A Canadian Skoolie

Daniel Dillon

Our podcast is about skoolies (school buses converted into RVs or homes) present and past owners, builders, designers, suppliers, and those interested in skoolies, specifically in Canada.

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This week I spoke with Patrick who is living in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Patrick is an entrepreneur and the father of three excited kids who are looking forward to skoolie adventures. From swimming with his family to getting a piece of metal in his eye during the build, Patrick believes you have to stick to the process and continue to move forward. Instagram  Website 

Jul 22

28 min 38 sec

S1-E44 July 18, 2021 - This week I spoke with Janie from Quebec. She is a mother to three young children and is married to her husband Johnathan. Together they built their skoolie that they are presently living in until their house is finished being built in the fall. From engine starting problems to their first adventure to the Maritimes, this couple loves the skoolie life. Instagram 

Jul 18

19 min 49 sec

This week I spoke with Will who is from West Virginia and is the author of the amazing skoolie book titled -  Skoolie: How to Convert a School Bus or Van into a Tiny Home. Will has built a number of skoolies over the past six years and is presently working on his next skoolie edition. From traveling across the USA with his fiance to renting out his skoolie on Airbnb, Will has a passion for everything skoolie. Instagram Skoolie Book 

Jun 27

24 min 50 sec

This week I spoke with Brian and Erin who are living in their bus in Stratford, Ontario. Brian is a former firefighter from the United States and Erin is a hair stylist from Southern Ontario. This globetrotting couple is working on finishing their skoolie build and have started an online business. From hiking in jungles to near death experiences, this couple recommends others just get out there and experience life. YouTube Instagram  Get Your Skoolie On Website

Jun 20

1 hr 5 min

This week I spoke with Ugo and Isabelle who are in Bromont, Quebec. Ugo is a pilot and Isabelle is a business coach. From living on a sailboat, cockroaches on their heads, to having clear communication skills, this couple is ready for their next adventure on their new flat nose skoolie. Ugo Facebook  Isabelle Facebook 

Jun 13

25 min 52 sec

This week I spoke with Joe who lives in Saskatoon. Joe is a retired residential and commercial painter who is in the process of creating his own skoolie. From painting the hood of his skoolie plaid to figuring out how to put a smart car in the back of his skoolie, Joe is a driven individual.

Jun 6

28 min 59 sec

This week I spoke with Sandy who is now living in California in her skoolie with her family and working for Bus Conversion Magazine. From driving back and forth across the US to creating an amazing bus conversion magazine, Sandy does not stop. Bus Conversion Magazine  Facebook 

May 30

31 min 40 sec

This week I spoke with Ben and Marie who have been living in their skoolie for 3 years. Ben is from Ontario and Marie is from Paris, France. This inspiring couple love to work hard for periods of time and then travel intensively either nationally or internationally. From broken brake lines to bus adventures across Canada, Ben and Marie are enjoying their bus life experience. Instagram

May 23

1 hr 2 min

This week I spoke with Woody Holler who is a Manitoba musician who uses his skoolie for touring. From driving across Canada in July with the heat full blast, driving over a new lawn mower, to ping ponging across the parries on tour, Woody takes it all in stride. Instagram  Facebook 

May 16

51 min 33 sec

This week I spoke with Ben who is a civil engineer from Australia and living in his bus in Calgary. From living in his bus in the Canadian winter in Alberta to paddling down the Rhine River in an inflatable kayak, Ben loves to scare his family and friends.  Ben is visiting Canada on a two year working holiday visa and hopes to see more of Canada during his stay. Instagram 

May 9

51 min 23 sec

This week I spoke with Mandy from Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Mandy is a teacher and entrepreneur who will be set up to work out of her skoolie when it is complete. Mandy speaks Japanese and has extensively traveled around the world. Mandy is an inspiration as her and her husband are teaching themselves how to build a skoolie from scratch. Instagram

May 2

30 min 57 sec

This week I spoke with an amazing group of rock climbing friends from the UK and Germany who built a skoolie in Canada and lived in it together for a duration of time. James, Neil and Lucas are all professionals who love adventure. From backing into a car to spectacular rock climbing adventures in Canada and the United States, this trio has developed a bond that will last forever. James  Neil  Lukas 

Apr 25

49 min 25 sec

This week I spoke with Peter and Britni Jolly from Acton, Ontario. Peter works as a financial advisor and Britni is an elementary school teacher. This amazing couple hopes to finish their bus build by the first of July in order to start their summer travel adventures with their young family. Facebook

