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More of a tailgate than a pregame show, The Buckeye SloopCast is covering all things #OhioState Football and having the most fun with their moment in the spotlight.

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After some shakeups, who’s the Sloopcast top4? How many teams have a realistic shot at the playoffs and is Ohio State one of those teams? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: If These Trees Could Talk ( Song: When the Big Hand Buries the Twelve ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 30

47 min 14 sec

S07E56 - Standard and Grayed: MichiganKyle and Jared give out gradings for the Ohio State vs Michigan game. What went wrong for the Buckeyes? How many coaching changes for OSU this offseason? Thoughts on the state of the Ryan Day regime. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: If These Trees Could Talk ( Song: Berlin (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 29

56 min 15 sec

In today’s episode, Jared and Kyle go over our SlooPick games. Can Nebraska finally get a big win? Who will win the Big 12? Will we see a close game in the Iron Bowl? Can Notre Dame still make the playoffs? Master Link: Artist: Mekka Don ( Song: Still Dope ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 26

33 min 54 sec

In this episode Kyle and Jared discuss “The Game”. Ohio State vs Michigan. Can the Buckeyes continue their offensive hotstreak? Will the Wolverines put up enough points to win? Why is Woody v Bo better than Urban v Harbaugh?Master Link: Artist: The Dead Schembechlers ( Song: Bomb Ann Arbor Now (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 25

55 min 35 sec

Jared and Kyle take a look at the national landscape including their own personal playoff rankings. Who’s in? Who is the fourth team?Is it UGA, Ohio State, and everyone one else?Is the B tier dead?Can Clemson still make their conference title game?The importance of OU vs OkStWhy isn’t anyone talking about Notre Dame? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: North to Nashville ( Song: Coast to Coastin ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 23

53 min 16 sec

Kyle and Jared review and grade out the Ohio State and Michigan State game. Was this the best showing of the Buckeyes this year? Should the CFP committee put OSU at #2? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Snarles ( Song: Sparkling ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 22

49 min 15 sec

Jared and Kyle take a look around the national landscape this week as the season slip away and championship weekend approaches. Master Link: Artist: Playing to Vapors( Song: Whisper ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 19

44 min 47 sec

Kyle and Jared preview the upcoming Michigan State game and answer all of the pressing questions about life and the cosmos. Can Sparty slow down the Ohio State passing barrage? How good is Sparty’s offense? How big of a role will Kenneth Walker have?How Sparty sparks the upset.Master Link: Artist: Playing to Vapors ( Song: Skeleton From The Swamp (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 18

44 min 6 sec

Chaos has his toughest week yet but still claims The SoonersTexas A&M also falls. Does that hurt Bama’s case?Is Cincinnati failing the eye-test?Has the Big Ten West race come into focus?Can we all agree that Auburn isn’t rankable? Are we underrating OKST or is the Big 12 just that bad?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MotherFolk ( Song: Fine With It ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 16

46 min 48 sec

S07E48 - Standard & Grayed: PurdueJared and Kyle review and grade Ohio State’s win over PurdueOhio State dismantles the Purdue superweapon. The offense is back to full steam, but why?Are fans being too hard on the defense’s performance?Will Kyle finally give the special teams an A+?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MotherFolk ( Song: Anchor ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 15

53 min 38 sec

Jared and Kyle predict 7 games from this weekend’s slate. Will this be a crucial week for deciding several conference divisions?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Courtney From Work ( Song: Loko ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 12

40 min 5 sec

In this episode, Kyle and Jared cover the Ohio State and Purdue matchup. Do the Boilermakers have any chaos left?Can David Bell be shut down?Can the Buckeyes fix their woes on the offensive line and red zone?Master Link: Artist: Paper Lung ( Song: Hands (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 11

58 min 47 sec

Chaos claims three but nearly misses much more. It was a bad week to be a top team not named Georgia. Major shake-ups in the SloopCast top 4. Does Cincinnati make their S-tier debut? Master Link: Artist: Parade Rainer ( Song: Kangaroo Court ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 9

44 min 32 sec

In this episode, Kyle and Jared discuss the Ohio State win over Nebraska. Who’s to blame for the offense woes? What needs to change? Can it be fixed in time? What about the defense, did they perform to expectations?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MotherFolk ( Black Eye/Bad Night (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 8

