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Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox

This is literally a podcast for tradies in business. Whether you're a plumber, electrician, builder, motor mechanic, landscaper, tiler, glazier, painter, carpenter, concretor or any of the myriad of trades and contractors in Australia, this podcast has been produced with you in mind. Your hosts, Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox, were both born into tradie families and have first hand experience of the gut busting, money stress and pressures that trade businesses can place on their owners and their families! Nic and Waz strongly believe in the opportunity that exists for all tradie business owners to create a flexible, financially secure business for now and for their families future. Waz and Nic interview guests on a range of topics such as marketing, finance, human resources, legal issues, mindset, motivation, physical and mental health, industry updates and more! They love a laugh and a good story so tune in for a unique look at how to 'get off the tools' and break the cycle of financial hardship and stress to create the trade business you really wanted!

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We're helping you with your prepping... not for doomsday, for 2022! With the challenge running at the moment to make 2022 your best year yet, Nic and Waz drop by with some more tips on claiming your free advice 30 minute prize. We also pull the blanket off 2 more exciting podcasts AND update you on our result at the Australian Podcast Awards.

Dec 6

16 min 47 sec

Aaarrgh! December is here! Yep, it's that time of year when clients lose their minds, suppliers go missing and we consider cancelling the whole Christmas thing! Never fear, Nic has a tip to help you regain control this December and make your Christmas more cinch than Grinch! Oh, and here's the link to watch the webinar we talked about WATCH NOW

Nov 30

15 min 53 sec

First, to register for the Best Year Yet challenge CLICK HERE. Next, to find out how to make 2022 better than this year (probably not hard for some of us), listen in! Seriously though, there's a few things we all can do to improve our results and Nic and Waz run through them in this episode. Waz also explains why his knees are swollen and what washing your ute has to do with getting a 30 minute power session with the dynamic duo.

Nov 23

21 min 6 sec

Can you believe it? Waz can't... 7 years today of the Tradies In Business podcast! Nic and Waz take a quick look back over the past 2,555 days and encourage you, our listeners to do the same. While you're being all misty-eyed and reflective with us, why not tell us what YOU want to hear on the 'show' in the next 7 years? Hit us at or on our socials and let us know. Please?!

Nov 15

19 min 20 sec

Alright, so you've decided it's time to open your mind to growth, change and the possibilities of a better trade business, family and lifestyle. So how DO you choose a business coach or mentor? And what the heck SHOULD they do for you (or with you)? With more than 20 years coaching and mentoring experience between them, Nic and Waz attempt to answer these questions and more, and help you make a great decision about the next step in your business journey. If you've still got questions, be sure to join the free Tradies In Business Facebook group HERE.

Nov 8

26 min 8 sec

With many trade business owners busier than ever, it's almost inconceivable that there are significant numbers of business failures at the same time! How can this be? Nic and Waz take a look at the 'busy going broke' phenomenon and what it has to do with having, or not having, a coach on your team. We also unpack the idea that coaches are only for sporting teams and whether there's a place for coaches at all!

Nov 2

24 min 8 sec

Silver bullet or rusty nail? Tradie tech, in the form of job management systems and software, is often seen as the magical solution to getting time back, running business more smoothly, delivering better customer experiences and even making more money... but is it? Clinton and Scott from TradiePad give us the ins and outs of how to make job management systems (JMS) work for you after you've worked out which is the right one and when is the right time to pull the trigger! CLICK HERE to get more details on the webinar and TradiePad's services.

Oct 25

47 min

There's an easy way to elevate yourself and your business. To get more clients, more social media attention, more revenue. Yep, all you have to do is criticise others in your industry, point out their flaws and just generally publicly tear them down in order to raise yourself up. Um, so we need to say, please don't do this! We had the sarcasm button stuck on our keyboard! Sadly though, it seems many business owners jump to exactly the above strategy in order to 'get to the top'. Nic and Waz reckon there's a better way that's good for all of us in the long run. Here's how to follow a different path.If you'd like to hang with others who are 'raising each other up' head over to the Facebook group HERE

