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Marketing and business-building insights, information, and inspiration to help remodeling and home services contractors make the jump to $10MM+.

00: Why I Burned MYM to the Ground And Started Level 10 Contractor
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How do you determine what your identity points are… then execute on your identity? On Today’s showcase we hit the ABC’s of Level 10 Contractor Identity.

Nov 27

25 min 34 sec

Rich tells the spectacular story of the crashing and burning of his company ‘Y2Marketing’ back in 2004.

Nov 26

26 min 28 sec

Today's TBT is a Throwback to Last year's Thanksgiving message from Rich and Louis CK.

Nov 25

17 min 34 sec

Rich Talks with Brian Kaskavalciyan from gFourMarketing about Following up with your clients for repeat and referral business.

Nov 24

53 min 23 sec

Get away from giving boring gift cards with the help of Rich and some of his gift giving ideas!

Nov 23

15 min 2 sec

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday - Rich shares 5 Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Heart.

Nov 22

18 min 49 sec

Rich shares the story of Merlin Carothers who was an Army Chaplain who learned to proactively Thank God for everything in his life - even the hardships

Nov 21

19 min 53 sec

This is the 37th edition of the Level 10 Contractor Daily Podcast highlight show - looking back at the best moments from the last two weeks!

Nov 20

1 hr 4 min

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Thats what Rich is talking about today - on this recording from a seminar he recently gave a group of contractors. (This is Part 1 of 3 in our “Entrepreneurship” series!)

Nov 19

41 min 20 sec

On Today’s throwback Episode - Rich talks about the right mindset to be successful in business. Enjoy this recording from a training all the way back in 2003

Nov 18

1 hr 22 min

Rich talks about the pros and cons of pursuing what he calls "aggregated leads"

Nov 17

10 min 12 sec

Today's episode is an interview Rich did with Brian K. from 'The Wealthy Contractor' Podcast - talking about what's coming in the next few years for contractors.

Nov 16

41 min 25 sec

Rich Gives you 5 Ways to provide Social Proof to your prospects.

Nov 15

18 min 6 sec

On this "Throwback Sunday" Rich talks about Gratitude.

Nov 14

55 min 47 sec

On this topic showcase we are talking about Online Reviews - how powerful they are, and how to get them.

Nov 13

32 min 32 sec

What separates a great website from a mediocre one? Today, Rich shares 10 things that Level 10 Contractor does to ensure your new website is better than the rest.

Nov 12

24 min 11 sec

This TBT Rich tackles how fast you get back to your leads...

Nov 11

41 min 38 sec

Rich gives a keynote to the Remodeler top 500 Live Conference on the topic of Branding!

Nov 10

57 min 34 sec

Should you use stand alone landing pages, or should you send web traffic to landing pages that are on your website? Rich offers his thoughts to this, sometimes, thorny subject.

Nov 9

15 min 46 sec

Can “soft skills” like empathy and kindness make a positive difference in your business? Rich gives you five ways these skills can make you better at leading people.

Nov 8

21 min 44 sec

Rich shares about hypocrisy - and how you can (hopefully) eliminate it from your life.

Nov 7

10 min 58 sec

The thirty-sixth volume of our Level 10 Contractor Podcast Highlight Show

Nov 6

1 hr 7 min

How do you deal with the long lead times that are becoming more and more common? Rich has a plan for you, plus a script for in home use!

Nov 5

12 min 50 sec

Today’s TBT is all about Identity - Rich gives many examples of what it is and how to use it in your marketing.

Nov 4

47 min 32 sec

What do you do when you get a crappy proposal from a local TV or radio station? How do you know its a crappy proposal? Well, you should send it to Rich so he can tell you if it Stinks or not! Listen to this episode for Richs description of ‘the Poo Poo Platter...'

Nov 3

23 min 22 sec

How can you get more sales during the holiday season (a typically slow time of year?)... Santa Rich has some great ideas to stuff your stockings full.

Nov 2

16 min 31 sec

Rich gives you 5 great ways to reach out to your previous customers. You know you should be doing that, right?

Nov 1

15 min 40 sec

How do you deal with hard things in your life? They are going to happen to all of us, and Rich has some thoughts to help

Oct 31

7 min 39 sec

Today we cover the topic of SEO. It can seem “mysterious” and even FRUSTRATING! But, as Rich explains, it can be understood - and yes, it does take some work - but you can win with your Websites SEO.

Oct 30

40 min 2 sec

Rich explains in detail why Level 10 Contractor websites “cost more” than the average web development company. Resources Rich Mentioned: Level 10 Websites: Today's Entry Doors, Robbins Construction Episode 344: Level 10's Secret Sauce - Identity

Oct 29

1 hr 26 min

Rich says “Great copy is the result of having a great idea” - and that’s what today’s TBT is all about.

Oct 28

33 min 39 sec

Rich talks about rasising your prices - so you can afford to build your brand!

Oct 27

24 min 49 sec

Rich gives you some quick tips on how to run a contest to generate leads.

Oct 26

12 min 28 sec

Rich shares 5 Ways to Convert More of your leads into appointments.

Oct 25

15 min 28 sec

Have you lost Hope? Rich shares some ideas and stories on how to gain it back.

Oct 24

16 min 9 sec

The 35th edition of the Level 10 Contractor Daily Podcast Show - highlights! The Best moments from the past two weeks.

Oct 23

1 hr 8 min

Rich shares his Yoda-like media buying skills! If you are currently buying media for your company - you need to listen to this episode...

Oct 22

36 min 50 sec

On this TBT Rich works with a roofing company on their marketing material to make them sound top notch.

Oct 21

32 min 49 sec

Rich shares a story from his earliest days in marketing - and why telling your story with power precision and passion is essential to great marketing.

Oct 20

19 min 55 sec

What if you gave your prospects more information - Instead of ONLY asking people to call in for appointments or a promotion…. Rich has all the details of what an “Information offer” is and how you can use it in your ads.

Oct 19

13 min 7 sec

Rich gives 5 ways for you to use texting to stay in touch with your customers and prospects.

Oct 18

24 min 7 sec

Rich explores the topic of being an accuser or an advocate - and Macaroons.

Oct 17

11 min 16 sec

This episode is all about FUN! Specifically, it’s a challenge to you to find ways to make doing business with your company more fun!

Oct 16

31 min 37 sec

How do you give yourself (and others) permission to be less than perfect? Rich has some ideas for you. Maybe it has to do with empathy and kindness.

Oct 15

19 min 24 sec

On This TBT Rich shares his thoughts on one of his favorite marketing books - ‘Made to Stick’

Oct 14

56 min 44 sec

What does it take to grow to a 20 Million Dollar Company? Rich Answers that question from an HVAC Company.

Oct 13

42 min 9 sec

The About Us Page on your website is often forgotten... but Rich Shares why it's a great opportunity to share your IDENTITY!

Oct 12

24 min 45 sec

Rich gives you 5 tips on how to get more for less when it comes to buying ads for Radio and TV.

Oct 11

22 min 38 sec

Rich talks about miracles - are they more common than you think?

Oct 10

10 min 18 sec

The 34th edition of the Level 10 Contractor Daily Podcast Highlight show!

Oct 9

1 hr 5 min