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Event Tech Podcast is the premiere place for event profs to stay in the know about the latest and most innovative tech. Join us for a thought provoking journey on how tech can evolve our industry. Hosted by Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting & Will Curran of Endless Events.

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It's Monday, which means it's time for another episode of the Event Tech Podcast! Will is really excited to talk about event staffing today. It's a topic that he's talked about in the past, from dissecting AV proposals at the AV Audit to giving useful AV audit tips to planners at Whiteboard Wednesdays. And similarly, Brandt and Will covered the topic of saving money on AV in the past as well. But today, Will and Brandt want to talk about understaffing in particular. Far too often have they seen one person do a job of multiple people at events. Sometimes, they were that person themselves! Now that we're planning in-person and hybrid events again, it's the perfect time to revisit this popular topic. The way they see it, certain AV labor positions might become even more overworked in this new era of the events industry. So, press play and find out more!

Nov 8

45 min 57 sec

Halloween is upon us, which means it's time for the Event Tech Podcast to cover a truly spooky topic: scope creep. See, it even has the word 'creep' in it! So, what does it mean? When your project's vision and goals change so much that they no longer fit the initial agreement, you've got yourself a pretty bad case of scope creep. Not only is it a living nightmare for all project managers, but it also negatively affects everybody else in the process: your team, your stakeholders, and your attendees. In an industry in which changes and flexibility are the norm even if you've got the best event timeline and you know your event goals inside and out, scope creep is all the more dangerous. Brandt and Will have both experienced it, so they've decided to share their negative experiences with the listeners and come up with some solutions that help curb this fiendish phenomenon.

Oct 25

33 min 50 sec

It's been 18 months since many event profs first encountered Zoom. Back then, turning on the laptop camera and joining the call successfully was already considered a huge success. But as time went by, the standards for virtual event production started rising. Presenters and team members alike learned how to look better on camera. Event technology masters, such as our hosts, Will and Brandt, gave out advice on the best virtual speaker gear. As we're slowly stepping into the third year of the pandemic, we've all come to understand that looking your best on video calls matters ... Or did we? The Event Tech podcast duo thinks that there's still room for improvement. And so, they decided to go back to basics and revisit this good old topic. It doesn't just apply to event planners who are planning their next big event. If you ever need to hop on a call, you should give this episode a listen. You might feel called out, but remember, Will and Brandt are only trying to help and make the events industry a better place. Without further ado, let's talk tech!

Oct 11

33 min 42 sec

What better way to learn more about the exciting world of event technology than listening to an awesome product spotlight episode of the Event Tech Podcast? Today, Will and Brandt bring two guests in to hear an unbiased review of Accelevents, an all-in-one hybrid and virtual event management platform. After all, in a world where there are more than 100 virtual event platforms, it's sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Please welcome Jonathan Kazarian, the CEO and founder of Accelevents, and Stephanie Baiocchi, the director of membership & events at IMPACT. Not only do they talk about this particular event platform's solutions, but they also nerd out about data analytics, virtual audience engagement strategies, and the ROI of virtual events. Press play and join them!

Sep 27

39 min 23 sec

It's Monday and there's no better way to kick off a week than with a brand new episode of Event Tech Podcast. These days, Will and Brandt are bringing in exciting guests to talk about the hottest trends in event technology. Last week, they talked about better brand management with Astute Review. This week, however, they are bringing in someone some of you might know as the host of Event Brew: Nick Borelli. Yep, that's right: we finally got ourselves a crossover episode! And what's on the menu? Nick, Will, and Brandt discuss Facebook's announcement that they're planning on becoming a metaverse company and Facebook Horizon, a virtual reality that is currently in the beta phase. And since this is the Event Tech Podcast, they elaborate on the implications this futuristic technology might have for event planners.

Sep 13

40 min 44 sec

Every once in a while, our hosts Will and Brandt love to bring guests to the Event Tech Podcast and have them talk about an exciting technology or software they've developed. In September 2020, for example, we had the opportunity to learn more about virtual engagement strategies with Sketch Effect. And today, the techie duo welcomes a very special guest who developed a brand management tool and mostly works with consulting firms and banks. However, brand compliance is an integral part of building long-lasting relationships with clients in all industries, the events industry included. James Hirchak is the president and co-founder of Astute Review, a company that helps companies ensure their brand compliance by offering two computer software solutions: a PowerPoint automation tool and a real-time brand monitoring tool. Will and Brandt brought him on the Event Tech Podcast to explain what these tools do and how they can be used by event professionals.

