workdays, sacrificing time with the family, and focusing only on work activities off the clock? It's not going to end well for you, explains Dr. Andrea Mata of the Bright Spot Podcast, and Bright Spot Families. Research shows aligning your work patterns to your circadian rhythm, resting, making time for family, and capping your work hours at 55 hours per week, makes you more productive each week. Not less. Learn more at: To get my free PDF guide that will amplify your brand to millions of people in just 10 days. Enter your first name and email here:    

Sep 1

35 min 41 sec

Many of us have experienced anxiety as it relates to Zoom or Google Meet calls. We stage the room, and prepare ourselves, but we all wonder if we are being perceived well through the lens. Charles Hua, CEO of Poised invented a real-time AI coach to help you. Using your computer's microphone, Poised analyzes vocal stress and speech patterns, presenting improvements in a real-time heads-up display. It analyzes, how fast you're speaking if you're using filler words, if your confidence needs a boost, and even clarity, empathy and energy.  Check out the screen capture of his feedback during my interview and read through the show notes at Do you want to download the "get more press" guide for entrepreneurs and emerging tech leaders? Get it for free at

Aug 18

27 min 58 sec

2020 and 2021 disrupted business as usual, and as business owners changed their strategy, some of it was good for us. John Jantsch, author of "Duct Tape Marketing," "The Referral Engine," and in September "The Ultimate Marketing Engine" compiled all the positive marketing lessons, and how can we apply those to future challenging events. To download John's hack to get you more customer referrals, and the 10-day "get more press" guide go sign up here:

Aug 9

32 min 2 sec

With remote work comes remote internships. And with remote internships, people in rural areas or foreign countries gain access to jobs they might not otherwise have access to; in addition, candidates' companies might otherwise not attract. But how will companies handle the collaboration and learning aspect? Ed Holroyd Pearce of Virtual Internships explains how they're solving the problem. To see the show notes go to  To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

Aug 1

34 min 30 sec

How do you actually invent a piece of hardware tech? Gabriel Glynn, CEO of MākuSafe discusses how he created a small device that monitors, tracks, and shows worker safety data to make workers safer. With no hardware or product experience, he goes into detail on how his cofounder created their first product by hand, how they found manufacturing partners, how he found the right people, and what partners helped him make this a reality. For anyone who has a product in mind, they'd like to invent. This is for you.  To see the show notes go to  To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

Jul 14

33 min 26 sec

Is there a lack of funding for women entrepreneurs, immigrants, people of color, moms, people over 40? If so, why? Soulaima Gourani, CEO of Happioh discusses her new startup, pivoting during COVID, Zoom-fundraising, and how she overcame barriers to fundraising by not making excuses and pushing herself to constantly beat the odds.   To see the show notes go to  To download Soulaima's free referral tip and my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

Jun 25

35 min 28 sec

Troy Dunn has been interviewed on all the major TV networks, created three prime-time top-rated shows, and has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil. I asked him to share his media methods and insight, and he didn't disappoint. Dunn explains the power of a story, how to craft one, why press releases are completely useless, why PR folks suck, and how to get top media coverage even if you're not an expert or superstar. Go to to sign up for his next media training course. To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

Jun 20

39 min 30 sec

Myths about successful founders are more prevalent than mosquitos in Minnesota. That's why I asked Ali Tamaseb, the author of Super Founders and parter at DCVC to explain the data. He went through 30,000 data points on all the unicorn companies founded in the last 15 years and all the non-unicorns who raised funding. He then compared and contrasted them. The data is insightful not just for major startups but all founders at any stage. How much does age, education level, number of co-founders, domain expertise, competition, and passion for a problem matter? Perhaps not as much as you think. To see the show notes go to  To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

May 31

32 min 47 sec

If you're like my wife, you're terrified of talking to strangers. You also probably think it doesn't really matter, but you're wrong explains Joe Keohane, author of The Power of Strangers. Keohane is a seasoned writer/editor for many loved publications and becomes obsessed with why we don't to strangers. It turns out, talking to strangers is easier than you think, and has tangible benefits for you at work and in your personal relationships. Seriously! To see the show notes go to  To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to   

