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Are you tired of the same old voices saying the same old thing? No way! So. Are. We.

And it's why Raw Story partner Mike Rogers in Washington, DC and radio host Shannyn Moore in Little Tutka Bay, Alaska have teamed up to create The Raw Story Podcast. We're different, why? Because we're tired of the same old stories. It's time to look at the news from fresh perspectives... with a dash (OK, a truckload) of humor.

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Sep 3

32 sec

This week Shannyn and Mike breakdown all the insanity coming out of  Florida's COVID mask wars. California also has its share of maskholes mucking about in the school system there. And we also go over the age-old question of "Can COVID victims get vaccinated while sick?" Spoiler alert: NO! We also speak with the super talented comedian Julia Scotti. She talks to us about being on America's Got Talent and going public as a person of Transgender experience. We also talk all things Afghanistan and bring you all the updates from the Federal death row. WATCH THE FILM: Julia Scotti: Funny That Way -  Or find out more at 


Aug 28

1 hr

This week Mike and Shannyn cover all things pullout of Afghanistan. Has Biden made a misstep, as the Mainstream Media would like you to think or is there something else afoot? They also cover this week's COVID insanity, and its not just happening in Texas and Florida (but mostly is). There has also been a whole host of controversy surrounding who should replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! Then Shannyn shares some hot tips on the latest Right-wing infused crypto currency phenomenon you absolutely want to be aware of. That's all this week on the latest Raw Story Podcast! 


Aug 21

47 min 7 sec

Mike and Shannyn welcome one of the world's greatest athletes, tennis superstar Martina Navratilova to the show. In a wide-ranging discussion, they chat with Martina covering topics from politics to the turmoil surrounding Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David and his ties to (soon to be former) NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the discussion Martina says the HRC leader for the past two years should not continue in the job. Also on the show: chats about the true Infrastructure Week, a bit of a great TikTok rant, and the social media spankings of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green and Rand Paul. Join us every Friday for a new episode of The Raw Story Podcast.


Aug 13

51 min 46 sec

They may have axed My Pillow ads, but FOX News isn't out of the insurrection support game. Mike and Shannyn welcome Really American PAC founder Justin Horwitz. We talk to Justin about FOX News decision to retract their approval for an ad about the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. You can see the ad here: Mike and Shannyn give their take on the latest news, including the damning report on Andrew Cuomo and, wait for it, US Senator Sarah Palin. 


Aug 6

55 min 58 sec

No, literally, Shannyn faces the threat of a tsunami after a major earthquake shakes up Little Tutka Bay. Unlike the GOP, Shannyn took the high road to safety. After that earthshaking story, Mike and Shannyn delve into this weeks big stories, including: Capitol insurrection hearings, Olympic news, anti-vaccine idiocy and more!


Jul 30

54 min

It’s another exciting show as Mike and Shannon cover some new topics. Mike was away and shared his thoughts on everything from Brussels to Amsterdam to the nightmare of losing a passport in a foreign country. While Mike was out of town Shannon picked up on some of the big news of the day, Including an end of show quick reaction round. Tune in every Friday for the Ross Story Podcast. 


Jul 23

1 hr

Just when you thought the nation was moving on from Trump, Mike and Shannyn talk about his long reach, including how it will affect the future of free speech, secret service protection, and the ongoing grift.  Hear their take on other news of the day, including Rudy Guiliani losing the right to practice in another jurisdiction, Olympic ridiculousness and online begging by our favorite genetic offspring also are on the agenda.  Join us every Friday at 1pm for The Raw Story Podcast, available on your favorite subscription platform.