Aug 30

46 min 49 sec

One of the hottest topics in the events industry nowadays is hybrid and virtual audience engagement. But as the Event Tech Podcast highlights today, you can't really talk about audience engagement without including audience response systems in the conversations. After all, the best way to learn what makes our beloved attendees tick is to simply ask them. Right? In this episode, Brandt welcomes back Kyle Kocinski, the Head Of Implementation at Endless Events, to fill Will's shoes. Some of you might know him already as he joined the show in the past when the tech nerds talked about virtual and hybrid event platforms. Today, they talk about the history of audience response systems, comment on the current state of audience engagement tools, and recommend some of their favorite tools to our listeners.

Aug 4

40 min 46 sec

Brandt and Will are on a futuristic roll! In the last Event Tech Podcast episode, they talked about face recognition technology in events. And since nothing gets tech nerds riled up more than AI, they'll be talking about AI in event apps today. When talking about AI, we must be careful: all that glitters is not gold! Many event apps and tools claim they feature AI to lure techy people in, but in reality, they (only) feature predictive analytics or machine learning. So, which one is which and why does it matter? After this Event Tech Podcast episode, you'll know better than to jump on every AI-related hype train!

Jul 19

39 min 30 sec

What's up, Event Tech Podcast listeners? Today's episode is perfect for all fans of Westworld and Blade Runner. Will and Brandt will talk about facial recognition at Disney Parks and events in general. Why Disney? They have always pushed the envelope in terms of what's possible in technology. First, they did the MagicBand and now, they're moving towards facial recognition. Inspired by the last episode with CrowdPass, Brandt also wanted to continue exploring the related topic of attendee tracking. This episode is futuristic, informative, and also a little bit creepy. Don't skip it, it's like listening to a Black Mirror episode - in a good way!

Jul 6

35 min 31 sec

Just three months ago, event profs were wondering whether it was too soon to lift restrictions and go back to in-person events. While they were skeptical back then, we are glad to say that the era of post-COVID events is officially here! That being said, some safety concerns absolutely need to be addressed. Since this is the Event Tech Podcast, we are going to talk about how technology can ensure better safety at in-person events. One such technology is CrowdPass! What is CrowdPass, you might be wondering? You'll find out from Brandt's two very special guests! Some of you might know Lawrence Helfant as the co-founder of CrowdSync technology and Crowd Health. Half a year ago, he co-founded the CrowdPass software. It just might be a gamechanger in bringing in-person events faster and more efficiently! He is joined by Quinn Zsid, the marketing director of all three projects. Let's get to it, shall we?

Jun 21

31 min 29 sec

The two hottest topics in the ever-evolving events industry right now are the long-awaited return to in-person events and hybrid events. But as our hosts Will and Brandt have said time and time again, it's not about going back to how things were pre-COVID. It's about embracing the lessons learned along the way and incorporating them into our new events. One of the questions that they get a lot concerns hybrid event staff, so they've decided to share their knowledge with the whole wide world. They cover all levels of staffing at hybrid events, beginning at basic customer support and tricks for higher audience engagement. Then, they move into discussing AV labor positions. Mics, cameras, graphics - they cover it all!

Jun 7

38 min 10 sec

Today's an exciting day for the Event Tech Podcast! Our resident hosts, Will and Brandt, welcome a guest to talk about virtual and hybrid event platforms. Dear listeners, please welcome the knowledgeable Kyle Kocinski, the head of implementation at Endless Events! In one of the most resourceful conversations in the history of this podcast, Kyle talks about how event platforms have adapted since last year and where are they going next. From must-have features to pricing, he covers it all. After all, event platforms are key to planning the best hybrid or virtual event and are definitely here to stay.

May 24

45 min 16 sec

In today's episode of Event Tech Podcast, Will Curran and Brant Krueger talk about one of the most exciting new technologies in the world, or shall we say universe: Starlink. Last year, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched the innovative broadband internet service for the first time and now, it's seeing some huge developments. It sent out a beta program which enables users to set up satellite internet for approximately $100/month. And what does this mean for events? In this episode, Will takes the wheel and brings Brandt up to speed about the project. Together, they embark on a journey of exploring the potential benefits of Starlink in events!