Oct 18

24 min 2 sec

It's magic! At least it seems that way sometimes. Some trade businesses just seem to attract the 'right' kinds of clients. You know, the ones who pay on time, don't ask stupid questions, understand that good things come to those who wait.... and then there's your clients! The ones who often ghost you when it comes time to going ahead with the quote you've put hours into. Worse still, the clients who give you the nod often want everything for cheap and they want it fast. So how do you change all this? Nic and Waz reckon they have the magic answer for you!Head over to to get your tools and magic wands

Oct 11

19 min 15 sec

Nic and Waz attempt to tackle a worrying issue amongst trade business owners that's got nothing... and everything.... to do with the really big 'C'. There's no jab for this affliction though so it's worth finding out what you can do about it yourself.

Sep 21

17 min 17 sec

Break downs happen. Usually to machinery. Often because it isn't serviced or maintained as well as it should have been. People are the same. If not given down time, maintenance and regular care and attention, they break down. Literally. Either we choose the how and when of our down time and maintenance or The Universe/God/Great Spirit/etc decides for you. Problem is, when we ignore the need for time out, the breaks come in the form of a lump of 4x2 to the head. Find out some simple things you can do to avoid that! Join the September Challenge HERE

Sep 13

23 min 50 sec

Nic and Waz ponder the 'day of...' culture we seem to have where awareness campaigns seem short term. There's also an apparent focus on acute, crisis care services rather than a preventative and educational approach to mental wellbeing and the loss of it. We share some simple steps you can take to make your own mental wellbeing a simple, daily practice that could keep you from slipping into the dark corners that so many find themselves in. Head to our FREE STUFF page to grab the #tib30challenge kit mentioned in the episode


Sep 10

18 min 30 sec

August was national Tradies Health Month and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Mitch McPherson from Speak Up Stay ChatTY. Mitch started this not-for-profit after his younger brother took his own life back in 2013 and has devoted his own life to raising awareness. More importantly, Mitch is teaching others how to recognise the signs that someone close to them might not be 'Ok'. NOTE: This episode discusses adult themes so maybe best to keep little ears away. We also provide numbers for relevant support services should this conversation bring up unwanted feelings for you.

Sep 7

52 min 26 sec

Relationships are hard. Especially when they're with people who have different beliefs and values to us. Sometimes, we forget that we see others through our OWN lens, our own set of beliefs and values and that that person sees us through theirs! What if there's a way to break down some of these barriers and find more understanding with our staff, our customers, spouses, even our kids? Nic has some powerful insights and Waz has an opinion (of course). To get more understanding of yourself, head over to for some tools you can use

Sep 1

22 min 24 sec

Yep. It's another episode about change. Well, with spring bashing on our doors why wouldn't we talk about a bit of a clean out? The way we think, act and emote determines our results so it makes sense to focus on this a LOT! Spring also means Christmas is just around the corner so it's time to start planning for that and what it might look like in this new world. Remember, to make a change to the time you waste quoting, hit the free webinar at

Sep 1

19 min 11 sec

Nic and Waz give more details on the TiB 30 Challenge and how YOU can get involved. They also take a look at how small, non-business activities and goals play a part in getting BIG results in business and in your personal life. As usual, there's some Waz-isms, Nic Naks and a bit of waffle sprinkled amongst the good stuff. To download your #tib30challenge calendar and activities CLICK HERE

Aug 31

19 min 48 sec

Size matters. There, we said it. When it comes to celebrating and locking in your wins it's important to start SMALL. Most people dismiss small achievements and instead, focus on the big wins... but Nic and Waz have some insights that might change your mind.

Aug 29

15 min 29 sec

One of our Tradiepreneurs (G'day Ed) shared an analogy to rival Waz's recently. It was to do with golf and what short and long putts have to do with the way you approach change in your business and life. Rather than always going for the big putts or the hole-in-one, if we start with smaller '1 foot putts' we can build our confidence and this can lead to greater progress (to find out more about the Tradiepreneur program, book a free chat with Waz and Nic HERE). Nic and Waz take their usual off-the-wall look at an often talked about principle and explain it in a way we think makes sense!