Jul 9

52 min 32 sec

Join Mike and Shannyn for this week's show as they interview Peter Tatchell, the UK's greatest LGBT activist of all time and subject of the Netflix film "Hating Peter Tatchell."  Trump organization indictments have been handed down, Bill Cosby is out of prison on a technicality, the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem has decided it is her role to send troops to America's southern border and finally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis meets with President Joe Biden to discuss relief funding for the Surfside hotel collapse and the conservatives on Twitter are up in arms over it.  Mike and Shannyn cover all the at more breaking news.  Join us every Friday at 1 PM for the Raw Story Podcast


Jul 2

53 min 34 sec

In a wide-ranging interview, Mike and Shannyn talk to former MSNBC host Chris Matthews. Listen in and hear Matthews's prediction about the upcoming mid-term elections and how he feels the House and Senate will shake down. Matthews's talks about his recently published book, "This Country: My Life in Politics and History," along with the personal angle of his experiences and how people handle being judged on their worst moments rather than how they react to them. Join us every Friday for The Raw Story Podcast.


Jun 25

1 hr 19 min

Donald Trump promised it, but it was Joe Biden who got it through Congress and signed into law… Join Mike and Shannyn as we chat about the new Juneteenth holiday. Thanks Democrats! We also cover this week’s big Supreme Court rulings, one saving health care and the other putting foster kids at risk. It’s 2021 so no show would be complete without chat about the latest GOP election rigging efforts and granting new gun rights. Join us and Happy Juneteenth!


Jun 18

37 min 37 sec

Join Mike and Shannyn for their take on this week’s politics and news. Hear new takes on student loan forgiveness, students standing up speaking out, and the discrimination one student faced at graduation for, wait for it...his shoe style. They also chat about progressive business, including a payout years after a pledge was made. And, no shocker, the insurrectionists from the January 6th attack are still being arrested. Join us for The Raw Story Podcast.


Jun 11

47 min 38 sec

In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with the podcast, Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, chats with Mike and Shannyn. Cohen offered his predictions for the Trump family and the disgraced, one-term, ex-president’s inner circle…. and they are not pretty. Speaking with the podcast while under house arrest, Cohen shared he believes indictments will be issued against senior leaders of the Trump Organization. The long-time member of Trump’s inner circle, who served time in federal prison after pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud, said “I really do believe like within the next 30 to 60 days, you're going to start seeing some of the -- we'll call them low hanging fruit -- indictments, you know, like…” before listing those he thinks would be indicted in the coming weeks. Cohen also shares Donald Trump’s real opinion of the Central Park 5, the LGBT community, and the travel ban implemented at the start of Trump’s one term in office. 


May 27

56 min 37 sec

"After listening to 4,000,000 words spoken by Richard Nixon, did you ever dream of Richard Nixon?" That's one of the unconventional questions Shannyn and Mike ask John Dean, White House counsel during the height of Watergate. Dean talks about the long term effects of Watergate and his experience transcribing thousands of hours of Nixon's surreptitiously recorded Oval Office meetings. Mike and Shannyn are sure to cover other stories of the day, including a new bill signed by President Biden, and Donald Trump's growing enemies list.


May 21

59 min 31 sec

The GOP continued its war on truth by canceling Liz Cheney from GOP leadership in the House. (To think we thought it was the GOP who had a problem with canceling. In other news, we’re joined by Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts to talk about a Texas judge’s ruling to cancel the NRA’s bankruptcy case in Texas, meaning the group will be held responsible for its actions. A big week in cancellations all around. Despite the GOP’s meltdown, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats passed passing one of the most important voting rights laws in history. Will the Senate step up and do the same? Mike and Shannyn welcome back the Communications Workers of America's Shane Larson about the growing efforts to push Democrats to move beyond the GOP's continued efforts to destroy democracy. Mike and Shannyn also cover important stories of the day from a new -- and laugh filled -perspective. 


May 14

54 min 1 sec

Blogging we mean. Well, not really, but for one person the 1990s and early 2000s platform is chic again. We're talking, of course about From the "Desk of Donald J. Trump," the new blog of the disgraced, one-term, former president. Mike and Shannyn review the blog and also cover gossip moms who end up landing their kids in jail, and new voter restrictions by the GOP. We also talk about the lynching of Mikayla Miller, hidden from the public for weeks. 


