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Audio Engineer - Community Activist - Musician. This week Felipe Martin joins the show to discuss the Metaverse, the current state of relationships, his recent cross country trip, how he grounds himself & more! 


Nov 3

45 min 49 sec

This week, Rose Up, joins us to  unpack her journey to understanding balance and using it as her superpower!


Oct 26

1 hr 7 min

Father + Senior Analyst + Creator.  Chris Hawks is  not only a Phoenix local but he is also the host of the LifeIsBlck Podcast. Changing the world through dialogue, one day at a time.


Oct 16

1 hr 8 min

Doula - Serial Entrepreneur - Author - Mom.  Hannah Alley is the co-founder of Gather Phx, a company focused on helping people practice daily mindfulness with healing remedies, positive vibes & curated gifts.  

Sep 23

47 min 6 sec

Alchemist -  Linguist - Holistic healer - Leader. Susan Barnes has collaborated on some of the most important initiatives that support the evolution of humanity and the regeneration of our Earth.


Sep 13

1 hr 22 min