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Tech Pro Unicorn discusses the topics of ERP, Technology, Healthcare, Business Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Digital Transformation through commentary and interviews.

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Robert has Generated over $100,000,000 USD for my clients in the last 5 years alone whilst building an empire of my own composed of 10 businesses generating 7-figures every year. Grew steadily every month even during a world pandemic, providing jobs to hundreds people from all over the world. Traveled over 100,000 Miles visiting over 17 countries and speaking in front of over 10,000 people in 3 different languages. Interviewed for as an International Tycoon.Michael and Robert discuss why he started Wesrom and how technology isn't the key to your companies success. Robert shares how to evaluate projects and ideas to determine if they are a worthwhile investment.He hints at a new logistics company that will change how we shop local businesses. Robert believes people and how you treat them are the keys to success.#wesrom #entrepreneur #leadership lessons

Dec 8

47 min 37 sec

Dennis is an Author, speaker, business/athletic coach. 20 yr. Air Force command pilot LtCol and 28 yr. major airline captain. Certified Power of Positive Leadership Jon Gordon trainer and attended numerous Air Force leadership schools. Keynote speaker addressing Positive Leadership and Transformational Conversations, Walk the Talk, Instant Influencer. Author of Takes More Than Heart, a personal story about changing challenges into opportunities. Next book project title: Be A Bean – Change Team Culture from Ordinary Water to Gourmet Coffee - 7 Secrets to Engage Your Team, Retain Talent and Double Your Profit.Dennis shares his personal journey and the lessons as he learned. He lays down the 4C's of leadership and speaks about the importance of culture. Relationships are absolutely key and the importance of a team identity is critical.Dennis helps companies through and his story is available at #culture #beabean

Dec 3

40 min 25 sec

Pat Sullivan has dedicated his career to inspiring people, helping them to discover and capitalize on their personal strengths.His motivational and public speaking resume includes engagements at IBM and Nike, Notre Dame’s “Play Like a Champion” program, as well as Chicago-area businesses and professional associations. He also enjoys bringing his messages on leadership and motivation to companies and organizations in Wisconsin, Indiana and throughout Illinois.In more than four decades of collegiate and high school coaching, he touched thousands of lives and impacted a new generation of leaders who today succeed in a wide range of business and civic capacities.Michael and Pat discuss the meaning of the acronym ATTITUDE and his recent books.  Pat has great advice on leadership, culture and characteristics of great #basketball #ATTITUDE

Dec 1

38 min 47 sec

Daniel Jenab is a Prosci Certified Change Manager at RPI Consultants. Daniel shares why he moved from Project Manager to Change Manager and the importance of change management on projects.Daniel shares how an assessment can point to where resources need to be focused on a project. He shares examples of what can happen if change management is not accounted for as part of a project.Daniels passion for ensuring the people are included in the journey comes shinning through.#danieljenab #OCM #organizationalchangemanagement #projectmanagement

Nov 29

41 min 53 sec

Roy and Michael discuss Set Schedule and how they have changed how real estate pros get leads.  Their technology helps the consumers as well, matching them to the most active agents at the time and place of their search.In this age of "now" is changing the game to better serve both real estate pros with better leads and consumers with the right agent to help.  How does technology change this age old industry? Roy explains how he saw an opportunity and filled that with technology to improve the experience.Roy has a very unique entrepreneurial journey from the Israeli Defense Forces to co-founding a technology company.Roy shares his 6 marketing tricks that all realtors should know and you may be surprised at how focused on the customer they are.Roy and the product can be reached at #leadership #realestate

Nov 26

43 min 21 sec

Join Mark Hershberg, author of The Career Toolkit - Essential Skills For Success That No One Taught You as he discusses all aspects of one's career.  From negotiation of an offer to having a solid career plan, Michael and Mark cover everything nobody ever taught you related to careers.Why is having a plan important even when you are employed? How do you talk about compensation vs. negotiating salary? Why you should never answer the questions "How much do you make now".Mark provides a ton of resources on his site - that are all free! He helps companies leverage his materials to make it their own to help employees in their careers.  Mark holds several bachelor and masters degrees form MIT, is a current CTO and has a great perspective on why this material is not taught in colleges.Mark can be reached at #thecareertoolkitbook #job 

Nov 24

53 min 44 sec

Andrew is a public speaker, entrepreneur, coach, author and helped to set a podcasting world record. Andrew shares his story of what helped him rise to be a sought after public speaker and how he helps train others.He has tips on how to get into the field, how to be better at it once you start and how to sell from stage. Andrew recommends several books and organizations such as ToastMasters to help you along your journey.His book Toucan Play At This Game  is about 100 bird puns and he shares how this book came about - it is a great story.Through his company, Andrew coaches and helps others reach their full potential. is where you can reach Andrew.His book is available:

Nov 19

43 min 33 sec

Andy has great advice for investing whether you are starting out or a seasoned investor. Michael and Andy discuss how crypto fits into your investment portfolio and all the disruptors in the investment community recently.Andy and Michael discuss how the investing community has evolved and the importance of understanding what you are investing in. Terms like water cooler stocks and pump and dump are defined, in this fast paced run through the financial world.The importance of a methodology, research and patience is discussed by Andy as tips to increase your likelihood of success. Andy discusses his podcast Inspired Money and how it helps him be a more well rounded advisor.#investment #finance #leadership #inspiredmoney

Nov 17

41 min 32 sec

Heather has a very unique life and story from her time as Miss Ohio, her nomadic lifestyle living in an Airstream and recently taking on a 23 acre farm, all while running her own PR agency.  Heather shares her insights into how important a brand is both for a corporation as well as personally.She is obsessed and results driven to deliver quality for her clients.  She is full of hustle and shares her story of growth and how she found her niche and shares how both her firm and customers benefit from that focus.Heather also shares tips on managing a remote workforce from the importance of good hires to alignment to the mission, vision and value. Her company has grown and transformed and she openly shares that journey.Heather truly is doing good work for her clients at #publicityforgood #traveltrailer #rvlife #leadership #entrepreneur

Nov 12

30 min 28 sec

Helen Muller is a DNA Upgrade Specialist - what is that you ask, great question.  Helen shares her Bio hacks and how she can help people in simply 15 minutes to remove their mental blocks. Helen shares how one can use bio hacks to reduce the amount of sleep needed, or improve ones energy and creative power.Focused on happiness, she shares how she helps people improve their journey to happy. She has fasted for 116 hours which is 4.8 days without as much as water - this alone is a great accomplishment but she shares her personal journey and how she reverse engineered a happy life.Helen can be reached at where she is available for her 15 minute sessions as well as her coaching programs.#happiness #leadership #

Nov 10

41 min 24 sec

Stephen Halasnik has started, grew and sold businesses that started at zero and grew to $5M to $25M in revenue.  His businesses have been on the 500 fastest growing list and Inc. 5,000 fastest growing. Stephen shares his story with tips for new entrepreneurs on how to overcome traditional challenges.Stephen shares how to think through business concepts, what makes a good opportunity and dispels many of the excuses such as "I don't have any money". His ideas can be used to grow an existing business as well as start your own.Stephen is a podcast host of Entrepreneur MBA and can be found at #business #leadership

Nov 5

44 min 31 sec

Nate Bailey shares his personal journey and how it helped him move to become a coach and develop a way to help others become champion leaders. Nate has accomplished so many physical feats but makes the connection on how that helps you improve your game in all aspects.Author of 100 Mile Mindset and host of Championship Leadership Podcast - Nate shares his recent 24hr experience and tips on how to be a better leader in all aspects of your life. His audio book is available for free at where you can also learn about his coaching and programs.Be inspired - be a championship leader!#leadership #championshipleadership #coach

Nov 3

39 min 48 sec

Stephanie shares her story of how and why she chose to become a consultant.  Her story of being a single mom and successful supply chain senior consultant is inspiring.  Learn why she loves consulting, how she relies on her team and what motivated her to take this big step in her career.She shares some trends in supply chain business related to contract management and has my vote to go solve the problems in supply chain in the Los Angeles harbor! RPI Consultants RPI Consultants is proud to sponsor Tech Pro Unicorn.

Oct 29

47 min 17 sec

Michael and Wade discuss how everyone can change their situation to work where you get a 3 day weekend every weekend.  Wade shares how to change the equation and work towards your own priorities. Michael and Wade discuss how to make small changes that lead to big results over time.  Wade shares some steps and tools everyone can take immediately to move this forward. Wade shares his own journey and reasons this became important and why he helps others.Wade and the 3 Day Weekend Club is available at: #dad #business

Oct 27

44 min 15 sec

Janice Lintz - Founder and CEO of Hearing Access & Innovations joins Michael to talk about how she has changed industries both Nationally and Internationally.  Janice has worked for years to advocate for the hearing impaired and shares her methods of being successful in change even when the odds seem impossible.Janice shares her story which is inspirational and filled with valuable tips on how to effect change.Janice can be reached at #changemanagement #CEO #changetheworld #leadership

Oct 22

54 min 58 sec

Mark Taylor from and Michael discuss the value and appropriate use of custom development.  They discuss relevant topics such as Agile, "Glue Code", Low Code / No Code applications and how projects are bad for ROI.Mark is an amazing developer and leader who represents the new breed in software developers who WANTS to work with the customer directly and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.Two IT Geeks lay down the importance of removing barriers and historical preconceived notions and collaborating between IT and Business to improve ROI and make a difference.Mark can be reached at