May 7

51 min 8 sec

Welcome to the Raw Story Podcast! This week we welcome the man who keeps Marjorie Taylor Greene awake at night. Military veteran Marcus Flowers served in the US Army, spending time in Iraq and Afghanistan... And when he had enough of Greene's shenanigan's that he quit his job and focused on bringing sense back to the 14th district of Georgia. Mike and Shannyn talk about big stories of the day and share the Word of the Week.   Visit Marcus Flowers's Website, Twitter, and Facebook.


Apr 30

1 hr 9 min

It’s The Raw Story Podcast’s first debate. We welcome to the show Matthew Karchner, author of “Straight,” in which he shares that by “finding Jesus” he learned to repress and not act on his gay feelings. Countering Matthew is Wayne Besen, founder and executive director Of Truth Wins Out, an organization. dedicated to monitoring and ending “ex-gay” conversion programs, while working to eliminate anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. Listen in to hear the debate along with Mike and Shannyn’s take on the week’s news and an important Florida update.


Apr 23

1 hr 4 min

It took close to 24 episodes, but The Raw Story Podcast landed a one-of-a-kind interview with Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Well, not exactly, but comedian and impersonator Phillip Wilburn channels the twice-impeached, one-term chief executive. If you've liked seeing Phillip on CONAN, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and CONAN, you will love his chat with Mike and Shannyn.   Mike and Shannyn also talk about the news of the day, including breaking stories and the stories you may not have heard of... and, of course, the word of the week.   You can find Phillip (and book him on Cameo): Twitter: @phillipwilburn Web: Cameo: 

Apr 16

51 min 25 sec

We're not really canceling the show, but Shannyn and Mike bring their unique -- and comedic -- look at the week's news including the cancellation issue. We also update on the latest crazy activities of the Three Congressional Stooges: Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley). Also on the agenda: Will California have a transgender Republican in the governer's slot? And should sports include politics?

Apr 9

57 min 15 sec

If news was a bucket, this week would be overflowing enough to fill a backed up Suez Canal. The Derek Chauvin murder trial in Minneapolis takes front state, and Mike and Shannyn chat about Matt Gaetz's latest legal problems, modern day slavery in the college sports system, and  the politics of football, vaccines, and COVID's place on 2021's cause of death list. 


Apr 1

57 min 36 sec

Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted and never receive love back from your job? Mike and Shannon talk with Sarah Jaffe, author of, "Work Won't Love You Back: How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone." We also chat about the latest news relating to the insurrection camera and of course this week's Marjorie Taylor Green insanity update. And we won’t let you down with this week’s Word of the Week.

Mar 25

1 hr 5 min

Filibuster, we mean. With President Biden's (still has a nice ring to it, eh?) Covid relief bill passed, we turn our attention to the future of legislation and what the split Senate means for Democrats. We welcome Shane Larson, Senior Director for Government Affairs and Policy for Communications Workers of America (and a filibuster expert) to the show to talk about how Democrats must reform the arcane rule. Without change, the GOP minority will continue to stymie progressive legislation, despite representing 40 million less citizens than their Democratic counterparts. We also chat about other news of the day and of course, the new word of the week. 

Mar 18

1 hr 4 min

Can something be both boring and exciting? This week, Congress pass one of the largest spending bills in history and yet, there's a kind of calm that emanates from the government. No tweets from President Biden? With vaccine distribution up and our anxiety down, Shannyn (still on the road) and Mike cover the latest news and analysis. 

Mar 11

1 hr 2 min

Yup, today's the big day.... It's Donald Trump's swearing in. Well, if you're a Q-Anon follower you're hoping to watch on OAN. We're guessing if you listen to the Raw Story Podcast that you're not intent on fighting for Trump to be sworn in... but just in case... you're insane. Mike and Shannyn talk about the, um, March 4th event and other hot news topics of the day (Spoiler alert: GOPers lie.)

Feb 26

57 min 8 sec

Shannyn has headed outside. And by outside we mean she's left Alaska to come to the contiguous state. Travel won't stop her from meeting up with Mike and talking about the latest in progressive news. AND, we chat about King George III's long range plan to take over America... and we mean loooooong range. 