May 10

30 min 16 sec

Event app platforms have been all the rage for quite some time now in the world of event tech, so it's only natural that investments in event platforms come next. Hopin, the 2019 London-based start-up, is considered a unicorn among event apps. In such a short span of time, it has managed to attract enormous investments. But should we care? Time and time again, Will and Brandt have proven to the Event Tech Podcast listeners that they are experts in all things tech. In this week's episode, however, they demonstrate that they also have a sharp eye for business. They take a closer look at the news about Hopin's staggering $5.65 billion valuation. Most readers take such news at face value and view the investment as a success, but Will and Brandt know what goes on behind the scenes. What exactly does this mean for Hopin and what does it say about other event platforms? Tune in and find out what the spicy duo has to say!

Apr 26

33 min 28 sec

Remember the times when we could visit exhibitions and see countless of exhibition booths in person? The hosts of Event Tech Podcast, Brandt Krueger and Will Curran, certainly do. Back in the day, they flew all the way to IMEX Frankfurt to see what the exhibitors had to offer. This year, however, they had to content with visiting CES 2021 virtually. And while they missed out on trying out the year's newest innovations for themselves, they agree that there's still value for exhibitors in the virtual world. In this week's episode, Will and Brandt move away from pure tech talk and talk about virtual events for exhibitors. Unlike many would like to believe, the key to driving value in digital and virtual events is not necessarily cutting-edge technology. What is it, then? Tune in and find out for yourself!

Apr 12

35 min 55 sec

A year ago, the events industry had no choice but to master the art of virtual events. As restrictions are slowly lifting and the worst is hopefully behind us, we can glimpse the future and the post-Covid events. Our hosts Will and Brandt are event industry experts, so believe them when they say that the next big industry standard is hybrid events. One of the greatest challenges the future poses are hybrid event interactions. How can we bridge the gap between the virtual and the in-person audience? The last thing we want is for the virtual guests to feel like flies on the wall or as if they were sitting at the kids' table, as Brandt cleverly put it. But we are getting ahead of ourselves - tune in and learn what else our lovely hosts have to say about hybrid audience engagement and interactions between the two audiences.

Mar 29

29 min 10 sec

Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the events industry was a well-oiled machine. Virtual and hybrid events were nowhere near as common. While every big event to already had its own event app, the event app design was something only a few businesses dealt with. Then came March 2020 and with it, huge changes. Event technology is no longer just one aspect of an event. It's the very heart of hybrid and virtual events! No wonder our hosts believe that it feels as if we've time-travelled all the way to 2030 in the last 10 months as far as technology goes. Today's Event Tech Podcast episode tackles it all: the changes in the world of event tech, hybrid events, awesome event app design advice for increased engagement, and speculations about the future. Will and Brandt are passionate techies, so they know it all!

Mar 15

44 min 50 sec

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest and most exciting events in the world of tech. As proper tech nerds, our hosts Will and Brandt always check out what the year's biggest innovations and trends are. They have covered the CES 2019 in the past, and it's high time they go over the CES 2021. Because of the unprecedented state the events industry finds itself in, the CES 2021 went virtual this year for the very first time. One of the main appeals of the CES in general was sorely missing: the visitors couldn't try out innovative new products themselves. And while Brandt and Will would have loved to give the newest flying cars a go, that didn't sour their experience. Here's their take on the tech highlights of the CES 2021 as well as the execution of the thrilling event itself.

Mar 1

41 min 26 sec

The Event Tech Podcast is back with its third and final installment on the best virtual speaker gear. After talking extensively about sound, video and lighting, it's time to look into backdrops. While the most expensive options generally bring the best results, it's not necessarily so when it comes to backdrops. One of the main takeaways from the 2021 Event Trends is that expectations towards virtual presenters are slowly, but surely rising. A huge part of that is minding the space you're in and what other people can see. Our hosts Brandt Krueger and Will Curran got creative and talked about all there is to know about the art of setting the perfect backdrop. Who is your audience? What kind of a message you want to send? Should you get personal or is it better to keep it neutral? What kind of backdrops even are there? All this and more in today's Event Tech Podcast. Take it away, tech-nerds!