Oct 20

49 min 42 sec

Michael had the pleasure of speaking with Jana Axline, owner of Project Genetics and overall project management community thought leader on the importance of courage and other skills to be a great PM.Michael and Jana discuss the ability to lead, facilitation, truth, problem solving and being able to see the big picture as key traits needed in todays project management allstars.Jana and Project Genetics have rescued some of the largest projects and brought them back online.  Jana also is host of the podcast Corporate CPR.  Her contributions to the project management community are vast and her tips and knowledge are on point.Even if your just starting in project management - Jana lays down the knowledge to help you grow. #janaaxline #projectgenetics

Oct 15

43 min 34 sec

Raj and Michael discuss his book The DAP Strategy and how to increase your success when attempting digital transformation. Consistency is a key element to hint at some of the topics discussed. Some of the common struggles and pitfalls are also shared, so you can learn and avoid these.The importance of transparent leadership in bringing the organization along on the transformation is key. Raj shares 4 key elements that increase your chances for success in the episode including focusing on the "baby user"! #TheDAPStrategy #DigitalTransformation

Oct 13

58 min 21 sec

Don shares the importance of being seen and helping folks emerge from the shadows.  Don covers his working helping survivors as well as the importance of a corporate branding. Don has done work to humanize complex organizations.  Don discusses the importance of your brand and the transformation pictures can contribute to.Don is available with his great work at #brand #transformation

Oct 8

51 min 20 sec

Amanda Gibson has led some of the largest ERP implementation projects in the Country! Just the fact that she accomplished this is enough to have her on, but she has done so with a team that adores her and a client that respects her and a vendor that raves about her.  How do you become such as bad ass? Listen to Amanda share the secrets of her vision and how important respect is in her daily routine.She highlights a great colleague in Jana Axline who leads Project Genetics and can be reached here: is the epitome of a great project manager, one I am so thankful I got to work with on a huge project. She shares her stories, tips and technique selfishly hoping to help develop others.

Oct 6

38 min 9 sec

Michael has a great discussion with Patti Mara who is owner of Maranet Inc, creator of the Profit Generator Program and the Breaking Through Barriers Program as well as the author of UpSolutions - Turning Your Team into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans.  Patti offers great advice on how to retain and motivate your team to reduce turnover and compete in being an employer of choice. She has great tools from her book she highlights to evaluate where you are today.Patti then turn her attention to customers and drops great knowledge on how to stay connected outside of the mundane surveys we all hate to fill out.  How to move your business 10 years forward - this is the 

Sep 29

42 min 55 sec

Michael and John discuss this economy and the challenges and opportunities it presents.  They talk about what it takes to start and grown your business at any scale. Examples such as Blueberry Pediatrics are discussed and how you find your niche point of entry for your product or service.John shares tidbits from his best selling book: Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business In Any Economy (Including This One) like the 5 growth models and 3 products every business needs. John has a casual style to make even the most complex of topics appear easy to understand and his book has been called a "weekend MBA" as it distills what businesses really need to do.John and his book can be reached at

Sep 22

51 min 2 sec

Michael discussed AI and unstructured data with Slater Victoroff, CTO of Indico.  Slater shares the practical use cases where Indico has helped companies leverage and make sense of their unstructured data.Slater discusses AI and how the technologies work together in harmony to transform processes.  Where companies struggle in implementing change is highlighted as well.Slater was born into technology and shares his journey to the front of Artificial Intelligence and a bit of his personal story.  Recommendations for how to find your path are also discussed.

Sep 16

42 min 11 sec

Michael attended HIMSS 2021 and delivers his view of the hot topics and what is trending.  Great conference even given the lower attendance and the quality conversations. Hear what Michael learned from CIO's on the floor.#HIMSS21

Sep 15

19 min 15 sec

Michael and Adam Silverman discuss why Syllable as an AI company is focused on transforming the patient experience. Syllable is addressing the two most common issues patients face in contacting their providers - appointments and communication with the Dr. What if when you call your Dr. you are actually able to get through and get what you need on the first call? So many people are frustrated in healthcare, simply because they can't get what they need, be it an appointment or a medical record or an RX refill.  Syllable is changing that in healthcare right now!

Sep 5

50 min 25 sec

Hari Viswanath has been in the RPA space since it first came to the US.  He has used many tools and worked across industries. Hear how the Unicorn and Hari share their forecast for RPA and how to be successful.  What process should you do first?  Why are there so many tools?  Which one is right for me?  All these are answered in this episode.

