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xoxo christine is all about having candid and honest conversations centered around the themes of transformations, breakthroughs, and how do you live your best life right now! Christine shares her life coaching tips, tools, and exercises that get you from "I'm not good enough and I don't know what I'm doing," to fully knowing and embracing your self worth and stepping into your purpose, whether that's in your relationships, career, and any of your goals or dreams!

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I’m ENGAGED!!! WHAAAAAT??!I’m the first one to be as surprised as anyone else when I realized I was ready to get take the next step in my relationship with Jack. We wanted to share our 7+ year journey to engagement when it’s still fresh in our minds. Coming from a place where I had been about not ever wanting to get married period to now being engaged, it’s been a whirlwind. Jack and I talk openly and honestly about how things have changed now that we’re engaged, what we realized that made us take this next step, if we want children, how the engagement actually went down, and our views on how you know you’re settling vs. being sure this is your person.

Sep 2019

56 min 13 sec

As we wrap up season 1, I wanted to chat about the number one topic that my clients bring up in our sessions: gaining self confidence in who we really are and understanding where our self worth lies. Who are we? Deep down? When you start asking these questions, it's a sign that you're on a verge of a breakthrough! It's the opening to where self awareness exists and a deeper connection to your purpose will evolve. I share some of my personal journeys and lessons through this season of my life as a person and life coach. There are key tools that I use in my everyday life that has helped ground myself in who I really am and where my self value is limitless which I'll share with you in this episode!

May 2019

34 min

Minji Chang joins me as we share our experiences growing up as girls and now women in this world. We share the things we wish we knew growing up but had to learn the hard way and this includes sex, puberty, body changes, sexual harassment, and many other things.

May 2019

31 min 19 sec

My beautiful beautiful beautiful sister Minji Chang joins me this week as we share our experiences growing up as girls and now women in this world. We share the things we wish we knew growing up but had to learn the hard way and this includes sex, puberty, body changes, sexual harassment, and many other things.

May 2019

32 min 20 sec

We all go through hard times. Whether it's losing a loved one, breakups, abuse, mental health, tragedy.. it's part of the human experience. Let's start that super hard conversation to process and heal within. Whatever you've been through or currently are going through, just know you're not alone. There are people who love you and it's totally ok to give yourself space and time. But when you're ready, reach out.

May 2019

28 min 58 sec

This is part 2 of my conversation with my bf/partner in life, Jack Chen! We discuss our biggest takeaways from our 7 year relationship as well as answer many great relationship questions from IG and Patreon!

Apr 2019

49 min 48 sec

Ahh love. It can fill you up with immense joy or suck all the happiness straight out of soul. For a lot of people, we dream of being in a perfect, ideal relationship. But what does that really mean? How do you grow and evolve with a partner vs. growing apart? This week, I explore all these complex questions with my partner in life, Jack Chen! We get raw and real about our own personal 7 year relationship.

Apr 2019

44 min 6 sec

When it comes to family, the struggle can be so real. As we continue to grow as adults and gain our independence, how can we still respect our parents and their sacrifices while honoring our own values and truths? Is there a way we can evolve as a family to reach an ideal place of real honesty, communication, acceptance, and compassion? How do we bridge the gap from defaulting to our triggers to truly understanding each other and effectively communicating how we feel?

Apr 2019

34 min 15 sec

This is part 2 of my transformative conversation with Christina about FEAR and how to take back your power! This week, we dive into the actual tools and exercises that have helped both of us as life coaches and individuals to breakthrough fear and the hold it had on our lives. If you've ever wanted to take the steps to really shift your life in the direction that aligns with your whole being, this is one episode that I truly recommend you listen in on and try on for yourself!

Mar 2019

26 min 51 sec

Fear can take such a control over our lives and make us do extraordinary things just to avoid doing what scares us the most. Most times, what scares us the most only exists inside our imagination. How do we take control back from fear, change our mental game, and channel that new power to form abundance in our lives? What are the patterns to look out for, where does fear stem from, and what can we do to shift that ever daunting draining energy of fear to having that energy SERVE US and our purpose!

Mar 2019

34 min 22 sec

Ughhh that voice inside your head. He/she can be THE WORST! Our inner critic really knows what to say to get us feeling small and acting even smaller. How do we address our inner critic to shift it from pushing us down to serving us and building us up? Surprise, your inner critic actually exists to serve you.

Mar 2019

29 min 11 sec

This is part 2 of my super insightful conversation with my beautiful hearted friend Miss Lindy Tsang aka Bubzbeauty.

Mar 2019

23 min 9 sec

Part 1 of my conversation with Lindy (bubzbeauty) about how do you live your best life right now? What does that even mean and what does that life look like? How do you channel that mentality through all the tough times and triggered everyday moments? Part 2 will be released next week!

Feb 2019

47 min 3 sec

This week, we dive into how to actively shift your draining energies to constructive energies so that you use all your energy to serve you and your dreams vs. dragging you down. I share two really simple exercises you can try right now to visualize what you really want within and how to shift your energies to start living it now! These two exercises are the first two exercises that began this transformation process for myself and I found it so powerful that I had to share with you!

Feb 2019

20 min 12 sec

Happy Valentine's Day aka LOVE DAY!! What a beautiful time to talk about self love. What is self love really? Why is it important? And how do you love yourself? I share 4 things you can do while listening to this episode while in your car, at work, or at home, to give yourself the kind of love that truly completes yourself!

Feb 2019

33 min 12 sec

HI WELCOME!! YOU MADE IT!! I have so much to catch you guys up on. So much has happened which includes a huge shift in my life that resulted in a beautiful breakthrough. It has led me to this moment right now of the creation of this new podcast, me becoming a life coach, and starting a patreon page! I went from a deep depression to fully stepping into my purpose. I share exactly what happened and when everything just clicked.

Feb 2019

24 min 7 sec