Feb 19

50 min 18 sec

A couple of weeks ago, we began our mini-series on the best virtual speaker kits. And the first episode was all about sound. What are the best microphones speakers can use to deliver top-notch presentations? As usual, our hosts Brandt Krueger and Will Curran did a deep dive into the subject. But no educational content surrounding this topic would be complete without going into the specificities of lighting and video. As mentioned in our 2021 event trends guide, attendee expectations will be on the rise. And in order to correspond to said expectations, planners must support their speakers as well as possible. A great first step is, of course, to get educated on the best virtual speaker kits out there. So press play and join us for round two of the Event Tech Podcast's take on the subject!

Jan 26

49 min 42 sec

When you work in production, you come across your own particular brand of horror stories. And now that our professions have been irrevocably changed, these happen quite often. So it's not hard to imagine that people like our host, Brandt Krueger, technical producer extraordinaire, have quite a few tales to tell...and it's worse than you might think! But just like with every bad experience, there's something to be learned. This is why this week's episode of the Event Tech Podcast will be all about a live stream horror story that Brandt recently lived through. And as he explains to us and Will just how abysmal the whole experience was, there are plenty of notes to take. It's time to learn from other people's mishaps but in an enjoyable way. Press play and join our lovely hosts for another episode of the most tech-induced podcast in the industry!

Jan 11

45 min 23 sec

You asked and the Event Tech Podcast delivered - it's time to talk about the best speaker kits! Because now that we're several months into the pandemic and, consequently, the world of virtual events, there can't be any more excuses. We had the time to learn. And we had the time to put into that sweet research in order to get acquainted with the technology available. But it's always good to get some input from the experts...so it's Will Curran and Brandt Krueger to the rescue! Our lovely hosts have years of experience as podcasters, speakers, and technical producers. So who better than the wonderful duo of event tech nerds to give you the top recommendations? Without further ado, here are Will and Brandt's greatest pieces of advice on the audio portion of the best speaker kits you could ask for to set yourself and your speakers up for success.

Dec 2020

35 min 58 sec

The iconic hosts of The Event Tech Podcast went live during this year's edition of Event Tech Live to discuss a little bit of everything. What have Will Curran and Brandt Krueger been up to this year? What have they learned about the industry? How do they navigate the virtual-sphere? Join them for yet another unforgettable conversation!

Nov 2020

35 min 59 sec

Virtual events might not be something completely new at this point. But people everywhere are still learning how to navigate all the tech aspects that go into it. While there's a lot that planners now need to focus on, from engagement to networking and more, we want to talk about something else today. Or rather, someone else. Because much like event profs had to adapt to the new normal, so did presenters and attendees. And these are two very important parts of any event that deserve a smooth virtual experience! So on this week's episode of the Event Tech Podcast, Brandt Kruger and Will Curran are tackling this head-on. Since we've been putting so much pressure on remote speakers and audiences, it's time to wonder: what can we do? How can we make their roles easier? And what sort of help can we provide? Press play and join us to find out!

Nov 2020

32 min 44 sec

First things first - the Event Tech Podcast is back! And what better way to kickstart one of your favorite podcasts than to look back at 2020 in events? Obviously, both of our amazing hosts have been extremely busy. As event profs, Will Curran and Brandt Krueger had the ungrateful experience of witnessing the devastating effect of a global pandemic in their lives and businesses. But the good thing about change is that it invariably forces growth in every direction. So today, we open the floor to our incredible nerd-talking duo. Will and Brandt have a lot to catch up on and a lot to share with event profs everywhere. How did their professional lives change? What will the future look like? And what do we have to say about the industry now that things have stabilized for a bit? So without further delay, here's the Event Tech Podcast, in all its former glory, with a look back at 2020 in events.  

Nov 2020

45 min 38 sec

It's time to talk about engagement at virtual events yet again. And yes, this is a topic that we've covered in depth before. However, as the world keeps changing around us and the industry shifts, these conversations need to be consistent. Pushing the boundaries of what we've been doing so far, learning about new and emerging technologies and how they can be harnessed is vital. Attendees will expect more and more from virtual and hybrid events and it's up to event profs to deliver! So on this week's Event Tech Podcast, we're happy to welcome William Warren. He's the founder and CEO of The Sketch Effect, an exciting technology that contributes to improving engagement at virtual events in novel ways. Our host Will Curran has a lot to ask, and William certainly has. a lot to teach! So waste no more time and let's get playing!

