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Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible is here to help you achieve your life and wellness goals! Hosted by Mikki Sachiko, certified holistic health coach, inclusivity advocate, model, & lifestyle host. Each episode explores wellness, life and growth mindset lessons with different change-makers, influencers and advocates to help you grow professionally and personally. Connect with us wellnessible.com , instagram.com/mikkisachiko , facebook.com/wellnessible.

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Research shows that anxiety lowers our immune response and negatively impacts our heart health.Join Mikki Sachiko for a brand new episode and explore different strategies for coping with pandemic anxiety.  From Red Light, Yellow Light And Green Light strategy according to Dr. Daniel Goleman.To Mikki's tips on building mental muscles to lessen anxiety.To understanding habits that amplify your anxiety.  Find out why smokers are more prone to anxiety? And more!Follow us at Instagram.com/wellnessibleco Facebook.com/WellnessibleFor business inquiries & collaborations, email info@wellnessible.com.

Oct 31

17 min 29 sec

If we want to be the best versions of ourselves we need to use mindfulness as one of our health tools.The power couple andCo-Founders of the ShiftIt Institue, Charlie Hartwell & Maureen Pelton, MSSW, joined the podcast to discuss fostering healthy relationships and thriving careers using mindfulness.Charlie is the Managing Director of Bridge Builders Collaborative, a group of highly successful investors who have been investing in startup companies.Maureen Pelton, is a social scientist with 36 years of professional experience as a Holistic Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, etc.This episode is brought to you byWomen in IT Series: Asia EditionThe summit will focus on knowledge sharing and celebrating the achievements of women in technology.Join us on October 26, 2021 to hear from different senior leaders across APAC who will explore the evolution of IT roles and tech for good.Register for free athttps://womeninitawards.com/asia

Sep 19

25 min 28 sec

No matter what stage we are in, knowing our purpose gives more meaning to our life.Why do we have to embrace our flaws first before acting on our purpose?What flaws do we need to FLIP and which ones do we KEEP?Stand out and let your purpose guide your route.Listen to this audio  episode of Mikki Sachiko's Facebook live.Time Stamps:00:00-03:00 - intro and Self-love ad03:40 - inner work06:15 - flaws 11:05 - purposeBrought to you by Puritan's Pride Philippines! Since Health is  Everyday, choose only the best vitamins. Head over to:https://www.instagram.com/puritanspridephAnd join Wellness is Possible mission.Reach out to Team Wellnessible at info@wellnessible.com.

Jul 21

21 min 12 sec

Dr. Christopher Cheng is a Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon, Former President of PATACSI, an NGO organization of all certified thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons in the Philippines.He will cover the vaccine's connection to Heart Health, Broken Heart Syndrome, and more!Special thanks to Puritan's Pride Philippines!https://instagram.com/puritanspridephFor feedback and business inquires email info@wellnessible.com

Jul 14

33 min 49 sec

The cases of Burnout during this pandemic increased!One of Wellnessible in-house experts, DR. LALLY VILLAFUERTE, RPm, RPsy will help us in coping and preventing burnout.Dr. Lally in a nutshell: ✔Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology✔Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education✔Master of Arts in Psychology✔26 years in helping people boost their mental and emotional health.Book us for a Wellnessible Health Makeover to➡Improve your health➡Happier Life➡Get better work performance➡Heal from mental and emotional traumas➡ Unlock your personal goalsContact info@wellnessible.com for group and individualized coaching.Follow Instagram.com/wellnessibleco

May 8

21 min 16 sec

WWF Ambassador, Climate Reality Leader, Model and Activist, Lindsey Coffey who was crowned Miss Earth 2020 joined Mikki Sachiko for a talk about fitness journey, sustainable habits, life lessons and more!Supercharge your wellness habits with thispart 2 of 3 for women's month celebration at Wellnessible.Brought to you by Breathewell.An ultra-light purifier that can be perfectly attached to a face mask.This patented advanced Japanese technology filters out about 99 percent of harmful particles!Learn more atwww.breathewelltoday.comAnd get more health tips at instagram.com/wellnessiblecoWellness is Possible!

Mar 16

34 min 41 sec

Let's talk about women's health, lessons on pain, breakthroughs, and exciting new milestones with Celebrity Chef & Actress Donita Rose.The reward is in the journey.Happiness is in the journey.Health is a journey.Healing is a journey.Be inspired and listen to this Wellnessible SEASON 4 Premier brought to you by Breathewell.An ultra-light purifier that can be perfectly attached to a face mask.This patented advanced Japanese technology filters out about 99 percent of harmful particles!Learn more atwww.breathewelltoday.comAnd get more health tips at instagram.com/wellnessiblecoWellness is Possible!