Feb 25

51 min 5 sec

Shannyn and Mike welcome independent journalist Daniel Newhauser. Writing for Raw Story, Daniel uncovered South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's use of the state's plane to attend political events. We chat with Daniel about the story, but also about the story behind the story. How does investigative reporting work? How are the dots connected? It's an interesting look at how the stories you read come to be. Mike and Shannyn also talk about the first days of the Biden Administration, and Trump's attacks on, shockingly, Republicans. 


Feb 18

1 hr 17 min

Biden is President and breaking news is the information coming from the Trump impeachment trial (Round 2). We talk about the latest about Lin Wood, the attorney even team Trump thought was too crazy to be a part of their lies. With the insurrection attempt foiled and the impeachment underway, we also chat about President Bident (nice ring to it, eh?), a plan to really save the USPS, and the division of Jeff Bezos's billions. 


Feb 11

59 min 30 sec

Godwin's law tells us that the longer an online discussion goes on, the chance of someone invoking the Nazis is almost guaranteed. But what happens when it's true? Mike and Shannyn talk to People for the American Way president and civil rights leader Ben Jealous about the tactics used by those trying to manipulate and use vulnerable citizens to keep power. We also have our weekly dose of political chat covering everything from Matt Gaetz v. Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene v. Sanity.

Feb 5

1 hr 3 min

Just when you thought things might be getting back to normal -- Hedge funds are blown up by day traders, members of Congress are meeting with seditionists, and the poison that is Donald Trump continues to infect the nation. Mike and Shannyn speak to Democratic Coalition co-founder and president Scott Dworkin about the organization's work in exposing behind the scenes stories necessary to maintain a democracy. We also talk about the nosedive of Melvin Capital Management's assets at the hands of Reddit connected day traders who had enough of hedge funds destroying companies.


Jan 28

1 hr 3 min

Shannyn and Mike talk about breaking news under the new Biden administration. We'll talk about President Biden's press conference and at what exact moment we realized adults were in charge again. We cover the covid vaccine scene and steps Democrats need to take now that we are in control (Hint: do not let Mitch McConnell act as if he is Majority Leader). David Levinthal, Senior Washington Correspondent for Business Insider joins the conversation to talk about the post-Trump media landscape and legal options to hold the former president accountable for his crimes. (You can find Dave on Twitter at @davelevinthal). Mike and Shannyn will also chat about the 17 Executive Orders signed by the President on his first day in office.


Jan 21

1 hr 23 min

In a special live-to-tape episode covering the day-to-day changes in Washington, Mike and Shannyn talk about the first President in history to be impeached twice, 20,000 troops on the ground in DC, Congressmembers aiding and abetting insurrectionists, and the right wing funders behind the operation. We welcome Lauren Windsor Of American Family Voices to the show to talk about the funders of the modern conservative movement and the organizations they support. You can follow Lauren on Twitter at @lawindsor and hear her at Visit to see her work on exposing right wing players and their deceit.


Jan 14

1 hr 2 min

At this time of great strife, Shannyn and Mike talk to Professor Melissa Harris-Perry about the treasonous insurrection at the US Capitol. We'll also cover developing stories, including Speaker Pelosi's demand the Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment and the aftermath of Georgia elections... Finally, Melissa and Shannyn talk about their mutual love of...  oh, just listen and you'll find out.

Jan 7

1 hr 12 min

Mike and Shannyn talk to two special guests today about changes over the past year and the damage Trump can still inflict on America with less than a month left in his term.     Michelangelo Signorile joins us to talk about his end of year retrospective on Trump (Substack) and to talk about hope for the Biden administration when it comes to LGBT equality post-Trump.   We chat with Florian Schulz about Trump's effort to turn open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration. We also talk with Florian about his work documenting wildlife and the environment throughout Alaska.    Mentioned on the show: Mike Rogers Visits the Creation Museum Shannyn Moore: Good thing Alaska Legislature has solved the budget. Mike Signorile: Substack: Trump’s legacy on LGBTQ rights: sheer destruction Forian Schulz: Website, Instagram On Twitter: @RawStory, @MSignorile

Dec 2020

1 hr 26 min

Shannyn and Mike welcome Sirius XM’s Dean Obeidallah to the show to talk about his interview with the President’s niece Mary Trump and his experience as the first Muslim host of a coast-to-coast radio show. We touch on talk about the religious community’s abuse of the Payroll Protection Program and how right-wing religious leaders have manipulated the masses. We also talk about GOPers bailing and the reputations they are trying to save. We’ll talk about how democracy is on the edge and but for a few lucky events, the election truly could have been stolen.