May 26

38 min 57 sec

The entrepreneurial explosion is here and we're going to see a lot of investment flowing into startups. The question is: are you really ready? I ask Saba Karim, Head of Techstars Global Accelerator Pipeline, the silly mistakes founders make, and how to get in on the mountains of cash, and investors looking for great companies. To see the show notes go to  To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

May 11

35 min 10 sec

The pandemic crushed her photography business, but cancer-survivor Ashley Wilkerson didn't take it lying down. She pivoted to a business model based on selfies! No joke! This pro photographer has opened 12 brick-and-mortar selfie studios during the pandemic, with 28 set to open across the nation. To see the show notes go to  To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to 

Apr 28

29 min 35 sec

In an era of rising tensions and concern about violence, one company has made it their mission to make the bullet obsolete. Axon, makers of bodycams and the Taser have an incredible mission, and their CFO, Jawad Ahsan joins me to discuss the future of de-escalation and building teams.

Apr 19

27 min 40 sec

Google is removing 3rd party cookie support from Chrome, the most popular web browser in the world. Jory Des Jardins, CMO of The @ Company, explains the significance and how the web will begin the change. Also, we dig into the other ways Google is already tracking people via Chrome and why consumers can't breathe easily just yet.

Apr 14

35 min 7 sec

Will Keeps cover of "Living On A Prayer" will give you chills, but his goal is much bigger than just laying down a great vocal track. He's focused on bringing healing to the black community and our Police officers. He's accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time, despite people that hate him for it.

Mar 31

33 min 15 sec

Ari Rastegar turned $3000 into 4.9 million square feet across 34 cities and explains to be in vivid detail how brick and mortar retail is about to explode, how retailers can position themselves to win, and how the office space will evolve in amazing ways.

Mar 24

30 min 4 sec

Three guests joined me LIVE on Clubhouse to discuss powerful business lessons and some listeners joined in as well. Tom Eisenmann, Harvard Business School Professor discusses why startups fail. Stephan Aarstol, CEO of Tower Paddle Boards discusses why his 5-hour workday failed. And Felena Hanson of Hera Hub created a coworking space for women? Join me live every Tuesday on Clubhouse at 11 am CT and check Twitter (@JustinBrady) or my website to see who my next guests are.

Mar 16

1 hr 3 min

Swappable batteries for EVs were famously tried by Tesla, but they flopped. I ask Steve Gilbert, Chairman of the Board for Sun Mobility if Tesla and Elon Musk got it wrong or if they were just too early. Gilbert explains why the way we think of city vs cross-country travel will change in the future, and how an entirely new market of vehicles will likely emerge.

Mar 8

35 min

I interviewed the man behind a viral tweet, Chad Crawford of @AUChizad about eBay taking down his Dr. Seuss book sale. They even threatened to suspend his account if he tried again. Have we gone too far? I have my thoughts as well.

Mar 3

13 min 51 sec

Whether he's producing content for his two podcasts or leading Entrepreneur Magazine, there's no denying Jason Feifer is a content savant. I've often asked how it's possible he consistently comes up with fresh, unique, and educational work. Plus, he tells me his most awkward interview, and how to pitch a story for him to consider.

Mar 2

36 min 50 sec

That asshole boss at work? Just let it go. Seriously. In this show, I explain why every single asshole boss I've worked under is in rough shape today. If they treat you like crap, they are treating many others like crap. Because most people stick within the same industries, it's only a matter of time, usually 10 years or so, before they burn too many bridges and get stuck. Special thanks to Jay for contributing via Clubhouse.