Sep 2020

35 min 19 sec

With the industry witnessing a seismic shift, challenges are plentiful. And one of those challenges relates to creating exhibitor experiences for virtual and hybrid events. Because while these formats have unique demands, it's not all impossible to deal with! Some parts of an in-person event are actually rather easy to replicate in a hybrid or virtual setting. However, when it comes down to sponsors and exhibitors, the name of the game is hardly the same. And you've probably found yourself scratching your head over it a few times. Well, not anymore! Because this week, we're bringing back the Event Tech Podcast. And our awesome host Will Curran is proud to welcome Matthew Funge as a guest. Matthew is the Managing Director and co-founder of Your Stand Builder, an award-winning company that "revolutionizes the way companies all around the world prepare for their exhibitions". So who better than him to teach us how to create amazing exhibitor experiences for virtual and hybrid events? Press play and join the chat!

Aug 2020

32 min 42 sec

Here at the Event Tech Podcast, we're always trying to bring you the latest news on all things related to technology. And obviously, technology pertaining to the events industry. While we've done reviews in the past, this time around we wanted to go further - hence, the Klik review. And what is Klik, you might wonder? Well, it's a self-proclaimed software-hardware ecosystem that provides everything you need to manage an event. Innovation and integration are words to live by at Klik, which offers attendees a new way to connect and harnesses the power of data to deliver an amazing experience to everyone involved. And Klik has solutions for everything and everyone. Whether it's a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, this platform has got you covered. But just in case you are in dire need of an in-depth, honest review, the Event Tech Podcast is here to help! In this week's episode, we introduce Simon St-Germain and Shana Thomas. Simon is Klik's representative on the episode, and he works as the Marketing & Communication Director. And Shana, Director of Digital Experiences at Connex, is here as the client who's actually tried Klik. She'll offer us a unique look into the platform, why it helped her, and what the highlights were. So if you're excited about this awesome Klik review, press play and join us on another amazing edition of the Event Tech Podcast!

Jul 2020

1 hr 7 min

Mindfulness in events. These three words might seem foreign to many. And to others, they can actually be scary. But what does mindless in events even mean? How does it help professionals in the industry? And most importantly, should we practice it? Well, the short answer to the last questions is yes. Because it’s no secret to anyone that event planners tend to use stress as a badge of honor, right? We’re always busy, always scrambling, and there are a million things that demand our attention. Especially in times like these, when everything is so uncertain, mental health suffers. But are we really so busy that we forget to think about ourselves? That’s what our very special guest for this week wonders. The extraordinary Lee Papa is an internationally recognized Mindfulness and Meditation speaker and trainer, specializing in the Meetings, Events, Hospitality, and Travel industries. For years, Lee has been teaching professionals in the industry about the importance of mindfulness in events. And today, she’ll be walking us through her personal experiences, the importance of this practice, and exactly why we should be doing it. So grab a nice, warm cup of tea and join us for an incredible edition of the Event Tech Podcast – it might just change your outlook on life!

Jun 2020

1 hr 2 min

It’s time to learn about how to create a content database! When an event reaches the end, most planners forget all the amazing content opportunities it can still provide. And especially now with virtual events, the possibilities are endless. Because you have all of these amazing hours of content recorded. They’re at your disposal and, if you make good use of them, at the disposal of your attendees. But what happens once you reach a point where there is simply too much-recorded content? Hours and hours of video of people talking about extremely interesting topics? How do you make it more accessible? And how can you harness it into a digital marketing tool to promote upcoming events? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about on this episode of the Event Tech Podcast! Our incredible host Will Curran is joined by Todd Giannattasio, the co-founder of Ziotag. And Ziotag is the tool event planners everywhere have been waiting for! It’s an AI-powered video player that will help you create a seamless content database using your existing library of videos. The results? More views, increased engagement, and a powerful marketing tool for planners. Are you curious? Then press play and join us on yet another exciting adventure through the world of event technology!

