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The Buzzer

By The Buzzer

The Buzzer Podcast with Sean and JD. A hilarious look into Pop-Culture, Sports, Movies, and entertainment.

  1. 1.
    "These things are high, genius-creatures." | FEAT. Patrick Sims (
  2. 2.
    “‘Freaky Quads’ by Disney+!” | FEAT. Sean Chandler (YouTuber and Rotten Tomatoes Critic)08/14/2019
  3. 3.
    “Coding with Snoop Dogg.” | FEAT. Clarissa Cardenas (ATX Concert Queen)08/07/2019
  4. 4.
    "I snuck my cat into the Lion King." | FEAT. Alexis Simón (The Art of Wellness)07/31/2019
  5. 5.
    "But he's a cute old man." | FEAT. Paige Velasquez (CEO of Zilker Media)07/24/2019
  6. 6.
    "I am there for the right, wrong reasons." | FEAT. Rachel Prochnow (Travel + Fashion + Lifestyle Writer)07/16/2019
  7. 7.
    BONUS: Stranger Things Season 3 SPOILER Review07/11/2019
  8. 8.
    "Tyler? Hardly knew her." | FEAT. Emily Gee (Comedian)07/10/2019
  1. 9.
    “I’d like to see someone who’s actually pro-oxidant.” | FEAT. Elijah May (The Experience Firm)07/03/2019
  2. 10.
    "That's old for a dolphin." | FEAT. Alexandra Lemm (The Healthy Teacher)06/26/2019
  3. 11.
    "How long have you been sisters?" | FEAT. Shayda Torabi and Sydney Torabi (RESTART CBD)06/19/2019
  4. 12.
    "You totally missed the essay prompt." | FEAT. Kelly O'Connor06/12/2019
  5. 13.
    Jimmy Fallon, Harry Potter, Big Little Lies, Khloé Kardashian, Black Mirror, Chris Hemsworth + Chris Pratt | FEAT. Ashley Jennings (Spero Labs) + Rachel Graham06/05/2019
  6. 14.
    The Bachelorette, Whitney Houston Hologram, Aaron Rodgers + Game of Thrones, Stranger Things | FEAT. What’s Brewing, ATX?05/29/2019
  7. 15.
    Game of Thrones, Robert Pattinson + Batman, Aladdin, Grumpy Cat, Conan O’Brien, | FEAT. Sarah Story (UMLAUF Sculpture Garden)05/22/2019
  8. 16.
    The Bachelorette, Drake, GoT + Starbucks, Ed Sheeran + Justin Bieber, Star Wars | FEAT. Bailey Becker05/16/2019
  9. 17.
    Chance the Rapper, Billie Eilish vs. Dwight Schrute, Fat Thor, Kate McKinnon, Kanye West + Jaden Smith, GoT, Avengers Endgame | FEAT. Owais Raza (Crushing It Podcast)05/14/2019
  10. 18.
    Dry Shampoo, Kentucky Derby, Avengers Endgame, 50 Cent vs Vanderpump Rules, Blink-182 + Lil Wayne, Veronica Mars, GoT | FEAT. Emily + Allison (NETWORKING4MOMS)05/08/2019
  11. 19.
    Avengers Endgame, Enneagram, Brené Brown, Game of Thrones, The Office | FEAT. Krista Box (Noonday Collection) and Jake Box (Pastor)05/01/2019
  12. 20.
    Buzzer Breakdown: Life and Basketball | FEAT: Andre Wade (NBA Alum) and Dom Griego (Comedian)04/25/2019
  13. 21.
    Stranger Things Lawsuit, Tina Fey, Jersey Shore and Fyre Fest, Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame | FEAT. Andre Wade (NBA Alum) and Dom Griego04/25/2019
  14. 22.
    Star Wars, Kim Kardashian, Game of Thrones, Tiger Woods, Killer Birds in Florida | FEAT. Alex Reed (Returning Fan Favorite)04/18/2019
  15. 23.
    Beyoncé, Avengers Endgame, Christopher Nolan, Space Jam 2, Zombies, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Heath Padgett (RV Entrepreneur Podcast)04/09/2019
  16. 24.
    Elon Musk and Harambe, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, LeBron vs MJ, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Barry Rivera and Benji Rivera04/02/2019
  17. 25.
    Stranger Things, Florida Man Challenge, Shazam, Us, Rob Gronkowski, Bachelor in Paradise, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Megan Lea and Breana Cooney03/26/2019
  18. 26.
    SNL, Harry Potter, Lori Loughlin, The Bachelorette, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Rachel Holtin (Austin Foodstagram)03/20/2019
  19. 27.
    The Bachelor Finale, Ariana Grande, Idris Elba, SXSW, Daylight Savings kills/Taco Bell saves lives, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Emily Herren (Champagne and Chanel)03/13/2019
  20. 28.
    True Detective, The Bachelor, The Sandlot, Kylie Jenner, Females in the NFL, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Kyle Adams (NFL Alum) + Will Bakke (Filmmaker)03/06/2019
  21. 29.
    Oscars Recap, The Bachelor, Serena Williams/Nike, PETA/Steve Irwin, Space Jam 2 | FEAT. Tanner Olson (Written to Speak)02/27/2019
  22. 30.
    Oscars Preview, The Bachelor, Ariana Grande, Breaking Bad Movie, NBA All-Star Weekend Recap, | FEAT. Adriana Allen (The Gold Atlas) + Mark Saldana (True View Reviews)02/20/2019
  23. 31.
    Valentine’s Day, Grammy’s, The Bachelor, Will Smith/Aladdin, Harry Potter/Wolverine, Kyler Murray, Kareem Hunt | FEAT. Wes Fang (Zilker Media/EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast)02/13/2019
  24. 32.
    Super Bowl Recap, The Bachelor, 21 Savage, Batman, Zaxby's v. Chick-fil-A, Anthony Davis, Tom Brady v. Michael Jordan | FEAT: Mitchell Becker (Texas Longhorns Kicker)02/06/2019
  25. 33.
    Super Bowl Predictions, Valentine's Sweethearts, Twitter Trolls | Special Guest: Jason Fox (NFL Alumni/Earbuds CEO)01/30/2019
  26. 34.
    Fyre & Fyre Fraud, Space Force, The Bachelor, College E-Sports, The Egg vs Kylie Jenner, Saints Vs. Rams01/28/2019
  27. 35.
    Bandersnatch, 2019 Movie Preview, Kliff Kingsbury, and Nick Saban01/18/2019

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