Feb 22

27 min 27 sec

There hasn't been any real innovation in toothpaste for decades and the amount of waste generated by toothpaste tubes alone is significant. That's why Bite has created toothpaste tabs in a glass container, with easy refills. Co-founder Asher Hunt explains how the tabs foam up when bitten, and why they walked away from Mark Cuban's offer.

Feb 15

32 min 14 sec

As everyone points figures and calls each other evil, Justin Brady explains why there are logical good-natured reasons why people are actually against a $15 minimum wage increase and canceling student debt. Have we lost the ability or respectfully disagree?

Feb 9

28 min 1 sec

I've been using Clubhouse for nearly one week and while there are a lot of aspects I love, there are some really ugly aspects you should be aware of. Mostly, there are a lot of fake people so be careful. Also in this show, I address a few listeners who need a lesson on how to pitch podcasts, shows, and get press for themselves. I'd guess right now they're turning off journalists.

Feb 1

29 min 49 sec

Taking down Parler and censoring the past President's Twitter account, as noble as it may seem on the surface, set a dangerous precedent. Is this the beginning of a tech civil war? I think it might be and I want to discuss this with you. The bottom line is this: no matter how loony a view is, I believe it should be included in the public square where it can be debated and challenged with love, compassion, and mutual respect. Am I wrong? Am I right? Message me at

Jan 23

12 min 41 sec

I've often thought remote collaboration is inferior to in-person collaboration but Will Burns, founder of Ideasicle, who has worked at the most prestigious agencies, says it can be better! It turns out there are certain negatives that come with in-person collaboration most of us forget about. Introverts are steamrolled by loudmouths, and we tend to discriminate based on where feedback comes from. But remotely? Some of that stuff goes away.

Jan 21

32 min 37 sec

Is This the End of Recycling? Citing logistical and sorting problems, that's what a 2019 piece in The Atlantic asked. But as recyclables are tossed into landfills and recycling companies are on the verge of dying, the CEO of Amp Robotics, Matanya Horowitz has invented a robot that sorts faster and more accurately than humans.

Jan 8

29 min 45 sec

What if healthcare workers could help people based on who needed healthcare and not geography? Would that address the projected 2.5 million health worker shortage? Dr. Jon Lensing, CEO of OpenLoop Technology is addressing that very problem. Also in this show: everyone is predicting the end of business travel, but Justin thinks everyone... is WRONG, and he has some solid reasons.

Jan 2

33 min 20 sec

Pixar has released "Soul" on Disney + and it's incredible for more reasons than even you realize. For example, did you see the pianist's hands? Also in this show: Robots dance better than I do, and this will change the future. And what Boeing DIDN'T do when re-launching the MAX shocked me.

Dec 2020

24 min 50 sec

Bestselling author and Thinkers50 dude, David Burkus joins me to answer a big question is remote work just a remote workaround? As soon as the pandemic hit, Burkus got his nose to the grind creating a guide book solely focused on remote work management. I throw all my objections, questions, and challenges and he offers up concrete tactical strategies for remote managers to not just manage, but thrive and exceed their own goals.

Dec 2020

37 min 28 sec

Amanda Goetz went from being the VP of Marketing at into being a founder of House of Wise, a CBD startup focused on women. But how? How did she raise cash? How did she work on this while being full time at, and how did she learn the CBD industry with zero prior knowledge?

Dec 2020

32 min 34 sec

New entrepreneurs are often discouraged when watching their colleagues become successful, but they shouldn't be. Because they aren't being told the truth. Also in this show, why malls died how this is good for the future of small business. Plus, small designers, seamstresses, and tailors are going to benefit from the new industry of micro fashion. Topics 0:44 - Half of entrepreneurs lie about success 16:15 - Why malls dying helps small business (like you) 25:00 - Micro fashion is going to be a BIG thing for tailors, seamstresses and clothiers.

