Voices from the Stars

Susan Rensberger

Listen as Beings from the Stars beam love, light and wisdom to you through interpreter and channeler Susan Rensberger. Each week, Susan interviews beings from higher dimensions and transmits their messages and energy frequencies to lift your spirits, open your heart, heal your wounds and expand your consciousness. Their high-frequency energy transmissions leave you feeling happy, secure, safe, loved, and joyful.

You may even feel your body buzzing with the energy! Occasional human guests also speak about the process of interdimensional communication or channeling, and how you can access your own Self, team of guides and other in non-physical dimensions. Susan Rensberger is an interdimensional communicator, channel and teacher who has spent more than three decades attuning her energy field to the higher dimensions.

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This episode closes the one-year cycle of Voices From the Stars. To continue learning the wisdom of higher consciousness, please go to https://conversationswithconsciousness.substack.com.

Nov 25

21 min 37 sec

Star Beings explain why receiving high-frequency energy can tire the physical body, and why it’s important.  They give us a specific, clear energy exercise we can do every morning to maintain our conscious connection to Source and support our body.  And they end with an energy blessing to assist us.  If you want to maintain your connection to the Star Beings through Susan’s channelings, please sign up for our mailing list at https://susanrensberger.com.  Thanks!

Oct 28

20 min 57 sec

The Star Beings bring us news:  This full moon marks a turning point in our creation of New Earth.  The cumulative effects of our efforts to raise our frequencies has raised the frequencies of humanity enough to empower us to leave all the past behind and create the lives we want.  Susan quizzes them on what this means and how it works. For more opportunities to connect with the Star Beings, please go to https://susanrensberger.com and join our mailing list.  Or write to Susan directly at susan@susanrensberger.com

Oct 21

24 min 32 sec

Star Beings explain our role as creators and help us open and expand our creative channels for more inspiration and creative power.  Beautiful Light Language blessings clear the way!  For more support from the Star Beings, please visit susanrensberger.com.  To learn about new products and events as they become available, sign up for our mailing list.

Oct 14

18 min 17 sec

How do the frequencies of Planet Earth vary in different locations?  Why are they different, and how does that affect us as energy beings?  This week, Susan is traveling, so her guests are Star Beings gathered above the Great Lakes in the northern United States.  They explain how the Earth’s body exists in different energy dimensions, and why you may feel more attracted to one place than another.  Find the place that nourishes you, they say, and you will also have the energetic support you need.

Oct 6

19 min 17 sec

As eternal Beings, we carry all frequencies of energy we need to create the world we desire.  Yet to access the frequencies of our higher-dimensional Self, we need to clear away residues of pain and suffering left in our energy fields and our souls.  Using powerful Light Language and toning, the Star Beings help us clear lower frequencies from our field so that we can access the love, Light, joy, freedom, abundance and all other high frequencies of the Divine that we want to express here on the new Earth.

Sep 29

20 min 10 sec

We know that patience is a virtue, but why?  And what is it?  When should we be patient and when should we push ahead?  Patience combines the frequencies of acceptance of what is with anticipation of the outcome we desire.  The frequencies of faith, trust and clarity play a part in patience.  Why do we need patience?  Because we can’t see all the creation activity happening at higher levels.  Sometimes we need to wait for the next push forward to act.

Sep 22

21 min 32 sec

The Star Beings continue teaching us about prosperity.  What is it, how we create it, and in this episode, how we use it to create the new Earth.  They clear away human misconceptions about our role as creators in the image of the Creator, and teach the importance of creating in alignment with our own higher Self and Source.

Sep 15

18 min 33 sec

The Star Beings bust some myths about money that many people hold deep in their subconscious.  What is money really?  An energy of exchange.  A prime creation that enables us to create more.  A step in our creative process.  What are the pitfalls that hold us back from creating it?  Subconscious beliefs about our own worthiness or the worthiness of money as a creation.  The Star Beings give us a new way to visualize money and clear mental and emotional blocks so we can create more.

Sep 9

24 min 10 sec

The Star Beings help us dissolve sadness and fears that we feel when we’re creating something new in our lives.  As we create a new future, sometimes we feel loss of security, because the past is known and the future is not.  We can also feel afraid not only that we will fail in our new creation, but also that we will succeed.  Why fear success?  We can feel it will change who we are, that others will resent us, or even try to harm us.  The Star Beings remind us that failure doesn’t exist, and use White Light to dissolve fears and strengthen our image of the success we are creating.

Sep 2

28 min 1 sec

What do we do when we feel lack of energy to create the new?  When we can’t even imagine the new life we want?  What is our responsibility for the outcomes of our creations?  What is the role of miracles? Star Beings answer these questions and more, and give us energy support to help us through the transition from old to new.