Mar 9

39 min 40 sec

A lot may have said WTF, 2020?So we decided to make an FTW (For The Win), 2021 kind of a year-end episode!Kick-off your new year withsome healing, clarity, peace, and wellness!Whether you're finding healthy ways to transform your life, or optimistic reasons to celebrate 2021, this episode is for you!Follow us on Instagram.com/wellnessibleInstagram.com/mikkisachikoFacebook.com/wellnessibleBe updated about our wellness campaigns to help you stay healthy! Sign up for newsletter:wellnessible.com/#communityFor feedbacks & business proposals email info@wellnessible.com.And share this show today.Wellness is Possible!

Dec 2020

20 min 21 sec

Fact,  breast cancer knows no gender. Women are at higher risk but men can get it too!Another fact, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer worldwide in women, with nearly two million new cases diagnosed in 2018.But the great news, if you become your own 'breast friend' - you can learn early detection strategies plus know different ways to prevent it.Join Mikki Sachiko together with one of the Philippine's top oncologists, Dr. Jorge Ignacio, and Glenda Resurreccion, a breast cancer survivor/author/advocate for a breast cancer prevention discussion.This is the podcast version of the Wellnessible live webinar on Oct. 23, 2020.Brought to you by the following:Health Fusion - Natural & vegan gummy vitamins! instagram.com/healthfusionphand Vita Coco - 100% NATURAL Coconut Water packed with  Vitamin C!instagram.com/vitacocophStay informed.Stay empowered.Stay healthy.Wellness is Possible.For feedbacks and proposals email info@wellnessible.com.

Dec 2020

1 hr 4 min

Experts say that if you want better health, start with mental health.The ROI of healing is massive for mental health.Join Mikki Sachiko and award-winning Psychologist Esther Turingan about trauma healing and boosting mental health in a COVID-19 era.A special episode brought to you by Que Rica, your source for healthy and fine-tasting products crafted in Bicol. From their best-selling laing longanisa to vegan laing in a bottle. Or treat yourself with their pineapple-cured chicken tocino, healthy Pili nuts and more!Enjoy their holiday promos, visit Querica.ph today.Email info@wellnessible.com for feedbacks and business proposals.

Dec 2020

35 min 50 sec

As part of Wellnessible Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns 2020, one of our wellness highlights is about courage and positivity of Chellou Reynaldo, a commercial model, and breast cancer warrior.This episode is a real-talk about battling cancer and can provide insights on ways to deal and/or avoid it.Special thanks to Health Fusion Philippines, everyone's favorite healthy and vegan gummy vitamins with supplements for kids and adults.Visit Instagram.com/healthfusionph today.And add it to your daily wellness essentials!Follow us on Facebook.com/wellnessible.

Oct 2020

29 min 8 sec

Ever wondered how to build a mission-driven business? Or how sustainable farming works?Bayani Brew Co-Founder, Ron Dizon shared their inspiring social enterprise journey towards supporting farmers while giving Filipinos vitamin-rich drinks!If you want to help more farmers while staying healthy, vote with your wallet, and support Bayani Brew.Order at facebook.com/bayanibrew.Share this Season 3 Episode 3 today. Wellness is Possible. Wellnessible! And connect with our other wellness initiatives at instagram.com/wellnessibleco.

Sep 2020

24 min

We know Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas as an award-winning actor. He has been recognized multiple times for his public service.And now, with his new project, PWeDe!, a program to help persons with disabilities (PWDs) have livelihood and receive other kind of support, he will share some personal & unfiltered stories that inspired him to push for inclusivity for PWDs.Plus, some real-talk about his leadership style and wellness routines that is yet to be heard on-air or online! This Wellnessible episode is in partnership with puritanspride.ph, your healthiest you for less!Follow them at instagram.com/PuritansPridePH.And connect with us at facebook.com/wellnessible.

Sep 2020

25 min 36 sec

How can you grow your Money in the new normal?How can you be financially secure and debt-free?Our SEASON 3 Premier with Chinkee Tan, aka "Mr. Chink Positive!”  answered that and more.As we all know, he is not just a radio / TV and social media personality, and a KBP Golden Dove Awardee. Chinkee is also a bestselling author of several books! Listen to find out about his upcoming book and visit chinktv.com to be in the loop!Follow us at instagram.com/mikkisachiko & Facebook.com/wellnessible.In collaboration with Bayani Brew, a nutritious drink that supports farmers and sustainability. Be part of the movement. Order at bayanibrew.com or Facebook.com/bayanibrew.