Aug 26

10 min 42 sec

While Waz shops for leg warmers on Etsy... Nic is doing something useful and putting together our next Tradies In Business challenge! Yep, September sees us kick off the #tib30challenge where Nic and Waz invite you, our listeners, to be a part of history. Ok, that might be overstating it but if you're feeling a bit of busy brain, got a covid-coat wrapped around you, are stiffer in the back/knees/hips than a lump of 3-week-old cheese or can't seem to picture yourself in last year's swimsuit then join our 30 day challenge!Head over to to grab your list of 15

Aug 26

23 min 32 sec

Don't stop. Never give up. Keep going. These things and more are said as so-called motivational slogans to a generation (or three) taught that you have to work hard for what you want and you have to work for a long time to get it. What happens then, if you're not seeing the results you expect? How do you know when quitting is actually a GOOD thing? Nic and Waz take a look at the how-to, not just the what, of staying power. They also unpack the question, maybe it's time to quit?

Aug 24

19 min 18 sec

We're not sure how, but we've just passed 500 EPISODES here at the Tradies In Business podcast! Thanks to all of you who support the show by listening and have even appeared as guests. Waz takes the opportunity for a freestyle waffle to celebrate!

Aug 24

17 min 52 sec

When the clouds are dark and you're in the midst of a storm, how do you regain some sort of more balanced perspective? How do you make choices when all choices seem pre-determined? Nic and Waz take a light hearted look at seeing things from the outside-in PLUS another opportunity for some merch... Waz shares a first for him as he ticks off something he's wanted to do his whole life. If you share a video of you doing the same, we'll send some merch to the 1st 3 people to tag us on socials!Oh and if you want the link as mentioned in this episode, HERE IT IS so you can book a chat.

Aug 23

28 min 30 sec

Waz and Nic share a bit of what's been going on in their week, talk some crud (again!) for a Friday ep and make a plea for help to you, our listeners!


Aug 20

28 min 19 sec

Nic and Waz share a bit of their own personal feelings about the current state of play in the world

Aug 18

11 min 52 sec

HR gets talked about a lot on this podcast and in general. It's something you really need to have sorted or you're exposing your business to more risk than necessary. What if you could also use the boring HR stuff to motivate, lead and generally show care to your team members? And what if that meant they were more engaged, productive, loyal and great to work with? Well, it is possible and we talk to Kristy-lee Billett from The Footprint Group about how!

Aug 16

44 min 39 sec

If you're like many of our listeners and Tradiepreneurs you're striving to create a better business and a better lifestyle for you and likely your family. Unfortunately, many of us get so busy, stressed, time-poor and overwhelmed that we don't make time or space for our health. Without our health, the business and lifestyle we've worked hard to create isn't actually worth much at all! So what can you do, if anything, to improve this balance?

Aug 16

15 min 21 sec

Today is a Covid-free day at Tradies In Business. Waz and Nic are keeping their promise to have an episode where they don't talk 'shop', Covid or anything to do with improving business and lifestyle. Today's all about the dad-jokes (and mum-jokes) and we're rewarding one listener with some merch if they share theirs via Instagram!


Aug 13

28 min 4 sec

We don't know... is it laziness? Or is there some ulteriour motive? It seems some sections of the media are STILL using tradie-bashing as a way to get... what exactly? Waz and Nic get a bit ranty and a bit sweary in an episode that also looks at mindless consumption of media, making a difference and being willing to BE different.


Aug 12

21 min 18 sec

It's tough to deal with overwhelm when you're not even sure how to recognise it. In these times with lockdowns, work restrictions, materials delays and more it's not surprising that there's more than a few business owners feeling the pressure. Nic shares a powerful insight into how to recognise whether you're in a state of overwhelm, what to do if you are and how to prevent it in the future.If you're wanting to make change but don't know where to start, book a free chat with Nic and Waz HERE