Apr 18

47 min 52 sec

This week I spoke with Steve Green who is living in his skoolie in Terrace, BC. Steve is a jack of all trades and loves to create a life work balance for himself. From supporting his son's dreams, driving across Canada, to slicing his hand open, Steve always looks on the bright side of life.  If you are thinking about building a skoolie or coach bus, Steve recommends you just do, buy a bus, have faith in yourself, and live with no regrets. Facebook

Apr 11

1 hr 10 min

This week I spoke with Amanda and James who are living in their skoolie on Vancouver Island with their three children. Amanda has traveled around the world and James has traveled around Canada and together they are experiencing the west coast of Canada as a family. This couple is grounded in family and are connected to the land. From learning how to downshift on hills to building an app connecting people living the tiny home lifestyle, this duo are not afraid of facing new challenges. Facebook  Website 

Apr 4

1 hr 8 min

This week I spoke with Lorie from Perth, Australia. Lorie is a trained commercial diver who now lives in his beautiful rebuilt 1949 double decker bus and is in the process of driving around Australia raising funds in a charity drive. Be prepared to be inspired by how Lorie found himself on the top of a mountain, drove around Australia at 45km/hr, and creates art out of coffee grinds. Facebook

Mar 28

1 hr 7 min

This week I spoke with Angel and Alex who are on the road in western Canada, but are originally from Montreal. This young couple work in the film industry and live in their bus full time. From a two year bus build to snowboarding in fresh powder, these two are living the skoolie life and hope to be in Costa Rica in the future. Facebook 

Mar 21

50 min 27 sec

This week I spoke with Simon and Clara who are living near Montreal. Simon is a Canadian who works in the tech sector and Clara is from Spain and is a massage therapist. This wonderful young couple are passionate about building their skoolie and are enjoying taking their time to build it right. From a raised roof, to upside down windows, this bus has in-floor heating and looks amazing. Simon and Clara are looking forward to fulfilling their dream of meeting people across North America during their upcoming travels that they hope to begin in the next six months. Facebook 

Mar 14

51 min 36 sec

This week I spoke with Brendan from Bedford in the UK, but now resides in Sweden. Brendan works in the renewable energy sector and lives full time in his skoolie. From living with mice in his bus to the engine fan flying off in traffic, Brendan always remains calm. Brendan also recommends taking your time with your bus build and to check out the NGO All Hand and Hearts. Instagram 

Mar 7

48 min 42 sec

This week I spoke with Gary and Amanda who have been living in their skoolie for the past three years. Gary, Amanda, and their teenage daughter are presently located in Nova Scotia and are looking forward to traveling again. This inspiring couple have traveled back and forth across Canada and spent time traveling throughout the United States. From adventures and mishaps to homeschooling their daughter, Gary and Amanda recommend that if you are thinking about building a skoolie or a coach bus, do it now and make sure to use spray foam insulation. Instagram  Facebook 

Feb 27

1 hr 10 min

This week I spoke with Erin who is from Alberta. Erin is an occupational therapist and has converted a ski hill shuttle bus into a traveling occupational therapy space for kids. Erin loves taking her bus named  “Betty White” to work kids at daycares and preschools and camping with her family. From outings with her family, to hoses breaking on her bus, Erin believes “joy is in the journey” and that “play is her favourite occupation. Facebook  Website 

Feb 21

38 min 16 sec

This week I spoke with Kelly and Bryan who are from Manitoba but are now living in Bermuda.  Kelly is a registered nurse and Bryan is enjoying his time as a stay at home dad. From a gap year in New Zealand to almost being decapitated in The Whiteshell, this wonderful couple is planning to take a year off  in the future and travel across North America with their daughter. Happybus_Happyus

Feb 13

43 min 41 sec

This week I spoke with Sam and Carley from right here in Manitoba. This unique couple are both farmers and paramedics and are on their third skoolie build. Sam is an amazing musician while Carley makes beautiful leather goods. From travelling with a stranger for six weeks to being welcomed into a Newfoundland squid jigging community, this couple loves being open to opportunities as they arise. Website Instagram 

Feb 7

38 min 10 sec

This week I spoke with Shelby from Victoria, British Columbia. Shelby has a business degree, is self employed and is an artist who enjoys connecting with others. With her partner, Shelby has traveled back and forth across Canada and has created the Victoria VanLife Community. From waterfalls inside the van, to adventures at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Shelby loves meeting people and sharing stories. Back Woods Projects Adventures of Butters the Dog