Aug 2020

28 min 1 sec

You probably already know that health is multi-faceted and when one part suffers, you're likely to see consequences in other areas of your health. That's why this episode is a must-listen because Ror Alexander breaks down his holistic health tips and learnings over the years of coaching in different countries.Ror, sometimes known as "The Wellness Architect, " has inspired thousands of people internationally about health and you'll be too in this conversation!Connect with us on Facebook.com/wellnessible so you're updated on all our videos, contents, health tips and giveaways!Wellnessible Sponsor: Asea for wellness products that will boost your overall health!For orders & inquiries contact: 0922-3787-020 or  0926-6065-079 And visit this link: https://1800279939.myasealive.com

Jul 2020

36 min 37 sec

A conversation that will make you laugh and cry. Packed with different stories between friends Mikki Sachiko and  Justin Candado II also known as Papa Buboy, former radio DJ of Brgy. LS FM. Justin shared his life as now a nurse and how he survived Covid-19. They also talked about discrimination some frontliners are going through, what to do plus heath tips for everyone during the new normal. Listen and share this episode.Connect with us on Facebook.com/wellnessible so you're updated on all our videos, contents, health tips and giveaways!You'll love our sponsor -- Asea Redox, a breakthrough drink to upgrade your health, contact Orly at 0922-3787-020 or  0926-6065-079 for more info. And visit https://1800279939.myasealive.com.

Jul 2020

1 hr 1 min

It's time we realize that body positivity is more than just a hashtag. This episode will inspire you to Celebrate you! Celebrity Ciara Sotto is more than just her last name and star symbol. She shared her wellness journey like overcoming insecurity and how yoga and pole dancing is life-changing for her as a mom, a daughter, and as a person. A laugh-filled convo recorded on June 29, 2020.Brought to you by Celestea PH -- an online premium shop supporting local farmers  as they offer you a variety of healthy and organic tea! Check their picture-perfect tea products on Instagram @celesteaph.Wellnessible is here to help you upgrade your life through a healthy lifestyle! Follow Wellnessible on Facebook.com/wellnessible.

Jul 2020

28 min 42 sec

Time to build your entrepreneurial and wellness muscle with our new episode! This one's packed with lessons from growing a business, giving back to the community, combined with wellness habits.Jayson Parafina is the founder of Food Manila Studios, the food and beverage marketing agency that business owners have relied on to grow their restaurant and food brand fast! And yes, this is not all milestones and success conversation -  we covered failures too!This is brought to you FOODMNLSTUDIOS.COM-- your partner for growing your food brand.For business inquiries mikki@wellnessible.com.

Jun 2020

27 min 12 sec

Science says that happiness is great for your health. And the happier you are, the more productive you become. So our guests shared different perspectives about happiness-boosting mindsets and routines. A pure real-talk from happiness to struggles and some "new normal" truth bombs that might just leave you ultra-grateful.This good vibes episode is brought to you by imohsohealthy.com, your ultimate guilt-free happy snack!Follow us on Facebook.com/wellnessible for more health contents!

Jun 2020

33 min 47 sec

We should all love and celebrate our bodies now regardless of flaws, size, shape or age! We believe that Health is not just about our current body status but more about feeling good in it while we are on a journey in achieving our wellness goals. Or even life goalsBut in times when we are Stressed out, Not getting enough sleep, Overeating processed 'comfort food' and Not moving or exercising a lot - we gain unhealthy weight!Find out why it may be hard to lose weight.  And let's talk about Quarantine weight gain or "quarantine fat" because it's real!Listen to this SEASON 2 EPISODE 7 for some natural and practical ways to reach your weight loss goals!Check out puritanspride.ph for high-quality supplements you'll need, don't go a day without out it.And sign up for health news and wellness tips at wellnessible.com/newsletter.

