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A weekly podcast about the impacts of #digital technologies on the #oil and #gas sector

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Today's podcast is with Jonathan Kohn of BitPetro. BitPetro is a midstream company which purchases natural gas from Upstream operators which would otherwise be flared or stranded. This gas is then used to power bitcoin mining operations. Today we discuss the implications and impacts of blockchain and crypto currency on the energy sector .  Duration: 35m 36s

Nov 24

35 min 35 sec

Today's episode is an interview with Rama Sreenivasan, the CEO and co-founder of Blitzz. Blitzz provides the tools for remote, AR-driven inspections of heavy assets, allowing for safe, quick inspections of remote assets, with little to no driving time. Today we discuss how this applied in oil and gas, and the implications on carbon emissions for remote inspections. Duration: 31m 54s

Nov 17

31 min 53 sec

Today's podcast is a chat with Guillermo Salazar, the CEO of ICwhatUC. Utilizing augmented reality technology, ICwhatUC creates a virtual work environment to allow for experts to guide customers in rep[airing their own assets. We look into the topic of repair, maintenance, and virtualized work in general, and how augmented reality is changing the game.  Duration: 36m 07s

Nov 10

36 min 7 sec

Today's podcast is with Doug Kibler, the Solution Principal at IAMTech. They focus on asset management solutions for energy companies, particularly where there are many remote assets like upstream and midstream. Today we discuss new solutions in this field, and what the future looks like.  Duration: 35m 07s

Nov 3

35 min 6 sec

For all the talk about energy transition, many things remain unexplained. What feels like a fast moving train isn’t, and what looks like a quickly arriving destination is still a long ways off. Here are four that puzzle me about how transition will work. At least they keep me amused. Duration: 10m 51s

Oct 27

10 min 52 sec

Today's podcast is a chat with Jordan Kyriakidis, the CEO and Co-founder of QRA Corp. QRA Corp handles specification and engineering data for projects such that it is consistent, well-written, and error free. Today we discuss their role in improving standards in the oil and gas industry and the challenge of maintaining clear specifications.  Duration: 34m 05s

Oct 22

34 min 5 sec

Today's episode is a talk with Glenn Kelley, the president of Muddy Boots Online. Muddy Boots provides a cloud-based platform for field operational data, allowing for faster and more efficient operations and compliance. Today we discuss how digital is impacting field work and why cloud is so transformative.  Duration: 33m 55s

Oct 20

33 min 55 sec

In the rush to exploit digital innovations, the oil and gas industry may not be paying close attention to the ethical questions associated with digital adoption. It might not be that obvious but there are indeed vexing ethical questions lurking behind the use of digital tools in oil and gas. I suppose these questions might be trivial in the eyes of the industry, but there is still merit in at least considering them as the industry evolves with the times. Duration: 10m 53s

Oct 12

10 min 53 sec

Digital innovations are slowly unleashing the digital front line oil worker, but are the workers ready to deal with the change? For the past 20 years, hiring practices for front-line oil and gas have been careful to recruit individuals with the requisite hard skills, and not the soft skills that best exploit digital. This will need to change in the near future.  Duration: 10m 21s

Oct 6

10 min 21 sec

Today's episode is a chat with Andrea Petrone, who runs AP Executive Coaching. After a long career in oil and gas, Andrea now coaches executives on change management and getting the most of of their business. Today we discuss the issue of change - be it digital or regulatory - in oil and gas.  Duration: 32m 15s

Sep 29

32 min 15 sec

Your digital transformation likely requires people with specific skills that are unlikely to be in your company. There are many ways to get the help you need for your digital transformation journey, and it starts with having a guide who can take you to the summit. But luck is not a good business strategy. To move your digital agenda forward, you need pick carefully.  Duration: 11m 10s

Sep 22

11 min 9 sec

This episode is produced with the help of Datagration. As we can see from Amazon, Apple, Uber, and AirBnB, platform solutions are the future. They allow companies to implement change much faster. Platform solutions save time and money and improve business decision quality. And now there are even specific platforms for oil and gas. Duration: 12m 38s  

