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As traders we can fall into the trap of driving our trading business by looking down the bonnet (hood for my American friends!) This might stop you from crashing, but are you really going to get to where to want to go if you don't look up?

Nov 25

8 min 15 sec

Can you copy other traders or do you need to create your own edge?

Nov 19

7 min 26 sec

Weaponise your word. Doing what you say you are going to do can be a superpower in both trading and life...

Nov 12

8 min 31 sec

Does your trading style really fit your personality? If not, change it. Find something that plays to your character strengths.

Nov 6

9 min 58 sec

Aligning yourself with market conditions is one of the most essential skills for a trader. I run through some of the key questions to ask before you place your first trade of the day. Download your checklist [PDF]

Oct 28

14 min 38 sec

Don't enter into negotiations with your trading chimp. Simply refuse! Take control and YOU dictate the terms. There's nothing to discuss, it's getting done...

Oct 23

9 min 18 sec

Forming sound trading habits allows your mind the freedom to make risk-based decisions with more clarity and with less bias.

Oct 21

7 min 50 sec

Working on both your trading mindset and trading strategy in parallel is the key to quick growth.

Oct 20

7 min 20 sec

Trading can be frustrating. Stops, partial fills, targets missed...& so much more! Look at frustration through the lens of growth. How you choose to respond to trading frustration is the test...

Oct 9

7 min 19 sec

Sometimes we get so focused on our trading we lose perspective and misjudge the true situation. Taking a counterintuitive intentional break from the markets can clear the fog, and boost both your confidence and performance.

Oct 4

9 min 33 sec

Fed up on constantly breaking your trading rules? It's time to rip up the plan, start from scratch and work on one at a time...

Sep 22

10 min 28 sec

Are you strictly a day trader? Perhaps it's time to loosen the shackles and dip into the higher timeframes if the opportunity presents itself. As traders, we like to label ourselves as a specific type of trader, but often the market changes rhythm and we can use the skills that we've developed on one timeframe to our advantage in another.

Sep 21

9 min 25 sec

Having a clear vision of the trader you want to become is key. Aligning that vision with your actions is even more important. Without that internal alignment you'll struggle to get traction.

Sep 8

10 min 12 sec

Overthinking is choking your chances of winning at trading. In this episode Mark explores overthinking and how to deal with it.

Aug 17

10 min 8 sec