Jan 31

33 min 29 sec

This week I spoke with Shane who grew up in Oshawa, Ontario, but now travels around the USA in his skoolie. Shane and his partner Emily are musicians who are the band, Arbour Season. This couple was inspired to jump into skoolie life after watching the documentary Expedition Happiness and now travel full time around the USA performing at house concerts and showcase their bus at festivals.  As Shane states, “The world can use more smiles”, so get out there, be happy, and be a friendly face. Arbour Season - Spotify Arbour Season - Instagram Shane Anderson - Facebook 

Jan 24

31 min 37 sec

This week I spoke with Chris who is from the state of Georgia in the USA. Chris is the owner of Blackstone Builders and I believe he has come up with a revolutionary design that is perfectly suited for the Canadian winter. Chris suggests skoolie and tiny house builders always do extensive research and not to be afraid to reach out and ask for help. From detailed finish work to the dream of an off road super skoolie, Chris is reshaping the design of skoolies. Instagram 

Jan 17

36 min 58 sec

This week I spoke with Kayla and Kevin Kemp from right here in Flin Flon, Manitoba. Kayla is working for the local Northern Regional Health Authority and Kevin is working for the local Hudson Bay Mining Company. This great couple just bought their first school bus in September, they have removed all the seats and look forward to a roof raise and starting their build in the spring. From traveling around the world, to preparing to downsize, this duo's goal is to make a real difference in the world through their actions. Instagram

Jan 10

35 min 13 sec

This week I spoke with Tim and Val who are originally from Belgium but reside in the south of Spain for now (Spent time in Fernie, BC) .  Both Tim and Val have extensively traveled around the world and together they built a business out of a school bus that was a European travelling hostel. From breakdowns to snowstorms and the kindness of strangers, this couple knows there is a silver lining in all of their life experiences. They recommend people enjoy the process of building their bus and that the world is not a scary place. Lets Be Nomads 

Jan 3

49 min 27 sec

This week I spoke with Justin from Hamilton, Ontario who is studying to be a millwright and works for Fedex. Justin knows how to get a good deal when he sees one as he is in the process of building his second skoolie. From collecting vintage bikes as a hobby to being chased off a beach in PEI by people with tiki torches, Justin suggests people get outside and reconnect with nature. Facebook

Dec 2020

29 min 38 sec

This week I spoke with Stan and Renee from Montreal. Stan is retired from the Canadian military and Renee is an academic writer. Together, this amazing couple is working on finishing their first skoolie build. From rocks through their front windshield to their adult children's opinions about skoolie life, this couple suggests following your skoolie dreams, but make sure you have a little bit of extra room on your credit card. Facebook  Instagram 

Dec 2020

37 min 49 sec

This week I spoke with Joel Levesque who is a skilled heavy duty diesel mechanic from Roxton Pond, Quebec. Joel does not intend to live in his skoolie, but is looking forward to travelling around the country to visit family, friends, and attend festivals. Joel recognizes money does not grow on trees and advises others who want to convert a school bus or a coach to take their time, set goals, and work hard. Facebook 

Dec 2020

23 min 16 sec

This week I spoke with Jay Worsley who is a global traveller and teacher based in Meaford, Ontario. Jay is a family man, who enjoys adventure and learning from his bus conversion project. Jay shares with us his experience constructing the bus and his plans for the future. Instagram

Dec 2020

30 min 4 sec

This week I spoke with Steven Glass who is the co-owner of the Canadian bus and van conversion company Paved to Pines based in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Steven started his skoolie journey through his passion for hockey, by being inspired by the people he met at college, and now is doing a job he loves by working with the skoolie/van conversion community. Steven has a passion for entrepreneurship, the outdoors and converting vehicles into useable spaces. Paved to Pines 

Nov 2020

39 min 15 sec

This week I spoke with Doug and Mindy Ashwood who are originally from Ontario but now live on Prince Edward Island. Doug and Mindy worked for years driving buses in Ontario and are now retired from the Toronto Transit Commission. Doug and Mindy are great storytellers who will keep you hooked throughout the podcast. From getting stuck in sand for days in Mexico to how to keep the mosquitoes out of your bus at night. Facebook 

