Art Seeker Stories

By Emma Hill

Emma Hill: an artist voyage of discovery, documenting memory, finding truth, and expressing the hope of the journey. Here on this podcast, I’m seeking stories of art, sharing creativity, inspiration and hope, of cultural differences and diversity, welcoming inclusivity within art. In the millennium I travelled worldwide, 20 years on I'm re-visiting my journal: Art Culture Vulture, Travels of an Art Seeker. Art at the heart of everything become a universal language, communicating cultural diversity and differences without the barriers of speech and geographical borders. Art united people sharing new, rich perspectives, focusing on identity, community and place while sharing their truthToday I’m continuing these conversations, seeking artist interviews, finding new stories worldwide online, in the wake of the worldwide pandemic, Covid-19. Today art has never been so important, for expression, education and our own mental health and well being.

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