May 2020

31 min 52 sec

What are the odds you've been thinking hard about event pricing? With all that is happening in the industry right now, we're guessing they're high. Because virtual events are now the norm. And figuring out how much you should charge your attendees is a challenge. With an in-person experience, it was easier. You had previous examples to draw from, and the numbers were a little more clear. But now that the paradigm has shifted, the questions about event pricing changed too. And we previously covered some ways you can learn to figure out how to price your virtual event. But today, we wanted to bring you yet another interesting option. Imagine a world where your attendees pay what they want for the experience. A world where they attend and only after do they decide how much the experience was worth. Sounds strange, right? But in reality, it can be a game.changer for you! So, in order to explain everything a little bit better, we welcome Kahlil Ashanti of weshowup. He'll tell you and our amazing host, Will Curran, all about this event pricing model. Join us right now and learn how you can adopt it!

May 2020

27 min 22 sec

We're taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the history of event tech! And what better place to do it than the Event Tech Podcast? Over the course of several episodes, we've covered everything event tech-related. From Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to cybersecurity for events and virtual event platform reviews, this podcast has done it all. But the history of event tech is so big, bold, and intricate, that we simply had to dedicate an entire episode to it. Fans of event technology have a real treat waiting for them this week. And since revisiting the past is a great way to see into the future and learn from previous mistakes, today's episode will be a valuable lesson. But we couldn't bring you the history of event tech without inviting a true connoisseur. So joining our incredible host Will Curran is none other than Corbin Ball. And Corbin is no stranger to Endless! He's been featured on #EventIcons before. And as the leading meeting event tech guru, Corbin has plenty of wisdom to share. So, if you're ready to embark on this unforgettable journey and geek-out, press play and join us right now. We're revisiting the history of event tech!

May 2020

1 hr 9 min

Today's episode of Event Tech Podcast is all about how to bring broadcast quality to your virtual event. As of right now, everybody is busy doing a shift to remote work. And that means that event profs, in particular, are getting very acquainted with streaming and video calls. But in a world where we’re shifting to virtual events, that’s a good thing! You can now put yourself in the shoes of potential attendees – to a small scale, of course. What comes along with this is a deeper notion of how things can go wrong. The audio quality is bad, the video keeps lagging and the images aren’t clear…and you worry. We thought you might. And that’s why we invited Rodrick Pauley, a previous guest on #EventIcons, to chat with us. Our amazing host Will has a lot of questions for Rodrick. And they’re all around the topic of how to bring broadcast quality to your virtual event! Pauley has ten years of experience in the subject. Which means he has plenty of tips, tricks, and best practices to share! Because we’re all on the same boat right now, we should share the wisdom. So if you’ve been wondering how you can take your virtual experience to the next level and make it unforgettable, press play and join us right now!

May 2020

39 min 57 sec

It’s safe to assume you’ve been thinking a lot about virtual event possibilities. Because let’s be fair, virtual events will be the norm for a while. And surprisingly enough, not many event profs have experience with this format. So it’s only natural that dozens of questions pop-up into your head. Where do I even begin? What are the limits? How much of the in-person experience can be faithfully translated into this virtual format? These are only a few of the doubts we know event planners have. But here at Endless, we love nothing better than to educate. And because the industry is witnessing such an enormous shift, we want to help where we can. So on this week’s episode of the Event Tech Podcast, we’re giving you some answers. Our incredible host Will Curran sat down with Andrew Latimer to tell you all about virtual event possibilities. So if you’re curious to learn exactly what can be achieved with virtual events, then wait no longer and press play now! For all the resources and more be sure to check out the blog here! 

Apr 2020

33 min 7 sec

Zoom for virtual events: is it really your best option? This has been the question on many planners’ minds. And now that virtual events are set to be the norm in the industry, it’s more pertinent than ever. Because everyone knows Zoom. It’s been around for a while and many companies use it as their go-to conference platform. But how does it fare where virtual events are concerned? Should you even bother looking for another option since Zoom seems like a safe choice? These are only some of the questions we’ll be answering today. Our incredible host Will Curran is a veteran Zoom user. So that means he can offer you all the guidance on the topic of Zoom for virtual events! If you’re ready to learn more, then wait no further – press play and join us for another awesome edition of the Event Tech Podcast! Check out the resources, transcription and more for this week here! 

Apr 2020

26 min 10 sec

Yes, you read that right - we're discussing audio augmented reality for events today! And yes, we've discussed the topic of augmented reality before. We touched upon it on the Event Tech Podcast. And we even dedicated a couple of #EventIcons episodes to it. But what we're discussing today is a very specific sub-section of the topic. While the whole thing seems like a word salad, it's still a conversation you'll want to pay attention to! For the full audio transcription and blog check here! 