55 min 21 sec

In today’s episode, Jared and Kyle discuss the unusual Vegas lines for this weekend’s games. Are we set up for a Chaos weekend? Who’s still overrated?Could a 2-loss Alabama team make the playoffs?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Andrew Gabbard ( Song: Promises I've Made ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 5

54 min 11 sec

In today’s episode, Kyle and Jared talk about the upcoming game against Nebraska. How will Ohio State’s offensive line respond after a disappointing game versus Penn State? What does the defense need to do to stop Adrian Martinez?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comPlease take our ~5 minute 10 question survey: https://survey.thesloopcast.comArtist: Two Cow Garage ( History Now (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 4

54 min 22 sec

Another week of college football, and another feast for Chaos. Ohio State, Cincinnati, and Michigan State survive late October scares. Michigan can’t get past little brother.Iowa makes a mess of The West and their season.Pitt falls to the Hurricanes Ole Miss and Kentucky ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERESMU lost… that’s chaos… I guess... Master Link: Artist: Why Omen ( Song: CSA ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 2

47 min 52 sec

Jared missed the mark predicting this game… why?Respect to Sean Clifford and the PSU D.The offensive line disappoints.Are the linebackers and safeties doing enough?...does Ohio State need to reevaluate the starters at these positions? Was Ohio State out schemed?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Defiance Ohio( Song: Against The Government ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Nov 1

1 hr

S07E39 - SlooPicks: Little BrothersAnother guest host? Yep! Today it’s Tony Gerdeman joining Jared as they pick with 7 games against the line.Does Tony like Ohio State -18.5?Michigan and Michigan State are facing off as top 10 teamsIs Texas on their way back? Has Baylor been exposed?Wait… Wisconsin is favored over Iowa?Can Flordia shock The South?Why is Aubrun even ranked?Is Kentucky legit? Vegas doesn’t think so. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Tim Easton ( Song: Just Like Home ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 29

1 hr 11 min

Jared and Ky… err… Marc. That's right! Marc Givler guest hosts in this week’s SloopCast! He and Jared preview the upcoming Ohio State vs Penn State game.What is Sean Clifford’s status really?Why is Penn State struggling?Can Doston save Penn State?Another big day for Ruckert?Big recruiting weekend. Could there be a boom?Master Link: Artist: Courtney From Work ( Song: Do It Yourself ( )#GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 28

1 hr 1 min

Jared and Kyle start the SloopCast Tier list over from scratch as they switch into playoff mode. Which four teams will claim the S tier this week? Team Chaos claims four...Did OK State ever really belong?Clifford was on the field but not himself. What do we make of PSU now?NC State falls to Miami. Is the ACC hopeless?Coastal Carolina falls. Is Cincy the G5’s only hope? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: New Bomb Turks ( Song: Sucker Punch ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 26

51 min 58 sec

S07E36 - Standard & Grayed: IndianaOhio State makes it look easy vs Indiana. The crazy part is that Indiana isn’t that bad especially on the defensive side of the ball. But Jared and Kyle still need to hand out grades. Which position group grades out the worst? How nitpicky do we need to get?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Stay Outside ( Song: ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 25

48 min 46 sec

This week’s SlooPicks are heavy with one-loss teams and ACC matchups as the boys try to figure out who can make a run at the playoffs and who’s just renting space atop the standings. Wake Forrest looks to stay perfect against an especially dangerous Army team.Is a 22 point spread too much for TTUN?Kenny Pickett and Pittsburgh are favorited this week over a struggling ClemsonOK State is undefeated. They are in the Top 10. They are also an underdog this week.Oregon is also an underdog this weekend against an unranked team. Is the Pac12 over?NC State takes on a King-less Miami in a game where the under looks really good. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Cordial Sins ( Song: Cruel (live) ( ) #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 22

44 min 51 sec

In today’s episode... Kyle and Jared discuss the Ohio State v Indiana game. With Penix out, who is Indiana’s biggest threat? What should we expect out of the Buckeyes this weekend? Can OSU keep their momentum going? Master Link: Artist: Signals Midwest ( Song: Tommy Took A Picture (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 21

48 min 31 sec

In today’s episode of the SloopCast… Iowa learns an important lesson… never play Purdue.Michigan State and OKST narrowly avoid Chaos… are they fake good?Tennessee trashes their own turf.Arizona State and BYU meet the reaper. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Sonder Bombs( Song: k. ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 19

