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Hashem Montasser, Founder of the The Lighthouse Restaurant & Concept Store in Dubai Design District, is a raconteur who avidly follows the work of arts, culture, technology and, of course, food. In a series of conversations aimed at introducing its audience to the Middle East’s entrepreneurial landscape, Hashem asks his guests about their life journeys, inspirations, successes and failures and everything in-between. New episodes available every second Wednesday.

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    ‘If your concept isn’t differentiated, you’re selling hot air.’ Samer Hamadeh on his mission as an F&B owner/operator and how to develop an edge.
  2. 2.
    ‘Every act of reading is historical,’ Nadia Wassef on the art of reading vs. the craft of writing, and the business of founding Diwan, one of Egypt’s most popular modern book stores.
  3. 3.
    Helen Farmer on evolving into a social media influencer & mompreneur yet maintaining a work-life balance while in the public eye
  4. 4.
    2020 in the Rearview Mirror
  5. 5.
    “You need to have a niche and really invest in yourself.” Tariq Khayyat on architecture in the region; working with Zaha Hadid; and his advice for aspiring architects
  6. 6.
    Gear your life towards more than one legacy,’ Michelin Star Chef Daniel Boulud on wearing multiple hats to turbocharge a successful multi-decade career
  7. 7.
    "You can't be noticed unless there is sincerity in your work." Fashion designer Yasmine Yeya on being inspired by Egypt’s beauty, landing Jennifer Lopez as a customer, and debunking the overnight success myth
  8. 8.
    “I'm not going to measure somebody by whether or not they've had a show at the MoMA,” Maya Allison on her curatorial techniques and how she forged a successful artist-curator bond ahead of the UAE Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale
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    “Life is beautiful” has become a personal philosophy for me.’ Fatafeat founder Youssef El Deeb on his creative journey across media platforms, and the Arabic saying that became his life’s calling.
  2. 10.
    "We don't have pills for eating disorders." Eating Disorder expert Carine El Khazen on signs for the early detection of mental health issues, and how to cope with the collective trauma of the pandemic.
  3. 11.
    “You’re not investing in my husband, you’re investing in me” Bulkwhiz Founder, Amira Rashad, on navigating the entrepreneurial landscape as a woman.
  4. 12.
    Hashem Montasser on lessons he learned from his first year of podcasting and why content is always king
  5. 13.
    Zeina El-Dana on the changing face of PR and why female mentorship matters
  6. 14.
    Richard Windsor on the implications of breaking up Big Tech, why Apple and Google are surprisingly similar, and what the Tik Tok fuss is all about.
  7. 15.
    Debra Kletter on creating magical “food experiences” for her clients and why flavors have memory
  8. 16.
    Raja Al Mazrouei on Dubai’s fintech initiative and why she’s betting on a digital banking future
  9. 17.
    Nelio Leone on how Italian grannies are the ultimate weapons of mass surveillance & why privacy concerns should be on everyone’s mind
  10. 18.
    Tarik Al-Zaharna on finding his voice in the region’s architectural landscape and why friction is sometimes necessary when creating new design concepts
  11. 19.
    Louis Lebbos on why we haven’t yet seen a superagency in the region & supporting local entrepreneurs
  12. 20.
    Hashem Montasser and Hany Bassiouny on adapting The Lighthouse’s strategy for the post-Covid-19 era and why thought-leadership in F&B is more pressing than ever
  13. 21.
    Chris Khalifa on pivoting from investment banking to F&B by starting Egyptian street food icon Zööba and learning key lessons after initially failing fast and hard.
  14. 22.
    Amina Naguib on B_URN taking Cairo by storm & building a lifestyle business centered around physical and mental well-being
  15. 23.
    Vilma Jurkute on developing Alserkal Avenue into an arts & culture hub by taking risks on risk-takers
  16. 24.
    Zaki Nusseibeh chronicles his personal journey with art & the importance of storytelling in building identities
  17. 25.
    Reif Othman on propelling Zuma into one of the world’s most celebrated restaurants and on launching his own, Reif Kushiyaki
  18. 26.
    Mohamad Ballout on how to capitalize on being a first mover & positioning cloud kitchen pioneer Kitopi as a global brand
  19. 27.
    Isobel Abulhoul on building book centric businesses & instilling reading habits in children
  20. 28.
    Orit Mohammed on launching Boon Coffee & breaking the stereotypes around Ethiopian women and female entrepreneurship
  21. 29.
    Patrick Rogers on how startup founders can avoid common pitfalls
  22. 30.
    Daneh Buahmad on juggling three careers & empowering women through her fashion designs
  23. 31.
    Myrna Ayad on the evolution & perception of Middle East art
  24. 32.
    Pre opening diaries
  25. 33.
    Introducing: The Lighthouse Conversations

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