Aug 11

19 min 54 sec

We're continuing with a bit of a theme. This time looking at the generation gaps... how DO you work with the generation behind you, or even ahead of you? We're told (by the mainstream media) that 'The Millennials" are hard to work with. But are these broad generalisations true? And even if they are, how on earth do you navigate this as an employer and business owner?Remember to screen shot the episode and share it to your Insta feed, tagging @tradiesinbusiness with your opinion plus, if you're keen to make change in your business but don't know where to start, book a free 15 minute chat with the hosts of the show HERE

Aug 10

27 min 15 sec

How on earth do you work with people you're different to? With such a diverse range of personalities, beliefs, values, ethics and morals in the world today, how the heck do you 'gel' with those around you? Do you even need to?! Waz and Nic look at staff, customers, business partners and what to do when someone you're dealing with is just 'different' to you.

Aug 9

19 min 50 sec

After Nic's "Karen" episode recently, Waz tries hard not to share his opinion on.... everything! We also take a look at pain and pleasure and whether it's ok to seek comfort or if 150 wall balls is really worth it.

Aug 4

14 min 6 sec

After Waz's quick trip to the big island (the mainland!) for a family emergency, we're back with the duo's thoughts and tips on dealing with a Covid-world. Coxie sticks up for some local school kids, Waz goes deep on the topic of judgement and the pair turn a rant into a business and life lesson for a hump day rant-athon!


Aug 4

26 min 35 sec

Being forced to do anything is not nice. When we feel like we have no control over so much of our lives lately, what do we do with the stress and emotion that flows from this for many of us? Waz and Nic take a look at some simple things that might help blow off some steam.

Jul 21

25 min 4 sec

When so much seems uncertain it's helpful to work out what we can, and can't, control. Making a plan for when (not if) conditions change can put you back in charge and perhaps make things seem a little less crap.

Jul 21

9 min 40 sec

As SA goes into another lockdown while this podcast episode was literally being recorded, we feel it's more important than ever to share some of the stories from the past 18months. One such story is a business that was on the brink of closure going into the longest lockdown we've seen so far being Victoria's 111 day stretch. Adrian shares his insights, personal trials and perhaps some hope for the future of us all in 'the trades'.

Jul 20

36 min 58 sec

With the latest lockdown in Sydney and the direction that all construction is also stopped, Nic and Waz want to start some different conversations than the ones we're seeing in many forms of media. We'll come at you daily until the trades are allowed to return to work in one of Australia's largest cities!

Jul 19

12 min 57 sec

For years we've been told to keep work life and home life separate. To literally quarantine our time between the two and for years business owners have struggled to actually achieve this. What if it's just not realistic? What if, rather than creating some sort of mythical boundary between our work and our life... we acknowledge that it's all one and the same? What if it's about our headspace rather than some life coaching hack? Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

Jul 13

34 min 10 sec

Coxie and Waz love a good Friday riff and today they're shining the rechargeable worklight on taking a stand about an issue you might have, having an opinion (and should you?), taking the p*ss and how to do it properly. Or should you even do it at all? Answering life's great questions and providing a bit of Friday entertainment because... who needs another C___ update on the radio anyway?! Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!


Jul 8

28 min 7 sec

If there's one thing Waz loves more than coffee and Coxie more than a good glass of bubbles, it's a listener success story! Even better is a listener who's gone on to become a 'Tradiepreneur' - a trade business owner who's ticking their own boxes. Whether it's getting time back to spend with family, sorting out cash flow issues, getting the business running with less stress or all of the above, our Tradiepreneurs are a shining example of what's possible with hard work and a willingness to embrace change. If you could use some positivity in your life this week, wrap your ears around this episode. Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

Jul 5

47 min 17 sec

How DO you do it ALL? As a Tradie Wife/Partner/Spouse you're possibly also a mother, bookkeeper, house keeper, cook, delivery driver, medical first responder, Uber driver, tutor, systems developer, IT guru, counsellor AND pet carer. So how on earth can you be Wonder Woman while preserving your sanity, dignity and sense of self? It's not easy, but Waz chats with our resident Builder's Wife to find out how she's managed to do it herself and support many women to do the same. To book a free chat with Waz and Nic click here...