Dec 2020

32 min 51 sec

I can't take it anymore. We need to stop saying "2020 sucks" I'm even hearing it on advertisements now. Pain and struggle are real, but they are also quite normal and don't define us, or our future. Topics: 1:00 - Why you should STOP saying 2020 sucks 7:20 - Covid-preneuers are going to rule 2021 and beyond 20:05 - Christmas cards are going to be BIG this year. 26:23 - Burnout is getting worse for home workers, and getting better for office workers.

Nov 2020

31 min 48 sec

Just as we predicted AI and Automation is creating an incredible entrepreneurial explosion and COVID is the catalyst? Also, I met Dave Ramsey and he explained how he was "discovered" which is a great lesson on why great ideas don't win. Oh, and why forgiving college debt DOES hurt others. TOPICS: 0:53 - The entrepreneurial revolution is about to BLOW UP. (Not kidding) 15:27 - How Dave Ramsey was discovered and why the best idea doesn't win 28:31 - Forgiving college debt actually DOES hurt innocent people

Nov 2020

35 min 1 sec

0:00 - The election is over, but people are only getting more aggressive and nasty with eachother. Don't fall for the partisan power-grab trick. 10:00 - As predicted in April, the hyper-local community-based workplace may replace the centralized HQ. It's happening! 20:00 - Apple keeps removing features to sell us dongles, and the same is true with the new MacBooks with the M1 chip. HOW LONG CAN APPLE FANS TAKE IT?

Nov 2020

30 min 31 sec

I'm sure you remember the 2016 election, right? The polls couldn't have been more wrong. I asked the guy MSNBC calls a "genius" pollster, can polls be trusted? The short answer is "no." According to Berland, media polls are nothing more than reality TV. That doesn't mean they don't have a strategic purpose, however. This interview will change your entire perception of polls forever.

Oct 2020

29 min 24 sec

0:00 - The Social Dilemma documentary has a critical flaw that can't be ignored. Plus this alarmism is a tale as old as time. 10:00 - Do you know why the supply chain failed? It's actually quite simple, and it relates to the rapid decline in... consumer air travel? Guess what: this WILL affect your holiday purchases. 20:00 - I have a simple SEO / content strategy trick. How about I just tell you how to rank on Google page #1 for free? ok?

Oct 2020

30 min 27 sec

First of all, I'm proud to announce my hot topics are now broken up from guest interviews! In today's show, Americans useless hatred of each other, Covid cleaning goes too far, and small business optimism records have been set in a PANDEMIC? Topics: 0:55 - Americans hate each other more than ever, despite not being more polarized than before 15:46 - Have we gone too far with Covid cleaning? The research seems to indicate... yep. 26:46 - Small business optimism just hit a record high IN A PANDEMIC!

Oct 2020

35 min 18 sec

Half of employees don't trust their boss, and the consequences on your bottom line are bad! Dan Pontefract explains how this trust eroded, and why uncaring bosses are the least productive. All show topics: 0:20 - Apple says not including chargers with their phones cuts down on e-waste. They're wrong. 14:07 - Dan Pontefract on why you shouldn't roll your eyes when talking about empathetic leadership. 47:27 - No one wants to fly, but is the Coronavirus REALLY to blame? Check out all the show notes pages at  

Oct 2020

33 min 57 sec

Martin Babinec co-founded TriNet, currently a $4 billion company listed on the NYSE. He gets really specific on how to create more tech jobs in your community, which levers to pull, and who can lead this effort. Other show topics: 1:35 - Don't do a virtual event! Here's why. 15:00 - Martin Babinec discusses what levers to pull to gain More Good Jobs. 47:23 - Elon Musk is making bricks. #LettersToElon 49:20 - The BIG mistake you're making with your kid's virtual schooling. 55:48 - Ireland has ruled, Subway doesn't make bread.

