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Each episode I invite a girlfriend on the podcast to share not only the story that God is writing for her but the story God is redeeming in her life. I can’t wait for you to meet each and every one of these amazing women who I know will inspire you to also live out the story God is calling you to and to give you hope that He will be faithful to redeem your story as well!

  1. 1.
    S6: E5 God’s Best Work through Unchanging Circumstances with special guest Kathy Howard
  2. 2.
    S6: E4 How to Thrive in the Midst of Catastrophe with special guest Heather McMillan
  3. 3.
    S6: E3 How to empower your kids to challenge cultural lies with special guest Hillary Ferrer
  4. 4.
    S6:E2 How to find a mentor and how to be one with special guest Kelsey Chapman
  5. 5.
    S6: E1 When abuse doesn't get the final say in your story with special guest Gina Defa
  6. 6.
    S5: Episode 9 Restoration of a Shattered Marriage with special guests Holly and Jake Strasheim
  7. 7.
    S5: Episode 8 Healed and Whole with special guest Meredith Andrews
  8. 8.
    S5: Episode 7 Learning A Whole New Way To Live
  1. 9.
    S5: Episode 6 The Scars that have shaped me with special guest Diana Janz
  2. 10.
    S5: Episode 5 No more going through the motions with special guest Camille Ogden
  3. 11.
    S5: Episode 4 Surrendering Your Dreams with special guest Hope Darst
  4. 12.
    S5: Episode 3 From Fear to Freedom with special guest Jennifer Hutsell
  5. 13.
    S5: Episode 2 Quieting the Shout of Should with Crystal Stine
  6. 14.
    S5: Episode 1 Chasing perfect with special guest Alisha Illian
  7. 15.
    S4: Episode 12 The journey of an American Foster Family
  8. 16.
    S4: Episode 11: My Unexpected Journey: Experiencing Hope While Living With Pain with Julie Scholl
  9. 17.
    S4: Episode 10: Regret to redemption: Jamie McIntyre's story of teen pregnancy
  10. 18.
    S4: Episode 9 How prayer calms your anxious heart with special guest and author Julie Gillies
  11. 19.
    S4: Episode 8 How to live your single life to the fullest with special guest Lauree Austin
  12. 20.
    S4: Episode 7 How do you go on when the world you know crumbles with special guests Seth and Megan Halligan
  13. 21.
    S4: Ep 6 Grace and Redemption after abortion with special guest Sandy Park
  14. 22.
    S4: Episode 5 What to do when your prayers aren't answered with returning guest Alicia Marks
  15. 23.
    S4: Episode 4 How God takes the broken parts and makes them beautiful with special guest Holly Migas
  16. 24.
    S4: Episode 3 How God flipped the script in my story with special guest Mary DeMuth
  17. 25.
    S4: Episode 2 How to make sense of the Unexpected Single Life with special guest Kate Hurley
  18. 26.
    S4: Episode 1 The small and big moments that shape our lives with special guests JJ and Dave Heller
  19. 27.
    S3: Episode 12 How to Build Character in your child in a World of Compromise with special guest Lee Nienhuis
  20. 28.
    S3: Episode 11 How to make sense from loss and trust that God is good with special guest Patti Buss
  21. 29.
    S3: Episode 10 Laughing through the Ugly Cry and Finding Unstoppable Joy with special guest Dawn Barton
  22. 30.
    S3: Episode 9 How Laura Story's family is navigating COVID-19
  23. 31.
    S3: Episode 8 What if I don't have all the answers with special guest Ashley Espinoza
  24. 32.
    S3: Episode 7 The Thief of Comparison with special guest Marra Watson
  25. 33.
    S3: Episode 6 Keeping the Faith when you don't understand what God is doing with special guest Kim Snider
  26. 34.
    S3: E5 How to navigate unexpected trials in your marriage and find beauty in the ashes with special guests Dan and Mandee O'Shaughnessy
  27. 35.
    S3: E4 Trusting God as your true North when your life goes south with special guest Jennifer Leeson
  28. 36.
    S3: E3 How to trust God with "hard " things we feel He is calling us to with special guest Nicole Deese
  29. 37.
    S3: Episode 2 From Abandonment to Adopted with special guest Heather Norlander
  30. 38.
    S3: Episode 1 God can use anyone from anywhere to do anything with special guest Kim-Maree Janzen
  31. 39.
    S2: Episode 12 How to navigate through unexpected battles in your story with special guest Bo Stern-Brady
  32. 40.
    S2: Episode 11 The worst thing that ever happens to you can be the best thing that ever happens to you with special guest Sam Kelly
  33. 41.
    S2: Episode 10 When divorce doesn't have the final say with special guests Chris and Stephanie Teague
  34. 42.
    S2: Episode 9 How to trust the Lord when the unimaginable happens with special guest Jennifer Eikenhorst
  35. 43.
    S2: E8 Desperate to fit in with special guest Stephanie Koontz
  36. 44.
    S2: Episode 7 How we built our family after years of infertility and loss with special guest BreAnne Brown
  37. 45.
    S2: Episode 6 The Journey out of food addiction with special guest Ashra Liles
  38. 46.
    S2: Episode 5: How to let go of the bitterness that binds you with special guest Alecia Gamble
  39. 47.
    S2: Episode 4: How we didn’t let brain injury define us and our family with special guest Kathleen Darling
  40. 48.
    S2: Episode 3: Rescued from Human Sex Trafficking with special guest Lindsey Cooper
  41. 49.
    S2: Episode 2: Leaning to BeLoved, not Afraid with special guest Kim Rettmann
  42. 50.
    S2: Episode 1: The importance of choosing to live joyfully with special guest Rachael Prescott

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