35 min 59 sec

In today’s episode, Kyle and Jared give out mid-season grades and awards. Expectations were high, how did each position grade out?Who’s been the most consistent player this year?Who do we want to see more of in the 2nd half?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Mister Moon ( Song: The Next One ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 18

51 min 57 sec

Jared and Kyle take a look at a Buckeye-less weekend of college football. Can Cincinnati pass the eye test?Is Spart a legit top 10 team?Oklahoma State and Kentucky trying to prove they belongCan Purdue “Iowa” Iowa?Miss State picked the wrong weekend to host BamaMaster Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: St. Lenox ( Song: You Don't Call Me Anymore ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 15

46 min 42 sec

In today’s episode... Kyle and Jared revisit some recruiting news and updates. Then they reveal their October mock class. What shot does Ohio State have with Xavier Nwankpa and Zion Branch? Is there a problem with recruiting OL this year?Master Link: Artist: Mistar Anderson ( Song: Alley Talk ( )#GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 14

47 min 43 sec

In today’s episode of the SloopCast… Kyle takes the lead in the SlooPicksBama falls… are they still S-Tier?Penn State falls, but did they lose more than the game?Does UGA stand alone?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Saving Escape( Get Mine (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 12

48 min 55 sec

In this episode, Jared and Kyle give out grades for the Ohio State vs Maryland game. What Buckeye positions did well? In this blowout, did any grade bad? Jared thinks a new LB should be the starter. Do you agree?This position group had their best gameMaster Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Angela Perley ( Song: Athens ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 11

53 min 2 sec

Jared and Kyle attempt another killer week picking against the spread.Pac12 goes after dark on a FridayRutgers attempts to bounce back vs SpartyRed River Chaos?Bulldogs vs Tigers… because SECTop10 B1G showdown and Ohio State not involvedCan Scott Frost salvage his season?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MojoFlo ( Song: Crying ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 8

44 min 4 sec

S07E26 - Know Your Enemy: MarylandIn today’s episode, Kyle and Jared preview the Maryland and Ohio State game.Is Tagovailoa the guy we saw in the first four games or vs Iowa?With Dontay Demus out, who are the Terrapins’ main threats?Can Maryland slow down the Buckeye offense?What are the biggest questions on the Buckeye fan’s minds?How close will this game be?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MojoFlo ( Perpetual Conduit of Positivity (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 7

48 min 1 sec

In today’s episode of the SloopCast… Jared and Kyle review another week for national college footballThe boys went a collective 12 of 14 in The SlooPicks.#Chaos keeps feeding.Do Bama and UGA stand alone?Is it time to downgrade Oklahoma?Cincinnati downs Notre Dame. Oregon falls.Florida loses their second. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Arlo McKinley ( Song: Waiting For Wild Horses ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 5

44 min 19 sec

In this episode, Kyle and Jared give out grades for the Ohio State team after a decisive victory in New Jersey. The end of any QB controversies? Is OSU that good or is Rutgers that bad?Is the defense really this improved?Are the DEs still a disappointment?What are the expectations moving forward?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MotherFolk ( ) Song: Anchor ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 4

51 min 53 sec

In the episode The SloopCast… Jared and Kyle take a look around the country and pick 6 additional games against the spread.#8 Arkansas is dogged by 18 points. Are they overrated?Is Wisconsin the best 1-2 team in the nation?Is Cinci vs Notre Dame for a playoff spot?Is Ole Miss for real? Can they challenge Bama?Clemson is favored by 15 over BC… Easy money?Has Penn State turned the corner? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Dopamines ( ) Song: Cincinnati Harmony ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Oct 1

40 min 31 sec

In today’s episode... Kyle and Jared get to know Rutgers. What should Ohio State worry about this weekend? Will we continue to see improvement in the defense? How good is the Rutgers’ defense?Master Link: Artist: Parade Rainer ( Song: Great Lakes Expectations (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 30

47 min 54 sec

S07E21 - Collegiate Chaos: RIP ACCIn today’s episode of the SloopCast… Kyle and Jared take a look around the rest of the Big Ten and the national landscape of games.Is The ACC Dead?Reevaluating teams’ best winsUpdating the tier list. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: C.O.N. ( Song: Unafraid ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 28

47 min 12 sec

In today’s episode... Jared & Kyle give out rankings of the Ohio State and Akron game. Yes, it’s Akron, but what did we learn from the Buckeyes? Is there a QB battle?Did we figure out who the main DBs are?How good is this freshman class?Does Ohio State have a culture problem?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Floorwalkers ( Song: 2241 ( ) #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 27