Jun 2020

19 min 2 sec

How do we really flatten the curve? We will cut through all the noise and some misconceptions about Covid-19 with Dr. Eric Schulze, CEO of LifeTrack Medical Systems. Dr. Schulze will also give tips on how we can safely and healthily navigate these times. Follow what his company is doing to fight the spread of corona virus at lifetrackmed.com.This was a recent Wellnessible webinar repurposed to a podcast. Share this on your social media accounts to help more people.Now, if you want to level up your 'new normal' work out routines, sign up at prettyhugeobstacles.com for virtual fitness classes.And for sponsorship inquiries for Wellnessible email mikki@wellnessible.com.

May 2020

52 min 58 sec

Living in alignment is important if you're trying to find meaning in your life and wanted to unlock more goals. That's why Jordan Paris' approach to life and business, "Don’t make a living, design a life!", will inspire you!He's a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur, author, and the person behind the highly successful podcast Growth Mindset University where he talks with A-list thought leaders like Mark Manson, Dan Lok, Robert Greene, etc. In this episode, he openly shared some lessons he learned in his personal and business journey--an insightful conversation you shouldn't miss if you want to grow professionally and personally.And if you want to be your healthiest you for Less, visit PuritansPride.ph today!For business inquiries for Wellnessible email mikki@wellnessible.com.

May 2020

30 min

We all got dreams and goals, how do we apply the law of attraction to achieve them? Whether you're a beginner or a pro in your manifestation journey this episode will leave you with actionable new tips and tricks on how to manifest blessings with our multi-passionate guest and serial entrepreneur, Karla Zulueta.You'll also learn how practicing more self-love is important to attract abundance, listen to this uplifting episode now.And if you got celebrations coming up, visit www.aperitifph.com for custom graze boxes, cakes and more!For feedbacks & collaboration email mikki@wellnessible.com.

May 2020

25 min 36 sec

Season 2 Episode 3: At Wellnessible we strive to get different speakers with diverse backgrounds to give you various 'lenses' to look for healthy solutions for challenges, so in this case, let's hear it straight from our friend based in Europe.Klara Hodulakova, a certified life coach, transformational & solution-focused coach, entrepreneur and blogger, shared how we can overcome fear during uncertain times and how we can develop inner peace.Because with all the things that are going on in the world right now the last thing we want is to panic. Listen to this conversation to brighten up your day!And remember, when it comes to your health, choose only the best, choose Puritan's Pride Philippines. Check them out now at puritanspride.ph.For feedbacks & collaboration email  mikki@wellnessible.com.

May 2020

25 min 33 sec

In these challenging times boosting out financial health is important. How do we earn money and hustle wisely? Anthony Frank Tan shared his personal money hacks and tips to help you navigate your life with more clarity and focus. Listen to find out his story.Be part of Wellnessible community to level up your well-being. Visit wellnessible.com and sign up for the newsletter. And to collaborate with us email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Apr 2020

21 min 16 sec

This Season 2, episode 1 is for you to discover what it takes to reinvent yourself to get more great opportunities. VJ MENDOZA shared his journey of being an actor and model and how he overcome some challenges in an overly competitive industry to be named - The King of TV Commercials in the Philippines.Goal getters! Goal diggers! Listen to this inspiring story about releasing your full potential. And don't forget to join Wellness is Possible (Wellnessible) community for good vibes! Visit wellnessible.com and sign up for the newsletter for wellness tips and giveaways!And to collaborate with us email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Apr 2020

32 min 23 sec

Whether you're finding creative ways to transform your health, life or career, this episode is for you!  Fredrik Haren is a global keynote speaker on creativity and global/ human mindset. He has been awarded “Speaker of the Year” in Sweden and is the author of  “The Idea Book” which is included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.This conversation is packed with tips on how to develop your creativity and how you can supercharge its process, especially during difficult times. You'll also find out why you should treat creativity like a muscle and humor. Lastly, find out why our guest is letting people borrow one of his private islands in Sweden for free for a week.Special thank you to Food Manila Studios.Join Wellness is Possible (Wellnessible) community for good vibes! Visit wellnessible.com/#community.And to collaborate with us email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Apr 2020

32 min 46 sec

What are the secrets to building multiple businesses? How do you handle pain and challenges to thrive in a career or as an entrepreneur? In this business and wellness talk with my two friends, they shared their journey from being an employee to being entrepreneurs. With a dose of inspiration, wellness and laughter here and there, this talk will help during these uncertain times. Enjoy and share this with your loved ones!A Wellness is Possible ( Wellnesible) episode brought to you by Puritan's Pride Philippines.Visit puritanspride.ph.For your support on our wellness advocacy, please email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Apr 2020

44 min 54 sec

To survive and thrive in these challenging times we need to be physically and emotionally healthy and most especially--- be mentally fit!Sarah Poh, Mental Health Counselor and founder of the mission-driven start-up in Singapore called The Therapy Platform shares powerful tools to help you cope with anxiety and be mentally strong in times of crisis and beyond!This episode is to support to World Health Organization and the Department of Health Philippines on their initiatives to combat coronavirus.Help flatten the curve and support WHO's work, simply go to www.who.int.Follow and help DOH's works as well by simply going to fb.com/officialDOHGov.Special thank you to quanta.com.ph for helping spread Wellnessible's Fight Covid-19 special podcast series!