Sep 15

12 min 37 sec

ESG (Environment and Social Governance) and digital transformation pressures are hammering the fortunes of oil and gas. ESG thinking has come about because traditionally, the production and consumption decisions that countries, enterprises and individuals make typically place a priority on short term and narrow criteria. But digital can also help accelerate the ESG agenda.  Duration: 11m 28s

Sep 8

11 min 27 sec

Because of remote working, we are now all video producers and audio engineers. To be career competitive, we need to get much better at these new demands. If you want to have the same impact in your new virtual and on-line world as you had in person, think of yourself as a video producer and audio engineer.  Duration: 9m 32s

Sep 1

9 min 32 sec

There is no better candidate industry for edge computing than oil and gas, and it’s a wonder that the edge isn’t closer than it should be. Legacy SCADA systems have become long-in-the-teeth, and new sensors and edge devices will provide new horsepower to remote assets. But what is Edge computing, and how will it come to replace SCADA? Duration: 10m 30s

Aug 18

10 min 29 sec

Today's episode is with Floyd Baker, the VP of Antea USA. Antea is an asset integrity management software company, providing services to many leading energy, utility, petrochemical, and other industrial players. Today's talk goes over the remoteness and challenges of oil and gas asset integrity, and what Antea is doing to help.  Duration: 32m 37s

Aug 11

32 min 36 sec

Today's podcast is with Matt Stambaugh, the director of information and geospatial technology at GeoVerra. GeoVerra is a geomatics firm that does surveys in a variety of settings and industries. Today we discuss 3D spatial data, how to manage it, and how exploration is changing.  Duration: 35m 28s

Jul 28

35 min 28 sec

Today's episode is a chat with Philip Black, currently working on digital and energy for Wood PLC out of Australia. Wood is working on engineering new solutions for the energy industry. Lately, they have been focusing on digital and where it plays in energy. Today we discuss those changes and innovations.  Duration: 34m 32s

Jul 21

34 min 32 sec

Today's podcast is a chat with Matthew Iak, the Executive VP of finance in U.S. Energy Development Corporation. U.S. Energy is an E&P company operating across the US and Canada. Today we are focused on the finance and capital side of the question, and some of the challenges facing oil and gas in capital markets.  Duration: 37m 24s

Jul 14

37 min 24 sec

Today's podcast is with Donna King, the founder of Energy Point LLC. Energy Point is a consulting and accounting firm that specializes in land and asset management. Today we discuss this side of the industry and how it's been impacted as of 2021.  Duration: 33m 20s

Jul 7

33 min 20 sec

For today's episode, I have Roger Simonson, a returning guest and this time for Black Powder Solutions. Black Powder Solutions is the manufacturer of magnetic filter systems which remove black powder contamination from oil and gas assets. Today we discuss that system in detail and the possible environmental benefits of this innovation.  Duration: 32m 08s

Jul 2

32 min 8 sec

Today's episode is a chat with Alvin Pyke, the CEO of Titan Logix. Titan Logix is helping companies manage their tank assets with more sophisticated data. Today we discuss the world of tanks and pipes, and how these seemingly dumb metal containers have changed.  Duration: 38m 06s

Jun 30

38 min 5 sec

Today's returning podcast guest is Brett Chell, the president and CEO of Cold Bore Technology. Cold Bore's SmartPAD allows for frac pad autonomy and master control for gas operations. Today we discuss the new developments in well automation, given the circumstances after 2020.  Duration: 33m 07s

Jun 25

33 min 6 sec

Is green energy a luxury good? Luxury goods are defined by their exclusivity and price, and it appears as though Solar fits the bill. Only the rich can afford it. Until it becomes plentiful and affordable, green energy will have a long road to full adoption.  Duration: 10m 38s

Jun 24

10 min 37 sec

Today's podcast is the first in a two part interview with Rebecca Hofmann, the president of Blockchain for Energy. Blockchain for Energy is a consortium of energy companies collaborating on blockchain solutions in the energy sector. Today we'll discuss the value of blockchain in energy and where it can work for oil and gas.  Duration: 31m 57s

