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Natural wellness has been Carmela Roush's passion for over 27 years. Her commitment to accurate and informative information is the motivation of her podcast, Natural Solutions Natural Health.

Carmela will interview many guests with diverse interests in natural wellness for her audience to learn from and enjoy.

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Behind the Scenes of Organic Farming

Aug 3

46 min 19 sec

How to Achieve the Healthy Fit Family with Tina Dawson

Jun 18

32 min 11 sec

Join me for my April podcast featuring author and wellness coach Sue Hardesty Ritenour. Creating a healthy lifestyle is only one spect of Sue's dedication to helping people in their natural health journey. Tune in to learn how YOU can create a healthy lifestyle for yourself! #healthandwellness #naturalhealth #podcast

Apr 15

25 min 6 sec

Tom Hershberger is an organic inspector for processing plants and crops. He travels all over the US inspecting. His job helps assure consumers that they are getting legitimate organic. A lot goes into that organic seal on products. Tom is a wealth of information with all his expertise.

Mar 12

40 min 5 sec

Manage Extreme Back Discomfort with Holistic Approaches and Stress-Reducing Breathing with Author and Licensed Physical Therapist Lisa Marie Keller

Feb 20

38 min 40 sec

January's Natural Solutions Natural Health podcast hosted by Carmela Roush features Naturopath DiAnna Wallace Clark. This interview will give you a good perspective of what it means to be a Naturopath and why DiAnna chose specific natural supplements from Natural Sunshine Manufacturing Company to offer her clients. Natural Wellness is DiAnna's passion and women's wellness is a specific specialty in her practice.

Jan 18

29 min 29 sec

Merry Christmas! Come enjoy my podcast with special guest Sara Butt, who I call the "The Herb Garden Lady." Sara has been passionate about herbal gardening for over 40 years. She shares herbal folklore and how pioneer women used herbs in their homes. Sara and I also have a special presentation of some homemade holiday gift ideas. Don't miss these simple - yet meaningful - ideas, along with some recipes the entire family will enjoy. This is a time we all should remember the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. Two gifts given to Jesus were treasured and came from herbs. We'll discuss those, too! Happy holidays!

Dec 2020

35 min 16 sec

Reuben Yoder's story starts as a child of a naturopath and master iridologist. His family has a 50 year history working with herbal remedies and natural wellness. Today their herb shop located in McConnelsville, Ohio, continues to provide a wealth of knowledge for their clients and customers.

Nov 2020

35 min 42 sec

My guest will offer a wealth of information about natural health and many interesting related subjects. People are seeking information on how and why maintaining a healthy body is the best choice for having a long healthy life! Join me on my podcast and I know the information here will support your journey for a life of wellness and well being.

Nov 2020

26 min 15 sec