Aug 26

31 min 11 sec

We hear a lot about the stories we tell ourselves.  That we need to share them, that we need to release them so we don’t repeat them.  What’s the truth about our stories?  Do we need one?  And if so, what’s my new story for this new 5th dimensional Earth?  How can I change subconscious stories that limit my life?  How can I create a new story that opens me to new possibilities, if I can’t imagine those?  Star Beings answer all these questions and more.

Aug 19

20 min 16 sec

As we grow in consciousness, allowing more Light into our lives, we reach a point where we can’t hold more light without releasing the fears that keep us in darkness.  Our human intellect wants both growth and limitation, but we get to choose.

Aug 12

34 min 21 sec

Forgiving is an essential tool, the Star Beings say, for clearing out emotional reactions to past events that we still carry, often without realizing it. Forgiving ourselves for words or actions that hurt others, for creating experiences that hurt us, even forgiving our higher Self and Source for creating a life plan that allowed us to be hurt. Forgiving others who hurt us, to free ourselves from carrying the energy of that experience and our connection to them.So what is forgiveness? How is it different from justice? Are they connected?Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting actions or words of others that hurt us, or allowing anyone to hurt us again. Forgiveness is leaving the past behind, including our emotional reactions to it, allowing us to create something a new life based on who we are now, rather than who we have been.Forgiveness is a energetic process that frees us, not anyone else. Everyone has to do it for themselves. The Star Beings teach us an energetic exercise to forgive and dissolve regret, guilt, anger, resentment and other negative emotions we carry.

Aug 4

33 min 42 sec

Fear of failure is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving and having what we desire.  We’re taught to judge our experiences as either successes or failures.  When something doesn’t turn out the way we wanted, we think we’ve failed, and we remember that the next time we begin something new.  Our fear of failure can create that experience again, which is why it’s essential to see ourselves as already successful. The Star Beings say that success is not what we DO, but who we ARE.  They explain, and help us to feel, the success that we already are, and always have been, simply by showing up.  Simply by being the Light that we are.  Each experience, whether it’s one we enjoy or not, is an advancement toward expressing more of that Light.

Jul 28

31 min 36 sec

Often, people want to know who they are, where the come from and why they’re here.  They want to know their purpose or mission.  The Star Beings tell us that our happiness is important – not only to us, but to all those in higher dimensions and to Source itself.  When our physical and emotional needs are met, we can be happy.  Our chakras can open, allowing the flow of Source energy that enables us to complete anything else we came here to do.  So as we emerge from the old world and develop our lives on the new Earth, the first step is to manifest our happiness. 

Jul 21

25 min 37 sec

Every day, we face myriad choices without knowing the exact outcome of our decisions. How can we successfully navigate those choices to create the life we want? In this episode, the Star Beings connect the dots between opening our channel, trusting the feelings that guide our choices, and arriving at our goals. Living in the flow of the moment while steering toward a future we desire, without knowing all the details, is the key to success. How can we do that? Listen to find out, and receive energetic assistance from the stars.

Jul 15

35 min 18 sec

As the new, higher frequencies shine within us and expand, we enter a new plane of existence.  And whenever we enter the world anew, we start as children.  We may have very old, wise, advanced souls, but we are new in this world.  As we adjust to our new frequency environment, old patterns of thought, belief and emotion that we have carried for eons may arise, because they don’t fit with the new.  We have a choice – stay in the old and repeat our old patterns, or release them so we can create something new.  The Star Beings assist us in dissolving what we no longer want to carry with us.

Jul 7

28 min 22 sec

Most people want to skip to the end of the chapter, whether in a novel or the novel of their lives.  What happens next?  Will this person die?  Is this relationship going to grow?  Why am I sick?  In this episode, the Star Beings talk to us about the importance of staying out of fear, and how that sometimes prompts our own higher Self not to tell us everything…yet.

Jun 30

28 min 23 sec

Twice a year, we experience a solstice.  Why are those so powerful energetically?  What effect do they have on our energy fields and physical bodies?  How can they help us?  How is their effect different in the southern hemisphere than in the northern?  The Star Beings explain why these events are powerful energetically, and how they support our growth.  They tell us how to receive energy treatments directly.  Most importantly, they transmit energy words and song to change our energy frequencies and support us through this time.

Jun 23

21 min 29 sec

In the first episode of Season 2, the Star Beings talk about the transitions that are a natural part of spiritual growth.   They say to be patient with ourselves and others, because the inner adjustments taking place are much bigger and take more time than the outer changes.  Season 2 is about opening your own communications channel to hear your higher Self, Source and other beings of Light and Love, so that you can be the powerful creator you are.  Opening that channel is a process that brings about changes and requires attunements as you move into higher frequencies of existence.  Those are the transitions that many are experiencing now on the planet.