Mar 2020

36 min 48 sec

When it comes to putting together unforgettable moments, imagination and events must go hand in hand. And consistently coming up with ideas can get quite exhausting. But at the end of the day, it’s what makes an event special. One that has a story, a story where attendees can immerse themselves in. It’s not just about tying together points A, B, and C. And it’s not just about having the venue, the speakers, and your AV company in place. It goes a lot deeper than that! So this week on the Event Tech Podcast, we’re talking about imagination and events. And to help us out, we have two experts joining our hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger. Anthony Hickson is the Director of Imagination Studios, and Stephen Van Elst is the Global Creative Innovation Director for Imagination. They’re experts in bringing technology and storytelling together to create amazing events – and they’re here to tell us all about it. Press play and join us on this journey! Click here for the Blog.

Mar 2020

48 min 59 sec

We have some major news on the event tech front – PSAV is now Encore! The events industry is in constant mutation and news of acquisitions and mergers are not rare. And this time around, the Event Tech Podcast is here with the freshest update to reach our ears. It’s exciting, it’s interesting, and it will have consequences. But of what kind? Will Curran and Brandt Krueger are ready to give you the scope on the PSAV is now Encore news. Did we see it coming? What does this mean for the events industry? And more specifically, to the world of event tech? Well, if you want all these questions answered, wait no more – press play and join us on this special edition of the Event Tech Podcast!

Mar 2020

35 min 25 sec

We’re willing to bet you’ve asked yourself what to do when your AV company slacks off at least once. Because AV companies and teams aren’t flawless. And sometimes, they can let certain things slide because they’re not paying attention. But why does this happen? Is there anything you can do to prevent it? And when it does happen, what are the best steps you can take to deal with the situation? These are exactly the questions we’ll be answering today. Our lovely hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger have quite a few stories to share. They’ve been in the industry for years, right? So who better to tell you what to do when your AV company slacks off? If this is something that’s crossed your mind a few times, you’ve come to the right place. Press play right now, and join us for a new edition of the Event Tech Podcast!

Mar 2020

34 min 32 sec

Today we're talking about the difference between an event production company and AV company. And as we all know, the world of events is complex. So understanding some concepts might get tricky. But this is exactly why we thought this would be an important topic to tackle. Because as someone who operates in the events industry, it's key that you're up to date with things like event production and AV. And, bottom line, how they differ from each other. Thankfully, our two lovely hosts are the perfect people to walk you through the motions. Brandt Krueger and Will Curran have extensive experience in this matter. And on today's edition of the Event Tech Podcast, they will be answering the million-dollar question: what's the difference between an event production company and AV company. So press play and join us on this quest!

Feb 2020

31 min 14 sec

Everybody take notes because we're dropping some wisdom about event presentations. And this is a topic that will resonate with all event profs out there. Because at the end of the day, what do good presentations mean? Well, they mean that your attendees have an amazing experience. And they mean that your speakers also have a fantastic time. Two things that ultimately come together to represent an event you're proud of. So who better to give you all the tactical tips than our hosts? Brandt Krueger and Will Curran are here today to shower you with advice to make better event presentations. Wait no longer and press play to join us on a brand new episode of the Event Tech Podcast. Because after this, your next presentations will be elevated to a whole new level! To read the blog and check out the audio transcript check out our blog!   

Feb 2020

52 min 32 sec

Do you think we would be able to hold off on doing a Super Bowl reaction? Well, if you know Will Curran and Brandt Krueger, the answer is obviously a resounding no. Because you already know that here at the Event Tech Podcast, we bring you the best news in events. And considering that the Super Bowl is one of the big boys out there, we simply had to tackle it. So today, that’s exactly what our lovely hosts will be up to. Will and Brandt sit down to let us hear their Super Bowl reaction. What were the highlights? What didn’t they enjoy that much? And most importantly, is there anything we, as event professionals, can learn from it? If you want to hear the answers to these questions, wait no longer. Press play and join us!  