Mar 2020

29 min 55 sec

March 20, 2020 is International Happiness Day but with increased isolation, lockdown or quarantine globally due to Covid-19 pandemic, you may be worried, stressed out or feeling anxious during these uncertain times. Join me as we learn how we can manage stress the healthy way with sought-after media personality Doctor Gerald Belandres. A special episode brought to you by Puritan's Pride Philippines.For your support & collaboration inquires on our wellness advocacy, email mikki@wellnessible.com

Mar 2020

25 min 15 sec

Wellness journey may be different for anyone but in this ultra-inspiring episode with sought-after actress and wellness advocate Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco you'll definitely pick up many tips you may use on getting healthier. She generously shared details about her fitness routines from the diet, work out, gratitude and even acting and career confessions! This episode is brought to you by Puritan's Pride Philippines, your healthiest you for LESS, now also available in over 500+ Watson's stores!For collaborations and partnerships for Wellnessible ( Wellness is Possible), email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Mar 2020

26 min 9 sec

Boxing, Muay Thai, dancing, Jujitsu, rowing and the list go on for all the fitness activities this actress is completely engaged with! Yes, I'm talking about, Rachel Lobangco! She shared about her fitness journey from losing 80 pounds to juggling being a single mom to being an entrepreneur. Her advocacy to empower and inspire women, especially those who are not young anymore, will move you! Listen up and get inspired to get fit with this episode brought to you by Puritan's Pride Philippines.Partner with us to make wellness possible, email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Mar 2020

23 min 49 sec

Time to get healthy and motivated! This episode is about making your immune system strong- which is essential because, without it, our bodies would be open to attack from viruses, bacteria and more. Dr. Gerald Belandres talks about tips on boosting your immune system and overall health and shared unfiltered tips on taking your life to the next level. A laugh-filled episode brought to you by puritanspride.ph. Invest in your health by getting some of their best-selling vitamins today! Be the healthiest you, for less.Partner with us for making wellness possible, email mikki@wellnessible.com for collaboration.

Feb 2020

37 min 20 sec

Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible is your friend in your journey towards achieving your life and wellness goals! So in this episode, you'll learn natural ways to get stable energy to fuel your activities and unlock your goals.  That, plus some tips from our Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados! This episode is brought to you by Life Wave Philippines. Go to lifewave.com/philippines001 to check their energy enhancer patches.We're looking for additional wellness partners for wellnessible.com.Please email mikki@wellnessible.com.

Feb 2020

16 min 22 sec

If you want to hang out with one of the experts in personal branding to grow your career, this episode is for you! Virginia Bautista is the content and personal branding powerhouse behind VB Consulting who has been featured in Forbes, WheninManila and other platforms and is unarguably a LinkedIn influencer. Get ready to be inspired about your career pathway and listen to this episode brought to you by Food Manila Studios, a trusted partner of several small to big food brands for their photography, videography and creative needs. Visit foodmnlstudios.com today and book your Food Manila Studios experience!

Feb 2020

33 min 29 sec

MJ Racadio has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and icons and has been invited to Hollywood A-list events but there's more to this multi-passionate entrepreneur than that. He's on a mission to advocate for Filipino achievements in the US & Philippines! Download this episode to find out why. And if you want to know some inside secrets about the world of PR or you'd like to be inspired on how to grow a career, build a community, and balance that with health routines -- this one is for you! Thank you to Puritan's Pride Philippines for sponsoring this wellness episode. Visit puritanspride.ph to be the healthiest you for LESS.

Jan 2020

27 min 29 sec

It's a brand new year! In this first episode, I'll share short yet powerful lessons to help you have a great 2020! My goal is to inspire you as I reflect on the lessons I learned over the years as a model, host, actress, etc. Get ready to have a laugh or two, get motivated and most of all, unlock some wellness tips.

Jan 2020

25 min 44 sec