Jun 16

16 min 29 sec

In this season finale, Gabriel Itzcovichs takes the mic to talk about his journey rediscovering his own inner channel as a result of working on Voices from the Stars.  We all have an inborn ability to communicate with higher dimensions, because we are channels of Light energy flowing from Source.  With help, we can learn to tune into the information constantly flowing to and through us from within.  Gabriel talks about how doing this has changed his life!

Jun 9

16 min 7 sec

In this episode Susan interviews The Andromeda 8, a group of Star Beings who have a powerful message about raising our own frequency in order to help the rest of humanity. They explain how higher frequencies are much more powerful than lower frequencies, and that it takes only a small portion of humanity awakening for the entire earth to raise its frequency. They also explain how it’s time to let go of self-doubt, which was useful in past lives as a protection mechanism, but now we are living in a much more powerful time where we can express our inner voice without fear.

Jun 2

25 min 20 sec

Many of us are making powerful changes in our material lives. How are those related to inner changes?  As we grow internally, we can outgrow outer circumstances in our lives:  Where we live, how we live, with whom we live or work or share time, for instance.  Then we need to make outer changes to make more space for our continued inner expansion.  Those changes can require us to put our attention and effort on outer tasks that support our inner growth for a time, which means less time for our inner ease and grace.  While change is essential for growth, we also need balance between change and stability.  After great change, we need to allow our bodies and minds to rest and recuperate so that our energy can again flow freely and we can continue to grow.

May 26

18 min 49 sec

Just over a year ago, in April 2020, Susan recorded this episode never before published on Voices from the Stars.  The Sisterhood of Light usher us into the new world, one in which we no longer have to sacrifice joy in the material world for joy in the inner, spiritual realms. Be prepared to release your old vision of yourself.  Be prepared to be inspired! And receive a special energetic gift: the Crown of Heaven, which helps us receive their Light frequencies.  “Our beingness is great, and contains all the possible creations we can imagine.  One of those creations for each of you is this particular human life in which you find yourself.… It is now possible to create the life you choose.”

May 19

27 min 51 sec

Star Systems Representatives from higher dimensions bring us frequencies to attune our hearts to the frequencies of Source energy. When we can attune to love, our fears dissolve, which allows us to thrive in human form.

May 12

26 min 7 sec

This special episode for all who are suffering during the Coronavirus pandemic, and especially our listeners in India, offers powerful frequencies of love and Light that helps strengthen, heal and protect.

May 5

37 min 23 sec

What is simplicity, and why do we seek it? So many people want to live a simpler life, but simplicity doesn’t consist of what we have or do. Real simplicity is an inner quality. Simplicity of the soul means letting go of trying to use our minds to create the world and the life we want, and allow it to flow through us from within. To do that, we need to clear our minds and energy fields of thoughts, fears, doubts about whether we deserve and whether we will really receive what we want. Align, attune and allow. That’s the way. Star Beings are here to help you do it!

Apr 28

30 min 46 sec

A listener asked if it’s possible to learn to speak Light Languages and communicate with Star Beings and others in higher dimensions.  On this episode, the Star Beings answer that question.  In short – everyone has the native ability to communicate across dimensions.  It’s a question of learning and practice.  The Star Beings give us a first step.

Apr 21

25 min 36 sec

The Star Beings introduce us to our personal teams – non-physical beings even closer to us than others human beings.  Using Light language to attune our energy fields, they lighten the illusion of separation, helping us to feel and know the reality that we are always seen, heard, held and loved.  When the pain of separation is brought into our awareness by experiences as intense as the pandemic, we are able to heal lifetimes of grief, pain and suffering. 

Apr 14

32 min 28 sec

Where are you from?  Who are your natural spiritual companions?  The Star Beings want us to know that no one ever has to feel alone.  We are all part of a larger community of Beings here in human form.  Connecting with each other is important to our happiness and well-being.

Apr 7

28 min 10 sec

To create the experiences we want in life, we need to start by knowing ourselves as creators.  That means shifting out of our human identity and into our higher identity as an expression and aspect of Source.  That identity can be called the I Am within each person.  The Star Beings help us connect to our I Am presence and explain its importance as the starting point for conscious creation.

Mar 31

28 min 57 sec

Now that we’re in a higher-frequency energy field, can we create more easily what we want?  How can we do that?  The Star Beings explain the process of human creation, how we can align with our higher aspects to create more of what will make us happy, and why questions are a powerful tool in our creation process.

