A Little Too Much with Jamie Stone

By Jamie Stone

A Little Too Much is a podcast for women who, some might say, are “a little too much” sometimes. Hosted by beauty blogger/writer/expert Jamie Stone, on this show you’ll find a mix of entertaining stories from Jamie, and interviews with influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. We’re talking about it ALL – beauty, wellness, dating, fashion, finances (yep, you’ll thank me later), mindset, work life and oh so much more. New episodes every Thursday.

  1. 1.
    56. Chatting With TikTok Star Stay At Home Daughter About Her Half A Million Followers, A Day In The Life, Nose Job Realness And More.
  2. 2.
    55. Celeb Hair Colorist and Reality TV Star Justin Anderson On Being The Blonde Expert, Demi Yogurt Drama, Troll Clapbacks, Very Cavallari + More
  3. 3.
    54. Getting Discovered At The Mall And Creating A Skincare Brand With IMG Model Emily DiDonato
  4. 4.
    53. Starting a Successful Candle Company With Travel & Lifestyle Influencer Lindsay Silberman
  5. 5.
    52. One Year COVID Quarantine Anniversary Special
  6. 6.
    51. Dylan Lauren, Founder of Dylan's Candy Bar, On Defining Her Business and Branding
  7. 7.
    50. Alli Webb - Founder of Drybar, Squeeze and the New Jewelry Brand Beckett + Quill
  8. 8.
    49. From Beauty PR Director to Starting a Super Successful Coastal Decor Business with Meg Young.
  1. 9.
    48. Personal development + style expert Lauren Messiah on how the way you dress CAN change your life.
  2. 10.
    47. Curve model, entrepreneur and author Katie Willcox on body positivity, self love and more.
  3. 11.
    46. Sugared & Bronzed founder Courtney Claghorn on starting a spray tan and sugaring business and brand.
  4. 12.
    45. Lifestyle product favorites with TODAY Show and Rachael Ray contributor Jenn Falik
  5. 13.
    44. Starting a clean luxury beauty brand with Lilah B. Beauty founder Cheryl Yannotti Foland
  6. 14.
    43. Hot Topics: Getting you through this crazy week with my weird 6 degrees of separation Bachelorette story, HILLARY Baldwin, Kim's divorce + more
  7. 15.
    42. A Real Housewives extravaganza with Real Housewives Scholar, Dan Ralph
  8. 16.
    41. Dana Pollack, Founder of Dana's Bakery, on re-starting her career at 30 and growing a pastry business via social media
  9. 17.
    40. Chatting with celeb-endorsed medium and psychic, Medium Fleur
  10. 18.
    39. More celebrity red carpet secrets (and hilarious celeb stories) with entertainment reporter Piya Sinha-Roy
  11. 19.
    38. Jamie answers listener questions, part III
  12. 20.
    37. Hot Topics: The Bachelorette, Clear Blue Easy spon con, Kim K breaks the internet again and more.
  13. 21.
    36. My Fair Junkie author Amy Dresner on addiction, recovery and back again.
  14. 22.
    35. Dating + relationships during COVID with "The Rules" dating expert Maya Ezratti
  15. 23.
    34. Comedian, actress & writer Nicole Travolta on her amazing “Mean Girls” COVID impressions and so much more (honestly so much fun).
  16. 24.
    33. From mid-level employee to making 7 figures (doing what you love) with Sigrun.
  17. 25.
    32. Hot Topics: F Factor and Teddi Mellencamp diet drama, Paris Hilton, d pics, DWTS, The Home Edit + more.
  18. 26.
    31. Drea De Matteo on all things “The Sopranos,” TikTok house parties, and family members in the mafia.
  19. 27.
    30. Pivoting careers and mental health during COVID with fashion/lifestyle influencer Jessica Sturdy
  20. 28.
    29. Launching a fashion and accessory business during COVID with Sydne Summer.
  21. 29.
    26. Kristen Doute on this season of “Vanderpump Rules,” her book about relationships + more.
  22. 30.
    25. Suzanne Somers - “Three’s Company,” her insanely successful career after getting fired from a hit tv show, skincare, hormones + more.
