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So far we’ve talked about some really interesting topics around mastering true self-confidence, including;  Mastering your mind,  People-pleasing,  Building unstoppable self-discipline,  Being mean to ourselves, and Over apologizing.   And this week's topic is just as pivotal when it comes to building or rebuilding Self-Confidence.  This week I'm going to take you step-by-step through a coaching technique that helps you coach yourself through any challenging situation and begin to create radical change in your life. This technique is the hero coaching technique I use in all of my confidence coaching and it is one of the key pivotal steps to creating significant change.  Once you know this technique you can use it in ANY situation which arises!  I hope you enjoy x

Jan 7

27 min 44 sec

Over apologizing & saying 'sorry', more often than necessary, can be really unhelpful and a damaging habit - one which can wreak havoc on our confidence and our important relationships! So why do we do this? During Episode 5 of The 'C' Bomb I'm going to dive into this topic in great detail, to help you eradicate this habit once & for-all! I'm going to share in depth coaching insights on;  - How we decipher an unhealthy apology from a healthy apology - The 4 types of unhealthy apologizing and consequences of these 4 different strategies - How to stop over apologizing! - How apologizing can still be a superpower if harnessed correctly. Enjoy!

Dec 2020

28 min 35 sec

Why are we so mean to our future self? At almost every stage of our life we make decisions, in the here and now, which profoundly impact who we become. These decisions may seem insignificant in the moment - but over time they can have a huge impact. Then, when we become this future self, we often aren’t happy with the decisions we made, the results we have created for ourselves and who we have become. As a coach, the question which has always fascinated me is ‘why do we so often make decisions which our future self will not thank us for’? And having worked as a coach in life transitions, for over 6 years, I now know there are a few important reasons for this. During Episode #4 of The 'C'Bomb, I share my findings, insights & coaching tips for how to radically change & improve your relationship with the Future you - and to help you start getting better results for yourself! Enjoy!

Nov 2020

25 min 57 sec

At times we all face internal doubt and negative beliefs. Our biggest challenge is to face these problems head on rather than listen to the doubt as it talks us out of our biggest dreams, and discipline is a key ingredient to this change process. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are turning discipline into confidence and during Episode 3 of The 'C'Bomb, we explore what these are and how to leverage these qualities in your own life! In this episode Rebecca digs into WHY so many of us struggle with Self-Discipline and how most of us have an inaccurate view of what it means to be ‘Disciplined”. And most importantly- how to master your own self-discipline to improve your overall self-confidence. This Podcast designed for anyone who has; Been struggling with honoring their commitments & following through in any area of their life Has started and stopped many goals and passions & doesnt know why they are stuck in this tricky cycle. Wants to be better but keeps getting in there own way!

Nov 2020

28 min 29 sec

Have you ever heard the phrase, “what other people think of you is none of your business” -- maybe your Mother said it to you, maybe you read it in a book + at the time you didn’t understand what it meant, or maybe this is the first time you’re hearing it and it makes SO much sense! This month’s podcast digs into WHY so many of us find ourselves showing up inauthentically, only to make sure other people will approve. COVERING THREE MAIN POINTS 💡 we can’t control someone else’s thoughts 💡 why people pleasing is actually inauthenticity 💡 the benefits of deciding to show up as your true self

Oct 2020

24 min 56 sec

EPISODE # 1:  T H E  M I N D  “How to Change the Way You Feel About Yourself” This month we’re tackling the tricky contributors to lacking-confidence & help you make some necessary,  powerful changes in your life. To kick start the very first Podcast, Rebecca is talking about The Mind. Rebecca will be sharing the habits you need to integrate into your life, to feel more confident (consistently) in your career, relationships, personal life and with yourself. DESIGNED FOR ANYONE WHO 💡 has been struggling with self-confidence 💡 wants to start making positive changes 💡 is ready to make changes for themselves

Oct 2020

41 min 59 sec