The Dimension Door Podcast

By James Schwarz

The Dimension Door Podcast is a Pathfinder TTRPG actual-play of Paizo's Reign of Winter adventure path. The Game Master (James Schwarz) guides a marvelous group of adventurers as they investigate a mysterious pocket of winter that has cropped up in the nearby forest during the middle of summer. Joining in the storytelling are David Miller, Elizabeth Wilcox, and Amanda and Zac Kreitler. Using dice and rules, their characters will work together to... save the world?!?

  1. 1.
    S1:E1 – Harrow and Goodbye
  2. 2.
    S1:E2 – I Spy
  3. 3.
    S1:E3 – Cold Bites
  4. 4.
    S1:E4 – A Matter of Taste
  5. 5.
    S1:E5 – Do You Want to Kill a Snowman?
  6. 6.
    S1:E6 – Go Wand Yourself
  7. 7.
    S1:E7 – Pots and Pans
  8. 8.
    S1:E8 – A Round of Ice and Fire

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