Jun 23

31 min 56 sec

Today's podcast is the first in a two part interview with Rebecca Hofmann, the president of Blockchain for Energy. Blockchain for Energy is a consortium of energy companies collaborating on blockchain solutions in the energy sector. We look at blockchain solutions in this episode, and how Blockchain for Energy got started.  Duration: 19m 07s

Jun 18

19 min 7 sec

How might the world of oil and gas gas unfold in a post pandemic world, given rising nationalism challenging globalism, and fast growing renewables challenging fossil fuels? There are four possible scenarios that may occur, and they keep changing. This episode is a summary of a 45 minute presentation on the future of oil and gas in a post pandemic world. Duration: 12m 38s

Jun 17

12 min 39 sec

Today's episode is a conversation with Analise Thompson, a knowledge management expert at Datagration. Datagration, featured previously on the podcast, help companies visualize their production data. Today we discuss issues relating to training, knowledge transfer, and how better user design makes for better tools.  Duration: 36m 31s

Jun 16

36 min 31 sec

Today's podcast is with Stephen Sponseller, the Kepware channel director for the Americas at PTC. Kepware is a software offering at PTC, and they provide a suite of services to help connect automation devices and sensors in a variety of industries. Today's chat is mostly on edge devices, and how Kepware brings them together for businesses.  Duration 36m 06s

Jun 11

36 min 6 sec

Not only does blockchain play well with other oil and gas technologies, it helps others deliver more value. Convergence is a good term to describe the reality of blockchain. One plus one really does equal three, but it depends on who is doing the math, and how. Duration: 10m 27s

Jun 10

10 min 27 sec

Today's episode is a chat with Shane Istre, the CEO of Digital Twin Studios. Digital Twin is an E-learning platform that uses AR, VR, simulations, and other technology to teach industrial and military personnel. Today we discuss how training has evolved with these new technologies, and new, more active teaching methods.   Duration: 36m 30s

Jun 9

36 min 30 sec

Today's podcast is the second of a two-part interview with Sabrina Sullivan and Sheryl Connelly, both being futurists at Ford. They clock trends and patterns in consumer behavior so Ford can best plan for the future of motor vehicles. Today we discuss in detail some of those trends, and methods to research them.  Duration: 34m 08s

Jun 4

34 min 8 sec

There is a difference between buying digital (the default position in oil and gas) and being digital (the default position of young people). Early successes in industries that adopted digital focused on building ecosystems, concentrating on speed to market, and enabling new disruptive business models. Oil and gas must be digital to have any hope of attracting top talent in the future. Duration: 12m 51s

Jun 3

12 min 51 sec

Today's podcast is the first of a two-part interview with Sabrina Sullivan and Sheryl Connelly, both being futurists at Ford. They clock trends and patterns in consumer behavior so Ford can best plan for the future of motor vehicles. Today we discuss what Futurism is and how it works within Ford Motors.  Duration: 31m 35s

Jun 2

31 min 34 sec

Today's episode is a chat with Roger Simonson, the CEO of One Eye Industries. One Eye Industries produces magnetic filtration systems which extract metals and other contaminants from industrial equipment. Today we discuss the value of this technology, how it was developed, and where it can be applied in oil and gas.  Duration: 33m 02s

May 28

33 min 2 sec

Sometimes it takes a shock to a system to accelerate a change already underway. Such a shock brought the concept of track and trace to the infrastructure sector. It’s not too hard to imagine track and trace rules coming to many different kinds of assets, including tanks, terminals, and turbines, particularly as the world builds out trillions of dollars in new infrastructure. Duration: 12m 38s

May 27

12 min 37 sec

Today's episode is a chat with Michael Maltsev, the president of RigER. RigER is an oilfield equipment rental platform which connects equipment to companies and wells that need it. Today we discuss how this rental platform works, what benefits is provides, and how digital has leveraged this novel business model.  Duration: 35m 54s

May 26

35 min 55 sec

Today's podcast is with Vicki Knott, the CEO and Co-founder of Crux OCM. Crux uses AI and analytics to create semi autonomous pipelines, and they're looking to make waves in the pipeline industry. Today we discuss their technology, change in pipelines, and how digital is impacting them.  Duration: 33m 09s