Mar 24

27 min 54 sec

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by responsibilities?  Do you sometimes feel burdened by obligations?  Do you judge yourself by your ability to fulfill a list of tasks, and have trouble escaping the taskmaster in your mind?  The Beings of Power Instilled teach us about the energetic connection between love, responsibility, obligation, freedom and flow.  How can we be responsible still live in joy?  When you feel stuck or overwhelmed or powerless, what’s the best thing to do?  The Star Beings offer attunement and counsel for stepping into our power and creating our lives with ease, joy and grace.

Mar 17

37 min 32 sec

What is the relationship between star beings and human beings?  Our physical bodies are made of elements that originated in the stars.  Does that mean our consciousness also originated in the stars?  Is it the same for all humans?  How can we open our channel to our own creator Self, and to Original Source?  Star Beings tell us the story of creation, how the process works, and our part in it.  They help you attune to your own higher-dimensional Self to open your inner channel.

Mar 10

30 min 38 sec

What is success?  Is it the opposite of failure? The Heralds of Success come to relieve the burden we place on ourselves to meet our definitions of success.  First, let go of the idea of failure.  To Source, we never fail.  Success is the fullest expression you can be of Source, and we are always moving toward that.

Mar 3

18 min 27 sec

The Council of Grace Combined previews major changes in 2021 to help us be aware and prepared.  What should we expect as the pandemic winds down?  When might that happen?  What kinds of changes could we expect? https://episodes.castos.com/5fcf65ae94adb1-47120772/Episode-16-1.0.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Feb 24

20 min 41 sec

What is the secret behind energy hotspots on the Earth?  What are energy portals?  Why does the energy of place matter, and how can we use it to improve our lives and become more conscious human beings?

Feb 18

29 min 32 sec

Our Star Being friends who call themselves The Choosers return to answer follow-up questions about decision making.  What’s the difference between using our mind to think about alternatives and using our mind to imagine the alternatives?  What is the sense of obligation that often colors our decisions?  Is it real?  What should we do about it.

Feb 10

32 min 38 sec

When we face a big decision, how can we know which road to take?  Is the road that leads to growth always the one that makes us happy?  How can we get clarity on life-altering decisions?  Today's episode is recorded on location at Cerro Uritorco in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina.  We're here to ask the Star Beings who work with humanity through the powerful energy of this area about how to make wise decisions.

Feb 3

26 min 37 sec

Recorded at Cerro Uritorco in Cordoba, Argentina, in this episode Star Beings who work in this region talk with us about interdimensionality.  They embody Principles of Light and call themselves the Principals of Light, because they are among the principal teachers of the characteristics of Light energy and how it manifests in various dimensions. What’s the connection between Star Beings and UFOs?  What’s the difference between aliens and Star Beings?  Listen and find out!

Jan 27

27 min 11 sec

We ask the Star Beings to explain the nature of truth.  How can different people have completely different versions of truth?  Does absolute Truth exist?  What is the relationship between truth and reality?  They answer these questions and more, and attune each listener to their highest truth.

Jan 20

31 min 42 sec

Star Beings teach how we use the Golden Light Triangle of New Creation.  It lies in the second chakra area and is key to creating what we want in our lives.  It’s also where we store resistance, fear, anger, hatred and other lower-frequency emotions that form energetic blocks to the free flow of golden light (the light of our higher Self manifesting as physical) through the triangle.  They clear those blocks for listeners, and teach the meaning of roadblocks we encounter as we create and how to respond to them.

Jan 13

28 min 58 sec

Star Beings teach us about how to achieve clear and lucid thoughts so that we can receive inspiration and not get lost on our Earth journeys.

Jan 6

22 min 58 sec

In Part 2 of our message for the 2020 year-end holidays, the Golden Light Preachers teach about how to use the Golden Light to support the physical body and its immune system.

Dec 2020

30 min 47 sec

The Golden Light Preachers teach about the meaning of the Christ within and the Golden Light and bless us with its frequencies.  To hear their New Year's message for 2021, please listen to Episode 8.

Dec 2020

27 min 17 sec

A Council of Beings from a higher plane of existence call us together to hear something new about the Universal Source.

Dec 2020

30 min 22 sec

The Carpenters of Light teach us how to build a scaffolding of Light energy that we can climb to reach a higher-frequency state that makes our creation process easier and more effective.  WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while listening to this episode!  You will be asked to close your eyes and use your imagination.

Dec 2020

30 min 26 sec

We learn three vitally important ways to use Light:  to keep our energy fields clean; to create the frequencies we choose; and to send Light to others.  Thus we can participate in their work here on Earth.  Energy is consciousness; consciousness is energy.

Dec 2020

24 min 48 sec

The Builders specialize in the process of energy made physical.  They’re here to help us understand how we create our physical life using our life force energy, so we can create more consciously the world we really want!

Nov 2020

27 min 2 sec