Dec 2020

1 hr

Over a month has passed since the election and Donald Trump still refuses to acknowledge his loss. While Trump is acting like a petulant child, the Georgia Senate races heat up. We talk to Brad Friedman, one of the nation's preeminent experts on election fraud. Brad breaks down all the talk about Dominion Voting, Diebold, and Republican efforts -- wait for it -- to subvert Democracy. We also chat about Biden's cabinet diversity and other news stories of the day.

Dec 2020

40 min 10 sec

Join Mike and Shannyn as they talk about the upside down race for Senate in Georgia. With Republicans increasingly angry with US Sens. Kelley Loeffler & David Perdue. We welcome Justin Horwitz of the Really American PAC to talk about their unique... and successful messaging. We also take a look at the transition and whether or not Trump will leave the White House when the law says he must.

Dec 2020

55 min 56 sec

Deep breaths. It’s now Election Day+9 and Trump has still not accepted the will of the American people. Join Mike and Shannyn in conversation with former Federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti (Twitter) about the legal status of the presidential race. Investigative reporter and best-selling author Greg Palast (Web, Twitter) joins us to explain how fraud has changed the result of two elections… in the same state!

Nov 2020

1 hr 1 min

It’s Election Day+2 and predictions are looking good as Mike and Shannyn chat with Yahoo! News’s chief investigative correspondent, Michael Isikoff. What does a post-Trump era look like? Will Trump leave the White House? Will he attend Biden’s inauguration? If you thought 2000 was close, fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy road until the end of this election. With results coming in by the minute and vote totals swinging wildly, we’ll take a look at the future under all the scenarios.

Nov 2020

53 min 42 sec

Listen to today's episode during which Shannyn and Mike give their latest take on progressive news and spend some time chatting with Shark Tank star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. We'll talk about the theft of a Supreme Court seat and what Roberts should do to save his Court. Mark, Shannyn and Mike chat about solutions to political problems of the day, the ways we conduct elections and why Mark holds a special place in the hearts of Alaska kids.

Oct 2020

59 min 34 sec

Join Mike Rogers and Shannyn Moore for the first episode of The Raw Story Podcast. The hosts will kick off with top stories of the week and new ways to look at them. In Correcting the Record, author Jonathan Alter talks about the legacy of President Jimmy Carter. Often misunderstood, many of Carter’s accomplishments are unknown. We also talk to Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead from the road where she is engaged in the fight against those who make it their mission to ban abortion. We’re warming up the microphones and creating a show we’re proud of and one that you will enjoy. Shannyn and Mike will put the stories of the day in a new perspective. And where else will you find out how the price of chicken and how it is connected to the Purdue Pharma settlement?

Oct 2020

1 hr 26 min

Are you tired of the same old voices saying the same old thing? No way! So. Are. We. And it's why Raw Story partner Mike Rogers in Washington, DC and radio host Shannyn Moore in Little Tutka Bay, Alaska have teamed up to create The Raw Story Podcast. We're different, why? Because we're tired of the same old stories. It's time to look at the news from fresh perspectives... with a dash (OK, a truckload) of humor. Each week, we bring you interesting political chat, national media experts, political leaders, and -- most important -- the people behind the stories. And you'll hear from the Pulitzer Prize winning team at Raw Story. With over 15 million monthly visitors and 1.5 million social media followers, Raw Story is the nation's largest independently owned, progressive news site. Now, more than more than ever, we are ready to harness the power of the web to bring you the important discussions of the day. Join us every Thursday on your favorite podcast app or at:

Sep 2020

1 min 42 sec