Jun 15

36 min 55 sec

Want the latest in how artificial intelligence is impacting your real daily life?  How about AI that makes sense out of meetings so you don't have to try and remember who said what and what it meant and who had the takeaways?  Ever have meetings about a meeting - like a debrief to figure out what happened? Check out this discussion of Hyperia and how they use AI to help people be more productive and capture the moments that matter.  Rob and Michael discuss the tool and some real world use cases.

Apr 27

42 min 35 sec

Michael and Justin explore the topic of being mindful and incorporating it into your daily life.  Why is this more important now more than ever, with a shift to remote work?  Hear Michael and Justin explore new technologies and even talk gamification to help you relax!Tech can be both a hindrance and a help - use it to your advantage and get some mental rest.

Mar 2

38 min 51 sec

Estimating large million dollar ventures is part art and part science.  Rick Whitten, Solution Architect chats with The Unicorn on how he does this and what are important components that have to be accounted for?How can you get this to be accurate - Rick drops the wisdom.

Feb 11

16 min 28 sec

The Unicorn explores change management with Michael Hopkins.  What is it really and how important is it.  Topics include Organizational Change Management and Prosci certifications.

Feb 4

34 min 26 sec

Tech Pro Unicorn discusses the true meaning of Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation.  Topics such as OCR, RPA, Imaging, Workflow and capture are covered.  Hear the Unicorn and Geoff lay out how these technologies can help you and your company take advantage of the opportunity to modernize.

Jan 8

49 min 50 sec

Michael begins a series to discuss how RPA done correctly can pay for your ERP journey.  Who wants free ERP - you get free ERP - you get free ERP.....come find out how.

Nov 2020

14 min 2 sec

Michael and DJ discuss three important changes needed in healthcare.  These two have been in healthcare since the 1800's, okay well maybe not that long.  They cover the issues facing security, transformation and interoperability very frankly.

Nov 2020

43 min 10 sec

Forrester released a great article ( pointing the way to be successful in RPA and laying a great foundation for Intelligent Automation.  The unicorn analyzes the article and discusses his perspective on RPA.

Oct 2020

25 min 34 sec

The unicorn talks about the differences between a consultant and an advisor and when each one might be appropriate.  Hannah Thomas is the Founder and CEO of New Canvas Advising: a boutique consulting firm in Seattle.  Her background in healthcare leadership coupled with her recent experience serving the public on a commission has built a wealth of knowledge she shares with her clients.

Jun 2020

36 min 56 sec

John has the coolest job in healthcare tech!  Michael and John discuss the trends, and how COVID-19 is effecting healthcare technology.  What are the trends and what are people focusing on in healthcare in 2020?  All discussed here.

May 2020

38 min 4 sec

Aaron and Michael discuss the power of analytics and specifically BIRST.  What comes out of the box and what can it do when done right! #ERP #BIRST #ANALYTICS

May 2020

37 min 8 sec

Marcus Mossberger from Infor and Michael talk about how work has shifted. What will be different and what are some tools employers can deploy to address the human element of #futureofwork 

May 2020

27 min 46 sec

Answering all questions related to methodology, managing large Infor projects, leading a PMO and how to become a PM is Stephanie Kowal.

Apr 2020

31 min 54 sec

Hear about all the tech items related to CloudSuite with Ken Foley.  Ken shares his knowledge and tips and tricks to prepare technically for a journey to CloudSuite.  He also answers the most common question - Do I get to get rid of all my tech staff once I move Infor to the cloud?

Apr 2020

36 min 36 sec

Talking about the current pandemic and the effect on jobs.  Tips on how to "uplevel" and find a rewarding career that is recession proof.

Apr 2020

35 min 45 sec

We discuss the new reality of keeping projects moving while working remotely.  Amy shares some tips and tricks that will be helpful as we keep projects moving in this new work environment.

Apr 2020

21 min 49 sec

Talking with Justin about everything consulting.  What makes a good consultant, how do you know you found the right firm?  What about a PM, what are some key qualities you need in a PM?  Thoughts about consulting as a career - what makes RPI a bit different?

Mar 2020

27 min 43 sec

Discussing all aspects of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Chad Tucker, of RPI Consultants.  Chad shares some use cases, important ways to get started and the business value of RPA.

Mar 2020

28 min 22 sec

This is a quick intro to Michael Grace, your host and what we plan to talk about.

Mar 2020

9 min 18 sec

Today we talk CloudSuite and RPI and why should CloudSuite be done now?

Mar 2020

16 min 24 sec

Today we talk with RIchard Leigh Stout and gather the benefits that he is seeing customers achieve with CloudSuite.

Mar 2020

23 min 55 sec