  23. 31.
    24. “Hamilton” original cast member Carleigh Bettiol.
  24. 32.
    23. Salvador Camarena is BACK on the pod! He’s your favorite and we give our hot takes on all things pop culture this week.
  25. 33.
    22. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. We discuss her start in the biz, her top red carpet makeup moments, why she’ll never do crazy contour makeup, our two sense on Lea Michele and more.
  26. 34.
    21. Creating an ocean-inspired skincare brand with Jenefer Palmer.
  27. 35.
    20. Stephanie Montes - founder of Nue – (a breast tape brand for all skin tones) and former beauty editor at The Zoe Report.
  28. 36.
    19. Celeb hair stylist Scotty Cunha and Roxy Sowlaty on quarantine beauty, sketchy plastic surgeons, working with the Kardashian-Jenners, Rose Rescue + more.
  29. 37.
    18. Jordan Reid on writing a book about digital detox and being the original Dee in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
  30. 38.
    17. Being pregnant with your first child during Coronavirus with fashion influencer Ashley Torres (@EverydayPursuits).
  31. 39.
    16. Emotional eating and food tips during Coronavirus. Jaclyn London, Head of Nutrition & Wellness at WW and author of “Dressing on the Side.”
  32. 40.
    15. “Summer House” on Bravo star Paige DeSorbo. Paige talks all about Summer House cast drama, quarantine beauty product favorites, pantry make out session secrets, her POV on cast members + more.
  33. 41.
    14. Red carpet celeb secrets from two former E!/People.com reporters. We talk all about Jersey Shore drama, the inside scoop on Lamar Odom’s OD, Jamie’s AMAZING Lindsay Lohan and Jon Hamm stories, some never-before-heard Kardashian info + more
  34. 42.
    13. Sonya Dakar – celebrity aesthetician. We talk Gwyneth’s vagina candle, why oil is GOOD for your skin, Sonya’s take on “clean” beauty and the BS around it, the aging process for women + more
  35. 43.
    12. Joslyn Davis - YouTube content creator & co-founder of Shared Media.  We talk "perfectionism" on Instagram, why we both hate the term "girl boss," starting a new company after growing her previous company to 11+ million subscribers
  36. 44.
    11: Syd Wilder - podcaster, mental health advocate, suicide survivor, actress, comedian and all around kind human being. We talk loss, grief, divorce, surviving suicide, her title as Playboy’s top 10 hottest YouTuber + more…
  37. 45.
    10: Amanda Montell – writer, linguist and author of “WORDSLUT”. We talk about her process writing a book, adapting it for TV, thriving on a challenge, her second book, her Italian love affair and CABBAGE.
  38. 46.
    9: Dana Ward- Co-founder of the premium foot care brand Barefoot Scientist. We talk Dana’s career start as an entertainment reporter and growing their site to billions of video views, starting her foot care brand, what she learned along the way + more
  39. 47.
    8: Jamie answers listener questions! Why you should use retinol, the time Jamie called the fire marshal, latest beauty obsessions, Jamie’s nose job story, weirdest celeb encounter + more.
  40. 48.
    7: Salvador Camarena- Stylist + co-host of “Unfiltered” with Brandi Glanville. We talk Sal’s very public breakup, how to stay positive, the time he went to Kris Jenner’s 50th bday + more
  41. 49.
    6: Sayeh Pezeshki – Founder and Creative Director of the branding and web design company, Lovet Agency
  42. 50.
    5: Ashley Zohar- celebrity wardrobe stylist/Jamie's neighbor. Ashley's start as a stylist, her amazing male celebrity clients, Jamie's obsession with one of her clients, Kyle Chandler, why Ashley hates posting on Instagram and more.

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