May 21

33 min 9 sec

The collapse of oil prices and the ravages and the possibilities of the pandemic are becoming clear. Management in oil and gas should be going after those cute but problematic hedgehogs guarding the status quo. Identify the hedgehogs in the business and move them along to someone else’s burrow.  Duration: 10m 28s

May 20

10 min 29 sec

For today's episode, I am happy to be joined by Larry Young of Total Containment. Total Containment creates pipeline containment systems which ensure that any spills, no matter how small, can be contained in high-consequence areas. Today we talk about the pipeline sector, environmental and social governance, and their "Envirolock" system.  Duration: 34m 45s

May 19

34 min 44 sec

Today's podcast is a sit down with Nick Verhoeven, the head of sales at PowerD. PowerD is trying to accelerate the energy transition by enabling smart energy charging in Europe for electric vehicles. Today we take a look at the question of energy demand and the adoption of electric vehicles, two questions that oil and gas needs to consider.  Duration: 33m

May 12

32 min 59 sec

Today's podcast is a sit-down with Rick Ryan, the Chair of roundLAB inc. Based in Calgary, roundLAB specializes in real-time survey data that helps operators be more effective and precise. Today we discuss how roundLAB helps upstream companies drill and hit their targets, and how better, faster data is making changes.  Duration: 34m 48s

May 5

34 min 48 sec

Today's podcast is a chat with Michael Ligrani, the CEO of Iron IQ. Iron IQ is a SCADA company that utilizes cloud based technology to bring digital smarts to oil and gas assets. This lets companies get data from their assets remotely from anywhere. Today we discuss the recent developments in this field, and how new SCADA is different from old SCADA.  Duration: 33m 04s

Apr 28

33 min 4 sec

Today's podcast is a discussion with Greg Chudiak, the president and CEO of Pandell. Pandell is a SaaS company that works with the energy industry, providing cloud-based technology to upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas, alongside mining, renewables, and utilities companies. Today we discuss how Pandell is addressing the needs of the industry, and what those needs are.  Duration: 32m 14s

Apr 21

32 min 13 sec

Today's podcast is with Matt Harrison, the co-founder and CEO if Wellaware. Wellaware helps companies by providing monitoring and operations data directly to workers on the site. Today we discuss the value of better well data for upstream companies, and where this better data can lead in terms of future innovations.  Duration: 35m 56s

Apr 14

35 min 56 sec

Today's podcast is with Greg Belbin of Gyrdodata. Gyrodata is a long-operating oilfield technology company. As their name suggests, they specialize in gyrometric surveying and data gathering. Today we look at how this field is evolving, and how oil and gas can capture more and better data. Duration: 33m 42s

Apr 9

33 min 41 sec

Today's podcast is a sit-down with Katrina Ingram, the founder of Ethically Aligned AI. This organization looks at the ethical issues around AI adoption, focused on issues of fairness, job loss, and the responsible use of algorithms. Today we discuss these dimensions of AI in the oil and gas space, and the degree that algorithms are starting to have a bigger impact on our lives.  Duration: 32m 42s

Apr 7

32 min 42 sec

Today's podcast is a chat with Krys Korczewski, formerly of NAL Resources. Krys helped NAL transform their business and upstream oi land gas through new technological innovations. We discuss his journey today, alongside how these transformation plans can be executed in oil and gas.  Duration: 34m 05s

Mar 31

34 min 4 sec

Today's podcast is with Dave Shook, the founder of ShookIoT and now a part of Uptake. Dave returns to discuss the acquisition of his company, and the state of industrial internet of things. We go into greater detail about where IoT creates value and what Uptake is doing in the energy sector.  Duration: 37m 12s

Mar 24

37 min 12 sec

Today's podcast is with Clarence Montiero, the principal at Teamwork Group. Teamwork is a single platform that hosts apps and technology to help downstream companies manage workflows. Today we discuss the changes to downstream that are being seen, and how the pandemic has impacted the industry.  Duration: 33m 19s

Mar 17

33 min 19 sec