Oct 2020

59 min 27 sec

In this special post-debate show, Justin Brady mocks the Joe VS Don debate, and wonders why Americans want the government to fix their problems, despite also believing they aren't competent enough to do just that. Also in this show, Duracell has announced flavored batteries that taste gross. Uber and Lyft now have to meet minimum wage laws in Seattle and drivers are going to get screwed. Also, WHY do sticky price tags NOT COME OFF? 1:23 - Why the debates sucked, why media is screwing up, and why Americans want a broken government to fix their problems. 14:36 - Seattle is forcing Lyft and Uber to pay minimum wage. This will hurt drivers and riders. 23:26 - WHY do companies use adhesive price tags that DON'T COME OFF? 26:47 - Duracell is making bitter-tasting batteries.

Sep 2020

31 min 6 sec

Laura Vanderkam joins me to discuss how working parents can still manage your kid's even while working remotely at home. Yes, you can still get stuff done, and co-exist in the same house! Vanderkam is a time management superstar, author of "The New Corner Office", "Off The Clock" and hosts The New Corner Office, Best of Both Worlds, and the Before Breakfast podcasts!

Sep 2020

32 min 4 sec

In this season of political turmoil, I thought it best to forgo the standard show format and instead focus on political unity. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, John Hickenlooper, Marianne Williamson, and John Delaney. Even though we agreed on very little, we had amazing discussions and I truly learned a lot from them. I feel, especially right now, we all need to hear appropriate, respectful political discussions. Differences don't have to be divisive. They can bring us together and make us stronger. 2:29 - Mr. Andrew Yang 19:14 - Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard 35:51 - Mr. Tom Steyer 53:07 - Governor John Hickenlooper 1:12:11 - Ms. Marianne Williamson 1:30:23 - Congressman John Delaney

Sep 2020

1 hr 33 min

Remote work superstar Vicki Brackett talks specifics on remote work problems like how to compensate for body language, how to keep people focused, and how to synthesize emotional intelligence. Other Topics: 1:02 - Content paywalls need to end. Why can't I buy a single piece for 5¢, 10¢, or 25¢ like iTunes? 9:46 - Vicki Brackett on the problems and solutions to remote work 38:13 - A new PEW report shows over half of young adults now live with their parents, but everyone is leaving out a key detail. 45:00 - WHY are background bands in Hollywood movies so awkward? 47:27 - Foldable phones are lame. Here's why. 53:19 - There will never be a new normal, but there never HAS been a "normal." Ever. Normal companies die.

Sep 2020

1 hr

Rob Angel, the creator of Pictionary, explains how he sold his creation door to door and how he walked away from a major deal with one of the biggest game manufacturers in the country. What does this guy, who built his business around in-person collaboration think about remote work's sustainability? We also discuss why Roku is winning the streaming game, why banks are ridiculous, and the shocking amount of Americans that don't trust the media. All Topics: 1:03 - What is in the water. Is it just me or is service TERRIBLE these days 9:18 - Rob Angel, Creator of Pictionary 37:15 - Why are banks so stupid? 41:24 - Americans don't trust the news. It's bad guys. 54:23 - Roku is winning the streaming war? How's that possible.

Aug 2020

1 hr 1 min just sold to Blackstone for 4.7 billion dollars and I ask it's founder Paul Allen how we knew the company would be big and what he's working on now. Other topics: 1:15 - Why we can't simply shut down the economy and allow "essential business." 7:06 - Paul Allen discusses building to be a billion-dollar business 26:55 - Paul Allen discusses his next billion-dollar project helping people on their career and life path. 53:01 - A new report shows the most creative generation. I have my concerns though.

Aug 2020

1 hr 6 min

Clifford Hudson, the CEO of Sonic Drive-Ins that brought with him incredible growth, revenue, and the "Sonic guys" explains how white guys became the minority on their board, how to mix politics and business, and how they nearly threw out their best idea because "it wasn't ordained" by the leadership. 01:26 - Uber and Lyft might leave California. Why? It's all about the money! 15:00 - Former Sonic CEO Clifford Hudson 49:01 - WHY!? Initial Quality edition. 51:38 - Don't connect on LinkedIn this way. 57:42 - One influential tech company is doubling down on the office space.

Aug 2020

1 hr 2 min