46 min 28 sec

In the episode The SloopCast… Jared and Kyle take a look around the country and pick 6 additional games against the spread.Can Notre Dame stay unbeaten?Up-trending Rutgers travels to Ann ArborCan Clemson’s offense score enough win and cover?Are either Arkansas for real?Nebraska tries to salvage the season vs SpartyIs WVU good enough to eliminate erratic Oklahoma?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Fields and Planes ( Never Let Me Go (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 24

43 min 3 sec

In today’s episode... Kyle and Jared go over the Ohio State and Akron game! Will we see a different QB this weekend?Will The Buckeye’s defense improve from last week?How many points are too many points?And we do a pouch-load of over/undersMaster Link: Artist: Glasslands ( Song: Mr. Creeps (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 23

42 min 22 sec

In today’s episode of the SloopCast… Kyle and Jared take a look at the national landscape. A pretty great weekend for the B1G… all things consideredHow big is the gap between S and A tier? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Hawthorne Heights ( Song: Tired and Alone ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 21

41 min 10 sec

In today’s episode of the SloopCast… Jared and Kyle break down another broken game for the Buckeyes. Ohio State is paying poorly, this is obvious. But are there sparks of hope coming from the latest crew of true freshmen?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Snarls ( Song: Fixed Gear ( ) #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 20

45 min 53 sec

In today’s episode... Jared and Kyle preview six additional games after previewing Ohio State vs Tulsa in the previous episode. How do we feel about B1G pride in what could be a big week for the conference? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Cordial Sins ( Song: Not Enough ( ) #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 17

36 min 55 sec

In today’s episode... Kyle and Jared preview the Ohio State vs Tulsa game. What do we want to see from this game? What will qualify as a disappointment? Will we see any defensive changes this weekend?Tulsa is focused on Ohio State, but who is Ohio State focused on?Master Link: Artist: Playing to Vapors ( Song: Machine Said Maybe ( )

Sep 16

48 min 10 sec

In today’s episode… Kyle and Jared review the national landscape of college football. #TeamChaos claimed a few souls including our beloved Buckeyes. For every claimed soul there seemed to be a few near misses. The SloopCast Tier list needs some serious updates. Master Link: Artist: Lincoln ( Song: Saint Bernard 2 ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 14

36 min 15 sec

In today’s episode…. Jared and Kyle hand out grades after a loss to Oregon. What could go wrong?Is Coombs failing as defensive coordinator?How much blame is on Ryan Day?Evaluating CJ Stroud.Have Ohio State’s biggest strengths let them down?Master Link: Artist: ( Song: Promises ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 13

44 min 42 sec

S07E11 - SlooPicks Week Two: The Battle of IowaIn today’s episode... Jared and Kyle, after previewing the Ohio State game on Thursday, break down their other 6 Sloopicks. It isn’t a great weekend outside of Columbus, but don’t let that distract you from The Battle of Iowa. Also…Pittsburgh vs Tennessee… yes this is still college football.Rutgers is favored and has an attractive line vs ‘Cuse.Texas vs Arkansas… Can the hogs pull off the upset?Hate watching Michigan.And finally some late night Utah action. Master Link: Artist: Saintseneca ( Song: All You've Got Is Everyone ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 10

37 min 32 sec

In today’s episode, Kyle and Jared discuss the upcoming Ohio State vs Oregon game! What does OSU need to do to not just win? Where does Ohio State match up well against Oregon?How do potential injuries affect this game? Does the noon kickoff give Ohio State an extra leg up?Master Link: Artist: Raging Nathans( Song: Out of Touch( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 9

39 min 23 sec

In today’s episode…. Kyle and Jared recap the national games from week one. Our friend Chaos is off to a monster start claiming four souls. They introduce their new system for ranking teams. How bad will Wisconsin, Clemson, North Carolina, LSU, and others fall after week one struggles? Master Link: Artist: Lydia Loveless ( Song: Lets Make Out ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 7

43 min 34 sec

In today’s episode, Jared and Kyle discuss the Ohio State and Minnesota game. Is this what we expected from the game? What went well and what needs to be improved upon. Did Ohio State meet the standard?The guys hand out week 1 grades.Master Link: Artist: Pray For Sleep ( Song: Stars and Flowers ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

Sep 6

45 min 40 sec