Feb 2020

59 min 57 sec

Everybody stop whatever they're doing - we're playing corporate AV and event production bingo! So, our lovely hosts have been busy so far in 2020. And Brandt Krueger in particular! Which is why we decided to do something a little different this week. Instead of the usual conversation, we're playing a little game. But don't worry, we're not straying away from our favorite topics! If you're ready to have some fun, then we advise you to join us today. As always, Will Curran and Brandt Krueger are here to entertain and educate you. And what better way to do so than with corporate AV and event production bingo? If you want to play along, make sure you go and grab your own cards. Even if you're still a bit confused, go ahead and press play. It will be worth it! Click here to play!  

Feb 2020

1 hr 2 min

It's time for a juicy Surface Pro X review! So, you already know that here at the Event Tech Podcast, we love teaching you about hardware. A few weeks ago, we even had the Samsung Galaxy Fold review, courtesy of proud owner Will Curran. And today, we're keeping the reviews and opinions coming. Only this time around, we're laying out everything you need to know about the Surface Pro X, whether it's a good choice for an event planner and other important details. Starring our always tech-savvy hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger, this is an episode you'll want to check out. Maybe you've been wondering whether or not you can get away with just an iPad. Or maybe you've been wanting to switch your Mac for a while and you're not sure if it's a good call. Either way, you're questions will be answered. Just press play, it's Event Tech time! For the full audio transcription and show notes click here! 

Jan 2020

40 min

We’re starting off the week with the topic of gadgets and tech in 2020! So, last week we covered a specific event that happened during the Consumer Electronics Show – CES. And today we’re taking up a notch with an entire conversation about this event. Much like we did last year, we thought this would be a perfect way to kick-start the year. And there is no better place to discuss gadgets and tech in 2020 than in the Event Tech Podcast. You know, the go-to show for all things event technology. Our amazing guests Brandt Krueger and Will Curran sat down to discuss all the amazing things to come out of this conference. From the most promising technology to the coolest tech, they’re covering it all. And whether or not you had the chance to be a part of it, you’ll want to listen to this episode. So wait no longer and press play! For the full blog and transcription read here! 

Jan 2020

42 min

Live streaming for events is something we've covered before. And today, we're revisiting this amazing topic. Except this time, we're getting even more tactical, with a handful of amazing tips. These are brought to you by one of the best in the industry, where live streaming for events is concerned. It's gonna be a wild and educational ride! So, joining our amazing host Will Curran is Scott Mirkin. Scott is the co-founder of ESM Productions, and when we say he's one of the best, we're not exaggerating! Because he has done work for some of the most powerful people in the world. And these people include none other than hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, President Obama, and Pope Francis. Are you excited yet? Then press play, because this is an episode you don't want to miss!

Jan 2020

1 hr 1 min

Ten years have passed, and it was quite a decade of technology. So, here are at the Event Tech Podcast, we dedicate ourselves to exploring all things related to technology in our industry. And so far, we've covered some incredible topics. From event hardware to facial recognition and data privacy, we've done it all. It's undeniable that in the past decade, technology has taken a giant leap. And our industry certainly needs to make an effort to keep up the pace. So, considering that the core of the podcast is event tech, it's only fitting that we look back. And that's exactly what our incredible hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger will do today! From 2010 onwards, it's time we get an overview of the past decade of technology. A decade filled with exciting promises and innovations. And one that challenged the events industry to change its mindset and outlook into how we work. So, without further ado, press play - it's Event Tech Podcast o'clock!

Jan 2020

1 hr 20 min

Join Brandt and Will for another exciting Event Tech Podcast episode on why the events industry needs tech standards...

Dec 2019

32 min 17 sec

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who's been with us over the course of this amazing year 2019. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you all the merriest of holiday seasons!  

Dec 2019

4 min 4 sec

Another week, another exciting tech talk - and this time around, we'll be diving deep into Mixtroz. So, as you already know, the Event Tech Podcast is here to bring you the latest news in event tech. And, of course, the most interesting and groundbreaking tools that you can have available at your event. This is why we're giving you the breakdown of one of the most appealing event software out there - Mixtroz! If networking is your thing, then this episode will certainly excite you. In order to provide you with the freshest and most complete information, we have the honor to introduce Ashlee Ammons. Ashlee is the co-founder of Mixtroz, so she can tell you everything you need to know. And joining her is none other than our amazing host, Brandt Krueger. Together, the two will dive deep into the background of Mixtroz, how it came to be, and why it is something you will definitely want to implement at your next event. Are you ready for this? Press play, we're getting techy!

Dec 2019

58 min 31 sec