A Soundtrack of Resistance

Ewa Wojkowska & Gede Robi

A podcast looking at the social history of Indonesia, through the songs of Navicula, the best band you’ve probably never heard of. In each episode of the show, we dig deep into one Navicula song, and the story of why and how it was made. Find out more at: http://soundtrackofresistance.net/

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In this episode we are getting into a topic that every Indonesian across the country thinks about, corruption. We're going to do our best to give you a picture of why it's such a big issue in Indonesia and introduce you to some of the people and organizations who are tackling corruption at different levels in very diverse and creative ways.We're looking at all of this through the Navicula song that has become the anthem of Indonesia's anti-corruption movement, Mafia Hukum, or the legal mafia, a song that is arguably one of the band's biggest hits. This episode features: Dandhy Laksono, Documentary Filmmaker; Saut Situmorang, Deputy Commissioner of KPK (2015-1019), Sely Martini, Indonesia Corruption Watch; Edward Andrews, Musician; Gede Robi, Vocalist & Guitarist of Navicula. 

Sep 18

1 hr 6 min

This is the second of a two-part episode on violent religious extremism. If you haven't already, listen to  Aku Bukan Mesin - I Am Not a Machine, first.In this episode, we are looking at how and why people become violent religious extremists, and explore “Everyone Goes to Heaven” - one of the songs Navicula released in response to  a turbulent time in Indonesia’s history.   We are joined by Sidney Jones, a widely renowned expert on religious extremism and conflict in Indonesia, and Heidi Arbuckle, an expert on tolerance and on the role of music and the arts in creating an informed and tolerant society. 

Aug 28

39 min 27 sec

In this episode, we are exploring violent religious extremism, through Aku Bukan Mesin (I am not a machine), one of the songs that the band recorded in response to terrorist bombings that shook Bali and Jakarta in the early 2000, and a turbulent political transition in Indonesia which saw conflict flaring up in various parts of the country. The conflicts were dividing communities across religious lines and resulted in large scale destruction, violence, displacement, and the deaths of thousands of people. Joining us in this episode is a special guest, Sidney Jones - a widely renowned expert on religious extremism and conflict in Indonesia.

Aug 14

35 min 26 sec

We're going back to the very beginning - back to 1996, the year that Navicula was formed, and talking about the band's journey over the past 25 years - to how they got to where they are today.  There's a lot in this episode, we're speaking with the whole band - Robi, Dadang, Palel and Krishna, as well as two of the band's former managers, Rudolf Dethu, and Lakota Moira. We'll hear about Navicula's experience recording at Record Plant Studios in Hollywood, and the band's deal with Sony and their subsequent split with the record label. We'll find out why Gembul, Navicula's former drummer left the band. And we'll also hear about the tragic loss of Made, Navicula's Bass player, three years ago.  In this episode, we're exploring  Navicula's song, Merdeka, which means freedom. We'll hear about the inspiration for this song, as well as how over the years, this song, as well as the meaning of freedom has evolved for the band.

Jul 31

57 min 26 sec

We delve into ‘Metropolutan’,  a song about the overdevelopment and pollution crisis in the Indonesian city of Jakarta. We also hear about something pretty amazing that happened to the band as a result of this song, which took them to another big city - Los Angeles. 

Jul 17

38 min 13 sec

In the first episode, we explore one of Navicula’s most popular songs - Busur Hujan (Rainbow). The song was created by Navicula to welcome the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Ship to Bali, as part of its journey to campaign for environmental protection around the world. In this episode, you will hear about Robi’s (Navicula’s vocalist and guitarist) and the band’s motivation to support those fighting for social and environmental rights and passion about the cultural, social and biological diversity of Indonesia.  You will hear about the process of making the song, and how Navicula got to record the Busur Hujan music video on the legendary Rainbow Warrior ship. 

Jul 1

41 min 42 sec

Prologue to A Soundtrack of Resistance -  a podcast looking at the social history of Indonesia, through the songs of Navicula, the best band you've probably never heard of. 

Jul 1

6 min 27 sec

A podcast looking at the social history of Indonesia, through the songs of Navicula -  the best band you’ve probably never heard of.  First episode out 6 July! 

Jun 22

1 min 53 sec