Nov 2020

50 min 42 sec

This week I spoke with Ariane Goulet who is originally from Quebec by now studying sustainable tourism in Barcelona, Spain. Ariane is a world class snowboarder who drove her short skoolie all around North America to compete in races and she just made it back to Canada before the US/Canada border closed due to Covid 19. Facebook

Nov 2020

36 min 46 sec

Welcome to this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Nick and Jess who are originally from Ontario, but are now located in British Columbia. This young millennial couple is making a fresh start by having a positive impact on the environment, helping inspire others, and who believe in living every moment to its fullest. Grab a warm beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie Podcast. @home.roller (Instagram) Home Roller (Facebook)

Nov 2020

32 min 20 sec

Welcome to this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Peter Walford who is a dentist in the Northern Gulf Islands in BC. Peter is a relaxed academic, who enjoys sailing and loves to learn from his many projects. Peter shares with us his slippery adventure on black ice, his innovative means of heating his bus with in-floor heating, and suggests building and maintaining relationships. Grab a warm beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie Podcast. Peter Walford Dentistry 

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min

Welcome to this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Jacob from MixBus Studio out of Quebec. Jacob is a multi talented artist and producer who owns two buses. One bus is for living in and another bus is a recording studio and concert stage. Inspired by The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jam in the Van, Jacob and his partner Isabelle have created something pretty cool. From playing 35 seniors venues during Covid 19, getting lost with Google Maps, and partying with DJ’s until 6am, this amazing adventure team takes the magic wherever they go. So Grab a warm beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie Podcast. Instagram Website Youtube Facebook

Oct 2020

29 min 54 sec

Welcome to this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Tricia Greening who now lives outside Vancouver, BC in her skoolie. Tricia is a single mother of two twenty year olds and she is a hard working, jack of all trades person who loves to think outside the box. This week Tricia shares with us her driving adventure, dreams for her future and her philosophy of bus life.  Grab a warm beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie Podcast. Facebook

Oct 2020

25 min 14 sec

Welcome to this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Roland Hoffman from Winnipeg, Manitoba who owns a 1973 Trillium Trailer. Roland is a retired marine security inspector who has spent a lot of time in the Canadian Arctic. Twelve years ago, Roland started the Manitoba Fiberglass Vintage Camper Rally in St Malo, Manitoba.  This week, Roland will share his adventures, mishaps and suggestions for people who are interested in vintage trailers, skoolies, or coach buses. Roland has also extended a warm invasion to all those in the skoolie/bus community to attend next year's rally. Grab a warm beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy this week's edition of A Canadian Skoolie Podcast. Facebook - Manitoba Fiberglass Vintage Camper Rally

Oct 2020

37 min 51 sec

Welcome to this week’s edition to A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Owen and Kendall who are both university students in Kelowna, BC. They have a great love story to share about their bus named peppermint and how they became a couple. Enjoy your listen of this young wise and compassionate couple who are friendly giants with a deep historical connection to Uranium City, Saskatchewan. Instagram Facebook

Oct 2020

29 min 25 sec

Welcome to this week’s edition to A Canadian Skoolie podcast. This week I spoke with Mark who is from the Netherlands, he has lived around the world, and moved to Canada just before the Covid-19 lock down. He considers himself to be a maker, dreamer, and a risk-taker who doesn't back down from a challenge. Mark will share his skoolie story that started with a wrong turn and his first drive that was through downtown Toronto. He will also share four pieces of advice for those who are thinking about building a bus/skoolie or are in the middle of their build. Facebook - Marckq

Sep 2020

33 min 52 sec

This week I interviewed Charlotte and Trevor from St. John's, NFLD who are building their first skoolie, UsandGustheBus UsandGustheBus Sea Side Reclaimed 

Sep 2020

29 min 1 sec

Welcome to this week's edition of a Canadian Skoolie a podcast. This week I spoke with Yvan Lacroix from Crabby Quebec. Yvan's life is full of Adventure as he has extensively travelled around North America and he is presently in the middle of rebuilding his third coach bus into a home on wheels. Yvan will share his knowledge about what to look for in buying a bus, what to use for insulating a bus for a harsh Canadian winter, and he will discuss North American rally's for people with homes on wheels.

Sep 2020

31 min 46 sec

This is episode one of A Canadian Skoolie. This week we feature ourselves and provide the listener with some background information about who we are, where we have been, and what to expect from our weekly (30 min) podcasts. 

Sep 2020

20 min 10 sec