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"One who learns language without learning culture ends up becoming a fluent fool." This is the show where we look at the many sides of being Korean in the 21st century - whether you're living in the peninsula, part of the global Korean diaspora, or maybe you're learning Korean and want to dive deeper beyond vocabulary and grammar. Every episode, we're going to explore the language, society, culture, history, and current events happening in the Land of the Morning Calm and around the world as we continue on our quest to go from fluent fools to fluent Korean. (fluentkorean.com)

Why is a Korean culture podcast called Fluent Fools?
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In this episode, I talk to JuanJo Baiardi, a Global Korea Scholar, about moving from Paraguay to Korea for his Master's Degree in Global Affairs.He walks us through the entire process from applying to the three-year all-expenses-paid scholarship, getting special permits to leave his country, arriving in Incheon and the special protocols involved, getting tested, to life in the mandatory two-week quarantine.  Useful LinksScholarship Information - studyinkorea.go.kr/JuanJo's Instagram - @juanjobairardiShow Notesfluentkorean.com/podcastfluentkorean.com/traveling-to-korea-during-a-global-pandemicInstagram - @fluentkorean @fluentfools

Oct 2020

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When the ancestors of the Korean people migrated southward from what is now Siberia thousands and thousands of years ago, they arrived in a beautiful peninsula covered in mountains. Since then and throughout our history, the Korean people have had a spiritual connection to and an unrelenting love for the land we call home. This relationship with nature is the basis of Korean Shamanism, our original culture. Shamanism didn't come to Korea the way Confucianism, Buddhism, or other ideologies were imported. Shamanism arrived with the first Koreans. Because 70-80% of Korea is mountainous, Sanshin or mountain spirits became a primary deity and continues to be actively worshiped today. The Legend of Dangun is a Shamanic creation and sovereignty myth that tells the story of the king who establishes Korea's first kingdom and goes on to become the most famous Sanshin of them all. Join us as we dive into Korean Shamanism, mountains and their spirits, the Legend of Dangun, the origins of Korean culture and society, and how it's progressed and been preserved to today.Special Guest: Professor David A. MasonProfessor of Cultural Tourism at Sejong Universityhttp://san-shin.org Show Notes: http://fluentkorean.com/the-origins-of-koreaInstagram: @fluentkorean @fluentfools

Sep 2020

1 hr 8 min

Because "one who learns language without learning culture ends up becoming a fluent fool." I'm Korean. But I've lived most of my life outside of the peninsula. And while I can speak Korean (somewhat fluently), there's definitely a lot of things I missed during my time overseas. This show is about bridging the gaps in our understanding of Korea by exploring the language, culture, history, society, and current events happening in the Land of the Morning Calm and around the world. Join me on my quest to go from fluent fool to fluent Korean!For more information: fluentkorean.com | IG @fluentkorean

Sep 2020

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