Jun 28

27 min 8 sec

It's a concept that strikes fear into the hearts of business owners (and salespeople!) everywhere. Increasing prices or raising rates. We immediately break out into cold sweats and shallow breathing at the prospect of losing half our clients, being peppered with objections from prospects and finding cashflow and profit even more challenging. While this is one possibility of course, Nic and Waz have more than a decade of experience and observation to the contrary. But how, you ask? Well, it's simpler than you might think. Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

Jun 21

20 min 58 sec

We reference this episode a lot in conversations with our Tradiepreneur clients so we thought it would be worth bringing it back to the top of your feed! If you are serious about getting off the tools then have a listen to Adam Sand from Roofing Business Partner. In particular, Adam has worked out how to find and retain the right employees in arguably one of the toughest labour markets around... the USA. Keep an eye out for the latest Tradies In Business webinar as well, where we take a look at how to find and retain your own dream team. Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

Jun 8

55 min 28 sec

One massively overlooked area of marketing in many trade businesses is repeat purchasing and customer loyalty and retention programs. With many companies solely focused on winning new business, the customers we had last month or year sometimes get neglected. From a chance meeting in an Uber to more than 50,000 users on their reminder platform, David Wareing from has learned a ton about getting customers to come back and buy again. And again. And again! We take a look at some simple tips to literally mine the diamonds in your own backyard and save yourself some money and time on new customer acquisition. Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

Jun 1

48 min

Safety. Most of us admit it's important. Critical even. Yet many of us in business are mystified as to how to 'do safety' properly, how to make it more than just paperwork and more importantly, how to get our employees, subbies and other support team truly engaged in safe attitudes and behaviours. The team at HazrdCo have developed some tools that make safety simple and best of all, a part of running a good business on a day to day basis. Find out why it doesn't have to be as hard as you think.

May 24

51 min 43 sec

It's no surprise to many of our listeners that there's a looming problem for trade businesses in Australia and New Zealand. With the massive spike in housing activity thanks to the cash splash from the government, there's now a serious materials shortage on sites around the country. We take a look at how this is playing out for trade businesses and how, coupled with rising wage costs, the time is now to look hard at your cash flow and overall business fitness. Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

May 21

28 min 3 sec

We're hitting the road (ok, the skies) and heading to Sydney for the 1st Tradies In Business LIVE meetup since, like, ever! Waz and Nic will be live and in person at beautiful Coogee Bay to hear from you about how the materials and labour issues are affecting your business. There'll be a sneaky beverage on the bar for you and we're gunning for some industry reps to come and share their thoughts and tips on making the most of the current market conditions so get on over the Facebook and grab your ticket! Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

May 20

8 min 23 sec

Shortly after his daughter's first birthday, Jason Sotiris noticed his little girl acting ill. Several visits to 4 different doctors resulted in a trip to Westmead children’s hospital where after days of testing they found she had a rare type of cancer, Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis. The only way to deal with it, was for Jason to stand up for her, knowing she was barely able to walk. She had a 20% chance of survival. Sitting by her hospital bed he thought about what he could do to help her. Jason noticed how difficult it was to change her whilst she was connected to the iv drip and monitors. His 3yo son provided the inspiration needed when he dressed up as Batman saying he was going to rescue his sister. Jason called his childhood friend, Yusuf, and together the two tradies, over many late nights, after defeating all odds, have created something which they hope will help make the lives of sick children that little bit easier.

May 18

59 min 32 sec

We all know systems are THE way to create a successful business. Well, we heard it somewhere from someone who said so... even author of The e Myth, Michael Gerber told us... but where to start when it comes to actually CREATING systems that work for small business? Today's guest has devoted his whole business to solving this problem for you. Remember, if you're ready to make change but aren't sure where to start, you can chat to Nic and Waz for free. CLICK HERE to book!

May 10

49 min 46 sec

In another episode focused on change and how to make it in business and life, Waz and Nic take a look at the stories we tell ourselves. Especially the ones we tell ourselves that keep us 'stuck', afraid and uncomfortable. With many business owners feeling alone and isolated in their struggle, we shine the light on some client stories and techniques that might help you 'fight the tiger' in your life!

May 3

38 min 42 sec